Stairs, Part 12

(by anonyous, 16 December 2010)

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Part 12 - Half Term Week

It was a rude awakening after Suzy rose on Monday morning, full of cigarette
smoke from her first two Player's, and full of expectation. Whatever about
her vow to jog harder, Pamela had upped her treadmill time to fifteen whole
minutes. Still, she did enjoy the deeper inhales from her jogging ciggy, she
thought; and mum was right as usual when she said it would make it easy to
take a greater quantity of smoke down into her lungs. That sort of
satisfaction was worth a little effort. Needless to say, she was able to
smoke her way through Monday's twelve after-breakfast cigarettes without any
bother at all. During mirror practice that day, she concentrated on pumping
her Player's with mum's one-two-three formula, which came in very handy for a
learner like Suzy. She would not pump every draw, mostly light-ups and
doubles, or occasionally to take her smoke very far back before speaking.

Tuesday's highlight was further stairs training, but with a difference. Mum
pointed out that there was one flight of stairs at the model agency between
the front door and first-floor reception, but two more flights led up to the
suite used for auditions. So she wanted Suzy to take her cigarettes and
lighter upstairs and sit on her bed to light a new Player's. She should smoke
it while returning to the living room and finish her cigarette on the sofa.
Taking a new Player's, Suzy would light it and go back to the stairs, getting
in a good double pump before going up. She could take a drag at the top
before coming back down again, then repeating her ascent while drawing from
her Player's. It was as near as they could get to replicating the agency's
layout and Suzy happily completed her exercise, especially enjoying the depth
of her inhale as she went upstairs a second time. She felt she was making
real progress, and lit another cigarette to complement her pride.

Wednesday was Suzy's fourteenth birthday but you would hardly know it. The
new law having passed, she had now attained legal smoking age, and nearly all
her thoughts were focused on winning her smoking audition tomorrow. Because
mum wanted to do a dress rehearsal, Suzy came down to breakfast in the
clothes she would wear. They smoked their two ciggies after breakfast, then
mum told Suzy to hold off for two hours so she would be fresh for continuous
smoking afterwards. It seemed a very long two hours, for she had not smoked
many cigarettes yet that morning; nor did she have the distraction of school
classes to mitigate her craving. The clock crawled along to the appointed
time, whereupon, as instructed, she put on her coat, went outside and walked
to the gate and back. She came back in, strolled to the sofa and sat down in
her coat which she opened. Moments later she had taken out her cigarettes and
lighter and lit up gratefully, coming back quickly for a long slow draw off
her freshly lit cigarette. Pamela was pleased to see how much satisfaction
was now showing in her daughter's face, aided no doubt by her two hours'
abstinence. Just what was needed, she knew, for the screen test tomorrow!  

The big day dawned. Suzy relished every draw from her first two Player's in
bed, which relaxed her as she contemplated events ahead. She sprang into
action and headed for the treadmill, relieved that mum suggested only ten
minutes this morning to save some energy. She smoked sparingly before
breakfast, although she made sure she fitted in her dressing ciggy: she
wanted full concentration to do her hair and tiny make up to the best of her
skill. Again mum let her smoke two ciggies after breakfast, and then the
waiting began. Allowing for the drive, the ladies put on coats and headed for
the car just over an hour later.

Main roads turned into city streets. The car drew up outside the model
agency. Pamela passed her freshly lit Player's to her daughter  saying, "Two
drags only, darling, just to take the edge off for you." Suzy pumped long and
hard, fidgeting her fingers to extend her draws. She inhaled fully and held,
smiling confidently. 

"Go get it girl, it's yours for the taking," urged mum, careful not to wish
her luck.

Suzy crossed the pavement and went up a couple of steps to press the
intercom. "Suzy?" a youngish voice answered. "Glad you're here. Come up to
the first-floor waiting room and make yourself comfy. We're running a little
late, but I'll be with you shortly."

Suzy felt a slight breathlessness as she reached the top of the wrought iron
staircase, and felt a cigarette would soon deal with any lingering nerves.
She spotted a settee close to a low coffee table and, as briefed by mum,
checked there was an ashtray (as if there would not have been!). Sitting down
within easy reach of it, Suzy opened her coat, unclipped her handbag and
withdrew Player's and lighter. Without delay she took out a pure white
unfiltered cigarette, tapped an end firmly, and made sure she got a good long
light. She put her cigarettes and lighter away while starting her double pump
and leaned back to inhale deeply. It was not much of a nose exhale before she
returned the Player's to her lips, and settled into her ciggy with a long
strong pump. Her satisfaction showed.     

Suzy double pumped to finish the cigarette and put it out carefully. Her hand
came back to the catch on her handbag, which she opened. Residual smoke
streamed through her nose as she prepared to light a second Player's, which
she accomplished efficiently and naturally, and returned packet and lighter
to her bag. She saw a coat stand across the room so she stood up inhaling and
strolled over, taking deep draws off her dangling ciggy while hanging up her
coat, as was her wont at home.

She had just returned to the settee when an attractive young lady (Suzy
thought around nineteen) appeared on the landing smoking a cigarette. "I'll
be right with you, Suzy. Sorry to keep you waiting," she said, at which point
she disappeared into a side office and re-emerged carrying a tray with two
cups of coffee. Suzy noticed she took a long draw off her cigarette before
descending the stairs. Sitting across from Suzy, she introduced herself. "At
last we can start. I'm Florence, Miss Price's PA. She'll be ready for us
presently." Both women stubbed out their cigarettes and Florence reached over
for the cigarette box, which she offered to her visitor. "Help yourself.
They're freshly opened Player's: it's one of my responsibilities to keep them
fresh - by smoking them so they don't go stale," she joked. 

"I'll be very glad to help you," Suzy responded, fitting into the easy-going
manner of the place. Florence used the table lighter for their cigarettes;
she noted Suzy's maturity in extending a hand near her own to control her
light up.  

Florence talked out her smoke when speaking to Suzy. "We've just got time to
do the dreaded application form. Don't worry. It's nothing heavy as we've got
most of your basic details from your mum. Just a few important things like
how much you smoke and how you like it!" Florence grinned. As they talked,
the young ladies established an easy rapport, which, along with deep inhales
off her Player's, helped Suzy relax. When her ciggy was finished, she decided
to do the honours this time and offered the cigarette box then a light to her
host. No sooner had they inhaled after lighting up than the phone rang. 

"Yes Miss Price. Of course. We'll come straight up," Florence answered. They
simultaneously sucked hard on their cigarettes as they stood up. By the time
they set foot on the staircase, first Florence then Suzy had taken long
double drags to inhale deeply as they went up. Both topped up before coming
on to the landing and strongly inhaled again while they paused for a
breather. A long further inhale saw them going up the second staircase,
gently releasing a little smoke from their nostrils to be able to draw again. 

Outside Miss Price's offices were chairs separated by an occasional table
decorated by a flower and ashtray, in which Florence and Suzy put out their
thoroughly smoked Player's. They had barely sat down when a suave
distinguished-looking woman came out of her office to greet them. With a fine
mist of smoke from her last cigarette accompanying each word, she extended
her hand. 

"Hello Suzy. I'm Judith Price, and am I glad to meet you," she said with a
twinkle in her eye. She ushered them into her office and towards the smart
leather chairs over in the more relaxed area. She picked up her own Player's
packet and offered it round, Suzy's anticipation heightening while they all
obtained good lights. Judith Price took a further long draw off her Player's,
her chest rising for a deep inhale. 

"This is going to be very quick and simple, Suzy. I just have two questions
for you." Suzy knew it was a moment to double pump her ciggy as Miss Price
continued. "The first is `Why do you smoke Player's cigarettes?'" 

"Oh that is simple," Suzy said with a smile. "I love the way my Player's are
so easy to draw. The smoke is lovely and sweet-tasting and full, and it feels
really satisfying when I inhale fully. No wonder they say `Player's Please!'
There must be lots of girls like me just starting who'll find Player's easy
to smoke, too. They'll love them. " Suzy drew on her cigarette, relieved to
have got that out without a hitch, silently thanking her mum's good coaching.

"Very good, Suzy. Second question: `Are you free to come in for the shoot
tomorrow?'" A moment's pause while the penny dropped, then, "Congratulations
Suzy. You've got the job. You're the new Miss Young Player's" 

"Wow!" was all a speechless Suzy could utter, so she drew on her cigarette,
and drew and drew, so thrilled was she. Finally inhaling, she said, "Yes. Of
course. Wow! Thank you so much, Miss Price. And thanks Florence. Yes, I'm
sure I'm okay for tomorrow."

Miss Price engaged the overdrive. "Florence, can you lay on styling, make up,
hairdressing, camera crew, as you always do so seamlessly. Oh, and you'd
better get legal to organise a parental release and contracts. Suzy, we'll
let you know about wardrobe and timing in the morning. We'll rough-edit the
closed-circuit footage and zing a sample of Suzy enjoying her Player's up to
the client this afternoon. They're going to love their new Miss Young
Player's. You'll be a brilliant hit, Suzy.

"Now, don't you think we'd better ring an anxious mother for her to collect
the new Miss Young Player's. Would anyone like a cigarette with her glass of
champagne? I know I would."

Author's Note: My thanks go first to, whose A Life of
Illusion was the original inspiration for this tale; then to all the
contributors of stories, pictures and videos which I have enjoyed immensely
since the web got going. The work is my way of giving something back, which I
hope you like. Obviously it is entirely fantasy: no one should be encouraged
to smoke or to do so to excess. 

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