The Smoking Nurse

(by anonymous17, 11 November 2005)

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The Smoking Nurse

Kathy Barrette, R.N. dressed very carefully for her latest assignment. The
call had come in the night before, along with the appropriate credit card
account number. She was to perform a house call and administer prostate
therapy to an elder client in the Beacon Hill area of Boston. What this meant
was that she would be paid fifteen hundred dollars per hour for the therapy.
The client had specifically requested a Smoking Nurse, dressed old-school,

She had showered, shaving her legs, underarms and cunt carefully. Image was
important; the client was paying for impeccable service, would expect nothing
less. She dried herself off and blow-dried her hair, styling it and pinning
it up in a bun at the crown of her head. Satisfied with the results, she sat
down at her make-up mirror and applied foundation, pale blue eyeshadow,
eyeliner, mascara. She lit a Virginia Slims Menthol 120 and penciled on her
lip liner. At this time, she put on her foundation garments.  Opening the
package made in Belgium, she unfolded a smoke gray pair of full-fashioned
Cuban heel stockings. She rolled each one up and put it on, smoothing the
backseams. Next, she stepped into the snow-white Maidenform open bottom
girdle with garters and fastened her stocking tops. White patent 3 inch
heeled pumps completed her foundation.

The stiffly starched white cap, folded and ironed with a navy blue band sat
upon the wig form. She stepped into the starched white shirt-waist uniform
dress and fastened the front buttons. Carefully arranging the collar, she
took her name pin and nursing school pin and fastened them over her left
breast. Lastly, she sat down, finished smoking her cigarette, and applied her
lipstick. It was a very retro-looking fire engine shade of red by Chanel, and
matched her fingernails perfectly. Taking up the nursing cap, she positioned
it perfectly upon her light brown hair and used the bobby pins to secure it.

Kathy moved to her nursing bag to recheck its contents: a stethoscope,
thermometer pack, blood pressure kit, enema kit, tongue depressors, K-Y
lubricant, Vaseline, five pairs non-latex surgical gloves, lubricated and
non-lubricated condoms, seven inch slimline hard plastic vibrating dildo,
eight inch vibrating jelly cock, two green disposable sugical drapes, bay
wipes, Dermassage medicated body lotion and a package of soft paper hand
wipes. Kathy zipped the bag and strapped it to the luggage cart. Putting on
her navy blue woolen cape, she took and opened her purse, tossing in an
unopened hard pack of Virginia Slims 120's, quartz lighter, lipstick, her
wallet and keys. She wheeled the cart to her door and paused, checking her
appearance in the hall mirror. Satisfactory. Putting on her kid gloves, she
let herself out.

The checker cab pulled over at the address. It was a cold, gray November day
as the driver got out, opened the trunk and took out her luggage. She smiled
and thanked him when he opened her door, giving him the fare plus a generous
tip.  He smiled and tipped his hat. Kathy turned and looked at the Victorian
mansion before her...four chimneys, three floors, slate roof, impeccably
maintained. The client was paying her a minimum of three thousand dollars for
her services, less negotiated `extras'. She wheeled her cart up the seven
granite steps and rang the bell. The massive oak door opened, and she was
ushered inside by a butler. She proffered her business card.

"Please inform Mr. Cabott-Smythe that Nurse Barrette is here for his ten

"Yes, Ma'am...please follow me." He led her into a raised wood paneled
study and indicated that she was to make herself comfortable. Mr.
Cabott-Smythe would be with her in five minutes. She sat down upon a silk
upholstered divan, where she noticed a brass floor stand with a heavy crystal
ashtray. She removed her gloves, pulling the fingers off one at a time. She
heard a man's voice down the hall, and then heard footsteps approaching. The
door to the study opened, and a man in his early sixties with graying temples
walked into the room. He smiled and approached her, taking her hand.

"Hello, Ms. Barrette! Delighted that you could make it. Did you have a
pleasant journey?", he asked, still holding her hand. She corrected him

"Thank's NURSE Barrette, if you don't mind. I have a Master's
from Johns-Hopkins. How do you do, Sir?", she asked, taking her hand from

"Mmmm...fair to middling, these days, I'm afraid, NURSE Kathryn Barrette",
he said good naturedly. "May I offer you some refreshment? Irish Coffee,
perhaps...I was just about to take mine here in the study. It's made with
John Jamiesons!"

"Thank you. That would be lovely, Mr. Cabott-Smythe", she answered. It
actually would warm her up somewhat. "Do you mind if I smoke a cigarette,

"Please! Oh my...yes! DO indulge me...I love to watch a pretty woman smoke.
And me C.S.." He sat down opposite her, clad in a paisley silk
dressing robe and matching pajamas. The butler came in with the coffees,
serving them. Cabbott-Smythe dismissed him, telling him he wished to be
undisturbed until two o'clock. After the servant left, C.S. sipped his coffee
and watched intently as Nurse Kathy undid the cellophane of the flip -top box
of 120's. She smiled at him and winked as she extracted a long, white
cigarette and placed it between those fortunate, glossy lips of hers.  She
clicked her lighter and looked him in the eye as she took an extended pull,
smoke streaming from her nostrils, then removed the cigarette between her red
nails, holding it almost vertically aloft as she exhaled a steady stream of
blue-gray smoke that expanded in the light of the room. He fidgeted
momentarily, observing the crimson stain her lips made upon the crisp white
filter as her fingers held it, five inches from her full, luscious lips. She
reached for her coffee and sipped it, smiled at him, and placed the cigarette
back into her mouth. The orange ember showed brightly as she drew. Slowly she
removed the cigarette, and...did a perfect French inhale! He cleared his
throat, overcome with lust.

"Nurse Kathryn, you said that you hold a Master's from
it a general degree, or do you...specialize."  She regarded him as she
tapped her finger to ash her cigarette, then took a double-pump drag. As she
answered, the smoke came out in increments with each word. He was fascinated.

"I have certain areas of speciality, C.S....we can discuss them if you the way, I see that you like the manner in which I...smoke. Is it a
fetish for you, Sir?"  He turned red and fidgeted again, adjusting his
hard-on that was tenting out beneath the front of his robe.

"You might say", he said drily, licking his lips, "that I share a
predilection for it, yes."

Nurse Kathy gave him a sympathetic look and stood up. She ashed her cigarette
and walked over to him, placing one white shoe in front of the other,
dangling her half-smoked cigarette. Sitting down next to him, she reached to
place her hand inside his unbuttoned pajama top. Her finger tips found his
rock-hard nipple. She took a drag and blew it in his face. He moaned and
slouched in his seat.

"I understand", she said. She wet her fingertip and again reached inside
his shirt, tracing a moist circle around his nipple. "Shall we discuss
...your...therapy... C.S.?" Her hand traveled down to his lap and began to
massage his bulge. He moaned deeply, eyes rolling back in his head. She blew
her smoke into his nostrils as he sighed loudly.

"The base rate of three thousand includes an examination", she began, as
she undid his robe belt and opened it. "It also includes basic...therapy".
Her hand moved into the fly of his pajama bottoms and softly grasped his
erect penis. She leaned over and stubbed her cigarette out in a brass
ashtray. Her hand began to stroke him slowly. "What I want you to do is to
stand up and drop your drawers, C.S."  He did what she told him and sat back
down. Nurse Kathy stood up, walked slowly over to her Nurse's bag and undid
the zipper. She took out a pair of purple non-latex gloves and snapped them
on, one at a time. He moaned with each snap. She lit another cigarette and
came back to sit down close to him.

"Now...spread your legs, please", she said in a clinical voice. "I need to
examine your genitals, Sir. First, your scrotum", she cupped his leathery
testicles, massaging them gently.  "Mmhmm...and now, your glans penis...oh, have a marvelous erection! Do you find any diminishment all?," she asked, dragging on the cigarette and bringing
her face five inches from his nose to exhale. His seven inches of cock jumped
in her gloved hand. Her Chanel parfum, coupled with the scent of her sweet
smokey breath was turning his enormous cock head purple. She took her
fingertip and massaged the clear fluid leaking out of it on the underside of
the glans.

"N-not at all, Nurse Kathryn!", he said thickly. "I seem to fuc-function
very well...Oh God!", he gasped, as her hand increased its tempo. She had
him right where she wanted him.

"Good. I stated, therapy is included. The therapy consists of
electroprostatic stimulation, followed by masturbation to orgasm."  She
ceased her stroking, releasing him and standing up. "At no time are you to
touch me in any sexual way. I will initiate any and all contact with you.
Fluid barrier protection will be utilized for my protection." She removed
her gloves and tossed them into a waste basket. "Do you agree to these

"Yes, Nurse mentioned negotiating 'extras' ...can you be

She turned and took a drag. Letting the smoke drift from her mouth, she

"Well...say, if you wanted me to strip, for instance. That would be another
thousand.  If we happened to agree upon limited contact on your part, that's
another thousand.  What did you have in mind, Sir?", she asked. 

"I would, indeed, prefer you to remove your uniform. And the `contact'...will
you fuck me?", he asked.

"No, sir. You may touch my breasts. Touch my ass. If I fuck you, it will
cost you three thousand."  She took another drag and french inhaled the

"Done. I'll pay you a total of ten thousand to take me `round the world'.

She smiled and walked toward him. Taking a drag, she gave him a smokey kiss.
"That will be fine, C.S. Now, go strip and lie down on the divan. It's
time for your enema. Is there a lavatory adjoining the study? You'll need to
void someplace close".

He nodded, and did as she told him. She took the enema bag and disappeared
into the lav. He heard the water run for a time. When she emerged, she walked
back over to her bag. Deftly, she assembled the folding assembly of the
luggage cart into a rolling exam tray with a telescoping stand that held the
enema bag aloft. She placed a green paper upon its now flat, elevated surface
and placed things upon it. Wheeling it over to him, she gloved up again.
Kathryn attached the hose and nozzle assembly to the red rubber bag and
turned to him.

"Alright, C.S....have you had any previous enemas?"

"Yes...I enjoy them thoroughly!", he said, spreading his legs, showing his
rectum. She lubricated the nozzle with Vaseline and inserted it slowly into
his ass. It met with little resistance. She lit another Virginia slims and
opened the petcock to start the fluid. He felt warmth flooding his bowels.
His cock danced in the air with every beat of his heart. As he felt the
pressure gently building, she began a strip-tease, the long cigarette
dangling between her shiny, red lips. Unbuttoning all eleven buttons, she
shook the dress off of her shoulders and tugged it past her hips. C.S.
watched her bare nipples in the demi-bra come to hardness. He also noticed
her mons peeking out from the open bottom girdle. She was exquisite...ten
thousand for the experience of a lifetime!

"Now...hold it in, C.S.  I'm going to fellate you. DON'T leak".  She
closed the flow and removed the nozzle, then opened a condom package and
rolled a rubber onto his thick cock. She blew smoke on his dick and slowly
took his hardness into her hot mouth. He gasped with ecstacy as she massaged
the sensitive area between his scrotum and asshole. He saw that her lipstick
was leaving a ring upon the condom. She paused her sucking and took a drag,
blowing a stream of smoke up to his face. He felt his balls tightening
deliciously, as the fullness of warmth in his bowels settled down. She

"Get up and go!", she said firmly. He got up and waddled across
the floor to the lav. She heard the explosive gushing of water and feces
echoing in the toilet. After several minutes, he flushed the toilet and
strode back out, cock still at attention, but minus the rubber. He lay back
down, and Kathy rolled another condom onto his prick. She selected the hard
plastic slimline dildo and lubed it with K-Y, then worked it into his
puckered asshole. Switching it on, she giggled as he jumped, then took his
erection into her mouth and began to power suck his dick. She knew he was
feeling as if he was wearing no rubber at all; she used only the most
expensive Japanese condoms, the thinnest and strongest available. He moved
his hips in tempo to her thrusts, moaning and breathing hard. She stopped
sucking him, and turned up the speed of the vibrator as she smoked for him.
As she blew smoke rings, his cock increased in size...then he yelled hoarsely
as the reservoir of the condom filled with his hot cum.  She kept thrusting
the vibe in and out, until she was satisfied that he had finished.

"Oh, Mr. Cabott-Smythe...", she said, in her best Betty Boop voice,
removing the condom and holding it to dangle, "My...what a lot of chowder
you just served up!" Indeed, he had filled the condom tip with twice the
normal discharge of semen. She caressed his nipples. "Is that all for
meee?", she said, bending to give him a deep, smokey kiss.  She broke their
kiss, knotted the condom and threw it in the trash.  He lay there,
glassy-eyed, a crazed smile pasted upon his gray features. His cock was at
semi-erect. She laughed huskily.

"I'll give you a moment or two to recover...say! I have a great idea! How
about I go lie down, smoke a cigarette and fuck myself with a dildo? How
would that grab you?", she said, giving him another smokey kiss. He
responded by sticking a finger into her moist snatch.

"Might I be permitted to taste your pussy, Dear Nurse?', he managed

"I'll think about it. Now, you just settle down and watch Nurse Kathryn for
a little while, Darling!", she called over her shoulder as she walked ten
feet and plopped down on the divan, with dildo and cigarettes in hand. She
settled back and reapplied her lipstick, then lit a 120, dragging long and
luxuriously. Her stockinged legs parted, showing him a perfectly formed pair
of labia that framed her protruding clitoris and moist hole...

She closed her eyes, tilted her head back and smoked, caressing her nipples
to hardness, pinching them as she dangled the cigarette. A plume of blue
smoke rose up, like a dolphin's spray. She switched the vibrator on and
massaged her clit, looking him in the eye as she masturbated. Her jeweled
fingertips held the cigarette as she used her other fingers to tweak her
nips. The dildo penetrated her depths, going slowly in and out. She removed
the dildo and gently slapped it against her cunt, making wet slurpy sounds.
She moaned and beckoned with her hand that held the cigarette for him to
approach. The sight of her lipstick upon the filter made him almost cum...

"Suck me...suck my cunt!", she invited. Almost instantly, he was kneeling
and burying his face in her wetness. She moaned as he ate her box, letting
his tongue fuck in and out of her hole. Greedily, he sucked and swallowed her
sweet juices, and then took her clitty into his lips. In an instant, it had
doubled in size. She was very responsive, he saw. He looked up just as her
breasts heaved, and caught her sweet exhale of perfumed cigarette smoke.
Using her juices, he probed her anus with his finger, and she moaned louder,
thrusting her hips in time to his sucking. He pushed it in deeper, all the
way in.

"Put two fingers up my ass', she whispered, and when he did, she started
cumming hard.

"Suck me...ohh yesss...I'm cummingggg...OOOhhHHhh...fuck me in the ass!"

He stood up and ripped open a condom package, rolling one on backwards. It
didn't matter - he placed his cock at her backdoor and pushed right in. She
screamed and locked her legs around his waist. He fucked her hard and fast as
she came again, like a woman possessed. Her cigarette was only about three
inches, but dangled like a whore in the corner of her mouth. He was in
heaven! When he could stroke no longer, he pulled out and yanked the rubber
off. She leaned forward, took a final drag and kissed him as she jacked his
cock furiously, making him erupt all over her tits and underside of her jaw. 

Later, as Kathy lit up a final cigarette, the elderly gentleman wrote out a
bank check for ten thousand. As he walked her to the door and the cab waiting
outside, he turned and kissed her cheek, catching a last glorious scent of
her smokey perfume.

"I want to thank you for making an old man young again!", he said. Kathy
took a drag and kissed his mouth, sharing her smoke. She gave his growing
cock a squeeze and laughed as she handed him the freshly lit 120, her red
lipstick staining the filter.

"Something to remember me by. If you hurry, maybe you can shoot another load
before it burn away to ash! You have a marvelous cock, C.S., and you have my
office number. Feel free to use it again, okay, honey? Mmmm...bye bye!

Kathryn Surette, R.N. sat in the cab as it pulled away from the curb into
traffic.  She smiled while looking at the figure on the check. Not bad for
two and a half hours. She loved her work! How else could a sexy home health
care professional be paid so handsomely to make people happy, receive all the
sex she wanted, and even get paid to SMOKE?  This, in an era of smoking bans
in the `workplace'!

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