The State Fair Girls

(by, 01 September 1999)

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The following is a true account of a group of teenage girls I recently saw
smoking at my state fair.  I hope you enjoy it.  I'd love to hear stories
of a similar nature or feedback from this story if you want to e-mail me at

	Every August, my family goes on a trip to our state fair--the "family
get-together."  In the past, this has always been a great venue for seeing
girls smoke, but this year's experience was particularly memorable.  There
is a bandshell financed by Grain Belt beer that provides concerts by
up-and-coming country music singers at no charge, so this is a place where
my parents and I sit and stay for awhile.  We planned to sit through two
shows in a row and sat in seats about halfway back from the stage.  As we
sat and waited for the shows to begin, I noticed a group of four attractive
girls approaching the seats.  The girls were the very picture of
femininity.  They looked about 16 years old.  They had shoulder-length hair
(two blondes, two brunettes), they wore strap shirts with bra straps
showing, and very sexy denim shorts that fit their hourglass figures
beautifully.  Looking at their brand-name clothing and expensive jewelry, I
figured the girls must come from upper-middle class homes. I was delighted
as the girls sat in the bench directly in front of ours.  I had pretty much
resigned myself to the fact that these sweet, angellic-looking girls
couldn't possibly be smokers, but their presence near me was enough to make
me happy.

	My heart raced with glee as the girls almost simultaneously reached into
their purses and pulled out gold and white packs of Marlboro 100's only
seconds after sitting down.  A couple of the girls reached their hands into
the pockets of their tight shorts to pull out their cigarette lighters.  I
could barely contain my delight as the girls inserted the cigarettes into
their mouths and lit them (again, almost simultaneously).  I took a couple
of quick glances at the people sitting around us and saw that several were
annoyed at the fact that they were sitting next to all these smokers.  My
parents also seemed annoyed and I hoped they would not want to move to
another seat to get away from the smoke. Luckily, they didn't.

	These doll-cute girls at first seemed awkward smoking, but they handled it
so well, the cigarettes soon seemed like natural fixtures in their hands.
The girls exhaled gorgeous streams of smoke out of their mouths and noses.
By the time the first concert had started, there was a thick cloud of smoke
hovering over the girls heads as four steady streams of smoke rose into the
air from their burning cigarettes.  The smell of tobacco was thick in the
air and I found myself nearly choking on their second-hand smoke, but
obviously, I didn't mind.  A couple with two young children sitting next to
me did mind, however, and the mother was giving the girls dirty looks at
the smoke was drifting towards her children.  I continued to worry that my
parents would insist on leaving, but they must have been sitting in a place
where the girls' second-hand smoke wasn't bothering them.

	The girls either didn't know or didn't care that their smoking was
bothering so many people around them.  They continued to smoke and talk and
listen to the music, which they seemed to be enjoying almost as much as
their cigarettes.  I observed as the filters on the girls' white cigarettes
grew blacker after each drag they inhaled.  The girls did not let much of
their cigarettes go to waste, smoking them to within an eighth of an inch
of the filter.  One by one, the girls were finishing their cigarettes,
dropping them to the ground and squashing them with their shoes.  I was
hoping I had not seen the last of them smoking, and mercifully, I hadn't.

	As I watched the girls as inconspicuously as possible, I thought to myself
how unfortunate it was to be burdened with the presence of my parents.  If
not for them, I could start flirting with the girls and possibly even start
up something with one of them.  After all, I was only three years older
than them at the most.  Within fifteen minutes, the girls all began to pull
out their Marlboro 100's packs and light up another cigarette (although not
in unison this time, their second cigarettes were scattered over a
five-minute interval).  The best-looking girl of the bunch pulled out her
last cigarette from the pack and lit it up, before she dropped the empty
pack to the ground and crushed it.  I hoped she had more cigarettes or
would at least be able to bum cigarettes off of her friends.  The whole
time she smoked that second cigarette, I was tempted to ask her if I could
buy her another pack, particularly if she was underage, as a means of
coming on to her.  Besides, I thought it would be downright sinful for this
girl to be deprived of the nicotine she was addicted to even for a little
while.  If she needed cigarettes, I was determined to provide them for her
if it meant she would have to go without nicotine.

	The smoke cloud again became thick as the girls puffed copiously on their
cigarettes.  It was so sexy to see the cigarettes held between their
fingers, next to their bare legs.  As sexy as it was, I was nervous that
the girls were holding their cigarettes to close to their smooth, tan legs.
 It would certainly be a tragedy if these flawless legs were accidentally
burned by a cigarette, but the girls seemed to be experienced smokers that
would not allow this to happen.  I was most impressed when the girls would
clap their hands after the singer finished his song and were able to
applaud without knocking the burning cigarettes out of their hands.

	The more I thought about the girls' mature handling of their smoking, the
more I imagined them smoking in other settings.  Assuming the girls were
allowed to smoke at home, it would be nice to see one of the girls taking a
final drag off of a cigarette in her bedroom, then squashing the cigarette
into an ashtray filled with dozens of cigarettes she had already smoked.
It would be interesting to see how many cigarette butts lie in the girls'
lawns and front steps.  Perhaps best of all it would be interesting to see
the interiors of the girls' cars to see how many accidents had resulted
from past smoking accidents.
It would also be lovely to see any of the girls light up a cigarette with
her car lighter, and flicking her ashes out a cracked car window, then
finally tossing the cigarette butt out onto the road when she finished it.
As far as winter driving, I'd love to see her stop at a gas station and
empty out her plum-full car ashtray into the garbage can.  And, as always
with me, I imagined the girls smoking cigars and how sexy they would look
with a stogie between their lips.  My digressions were endless as I watched
these beauties indulge their habit, and enjoy themselves doing so.  

	Long after the girls had finished their second cigarettes, the first
concert ended.  I continued to worry that they would leave their seats or
that my parents would want to.  Luckily, we all stayed in our places.
During the intermission, I was able to listen to the girls' conversation
with the blaring music overpowering their feminine voices.  Besides talking
about the concert that just ended, they talked mostly about typical teenage
girl stuff (malls and boyfriends came up more than once).  There was no
talk about smoking--a very minor disappointment.  Even when the girls were
not smoking, the lovely stench of tobacco lingered on them.  Every once in
a while, I would lean forward to pick up my beverage on the ground and
smell one of the girls from only a few inches away.  Her hair and her shirt
smelled as if they had been drenched in smoke, easily overpowering the
smell of her perfume.

	Before the second concert got underway, the girls had begun to light up
their third cigarettes of the hour, one by one.  The last holdout was the
really pretty girl who had finished off her pack earlier.  But right before
the second concert began, she reached into her purse and produced a fresh
pack of Marlboro 100's.  She tore off the plastic and opened up the pack.
As she talked to her friend, who was already smoking, she casually tapped
the fresh pack of cigarettes several times until one of the cigarettes
popped partially out.  She pulled the cigarette completely out, inserted it
into her mouth, lit it up with her lighter, and inhaled her first drag.  I
was energized as the second concert began and all four girls were smoking

	A new bunch of people were sitting near the girls for the second concert,
and one woman was noticeably upset about sitting near the girls smoking.
She repeatedly gave the girls dirty looks, used her hand to keep the
second-hand smoke from her face, and even began a choking cough after
breathing in some smoke.  The girls seemed oblivious to the woman's blatant
signals and kept on smoking in as carefree of manner as possible.  Finally,
the woman nudged her husband and said, "I've gotta get away from these
smokers."  The girls laughed as she left and talked about her dirty looks.
One girl said, "I don't give a shit.  If she doesn't like it, she can
leave."  I had a new respect for the girls, refusing to cave into the
anti-smoking zealots among them.

	At this point, I think the girls had sensed that I was watching them from
behind in awe (and my parents had probably noticed me watching them, too).
The girls seemed to be flattered to have an admirer as their smiles
increased and they begin to whisper amongst one another in a bubbly
fashion.  Not wanting to look like I was too obsessed with them, I tried to
pay more attention to the concert and stare around at the rest of the
crowd.  I soon noticed that most of the smokers in the crowd were teenage
girls, but none as attractive as this bunch.

	The girls kept on smoking as the second concert continued and they also
seemed to be flirting with me.  One of the girls turned around and smiled
at me and I smiled back.  She then nudged her friend and they giggled.
Within a couple of moments, the best-looking girl turned back to me and
smiled after inhaling a deep drag off her cigarette.  As I smiled back, she
exhaled a stream of smoke my direction before turning around, as if blowing
me a kiss.  My heart nearly skipped a beat as I watched the smoke stream
out of her mouth and nose towards me.  I did my best to accept her kiss by
inhaling the smoke that she blew at me. I wanted so much to lean forward
and give her a real kiss.  Her breath would undoubtedly taste like licking
a filthy ashtray, but there could be no better taste in the world to me at
that point.  If I could kiss her, I would attempt to suck in as much of her
stinky breath as possible.

	From this point on, the girls smoked as sexily as possible, taunting me
with their smoking.  If only my parents weren't there, I kept thinking as
the concert was about to end.  Much too quickly, the concert did end and
the girls left almost immediately after, but not without giving me a couple
more inviting glances.  As the girls walked by me, I inhaled deeply and
could smell the odor of tobacco smoke embedded into their attractive
clothing.  The girls left a smoky trail behind them until they were almost
out of sight.  Two of the girls had smoked four cigarettes and the other
two had smoked five cigarettes through the course of these two concerts
(about an hour, forty minutes).  However, it wasn't until after they left
and I looked under their bench to see all those squashed cigarette butts
that it hit me just how much tobacco the girls had smoked.  I figured out
that if the girls kept up this pace, they would average between a pack and
a half and two packs a day--a very impressive amount for girls their age.

	My parents soon left, but I snuck back up to the bench to pick up the
empty Marlboro 100's pack on the ground and a handful of cigarette butts
and stuck them in my pocket.  I had hoped I'd see the girls on the fairgrounds
again that day, but I didn't.  I even walked a loop around the midway by
myself that afternoon hoping to find them.  I saw literally dozens of
pretty girls smoking, but not them.  Luckily, I do have the souvenirs to
remember these incredible girls by.  May they continue to smoke and prosper
in life.

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