Smoky Beginnings for a Virgin

(by, 28 April 1999)

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Smoky Beginnings for a Virgin 

It was hot muggy day in June when a cute brunette in her early 20's came into 
the bicycle shop.  We chatted and she said that she was looking for a new 
bike. She went on to tell me that she had wanted to start cycling for a while 
and thought cycling would be good replacement for her cigarettes.  I learned 
that her name was Cathy and she was attending summer session at the 
University.  After about an hour she picked out a bike.  I removed the bike's 
wheels to fit it into her Honda Accord.  With a perplexed look, she asked me 
" how can I possibly put the wheels back on"?  Shakily, I responded by 
offering to stop by after work to reassemble the bike.  She accepted with no 
hesitation, gave me the address and said she'd be waiting.  The rest of the 
day I tried to busy myself by working but kept fantasizing about meeting 
Cathy that evening. I was a going into my senior year in high school and she 
must be 6 or 7 years older then me, which, at the time, seemed like a huge 
difference. After a while I concluded that my imagination was getting ahead 
of me and that she only wanted help with her new bike. 

I arrived at her apartment at 7:00 and rang her doorbell.  She appeared 
moments later in tight fitting jeans and looked great.  We went out to her 
car and I nervously assembled the bike.  She asked me to carry it to her 
apartment.  After putting the bike inside, she asked "Would you like 
something to drink?" 
I could hardly talk. 
"Am I making you nervous?" she asked.  
"A little", I blurted out, "but I guess I can stay for a Coke".  
She poured herself a glass of wine, brought me a Coke and asked a lot of 
questions about me after we settled onto the couch in her living room.  She 
seemed surprised when I told her I was 17.   She said that she just assumed I 
was older.  I learned that she was 23, was a course away from graduation at 
the University and was staring a job in September in the mid-west.  Based on 
our age difference and my lack of dating experience, I figured this would be 
the last time I'd see Cathy.  But she surprised me by asking if I'd like to 
take her for a bike ride.  Now my mind was really going - I accepted and we 
set a date for the next day.

That afternoon Cathy came by the bike shop on her new wheels and we went for 
a ride outside town.  We ended up at her place where she brought out a couple 
sodas and a pack of Virginia Slims.  She asked me if I minded if she smoked.  
Now, I was a bike racer, considered a "good" kid and had never even 
considered hanging out with smokers.  But here I was sitting with a college 
girl, in her apartment fantasizing about her intentions.   
"Go ahead", I said.  
She smiled, took a cigarette from the pack and struck a match.  She put the 
flame to her slims, took a light puff, shook out the match and proceeded to 
take a drag.  After a deep inhale, she blew her smoke to the ceiling.  
Staring at me she said, "you've never been with a smoker, have you"?  
"No, I haven't".  
"Does it really turn you off"?  
"Nothing could turn me off at this point" I blurted.  
"Well, as much as I talk about wanting to quit, I can't help smoking when I 
think about sex". 
Silence from me.
"You really are nervous, aren't you"?
Not knowing what to say, I just said, "Yes"
"Can I ask you a personal question"?
"Of course"
"Are you a virgin"?
Oh boy.  "Yes I am"
"Do you want to be"?
I was simultaneously excited and petrified.  All I could say was "No".
She proceeded to put out her cigarette, put her arms around me and gave me a 
light kiss.  I responded by pulling her to me and starting a deeper kiss.  In 
no time her tongue was exploring my mouth and hands canvassing my back.   
Then she pushed me back and proceeded to open my shorts.  She took my 
throbbing organ into her mouth. Instantaneously I came.  Embarrassed, I sat 
in silence.  
She giggled "it's ok.  You've never even had a women touch you, have you? 
"No - you are the first".  
"Well don't worry.  You've just had your first blowjob".

As I sat in silence, Cathy smiled and lit another cigarette.  She didn't seem 
to mind that I was still in a state of shock.  After a couple more drags, she 
got me talking about myself and I relaxed a bit.  We shared a beer and 
eventually started talking about our love lives.  I confessed that since 
seeing 'The Graduate' I had had a fantasy about being seduced by an older 
woman.  She said my fantasy might just come true.  Of course, she smelled of 
smoke, a smell I once thought repulsive.  She kissed me and I could taste the 
remnant of her smoking.  She saw that I was again hard and she took me to her 
bed.  Cathy proceeded to give me my first lesson in being a lover and, of 
course, she followed the sex with a cigarette.  I asked her why she smoked 
and she explained her how she started.  Her story, which I now realize was 
pretty typical, was that her older sister smoked and she simply started by 
imitating her.  At first, she did it to be cool but soon learned to like it.  
And in a matter of weeks it developed into a habit.  At some point she said 
she associated smoking with coffee and food and later, sex.  Her only regret 
was that her smoking typically turned off the athletic types she was 
attracted to.  (Was this a hint?).  We talked some more and decided to get 
together later in the week.  I could not wait. 

Over the next several weeks, we got together often.  She taught me to be her 
lover.  And her cigarettes were always close by.  One night while on top of 
me, she stopped her rhythmic lovemaking and lit a Virginia Slims.  She took a 
drag and gave me a smoky kiss.  I nearly gagged but managed to let the smoke 
fill my lungs, exhaling through my nose without losing the lip lock.  She 
leaned back, smiled, took a double drag and repeated the kiss.  She again 
leaned back and I exhaled the smoke back at her.  She shook, ground her 
pelvis into me and had an orgasm.  She stayed on top of me holding the 
cigarette between the fingers of her right hand and increased the pace of her 
lovemaking. As I neared the climax, she brought the cigarette to my lips and 
said 'now you do it'.  As I took my first drag of a cigarette, I exploded 
inside Cathy.  I instinctively inhaled the smoke and exhaled all over Cathy.  
She said nothing as I finished my orgasm.  She put out the cigarette and lay 
by my side.  We said nothing for several minutes.

"What did you think?" she asked.
"Wow" I replied.
"Are you mad about the smoke"?
"You've got to be kidding".
"I've always wanted to smoke during sex".
"Now I guess I do too".
"You're not a smoker".
"You are changing that.  Have you ever done that before"?
"No - it's been sort of a fantasy".
"Not anymore".
"I am not trying to make you a smoker".
"Are you kidding?  With all the health risks everyone talks about?  I'm not 
sure I could live with the guilt.  And let's face it.  An athlete like you 
would never have considered it if I had not linked it to me and sex".

She had a point. I never would have tried it on my own.  But the pleasures 
and link between smoking and sex had never occurred to me either. 

"Tell you what", I said. "We'll just see how it goes.  You wanted an athlete 
who smokes and I wanted to be seduced.  You've exceeded my wildest dreams and 
I'd like to fulfill yours.   I want to smoke with you. We'll just see how it 
develops".  All she could say was "its not that simple". 

The next day I could not stop thinking about Cathy and, of course, smoking 
and sex.  We got together after work for another bike ride.  Settling into 
her apartment afterwards, she brought out the ashtray and her Virginia Slims. 
 She lit up looking at me but not offering me a cigarette.  She took a deep 
puff and let out a thin steam of smoke. 
"You going to let me have one of those"? 
"Only if you are sure you want to do this" she replied. 
"I want to smoke tonight".
"OK, only if it's your choice.  I'll try and teach you to at least look like 
a competent smoker".
She handed me her lit cigarette and showed me how to hold it between my index 
and middle fingers. "Now bring the tip to you lips and gently draw some smoke 
into your mouth and hold it there", which I did. I proceeded to spurt it out 
in a small cloud of smoke and began to realize just how accomplished Cathy' 
control was. Maybe it was the excitement of Cathy' interest in involving me, 
maybe it was the thought of doing something naughty.  Whatever the reason, I 
liked it.
"Well, what do you think"? she asked.
"Not quite like last night".  
"You'll need to inhale.  The smoke is exciting - you'll get some of last 
night back by inhaling - just wait".
I inhaled a puff.  I expected the worse - and it never came.  It actually 
felt good.  I repeated the process a couple of times before handing the 
cigarette back to Cathy who proceeded to put on a show of sensual slow motion 
pulls, inhales and exhales.  She put it out and saw that again, I was 
excited.  And again, we went to bed.  When our lovemaking was finished, Cathy 
shared her cigarette with me.

On my way out, Cathy said, "Look, I want to teach you to smoke.  And I'm 
possessive - it's just you and me - no smoking in public unless I say so.  
You are my private student.  I'll select your cigarettes until you can taste 
the difference - come on over tomorrow for your next lesson".
Well the next evening I went to Cathy's.  She started the evening by serving 
wine and bringing out fresh packs of unopened Virginia Slims and Marlboro 
Lights 100s.  She handed me the Marlboros and instructed me to remove the 
cellophane and foil. She did the same with her pack and explained that over 
time, I would come to enjoy the simple pleasure of opening up a fresh pack.  
I tapped out a cigarette and brought it to my lips.

"Now', Cathy said, 'slowly draw on the cigarette until it begins to glow".  
She then brought the lighter to my cigarette and I drew some warm smoke into 
my mouth.  
"Now inhale it and slowly blow it out", she instructed, which I did.
"Not bad, try it again".
She watched me take my small puffs while she lit her own. 
"Now take the cigarette between your thumb and middle fingers and tap the 
ashes off using your index finger like I'm doing.  If you want to smoke 
right, you've got to smoke neat".
I copied her as best I could.  
"Now I want you to inhale more. Watch me."
She proceeded to take a large drag and in an exaggerated fashion, breathed in 
lightly, held the smoke for a brief moment and exhaled.  I copied her puff 
and breathed deeply.  The smoke felt warm as it went down my throat and 
nearly immediately I felt a small buzz.  I exhaled creating a small blue 
"Well, what did it feel like?"
"Warm and dirty", I said.
"Well do it again!"
I gradually worked my way through the cigarette and Cathy and I settled into 
a long conversation, dinner and trip to the bedroom.  Afterward, she brought 
out the cigarettes.  She lit mine for me and had me light hers.  She kissed 
me, congratulated me on taking a big step and gave me the pack.  
"Remember, smoke these in private, work on the things I've taught you and 
enjoy a few a day - I'll see you in couple days."

The summer progressed with Cathy and I getting together 2-3 times a week.  We 
would ride our bikes, go to dinner or just hang around her apartment.  On 
long rides, we'd pack a meal and find a private place to stop where we'd eat 
and have a cigarette. If we were going to dinner, Cathy would drive and let 
me smoke in the car.  After dinner she'd have a cigarette and make me watch 
but not let me smoke, even though she had taught me well and I had become a 
confident smoker. Sometimes she'd let me smoke on the way home but usually 
would make me wait until she had me home.  The unknown and the denial would 
drive me crazy with lust. 

Over the summer process Cathy introduced me to a lot of brands.  I finally 
settled on Benson and Hedges, which Cathy approved of.  She tried a lot of 
different brands too, mainly to test my reaction.  I really got turned when 
she smoked a Saratoga and she realized it was the length.  Her regular 
cigarette remained a Virginia Slim 100 but she often lit up a Virginia Slims 
120, especially when we were alone.

At the end of summer Cathy starting preparing to move.  We both realized our 
relationship would not survive the geographic constraints.  In addition, I 
learned that she was reuniting with her college boy friend in Chicago.  
During our last evening together neared, she asked if there were any special 
fantasies I was thinking about before she left.
"I'm living it.  I always dreamed about an older women seducing me and 
teaching me to be her great lover". 
"Did you ever think smoking would turn you on so much"?
"I had no idea".
I asked " What about you?"
"Well I have to admit, I always wanted to seduce a younger guy and teach him 
to be my special lover and how to smoke.  I really didn't think it would be 
this much fun".   At that she kissed me a led me to her bed.

She took off my clothes and made me lie down.  She proceeded to light a 120, 
take a couple puffs and put it in an ashtray near the bed so that I could 
smell the smoke.  She told me to leave the cigarette alone.  Ever so slowly, 
she undressed taking an occasional drag from her cigarette.  Her smoking and 
striping were driving me crazy.  I asked her to mount me and to give me 
smoke.  She told me to be patient.  When I couldn't stay still any longer, 
she mounted me.  Though I had learned to control myself over the summer, I 
immediately came.  Cathy let it happen and just drove me deeper inside her.  
When I was finished she rolled over and said "now you can have your smoke - 
light a cigarette and share your smoke with me".  I did as she asked and we 
shared many smoky kisses.  

That smoking enhanced sexual extravaganza continued for another hour.  Spent, 
we fell asleep in each other's arms.  I woke later and went home.  The next 
day I helped her pack her car and U Haul trailer.  There was little remaining 
to be said.  In our final moments, we smoked, reminisced about our great 
times together and promised to keep in touch.  I thanked her, we kissed and I 
sadly mounted my bicycle and rode away as Cathy started her journey west.

My smoking habit lived beyond the summer with Cathy.   And I certainly have a 
smoking fetish.  I did not acknowledge it as "normal" until the internet 
revealed others with the same infatuation.  I am in my second marriage - to a 
non-smoker, as was my first wife.  Between marriages I had had the pleasure 
of dating a number of smoking women though I never outwardly revealed my 
fetish.  I've even managed to keep my smoking habit in the closet by only 
smoking in public with the smoking women I've dated or met on the road during 
frequent global travels.  I will be writing up these encounters for future 

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