Stairs, Part 2

(by anonyous, 16 December 2010)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Part 2 - Sunday

Pamela's Sunday started with two Player's in bed, a third one for the stairs,
and so into the kitchen for a glorious cup of tea. Once the tea was brewed,
she lit another ciggy for the stairs, taking her tea up with her, to drink
and smoke while washing and dressing. Such a nice way to start the day!
Lighting a fresh Player's, she saw it was just gone nine o'clock so she
popped her head round Suzy's door. Her daughter was gently stirring, so she
went over for a good morning kiss letting the smell of her cigarette and
smoky breath tempt Suzy to hasten downstairs. "See you in the kitchen soon,"
mum said. "I'll make a fresh pot of tea." 

No sooner had mum poured than a slightly awake eleven year old shuffled up to
the kitchen table and sat down to blow and sip her tea. Mum reached for her
packet and lighter, noticing Suzy watching her movements intently. She lit up
with a long double drag, inhaled with a satisfied sigh and smile, then
paused. Seeing Suzy still staring at her, she exhaled slightly and sighed
back again before speaking. "Would you like this cigarette and I'll light
another one, darling?" smoke accompanying each word. Suzy nodded. "Your first
cigarette of the day is always special, so I'm going to hold it to your lips
for your first puffs." They moved closer together. As Suzy's lips closed
round the Player's Pamela whispered, "Suck hard." She let Suzy take a longer
draw than usual, pulled the Player's away, and put it straight back between
her lips. "Again," she murmured, and taking the ciggy away again, "Right back
and hold," finally giving the cigarette to Suzy, who then gently exhaled with
a broad grin. 

"Ooh, that felt amazing, Mummy, thanks." Mum lit her own Player's, and Suzy
carried on taking deep drags with longer than usual holds while sipping her
tea. She felt very happy, and very grown up to be smoking with mum first
thing in the morning.

"I'll make us breakfast while you get dressed, young lady," mum announced
after lighting a fresh cigarette. "Off you go, but you won't be allowed
another ciggy till we've eaten. You'll have plenty of chance to catch up when
we start your proficiency training straight after breakfast. Then you'll
learn how to really enjoy smoking cigarettes." Pamela took a long satisfying
pull off her Player's while Suzy headed upstairs. It only took her ten
minutes to make scrambled eggs on toast and she was inhaling the last puffs
from another cigarette when Suzy reappeared.

Suzy seemed to eat quickly this morning but only took a small portion, as if
wanting to get breakfast over with. Mum, on the other hand, was not going to
be hurried, for she wanted to appreciate every moment of her daughter's
initiation into cigarettes. She poured them another cup of tea and took a
long sip before starting Suzy's second initial training session. She lit a
cigarette and gave herself a good further draw, and inhaled.

"Darling, you did so well yesterday when you started learning how to smoke.
I'm very proud of you. You seem to enjoying your cigarettes too." Suzy nodded
agreement. "We're now going to learn how to smoke properly like an adult
woman, in four easy stages. By the end of the fourth stage, you'll be able to
light your own cigarettes correctly and inhale competently and confidently,
so you start getting the most out of smoking cigarettes. But you will have to
practise on your own as well after we've finished this part of your
programme. How does that sound?"

"A cigarette would be lovely right now, mum, as I've only had one today so
far. I want to improve as much as possible; and I always remember to breathe
out before drawing and to inhale fully. I love how it feels."

"Very well, I'll light a fresh ciggy for both of us, and we'd better get
going." No sooner had Suzy taken the lit Player's between her fingers than
she eagerly drew for a count of three, inhaled fully and smiled. "Mmm, that's
better," she said before exhaling.

"Now," said mum, "this first lesson focuses on inhaling. Take the same drag
and inhale fully as before. But then I want you to inhale again, like this,"
as she demonstrated with her own ciggy. Suzy copied, straightening her chest
as she made her second inhale. "Very good, Suze. Now we're going to do the
same again with a third inhale this time. It's easy - watch," as mum made
sure Suzy noted the technique. When she saw Suzy had taken her smoke down to
the max, she complimented her: "That's right darling, you've got it. You can
finish your ciggy the same way, inhaling every draw three times. I'll be
watching to see you count to make sure you do it thoroughly." When Suzy's
cigarette was almost finished, Pamela said, "For this last draw, try pulling
a bit harder. After all, it may be a while before your next ciggy." Her
cheeks visibly hollowed before she inhaled once, twice, three times, letting
her smoke take its time to exit her body.

"That felt so good, Mum. It gives me a sort of satisfying feeling in my
chest. I think inhaling's the very best part of smoking." Mum smiled happily,
knowing her daughter was well under way to becoming an accomplished smoker.

"That's right, darling, it certainly is. And remember that deep inhaling
helps your posture, as you sit up nice and straight to help your smoke on its
way down," She lit a fresh Player's and said, "You take a pause while I smoke
this cigarette, then we'll be ready for lesson two." Suzy could hardly wait
till she was allowed another cigarette; though she did not realise it, she
had smoked less this morning than yesterday evening and her body was hinting
to her that it would be nice to smoke again.

Eventually mum finished her cigarette and took two new ones from the packet.
She lit up. Suzy's pulse quickened. Mum handed her her own Player's and she
showed she remembered her last lesson by inhaling deeply, and again and
again. "Very good, hon. Now you know how to fully inhale from your
cigarettes, we're going to concentrate on taking full draws for these next
two lessons. Keep to a count of three, but you need to learn to take stronger
pulls from your cigarettes. Let's see you suck harder on this one ... yes,
that's good." Suzy inhaled fully and deeply. "I want to see your cheeks move
in more this time. Better. Fine." Suzy took all the smoke back and again and
again. "This time really suck those cheeks in as you pull off your ciggy.
Excellent hon. The thing is, I can only see your cheeks hollowing by the end
of your puff. See if you can suck them in right from the start. Yes, that's
it. You've got it. Now you're getting somewhere."

Suzy could see more smoke in her exhales after each successive draw on her
cigarette, so she knew she must be inhaling more smoke each time, and the
growing pleasure in her chest confirmed it. Mum chimed in, "Why not make your
last drag a little longer, say, to a count of four?" Suzy felt slightly
light-headed after her second lesson, but certainly pleased that she was able
to keep closely to mum's guidance. How lucky she was.

"You're doing great, darling. Another pause for you, then we'll continue your
programme, working on improving how you draw on a cigarette. Let's see what's
in the Sunday papers in the meantime. Here's the colour mag for you." Pamela
lit a fresh cigarette and settled back to enjoy it while reading. In fact she
smoked two cigarettes back to back. She became aware Suzy was glancing across
to her during her second ciggy, keen to continue her smoking lessons.

"It must be class time again," mum announced, and Suzy sat to attention.
"I'll light our ciggies and you take a good puff from where we left off last
time." Suzy concentrated on breathing right out first, drawing hard from the
start of her puff to a count of four. Down the smoke went, deep into furthest
reaches of her lungs as she inhaled once, twice, three times. She knew she'd
done well by mum's admiring expression. "Here's where you learn to lengthen
your puffs so that you can inhale as much smoke as you want to and keep it
under control to do what you want with it. Can you take a puff counting to
five? Not bad, darling, but you must draw strongly right from the start of
your drag. If you only suck hard enough by the end of your puff, you'll never
make up for what you missed at the beginning, so it's very important to start
right. I'll count you up to six this time."

Suzy did not need telling a second time. She drew strongly and flawlessly on
her Player's as soon as her lips embraced it, only releasing when her mum
said six. She inhaled fully. Mum counted one, then two as Suzy inhaled again,
then three as all the smoke went right in and her eyes widened with the
unexpected pleasure. "That's better, Suze. You can feel it when you've got it
right, can't you? Can you manage an eight count or are we better waiting till

"Oh no, Mum, I'm sure I can do it. Look." As good as her word, Suzy pulled
strongly on her ciggy for a count of eight, straightened up as she inhaled it
all, carried on inhaling, and some more, then gently letting out very
healthy-looking exhales over several breaths. 

"Well done, darling. If you can manage a count of ten for your last drags, I
think you'll be ready to light your own cigarettes from your very next one,"
mum said, motivating her daughter to try her best to reach an important
milestone; not to mention introducing the idea of looking forward to her next
cigarette while already smoking one, which would soon be entirely natural for
young Suzy.

"Ooh yes please, Mum," she breathed, ready for the nice long one. She sucked
confidently and smoothly off her cigarette until she heard mum say ten, and
continued sucking all the smoke deep within her. She could not resist a smile
at the wonderful pleasure she felt right through her chest and she exhaled
gratefully towards mum.

"Oh, mum, that's feels so good."

"Yes, doesn't it. Was that last one just a fluke, or can you do that every
time?" she asked, playfully egging her on. Suzy gave a perfect repeat
performance. "You're learning well, darling. Now for your last puff, take a
hard long draw like before then inhale fully. See if you can hold it in for a
few seconds before exhaling." Pamela liked to anticipate the next stage so
that Suzy would get a flying start in the new lesson. "That's right. Right
back, and holding inside a few moments, and gently releasing your exhale.
Excellent, sweetie, you're doing great." Suzy gleamed with pleasure, taking
two further exhales for her smoke to come out. This could not have been going

"We'll make this next pause a short one, shall we, as I'm sure you want to
light a cigarette on your own for the first time," mum suggested, knowing she
was tempting Suzy to another cigarette already. "Watch me carefully while I
light this one. The most important thing is to get a good even light, so you
need to draw strongly and move your ciggy round the flame so the whole end is
lit. Check you've got a good light before putting your lighter down and
always take your time to be thorough. By now, you're getting a good draw, so
why not carry on to a full puff and inhale? The only trouble is it's diluted
by all the air that was in the cigarette before lighting. Experienced smokers
take a second drag without exhaling to compensate and inhale enough smoke to
satisfy. I'll show you."

Mum gave a copybook demonstration of lighting up in the time-honoured
tradition of a double pump, her face showing satisfaction when she inhaled
deeply. During a longish nose exhale, she brought the cigarette back up to
her lips, pulling hard for an extended draw, and inhaled. She explained to
Suzy, while taking repeated deep drags off her Player's, that if someone was
lighting your cigarette, it was a good tip to touch their hand lightly, or
keep your hand near theirs, till you were sure you had a good light. That way
you would not be hurried and kept control over lighting your cigarette.

Suzy was glad when mum finished her cigarette: she knew her time would come
as quickly as mum could reach over for the packet again. She accepted the
proffered cigarette keenly, though a little anxious to perform this important
task well. After tapping one end, she placed the Player's confidently between
her lips and leaned in to mum's light, touching her hand as advised. As her
cheeks drew in, she felt the smoke starting to flow direct into her lungs.
She moved the end round in the flame, pulled back a bit to check her light
was good and even. Her lips parted slightly, inhaling, but she quickly
resealed them to get a good second draw. Oh what a beautiful inhale she had.
It worked! She could do it! Now she could light her own cigarettes! 

Mum chirped up, "That was great, Suze. Well done. Your second drag is special
too: there's nothing like a freshly lit cigarette, so now the ciggy's well
lit, you can inhale to your heart's content. Then hold your inhale in for a
count of five." Suzy took heed and was amazed at how good it felt to inhale a
lusciously long drag really deeply, and just hold it there to get an extra
sensation. When it came, her exhale was full and fine, with residual exhales
over the next three breaths. 

"When you lit up, darling, you did a sort of double pump; that's inhaling two
drags one after the other before you exhale. Feels wonderful, doesn't it? So
how about trying a proper one now?" Right on cue, Suzy took a first drag of
moderate length, inhaled, then she drew in a long one on top of the first.
Mum said while she was holding, "I like to breathe out a little smoke through
my nose and add in a booster, sometimes a shorter one, sometimes quite long,
depending on how I'm feeling."  Suzy lost no time in sucking down a moderate
booster, retaining all the smoke for her longest time yet. It was not long
before she'd almost finished her Player's, so mum suggested a final double
drag with tight cone exhale downwards as she stubbed out. All went well, and
by now she was getting quite practised at extinguishing her ciggies carefully
by folding over the end. Leaving one to smoulder in the ashtray is poor
technique and poorer manners, she was advised.

Her mum was full of praise. "Congratulations, darling," she gushed, as
pleased as punch with her daughter. "You must be a natural, just like your
mother," who now lit another cigarette in celebration, holding in a really
deep inhale as she leant over to kiss Suzy.

"I can't believe how good it feels to really inhale a whole cigarette,"
replied Suzy excitedly. "I love, love, love it. It's a wonderful Sunday and
I'll have plenty of time to practise." "Yes, that reminds me ...," mum said
before drawing on her Player's, standing up as she inhaled. "I'd better fetch
a special present to commemorate your first full cigarette, smoked in
copybook style." With that, mum strolled over to the stairs, timing her
double pump to perfection before ascending the staircase.

Pamela kept her cartons of Player's in a cupboard off the landing. She took
out a new packet of the lovely cigarettes and grabbed a disposable lighter.
She took an extended pull on her cigarette for the stairs and rejoined Suzy.
"Let's make ourselves comfy in the living room," and mother and daughter
settled side by side on the sofa in front of the coffee table, and mum put
out her ciggy in the big crystal ashtray which had pride of place. 

"Here you are, darling, your very own packet of Player's and a lighter to
practise with." Suzy's eyes lit up. 

"Wow, thanks Mum. They're all for me, aren't they! How do I open them?" After
mum guided her through the finer points of cellophane and foil, of course she
took out a cigarette to smoke, though it could only have been ten minutes or
so since her last one.

As she began to close the packet, Pamela said in mock indignation, "Aren't
you going to offer your poor mum a  cigarette?" 

"Sorry, Mum, I must have been too eager," she said, extending the pack to

"Not at all. You're bound to be eager. But just remember to take your time
when you light up, breathe out before every puff and inhale each puff three
times, till it's completely natural and automatic..." Pam lit both their
cigarettes, admiring her daughter's deep first double pump. 

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