Smoke You To Sleep

(by anonymous, 16 January 1999)

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Smoke You To Sleep
by Miss Mink

Several years ago I attended my friend Billís party and ended up having
the most mesmerizing sensuous visual and sensational experience of my
life! Iíve always had a fetish for a woman who smoked- especially a lady
who knew she was being watched. Then came an autumn evening about 5 or 6
years ago when I was treated to the smoking fetishistís dream-and I do
mean dream.

A beautiful smoking woman Iíve seen known as "Judy" went to Billís
party. I knew of her as a friend of my sister-in-law, Ellen. Judy is a
nurse and a very sexy one at that! Frequently, I would imagine myself
admitted to a hospital bed with Judy standing over me with her cigarette
in hand ready to inhale. Imagining the silky feel of her smoothly blown
smoke across my face sends me to heaven. Well guess what? I must have
mentioned this to someone because Judy was told I would be at this party
and that I had a smoking fetish. She was told by either Ellen or my
friendsí wife, Betsy-Iím not sure. Judy made some silky smothering plans
for me.

The party was held for Billís recent work promotion, something he worked
hard for over many years. Billís wife Betsy knew about me through my
sister-in-law, she was also a nurse. Betsy always treated me with a
distant politeness-she knew I had some "deviant" sexual interests. Betsy
knew Judy quite well and invited her to this party first! I think she
really liked Judy. Just mentioning Judyís name to Bill or Betsy brings a
smile to both of their faces-an unusual smile, I wondered why that might
be. I think Betsy was in on this little surprise: Judy the sensuous
smothering smoker, for my watchful eyes. Well, I stepped outside for
some fresh air-I knew Judy would arrive soon even though it was getting

The November evening was beautiful. It was clear and crisp, leaves
tumbling along on the front lawn. There was a pleasant chill in the
air-it felt refreshing. The thought of Judy was pulsing through my mind.
Finally, she arrived in her silvery blue Nissan. Judy parked down the
street in front of a neighborís house.  I could watch her for a few
moments from this distance before Iíd either go in the house or just
walk up to her and greet her.

You would not believe how sensuously dressed she was. She had a
full-length black mink coat that glistened in the lights emanating from
the house. Her hair was silky thick and rested with immense lustrous
softness on her shoulders. The gusty breeze could not move her hair it
was so heavily sprayed with whatever conditioning aerosol she uses. Her
coat was open and I could see the gray satin slacks and blouse she wore.
Immediately I was aroused.

She went to the front door and I ducked in the garage and sneaked
through the side entrance of the house. I could hear my friend and his
wife greet Judy at the front door. As always, her beauty turned the
heads of all present. Even the woman thought she was beautiful to the
point where they would get excited.  Judy had the ability to sexually
arouse anyone with her very relaxed but controlling demeanor. After a
short time you become very relaxed around her-I think itís her perfume
and the smell of her hair and the sensuous clothes she wears. Her voice
is very soothing too.

I looked at her from across the room and thought how optimum it would be
if she just lit up a cigarette. Well, about 10 minutes after she arrived
and met most everyone at the party (except me) she pulled a silvery
cigarette case out of her purse. Gracefully, (knowing she was being
watched) Judy lifted a lengthy snow white cigarette and slowly inserted
the cigarette into her mouth. She swayed her thick blonde hair to the
side and I could hear the flick of her cigarette lighter as if it was
the most important sound ever heard. I snapped my eyes to her elegant
creamy smooth lips now holding that lucky cigarette. I had an excellent
view of her and could not wait to see her exhale a cloud of smoke. I was
so excited-a unique fantasy that I thought only I imagined or could even
understand was about to unfold for real in front of my very own eyes.

She blew a super soft gray-blue puff of smoke that left her lips in such
a smooth even flow. Her style was supremely elegant, unimaginatively
sensuous. She was the only person smoking and not a sole cared. Her
second puff was just as elegant-she blew it at someone and then swayed
the smoke to her right so that the silky stuff would not strike him.

The guy told her that she looked very sexy. The color of her smoke
matched her outfit perfectly. I could tell that what he really wanted to
say was that she blows that smoke so sensuously. But how do you
articulate that point in a close crowd? Judy held the cigarette in her
hand and sat gently on the arm of the couch in the living room. My
friendís daughter who was 11 went right up to Judy and greeted her as a
long lost friend. Her beauty and sexy smoking made all of us amorous but
the child was first to be spellbound. She was all smiles and just wanted
to be by Judyís side.

Judy continued to blow long luxurious puffs of smoke that were thicker
and thicker up in the air toward the ceiling. She would just tilt her
head back and stare at a point on the ceiling and just blow her smoke at
that point. The smoke would arrive and spread like a velvety thick sand
on the ceiling, the face of the television set, the coffee table, and
her own satin clothed thighs and legs when she chose to blow down toward
the carpet.

It was now approaching 11 oíclock and the living room had a gentle teal
streak of smoke stretching from the couch to the easy chair in the
corner. Everyone had a smile on their face. The smoke Judy was blowing
had a particular relaxing odor-the more you smelled it the more relaxed
you became. Just then I looked at my friendís wife and my sister-in-law
who stood in the kitchen with their hands folded staring at me and
smiling. It occurred to me that my fetish and the fantasy I was now
experiencing was scheduled for my entertainment. I looked at Judy and
she was staring at me with a warm smile and she slowly began her sexy
prance directly toward me.

I was eased back in my chair and feeling very relaxed. I could not be
more excited. Judy sat on the arm of my chair and introduced herself to
me. "Hi, Iím Judy but you can call me Miss Mink. Iíll put you to sleep
with my smooth dreamy thick hair and my smothering silky long blows of
smoke". My friends heard her and looked at me-I was now completely
mesmerized. Everyone thought I would be embarrassed but all I was aware
of was Miss Mink. I was in seventh heaven. Just then as I gleamed at
Judy all I saw was a thick gray cloud of smoke softly approaching my
face. It was about to happen-off to fantasy land, the ultimate mindful
stimulating experience.

The smoke hit my face directly between my eyes and she blew harder and
harder as the never-ending blow struck my face. The smell became deeper
and deeper the longer the blow lasted. After the blow was complete she
had an afterblow-a little more smoke crossing her mink-like lips. That
was unbelievably smelly. My world was redefined-I was completely
disoriented. I sat frozen unable to move. My face felt like she wrapped
it in her silky mink coat.

The next sensation I felt was her satiny touch, her fingers touching my
face smoothing the residual smoke around my skin. A slight smile came to
my face and I looked up again. Her gray eyes stared at mine and she
inhaled again. Another gust of silky smoke struck me in the face and
this time she swayed her head back and forth as she blew it with a mink
smooth intensity. The feeling was so silky then I could barely feel the
smoke as my face numbed. The smell was simply too much and I leaned back
in the chair totally relaxed and while losing it in my underwear I
drifted off to sleep.

I awoke at 2:00 in the morning. The corner light was still on and
several people were stretched out and in a sound sleep. My friend was
stretched out on the couch, his daughter was wrapped up in a blanket in
front of the television set on the floor, my friendís wife was passed
out on the chair beside me. As I turned my head to my right the other
downstairs room contained two people sound asleep, one with a drink
still in his hands. Miss Mink had put all of us to sleep with a
mesmerizing smoking performance that kept us all amorously smelling her
sleepy smoke.  I could not get up and drifted back to sleep.

The following morning (it was actually midday when we all awoke) we
joked about how great the party was-all of us felt hung over from being
smoked so beautifully. Judy was gone but she left her intoxicating
cigarette smoke in the eyes and noses of a lot of people. All of us
could not wait to see her again.

She left a note taped to the front door we could all remember her by:

Loved smoking all of you last night. Thanks for the invite. You all
behaved very nicely. By the time you read this note you will have slept
12 hours. The price for one of my mink treatments is $200. I found the
money in all of your pants pockets. Thanks! Youíll all want another
treatment soon-I promise. Pleasant dreams!  -Miss Mink

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