Starting Stacey, Part 1

(by anonymous, 28 August 1996)

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Please post this story to your collections on the internet.  I thought I 
would share some of my enjoyment of your listing with others.  Please 
post it anonymously for it is all true, actual names have been changed.

Stacey and I were in high school and had been dating for a few months 
now.  Stacey, however, did not know about my fascination with women who 
smoked.  I had been a closet smoker for some time, you know the type of 
guy who no one would ever expect to be a smoker.  It was a game for me.  
The art of pilfering the Winston 100's from my mom without getting 
caught.  My mom was onto me at some point because she would try to hide 
her pack when she went to bed at night.  I easily figured were the stash 
was, and took full advantage every chance I got.  Most of the
time, I got to enjoy the nicotine rush in the car on my way to work early 
in the morning.

When I got to work there were always girls smoking in the breakroom while 
fixing their work uniform.  Pam was the best tease a boy could have.  She 
would take a long drag on her Lark 100's (nasty cig.) and very slowly 
exhale a line of smoke out her puckered lips.  I couldn't help but
stare and bulge in my pants.

This is when I met Stacey.  She was an average looking girl of 15, 
innocent in all aspects.  Stacey was definitely a non-smoker.  After I 
got my courage up, Stacey and I began dating.  Every night we would go to 
a local park and make-out.  I was the first boy that Stacey had ever 
kissed, so exploring and experimenting had to take time.  As with any boy 
of 15, my hormones were out of control and I wanted more.  Slowly, over a 
few weeks, we worked up to touching and messaging, and now I was at third 

Stacey was a talker and always had something going on in her mouth.  As 
with any relationship at 15, I was becoming bored with our follies.  
Stacey's habit of biting her nails was really wearing thin
on my nerves.  Then a trigger went off in my mind.  Stacey has oral 
needs!  I took this to mean that she was ready to at least try oral sex 
on me.  My reasoning may have been flawed, but the result was many nights 
of satisfaction for me.

The entire time of our courtship, however, my little secret was well 
hidden.  All the girls that Stacey and I worked with were smokers, except 
for two.  And of course, these two girls were Stacey's closest friends.  
I so much wanted to see what Stacey looked like holding and smoking a
cigarette, but how could I get this to happen?  Then I had an idea.  One 
night we were driving on our way to the park and I was complaining again 
about Stacey's nail biting.  I told her that she needs a new habit, and 
basically that I would prefer to have a girl smoke than bite nails.  The
lesser of the two evils for me.  I then asked Stacey if she ever tried 
smoking.  The answer was yes!  She had tried it with an old elementary 
school friend who had stolen a cigarette from her mom one day.  The two 
girls went out back in the woods and tried it and nothing more became of
it.  Using this experience, I told Stacey that I could not picture her 
with a cigarette and dared her to show me what it was like.  The 
challenge was accepted.

Stacey and I were driving by a convenient store, so I pulled into the 
lot.  We got some gum and then I called Stacey's bluff.  I asked her at 
the counter what brand she wanted and she quickly answered Newport box!  
We paid for the items and quickly exited back to my car.  Inside the car,
Stacey was holding the unopened box of Newports in her hand while rolling 
the box back and front as she analyzed it further.  I then asked her how 
this brand became her choice.  Stacey's reply was that she had worked a 
little at her Aunt's convenient store and this was the brand that
a lot of people asked for.  This was to be my most memorable night.  My 
girlfriend was going to smoke for me.

We arrived at our parking spot and I turned off the car.  It was a dimly 
lit lot and we were not near any other cars.  Stacey took the box of 
Newports and tapped it several times on her wrist.  I asked, "What are 
you doing that for?" as if I didn't understand.  Stacey said, "Well this 
is what my Aunt and the other girls do, so it must do something."  She 
then broke the seal and opened the box.  The raisin-like smell of a fresh 
pack of cigarettes filled the air in my car.  My excitement was not 
confinable.  Stacey proceeded to take out a cigarette and hold it in 
between her fingers.  I asked Stacey if she really wanted to do this and 
got a defiant nod in return.  As a went to grab the book of matches I 
asked if I could light her cigarette.  Stacey responded, "No, I can do it
myself."  As she struck the match the car was a glow and I began to panic 
that someone will see us.  My heart was racing and my throat was closing 
in.  Stacey placed the virgin Newport in her mouth and drew the match 
closer.  She took a delicate draw and seemed to swallow.  Smoke
quickly came from her.  Not even close to the picture that I had dreamed 
about for months.

Stacey repeated the next draw in the same manner.  For all she knew, this 
was smoking.  As I watched this second draw, Stacey seemed not at all 
uncomfortable with her cigarette.  At this point I asked Stacey, "How is 
it?"  She responded, "Minty-cool like a breath mint."  Wow, she likes
it!  I then told Stacey that something doesn't look right in the way that 
she's smoking it.  I still had not disclosed my expert knowledge to her. 
 I then asked if I could have a puff.  As I drew on the cigarette, Stacey 
was watching closely.  I then opened my mouth and inhaled, holding the 
warm smoke in my lung for a few seconds.  I had never before tried 
menthols before and Stacey was right; It was cool and minty.  I then 
exhaled several short breaths and the filtered smoke glided out.  "Wow" 
exclaimed Stacey.  "That looked cool.  How did you do that?"  I told 
Stacey that this is how I've seen people smoking do it.  Quickly Stacey 
said, "Let me try it."  As she took back the cigarette her eyes opened 
wide with enthusiasm.  Her lips surrounded the Newport and her
cheeks collapsed.  The cigarette glowed brightly and then Stacey inhaled 
and held it.  All in one smooth exhale smoke was dancing from her lips 
and nostril in a steady stream.  A proud smile came to Stacey's face.  
"That's much better, I'm buzzing," she said.  We continued to share the
cigarette as we watched each other in silence.  My fantasy was before me.

At the end of our evening and the second cigarette, my guilt was upon me. 
 Both Stacey and I agreed that this was a bad habit and should not 
continue, although we enjoyed the experience.  I told Stacey that after I 
dropped her off, that I would throw the box of Newports out.  But did I?

The following night, I picked Stacey up and drove to the spot, as usual. 
 We talked in length about our smoking the previous night and how we made 
the right choice not to do it again.  Stacey was feeling guilty that she 
was a big sister and she did not want to leave a bad impression on her
younger sisters by becoming a smoker.  But, you all know how pleasurable 
it is to smoke and watch others enjoying it.  I figured I would bait 
Stacey again.  I had actually hid the box of Newports under the back seat 
of my car .  After we seemed to get off the subject of smoking, we
did our usual kissing and fondling.  Then I asked Stacey, "Gee would you 
smoke again if you had the chance."  Stacey responded that, "No. We 
promised ourselves not to again. I don't want to like it too much."  As I 
fumbled around looking for an opening in the conversation, I turned and 
had purposely left a cigarette on the floor mat in the back seat.  I 
grabbed it off the floor and said to Stacey, "Look at this.  One must 
have fallen out when I threw them away.  Do you want to split it?"
She hesitated for a moment then replied, "Are you testing me?  Will you 
be mad at me if I say yes?"  My response was, "No. not at all.  It's only 
one, let's have fun."  Excitement was ours again!

Stacey popped the car lighter and held the cig (which she now called it) 
with great anticipation. Time seemed to be standing still.  "Pop."  
Stacey grabbed at the lighter and puffed twice to get the cig going good. 
 After the two puffs, she drew longly on it as she then inhaled.  I knew 
what she must have been feeling.  Even after only two Newports the night 
before, she wanted the nicotine buzz back.  Then came the exhale and as 
she cracked the passenger window down.  The parking lot's lights were in 
perfect position for my viewing.  I could see the smoke start to come 
from Stacey's nostrils then from her lips.  She tilted her head back and 
blew more toward the ceiling.  Immediately, the action of tilting her 
head brought the rush that she needed.  While still holding her cig 
between her right hand's fingers she brought it up to my lips.  I took 
the draw and again was greeted with the refreshing mint sensation.  I 
proceeded to exhale smoke rings to Stacey's amusement.  As much as she 
tried, she could not master the rings.  Oh, but what joy I had watching.

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