Smoking Affairs, Part 1

(by smokeman, 25 November 2000)

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Smoking Affairs by smokeman

These stories are fictional, fantasy embellishments of real-life situations. 
  Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!)

1. Andy and the model

Andy is a smoker, and has been since he was 14.  If you ask him today why he 
started, he probably won't know.  He was a loaner at school, and nobody 
there knew he smoked, his family didn't smoke and he always has to sneak 
outside for one at home.  His cigarette intake was small and didn't really 
take off until he went to Uni.

At Uni his habit developed to 15 per day, fitting them in between lectures, 
down at the bar, and best of all in his room.  Andy was still not 
promiscuous, in fact although he'd had a couple of girlfriends before and 
during Uni it was not until his final year, when some new tenants moved into 
the house his parents had purchased for him to live in and rent-out the 
extra rooms as live-in landlord, that he became seriously involved with one 
of them, Natalie.  Natalie was a couple of years older, studying for a 
Masters in singing at the music college and their relationship led them both 
to have sex for the first time.  Natalie hated Andy's smoking, but put up 
with it.  They moved to their own place together after Uni and were married 
a year later.  Natalie had been so insistent that Andy stop smoking that she 
made him promise to stop before they got married.  Andy didn't stop though, 
he enjoyed the sneaking around and pretending he wasn't smoking.  He had no 
choice but to go without all honeymoon, though.  Of course Andy told he was 
smoking soon after they returned and Natalie, although upset decided she 
couldn't win against the addiction, and so had to put up with it.  Andy 
still can't smoke in the house to this day, over three years later.

Andy however was finding that there was something inside himself that he 
should have listened to.  Andy got to thinking why he started and realised 
it was seeing beautiful women smoke.  An experience of an innocent 
good-night kiss from one of his Spanish au-pair's, when he was younger, just 
after she'd been smoking has really excited him.  On his way to work now, 
whilst most commuters on public transport systems either ignore everyone by 
reading a paper or novel or else scan secretly looking for someone else 
attractive to eye-up for few minutes, Andy was finding himself scanning for 
female smokers to eye-up.  It really excited him.  If he scored a girl 9 out 
of 10, then her twin with a cigarette would score 10.  What surprised him 
even more was a girl who might score 7, against another girl scoring 8, 
would suddenly score 9 or 10 depending cigarette brand and smoking style.  
In fact it gradually became more and more of an obsession.  He had before he 
met Natalie, and afterwards, still to this day in fact, jerked himself off 
just imagining himself with a smoker.  Depending on what he'd seen around 
recently sometimes a girl from his travels and sometimes a film star or 
model.  It began to worry him that he might be the only person to think like 
this, or at least surely no woman would be into a liking of something so 
unusual.  "Surely," he thought, "they wouldn't smoke whilst I was actually 
having sex with them."

Andy felt very lucky when he got his first computer after 3 years of 
marriage.  He looked around the web on it and discovered that he had a not 
uncommon fetish, and he was very relieved at not being alone.  He'd now 
begun to admit to himself that at some point he was sure he would have to 
carry out what he craved with a like-minded person.  This became clear when 
he realised that on his journeys to and from work and elsewhere he would try 
to hide his wedding ring, so as to stand a better chance of getting 
attention from anyone who may take his fancy.

On a trip up from London to Manchester, Andy sat in the only smoking 
carriage on the Virgin Inter-City service.  It was Friday afternoon and the 
train was full.  He'd had very little choice of seat, theoretically he'd 
pre-booked one anyway.  With about three minutes to go before departure Andy 
was already chatting with the blokes facing him at the four-seat table.  The 
seat next to Andy was unreserved and what should turn up but an absolute 
stunner.  She was tall, had long blonde hair and a perfectly shaped body, 
and she wore a tight top that showed her curves off very nicely.  She needed 
a hand lifting a suitcase onto the overhead rack.  Andy took care of that.  
Within minutes she'd lit up, Andy noticed she used matches and so he offered 
his lighter.  She was busy on her mobile for half an hour or so after that, 
but Andy was in no rush he knew he'd got hours yet.  Andy was more than 
happy to enjoy watching her smoke, of course staring at someone two inches 
away from you isn't easy, but still he caught enough of a view to know that 
she knew how to smoke properly on her Marlboro Lights.  As the journey 
progressed Andy was able to ask chat to her, involving her in the 
conversation with the much older blokes opposite, and then gradually turning 
to her more to allow them to continue off at a tangent.  Andy became worried 
though, he knew that he wasn't a heavy smoker, but she wasn't keeping up 
with him, than suddenly a result, every time he lit up so did she.  By the 
end of the journey Andy had her phone number, her name, Amy, and knew she 
was a model, although she tried to pretend she just worked for a modelling 
agency, she wasn't fooling anyone. She was aged 19. She'd moaned about her 
flat in London being in such a poor state of repair.  Meeting in Manchester 
wasn't possible as she was being met by her father.  Andy rang her mobile 
number on the day he returned to London and asked her out for a drink, she 
didn't need much persuading, anything to get out of her flat Andy supposed.

Andy decided that as beautiful as she was and that although she smoked, 
unless she was interested or might be interested in smoking and sex, there 
wasn't much else to be done.  He'd have to tell her nearly straight away 
about his fantasies.

That evening they met as Andy passed through central London on his way home. 
  Andy told her everything about his fantasies, that he'd never had a 
blow-job in his life, and waited for a drink to be thrown in his face.  He 
was wrong, she sat there and said, "OK then," she paused lighting a 
cigarette from the butt of the one she'd just finished, she then performed a 
double pump and French-inhale and then on her next drag she exhaled straight 
in Andy's face.  Andy watched her now very closely, he wanted to soak up 
everything, her looks, her smoke, her smile of enjoyment as she took another 
massive drag on her cigarette, causing her chest to rise, lifting her skimpy 
top and revealing some mid-riff.  "How about Saturday whilst your Missus is 
working?" She gave him her address, and as they parted, she reached over to 
him and gave him a French-kiss before she'd exhaled her smoke.  Seeing the 
reaction it created in his trousers she said, "Hope he's ready for a 
work-out on Saturday."

Saturday arrived and Andy went to her flat, she was right it was bad, but 
she was gorgeous, answering the door in her underwear, cigarette dangling, 
with a very cheeky, smile on her seemingly innocent face.  Andy was nearly 
thrown onto the bed immediately and she dangled the cigarette between her 
luscious lips as she undid my trousers and removed my pants.  Then her mouth 
and her smoke set to work on his rapidly rising penis.  In a matter of 
minutes Amy was gulping down Andy's cum whilst still taking drags on her 
Marlboro Light.  Andy then undid her bra and lit a cigarette of his own 
Marlboro Reds as she mellowed to the touch of his hands and smoke on her 
large breasts.  She was now fingering her clit with one hand and holding her 
cigarette with the other.  Andy slid down to give her a muff-dive as she 
reached for two cigarettes from her pack and lit them both.  Andy soon 
noticed this and became rock-hard again.  Amy smiled broadly as she jumped 
on top of Andy's manhood and ground herself hard against it.  Smoke pouring 
out of the two dangling cigarettes into her lungs and out through her nose.  
Her drags and inhales became deeper and deeper until she had hit total smoke 
suffocation, at which point she climaxed with waves of pleasure as Andy 
spilt his load inside her.

About half an hour and another 5 cigarettes later Andy emerged back to his 
own little life and cosy home.  He smiled to himself, "I've done it! I've 
done it!  I suppose I shall probably have to do it again."  He knew he and 
Amy would never work long-term, they were different in every other respect, 
he knew he'd have to move onto pastures new.

Number 2 soon: Andy and the two Primary School Teachers

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