Smoker's Paradise: Shawna Goes to College

(by Chain Dragon, 04 January 2008)

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Author's Note: This story takes place on a fictional island called 
Paradise, where attitudes about smoking, drinking, nudity, and sex are much 
more liberal than those in the default world. It contains graphic 
depictions of sex and public nudity. 

Smoker's Paradise: Shawna Goes to College 
By Chain Dragon 

Shawna moved in to her dorm room at Paradise University the Thursday before 
classes started. It was the official move-in day for all the freshmen; 
orientation was tomorrow and the upper-classmen were due to arrive over the 
weekend. It was mid-afternoon when she arrived to drop off her stuff. Not 
too many other students were around yet, and there was no sign of her 
roommate. Her parents and older brother John, a senior, helped her move her 
stuff up to the room, then they all went out to grab a bite to eat and pick 
up a few last-minute supplies. 

Now she was back on campus. Her parents dropped her off outside her 
building. She kissed them and her brother goodbye and retrieved the bags 
from the shopping trip out of the trunk. They contained a few cartons of 
cigarettes, which were gifts from her parents, and a case of beer which her 
brother had bought her. Her parents knew she was looking forward to the 
school's notorious party scene, and they were okay with it. 

Shawna stopped just outside the door and pulled a pack of Winstons from the 
pocket of her cutoffs. It was only a few minutes since her last cigarette, 
but it seemed like that was as long as she could wait any more. At 
eighteen, she was already the heaviest smoker in her family - not an easy 
feat, as her parents and brothers all smoked four packs a day - and she 
loved it. She brought the cigarette to her mouth, lit it, and took a long, 
satisfying drag, then pushed open the door and headed down the hall toward 
the elevator. 

Paradise University had very liberal policies about smoking; from what 
Shawna had been told, there were almost no restrictions on it at all. 
Students were allowed to smoke anywhere in their dorms, and even in class. 
Shawna intended to take full advantage of that freedom. She had been a 
heavy smoker all throughout high school, and over the summer her habit had 
seriously taken hold of her, until now she smoked almost constantly. She 
was happy that the university had given her the option of requesting a 
heavy-smoking roommate as well, so she should be able to smoke as much as 
she wanted without making anyone uncomfortable. 

As she rode the elevator up to the third floor, Shawna puffed on her 
cigarette and wondered what her roommate would be like. She was pretty 
confident that the smoking situation would be taken care of, but smoking 
and drinking weren't the only vices she was hoping for a chance to indulge 
in. She also wanted to get laid. A lot. She hoped her roommate would be 
cool with her bringing lots of random guys and girls back to the room for 
some hot, wild sex. A chance for some casual nudity would be nice, too - 
her dorm was clothing-optional, and given the right roommate, Shawna wanted 
to spend lots of time relaxing naked in her room. 

The elevator let her out a few steps from one of the third floor common 
rooms. The common room had a few couches and a TV, with a couple short 
hallways leading off of it to the rooms in Shawna's section. None of the 
rooms were more than twenty feet from the common area. It was a nice setup, 
with lots of space for socializing. 

There was only one person in the room at the moment: Tony, the RA of 
Shawna's floor, was sitting on the couch watching TV and smoking a 
cigarette. He was a cute guy, 21 years old, with close-cropped black hair. 
He was shirtless, giving her a good view of the dozen or so tattoos on his 
chest and shoulders. He gave her a friendly greeting when he saw her 

"Hey, Shawna." 

"Hi, Tony." Shawna paused for a drag on her cigarette, then tapped her ash 
into the ashtray on the coffee table. "Any sign of my roommate yet?" 

"Yeah, actually, she just got here about ten minutes ago. I think she's 
unpacking right now." 

"Cool. I'm going to go meet her. Catch you later." 

Shawna headed down the short hallway to her room, the last one on the left. 
She stepped through the doorway to see a cute 18-year-old blonde sitting on 
the bed, rummaging through the contents of a duffel bag. Shawna was excited 
to see that the girl was topless, and her perky medium-sized breasts were 
completely free of tan lines. All she was wearing was a pair of tight jean 
shorts, with the button undone and the waistband rolled over. It was a 
really sexy look. She looked up as Shawna entered, and pushed a strand of 
her long, golden hair out of her eyes. 

"You must be Nikki," Shawna said. 


"I'm Shawna. Nice to meet you." 

"Likewise," Nikki said, and stood up to give Shawna a hug. She seemed 
totally unconcerned by the fact that she was half naked. 

Shawna looked around for an ashtray. The nearest one was on Nikki's desk, 
and there were two packs of Newports sitting next to it. Shawna smiled; 
apparently this cute blonde could handle her cigarettes too. This looked 
like it was going to be an interesting first year of college. Shawna took 
the last drag from her cigarette, put it out, and pulled her own pack from 
her pocket. 

Nikki saw her lighting up again and reached for her Newports. "I could use 
another one of those myself," she said, smiling. 

Shawna set her freshly-lit cigarette into the ashtray on her desk and 
started to pull off her tight, black t-shirt. Her large, braless tits 
bounded out into the open air. The shirt was actually a little too tight, 
and it felt good to get out of it. As she brushed her long brown hair back 
into position, she noticed Nikki watching her. Considering the other girl 
was already topless, Shawna hardly thought she needed an invitation to take 
off her shirt. Anyway, the blonde was looking at her with more of a lustful 
gaze than a surprised one. Shawna wondered if Nikki was attacted to her; if 
she was, the feeling was definitely mutual. 

Shawna tossed her shirt aside and sat down on her bed. She took a drag from 
her cigarette and said, "Do you have any thoughts on how much nudity you're 
comfortable with in the room?" 

Nikki smiled. "Anything goes, as far as I'm concerned." 

"Good," Shawna said. She let her cigarette dangle and started unzipping her 
cutoffs. She tugged them down off her ass, revealing that she wasn't 
wearing any underwear. Smiling, she dropped the shorts on top of her 
discarded t-shirt and reclined on the bed, puffing on her cigarette. 

Nikki watched her new roommate undress, then slipped out of her own shorts, 
to reveal a pair of light blue, silky g-string panties. That tiny garment 
followed the shorts quickly to the floor, and Shawna got her first look at 
the sexy mound of Nikki's hot young pussy, accented by a well-trimmed strip 
of pubic hair just above her clit. Like Shawna, she had a great summer tan, 
with no traces of tan lines. 

"I was going to get naked as soon as I got here," Nikki explained. "But I 
decided I'd better wait until I met you to make sure I didn't freak you 

Shawna smiled and dragged on her cigarette. "There aren't too many things 
you could do that would freak me out. You look great, by the way." 

"Thanks. So do you." Nikki smiled around her cigarette. "If you don't mind 
me saying it, you have amazing tits." 

"Thanks." Shawna smiled and rubbed a finger around her nipple. 

"Are they implants?" Nikki asked. 

"Yeah. Just got them a couple months ago." 



"How do you like them?" 

"They're fucking awesome," Shawna said. "Best graduation present I could 
have ever hoped for." 

"Cool. I'm kind of hoping to get a boob job myself pretty soon." 

"Do it. It's totally worth it." 

"Can I feel them?" 

"Yeah." Shawna took another drag from her cigarette and stood up. 

Nikki joined her at the center of the room. She took Shawna's large, round 
breasts into her hands and squeezed them gently. "They feel really good. I 
can kind of feel the implants, but they still just feel like a gorgeous 
pair of boobs to me." 

"Yeah. The silicone ones are pretty high quality these days. They're lots 
of fun to play with, too." 

"I'll bet," Nikki said, looking into Shawna's eyes. 

Shawna put her arms gently around Nikki's naked body and pulled her close. 
Their mouths found each other and Shawna slipped her tongue between Nikki's 
parted lips. They kissed softly for a moment, moving nothing but their 
mouths, tasting the smoke on each other's tongues. Shawna savored the touch 
of Nikki's bare breasts against her own and felt a bit of moisture between 
her legs. 

Finally, Nikki pulled away. "I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet," she 

Shawna was disappointed, but she let the blonde go. "Do you like girls at 

"Yeah, kind of," Nikki said. "I've tried it a few times, and I want to try 
it a lot more now that I'm here. But I kind of want to get unpacked first." 

"Good point," Shawna said, sitting back down on her bed. "Maybe some night 
when neither of us is fucking someone else, we can fool around a little." 

"Sounds good," Nikki said with a smile. 

Shawna put out her cigarette and immediately lit another. 

"Looks like they weren't kidding when they gave us the choice to have a 
heavy-smoking roommate," Nikki said. "How much do you smoke?" 

"About five packs a day." 

"Wow." Nikki looked down at the bag holding Shawna's four unopened cartons 
of Winstons. "I guess you would have to, to have brought that many with 

"What about you?" Shawna asked. 

"Three packs, usually. Maybe a little more if I'm drinking." 

"Cool," Shawna said. "Keep up the good work." 

The girls chatted some more, getting to know each other, as they spent the 
next couple hours arranging their room the way they wanted it. They turned 
out to have quite a bit in common. Neither had picked a major yet, and they 
both admitted to being at school more for the partying than the education. 
Shawna quickly felt comfortable around her new friend, and enjoyed the fact 
that she could be so free with her nudity and chain-smoking. 

Shawna didn't say anything about it yet, but she liked watching Nikki 
smoke. The blonde smoked about one cigarette for every two of Shawna's. She 
was very casual about it, unlike Shawna who often smoked ravenously, but 
she looked totally comfortable just keeping a cigarette in the ashtray or 
in her hand most of the time. She looked really sexy hanging around the 
room stark naked, puffing away. Shawna was getting a little turned on, and 
even caught herself casually stroking her clit a few times. Nikki saw her 
doing it, and didn't seem to mind. The blonde was probably just happy to 
have a decadent slut for a roommate. 

"I think I've had enough unpacking for now," Shawna said after a while. 
"Want to go meet some of the neighbors?" 

"Okay," Nikki said, unwrapping a new pack of cigarettes. "Have you been 
naked in the common areas yet?" 

"No, but I think now's a good time to try it." 

"Good. I don't really feel like getting dressed either." 

Shawna put a fresh cigarette in her mouth. "Then let's go," she said, 
flicking her lighter to life. 

Nikki fired up another cigarette of her own and they stepped out of their 
room in search of some of their classmates. They found a couple other 
students hanging out in the common room. The two girls turned out to be the 
only ones naked, but quite a few others were shirtless. A few people did 
comment about their nudity, but the comments were definitely of the 
appreciative variety. They sat around the TV for a while, chatting and 
having a few cigarettes with their new neighbors. Just after eleven 
o'clock, Tony showed up and let them know that there was a party going on 
down on the second floor. Shawna and Nikki immediately got up and headed 
for the stairs. They were already so comfortable being naked outside their 
room that neither even suggested going back for some clothes. 

The party was already rocking when they arrived. One of the second-floor 
residents had brought some of his room speakers out into the common room, 
and some kick-ass rock music blasted through the smoky air. Twenty or so 
people had gathered there, in various states of undress, talking and 
smoking and flirting. More seemed to be arriving every minute. The alcohol 
flowed freely, and everyone seemed to be hot and horny and ready for a good 

Shawna was really glad she had stayed naked when she saw the way the other 
partiers were looking at her tits. She had never minded having people stare 
at her body, and now that she had implants, every eye seemed to be drawn to 
her gorgeous round orbs. Less than twenty minutes after she arrived, she 
found herself reclining in the middle of a couch while two halfway-drunk 
guys licked enthusiastically at her large, firm nipples. It felt wonderful 
to be the object of so much attention, and she lay back contentedly, 
smoking a couple more cigarettes and enjoying the wetness that was creeping 
back into her pussy. 

When she went to the cooler for her third beer of the night, Shawna almost 
bumped into a good-looking guy with shoulder-length black hair. He was 
completely naked, and his lean young body looked really sexy. He also had a 
half-finished cigarette in his hand. He smiled at her as he opened his 
beer, and she smiled back. They stepped away from the cooler together and 
started making small talk, all the while sizing up each other's naked 
bodies. Shawna finished her cigarette and immediately chained into another. 
She was excited to see that the guy, Eric, did the same. She was getting 
really horny by now, and was about to grab him and start making out with 
him, but he beat her to it. His tongue slid effortlessly into her waiting 
mouth, and she pulled him closer to her. His cock brushed against her hip, 
and she could feel it growing erect. The kiss was wonderful, but Shawna 
wanted to get a little more comfortable, so she led him to an open space on 
the couch and guided his mouth to her big tits. She smoked some more and 
enjoyed the sensation of his tongue roaming over her body. 

Shawna hadn't actually seen anyone fucking openly in the common areas, but 
she was more than willing to be the first, if Eric wanted to. She sat with 
her legs spread wide enough to give him full access to her hot pussy, but 
he stopped kissing just short of her pubic hair. Then he looked up at her 
and asked if she wanted to find somewhere more private. 

It turned out that he lived in a different dorm, so Shawna took him up to 
her room. She didn't figure Nikki would mind. 

As she pushed the door open, Shawna saw that Nikki was already in the room, 
and she had company. A naked guy was laying on his back on the blonde's 
bed, while she sucked eagerly on his rock-hard cock. 

Shawna took a step back and put a hand on her lover's chest. "Shit! My 
roommate has a guy in there." 

"Shawna?" came Nikki's voice. 

Shawna looked back into the room and saw Nikki looking up at her from the 
crotch of her guy. "Yeah?" 

"We don't mind the company, if you guys don't." 

"Cool," Shawna said. She turned to her lover. "What do you think?" 

Eric kissed her and said, "Let's do it." 

Shawna smiled and led him to her bed. 

The sex was amazing. Shawna chain-smoked and rode her smoky lover's cock 
for a long time, and had three great orgasms. Across the room, Nikki was 
moaning just as loudly, and smoking almost as much, as she went through 
several different positions with her partner. They left the lights on the 
whole time, and none of the four seemed the least bit shy about fucking in 
the same room as another couple. Shawna decided she could really get used 
to this. 

It was almost two o'clock by the time everyone had used up their sexual 
energy. Shawna swallowed the last load of Eric's come, then lit a cigarette 
and lay back in his arms, puffing contentedly. The four teenagers stayed up 
for a while longer, making small talk and smoking quite a few more 
cigarettes. Both guys decided to sleep over, so they finally shut out the 
lights and everyone settled in for some much-needed sleep. 

The next morning, Shawna and Nikki said good-bye to their one-night stands, 
pulled on some clothes, and headed for freshman orientation. They got to 
see some new parts of campus, located the buildings their classes met in, 
and learned about some of the services available to the students. Shawna 
smoked heavily throughout the day, carrying lit cigarettes into almost 
every building and classroom she entered, without even checking for signs 
telling her she couldn't. Ashtrays were practically everywhere. During the 
entire day, she didn't find herself inside any room where she couldn't 
smoke. It was amazing. She actually did see one no-smoking sign; it was on 
the door leading to the chemistry lab. That made sense, considering that 
the room probably had lots of flammable chemicals in it. Fortunately, 
Shawna wasn't taking chemistry this semester. 

The two roommates were also excited to find out how liberal the campus-wide 
dress code was. Everyone had to wear at least shorts and a shirt to class, 
but things got a lot more interesting outside the classroom. The university 
made it a point to promote gender equality in its clothing policies, which 
meant that the female students were free to go topless outdoors just as the 
guys were. Shawna and Nikki both took off their shirts for a while as they 
wandered around campus after lunch. They were happy to see quite a few 
other bare tits during their walk, and they also discovered a large, 
outdoor clothing optional area near their quad, complete with basketball 
hoops, sand volleyball courts, and a large grassy area for sunbathing and 
tossing a frisbee around. 

After orientation, Shawna and Nikki split up to run some separate errands. 
Shawna returned to the dorm around four o'clock, carrying a large bag full 
of painfully expensive books she had picked up at the campus bookstore. She 
was alone in the room for the moment; Nikki had had a few more errands to 
run and wouldn't be back for a while. Shawna put down her books and decided 
to relax a little. She peeled off her t-shirt and shorts and grabbed a beer 
from the mini-fridge. The room door was still open; almost everyone in the 
dorm had already seen her naked by now, and she didn't give a shit about 
privacy anyway. 

She lit another cigarette, part of her third pack of the day. At the rate 
she had been smoking, she would easily finish five packs today, and she 
loved it. She hadn't been able to smoke in class in high school, and that 
had limited her smoking to a little over three packs a day during the 
school year. Now that she was free to smoke anywhere she wanted, she was 
sure she would be smoking five packs a day for a long time. 

As she lay on her bed and chain-smoked, Shawna thought back on the great 
sex she had had last night, and the moment she had shared earlier with 
Nikki, when the cute blonde had asked to feel her implants. She let her 
cigarette dangle for a while, her hands caressing the supple curves of her 
big tits. Slowly, she moved her hand down between her legs and started to 
stroke her moistening pussy. After she lit her next cigarette, she started 
masturbating more enthusiastically, and was already moaning softly by the 
time Nikki walked into the room. 

The sexy young blonde was already topless, and was carrying a backpack full 
of what were undoubtedly her own set of overpriced textbooks. She looked 
right at Shawna as she stepped through the doorway. 

"You are such a fucking slut!" she said cheerfully as she saw Shawna 
playing with herself. 

"Guilty," Shawna said, smiling. She had been secretly hoping Nikki would 
catch her masturbating, and she was even more turned on now that it had 
happened. She boldly continued to rub her clit. 

"That actually looks like fun," Nikki said as she put down her backpack. 
She lit a cigarette and quickly slipped out of her shorts. She wasn't 
wearing panties today, and Shawna liked the look of her bare skin against 
the khaki shorts as they slipped down to the floor. The blonde sat down 
naked on her bed, took a long drag from her cigarette, and put a hand 
between her legs. "So, do you have any plans for the rest of the 

"Nothing in particular," Shawna said. She took a drag on her 
nearly-finished cigarette. "Want to fool around?" 

Nikki smiled. "You're determined to get me into bed, aren't you?" 

"Fuck yeah." 

Nikki looked at Shawna for a moment, admiring the brunette's naked body, 
luscious tits, and spread thighs. "What the hell. We're going to end up 
being fuck buddies eventually, right? Why not get started now?" 

Shawna smiled and beckoned the girl toward her. "Come here." 

Nikki got up, pushed the door closed, and sat down next to Shawna. Shawna 
pulled the girl close and kissed her, hard. Nikki kissed her back just as 
hard and started fondling Shawna's big tits. 

"I think I need to do a little more research into the subject of breast 
implants," Nikki said. 

"It's always a good subject to study," Shawna said with a smile. "Let me 
know what you find out." She lit another cigarette, lay back on the bed, 
and guided Nikki's mouth to her chest. 

Now that they were in bed together, Nikki turned out to be just as 
uninhibited as she had been with the guy she had fucked last night. She 
licked Shawna's firm nipples while her hands were busy caressing the 
beautiful curves of the brunette's tits. Shawna enjoyed the play of her 
roommate's tongue on her skin. She stroked Nikki's back and shoulders and 
dragged hard on her cigarette. Nikki puffed frequently on her own smoke 
until it was gone, then dropped the filter into the ashtray and directed 
her full attention back to Shawna's naked tits. 

Shawna, however, wasn't about to take a break from smoking just to fuck. 
She loved to smoke during sex, and she decided she wanted to share a little 
of that love with Nikki. She took a long drag and pulled the smoke deep 
into her lungs, then brought the blonde's mouth to hers. As they kissed, 
Shawna exhaled slowly into Nikki's mouth and Nikki breathed in the smoke. 
The blonde smiled at her and pinched her nipple. Shawna offered the 
cigarette to her, and Nikki took a drag, then pressed her lips against 
Shawna's again. Shawna inhaled the smoke out of her lover's mouth as their 
tongues danced together. 

Shawna took another drag from the cigarette and handed Nikki her pack of 
Newports. "Why don't you have another smoke while I play with your tits for 
a while?" 

"Fuck, I can't believe how much you love to smoke," Nikki said. Then she 
smiled. "Fortunately, so do I." She lit up and lay on her back, pulling 
Shawna on top of her. 

Shawna gave Nikki another smoky kiss, then lowered her mouth to the girl's 
tits. They were only about half the size of Shawna's, but Shawna liked the 
look and feel of them, especially her cute, pink nipples. She licked around 
them in circles for a moment, then sucked one into her mouth. At the same 
time, she slipped a finger into the blonde's pussy. Nikki moaned around her 

Shawna pushed her roommate's legs further apart and lay between them. Her 
tongue roamed over the girl's stomach, thighs, and labia. Nikki moaned 
again as Shawna licked her firm, swollen clit. Shawna paused for a drag on 
her cigarette, then slipped her tongue deep into Nikki's moist slit. She 
loved the taste of the girl's hot young pussy. Nikki's moans grew louder, 
and Shawna licked and sucked at her clit, while two of her fingers slipped 
into the girl's pussy. She set her cigarette in the ashtray and reached 
between her own legs to rub her aching clit. That didn't take anything away 
from what she was doing to Nikki's pussy, though, and a couple minutes 
later, the blonde came loudly, arching her back into the air. Shawna kept 
licking her pussy until Nikki's orgasm finally died away, then she took a 
drag from her cigarette and climbed up to lay next to her cute lover. 

Nikki gave Shawna a smoky kiss. "That was great. Now it's my turn." She put 
out her cigarette and reached for Shawna's big tits again. 

Shawna finished her own cigarette a moment later and lit another. Nikki had 
given her tits a quick teasing, and now she was already between Shawna's 
legs. Her tongue explored the brunette's moist pussy as she slipped a 
finger between Shawna's labia. Shawna moaned in appreciation. Nikki turned 
out to be surprisingly good at eating pussy. As horny as Shawna already 
was, she was near climax in moments. Nikki's tongue flicked rapidly across 
Shawna's aching clit and Shawna came hard, smoke escaping in bursts from 
her mouth as she moaned. 

"That was too easy," Nikki said. "I think you need to come again." 

Shawna laughed and lit another cigarette. "I think you're right." 

Nikki went back to work with her tongue and fingers, and Shawna was barely 
finished with the cigarette by the time she came again, her lusty moans 
filling the room and probably half of the dorm. 

Finally satisfied, the two young lovers cuddled together on Shawna's bed, 
stroking each other's naked bodies as they smoked their post-sex 

"That was fun," Nikki said. "I'm glad you talked me into it." 

Shawna smiled and kissed her. "I think this is going to be a fun year." 

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