Stairs, Part 9

(by anonyous, 16 December 2010)

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Part 9 - Second Sunday

After Suzy's thrilling week and exciting Saturday, Pamela let her sleep in
late to catch up. So when Suzy's eyes finally opened it was past ten o'clock
and a long time to have gone without a cigarette. She put that to rights
straight away, lying back to appreciate her first solo morning cigarettes.
Saturating her young lungs with one Player's, she hollowed her cheeks to help
them suck down her second one in bed. She still felt a little lightheaded and
dreamy so she decided to start a third ciggy in bed before heading for the
bathroom.  Even though it wasn't a school morning, she followed with her
`dressing ciggy', then lit a fresh one for the stairs when she went down for
tea and breakfast. Gaynor was due in an hour to take her to the beach and
Suzy could not have been happier as she polished off her food and lit her
sixth Player's of the day, knowing many more were sure to follow. 

Gaynor arrived soon after breakfast and they all lit fresh cigarettes. It was
a lovely day, certainly warm enough for the beach, so the girls hurried to
Gaynor's car to make the best of it. Suzy offered to light Player's for them
both to start the drive to their nearby strand. They were laughing and joking
as Gaynor found a parking place near to the three flights of stone steps
leading down from the road to the sandy beach. They lit new cigarettes before
getting out of the car, collecting bags, and heading down the steps, taking
extra-long extra-deep draws while the stairs helped the girls' inhales go
right down. It was just exhilarating - strong sunshine and strong unfiltered
Player's smoke filling their lungs. 

They headed to the far end of the beach where it was more secluded and found
a perfect hollow in the dunes. They laid down their towels, lay side by side
and lit the first of their beach ciggies. Suzy knew Gaynor would be keeping
an eye on her so she made sure her light-ups were thorough, her draws strong
and long, and her inhales as deep as her young lungs manage. Her exhales were
nonchalant and pretty while she practised tight cones to push smoke back into
her lungs, as well as nose and mouth exhales. They decided to have another
Player's before going in for a swim.

Suzy said after they had lit up, "You sometimes clear your throat or have a
little cough before you light a ciggy. Should I be doing that?" Gaynor

"No, you don't need to. It'll come naturally soon enough. All true smokers
get a smoker's cough, and it's a good sign because it shows your body's
clearing your chest as it should. Mucus is just how your body protects your
lungs when you smoke. So a good smoker's cough is a sign you're inhaling
enough smoke, and deeply enough. And smoking enough ciggies of course!" They
laughed and took long last drags off their Player's before standing up and
heading for the sea.

Back in their hollow, the girls dried their fingers carefully to hold fresh
Player's, which tasted great after their swim. Gaynor thought she had better
add something about smoking and coughing, and asked, "Do you ever hear your
mum having a coughing fit, when she can't seem to catch her breath?" 

"Definitely, sometimes in the morning before she's up, then I hear the click
of a lighter." 

"Exactly," said Gaynor, "because it's good to know that cigarette smoke
suppresses the cough reflex - or we'd be coughing on every inhale! When I get
a coughing fit, usually when I've been laughing too hard, I try to breathe
calmly through my nose, then, when my breathing's more or less under control,
I direct-inhale a medium sized drag, hold a few moments then exhale slowly
through my nose. If that doesn't work I just wait a bit longer and try again.
Then I'd direct-inhale a bigger drag and, all going well, get back to normal
full-monty drags after that." Suzy was obviously impressed and stored
Gaynor's advice for when she'd need it.

"Suzy, do you mind if I give you a tip that's a bit naughty?" Gaynor asked
before they lit up again. 

"Ooh, yes please," was the expect reply from Suzy. Gaynor rustled in her bag
for a moment.

"Let's light cigs and when you've taken your first full drag, I want you to
inhale deeply and close your eyes." Suzy pulled hard and long after lighting
up, straightened up and inhaled right back. No sooner had Suzy closed her
eyes than Gaynor popped little clothes pegs on to her nipples. Whoosh! Suzy
gasped her smoke in further, from surprise and from the nip on her nips. 

"Gaynor! That is very naughty and very nice," she exclaimed, without talking
much smoke out, so deeply had she inhaled. Gaynor told her to take another
drag, a big one. On inhaling, Gaynor released the pegs, again causing Suzy to
inhale extra deeply. It hurt a bit, but she liked it. 

Soon Gaynor said they should be starting back. They lit fresh Player's and
stood up to roll their towels, smoothed the sand where they had lain, then
strolled along the beach taking long walking drags to finish their
cigarettes. A few yards from the foot of the stairs, Gaynor stopped and they
lit cigarettes for the stairs. 

"Watch me and copy," said Gaynor, who took a powerful double drag off her
Player's then stepped on to the first flight of stairs. Suzy followed suit
close to Gaynor's side. After half a dozen steps, Gaynor exhaled a little and
drew hard again, keeping her inhale in until near the top, when she topped it
up with another long pull. Suzy was slightly awkward by her third inhale, but
all that smoke went straight down inside her thanks to the stairs.

Each flight of stairs ended in a landing with a little bay overlooking the
beach, where the girls took a very smoky `breather' before polishing off
their cigarettes. Gaynor took out new Player's for them to smoke on the
second flight of stairs, and they inhaled deeply off them as they started the
second climb. Suzy got the hang of smoking and climbing better this time and
both girls were laughing and panting their smoke in and out when they got to
the second bay. It was Suzy who took her packet out for another cigarette for
them to enjoy the rest of the stairs. Needless to say, when they finally got
to the top, they were so out of breath that they could keep sucking down
really long drags as their lungs craved anything airy or smoky. 

Close to where they parked was a café, and they could use some refreshment
after all those stairs and cigarettes. They ordered ice cream sodas and sat
down at a table. Half way through the sodas, Gaynor got out her Player's and
whispered, "Don't worry about smoking in public. No one here knows how young
you are." Suzy looked relieved and took very long lighting up drags to calm
herself. Yes, it was nice to smoke in public like an adult. Gaynor moved
closer again, saying sotto voce, "You know when I tweaked your nipples after
you'd inhaled and your smoke went in ever so deeply?" Suzy nodded
emphatically. "Well, it can be nice occasionally if you want to go that deep
if you brush your nippy on the sly with your wrist or arm. I'll show you."
Gaynor drew hard and as she took her hand holding her cig from her lips, she
trailed it over her chest while inhaling, her face turning to bliss. Suzy had
to try. Wow again, an intense sensation. She knew though that very
occasionally would be best for that one. Gaynor said, "I sometimes give my
nips a tweak when I'm in bed having my bedtime cigarettes, to keep them
tender. But not too hard or they'll really hurt. I can last the night then
all the way till I light up on waking. It sure works." 

"I bet it does," agreed Suzy, happy to have Gaynor's smoking tips in her

Gaynor dropped Suzy back at her house. Suzy made a point of easing back
somewhat on her smoking following Gaynor's intense training, but knew she was
now much more advanced in her cigarette programme. Her slower pace lasted all
of a couple of hours till they had finished a late Sunday lunch. From her
normal two cigarettes after dinner, she just seemed to keep on going,
lighting cigarette after cigarette. She was practising pacing herself,
extending the time between puffs then concentrating on getting as much smoke
as possible inside her lungs, which she was in no hurry to release. Lighting
up so regularly, she wanted to focus on breathing out fully before igniting,
and taking plenty of time to light her ciggy thoroughly, as well as getting
huge first inhales.

Mum drew her attention to the time, as tomorrow would start the last school
week before half term. "Will you set your alarm a quarter of an hour earlier?
There's something important for your smoking we need to do, so come to my
room when you've had your first cigarettes, darling. Sweet dreams," as they
kissed good night. Suzy wasn't sure about getting up earlier still, and on a
Monday, but she supposed it would give her more time to smoke before school.
Anyway, she was keen to get to bed because she kept thinking about her
bedtime cigarettes and how to get extra deep inhales. It was time to check if
her nipples were tender.

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