Stephanie and Me

(by anonymous, 17 September 1997)

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Please post this story anonymous.
	Being a cowboy, has taught me alot to say the least. I learned to set
fence, ride a horse, and to be honest, the living is pretty rough. As
with any man who is used to life, not as soft as it could be, I have
learned to appreciate all the softness and sensuality, that is only
possesed by a woman. That is why I feel the way I feel about women and
smoking. To me to see the soft grey smoke drifting from the cigarette
between a beutiful womans fingers is a sight for sore eyes. I guess that
explains why I am more attracted to Stephanie than I have ever been to
anyone before. 
	The first time I met her I was 18, working on a large ranch just
outside of a town called Kernville. As any cowboy knows there is just
something about a ranchers daughter that makes her, well the best thing
this side of the perfect girl. She was seventeen.
	I was coming out of the stable one day and I smelled the aroma of smoke
in the air. I knew that I was to be the last one out that day and I was
curious as to who was not doing their job. So I decided to go back
behind the stable and investigate. To my suprise, what I found was not
the rumpled grungy cowboy I expected! The first thing I saw was the firm
young behind in a pair of brown jeans. My eyes reluctant to leave, they
finally caught the complete picture. The desires this sight provoked
deep inside me, well I blush just thinking about them. Here was this
beutiful blonde girl sitting atop a beutiful white tennesse Walker mare.
She turned towards me in mid drag. Her mothers long white cigarette
between her painted lips, had me extremely aroused. She removed the
cigarette from her mouth revealing a dense cloud of white smoke, which
quickly disapeared down her throat. She closed her eyes and held the
smoke in for what seemed an eternity. When she finally exhaled through
pursed lips. She opened her eyes and spoke evenly and softly, "Am I
caught?". I was beyond words. I dumbly said, "Huh?". She just laughed
and took another puff on the cigarette. I knew she was pretty shocked
when I walked up, but not near as shocked as when her mother yelled from
behind me, "Young lady, you get your ass off that horse and in the
house." Stepahnie exhaled and began walking her horse back to the
stable. There would be no riding that morning. I chuckle when I realized
that in her rage her mother had neglected to take the cigarette from her
daughter.  Her mom told me that she had felt she was smoking too much
lately and had begun counting her cigarettes as she smoked them. She was
suprised to find that even though she had only smoked 22 cigarettes one
day there were her usual 2 and 1/2 packs missing. She explained that she
had figured that her husband had began smoking again, however she had
not smelled it on him. So she knew it had to be her daughter. "She loves
to watch me smoke" she explained. She then offered me a cigarette. After
the display I was tempted to start but I just said," No thank you."
	That evening I learned that Stephanies mom had told her, "The only
smoker in this house is me. You and your father rode me about this for
years and I'll be damned if you will smoke after the hell you put me
through." Stephanie's smoking seemed to be curbed. Until one day I saw
her in town.
	I was picking up some groceries for me and the boys one day when I saw
a girl out front of the store asking the man in front of me to buy her
some Marlboro Menthol Lights 100s.  I put my had on her shoulder and
said, "So is it safe to say that your mother isn't the only smoker in
your house?" Recognizing me she turned white as a sheet. "Don't worry
we'll let mama think that I won't tell on you." She smiled. I told her
to wait for me to pick up the groceries and I would give her a ride back
to the ranch. 
	While I was in the store and was trying to think of something I could
do to impress Stephanie. I was walking in the front where I pick up the
foremans snuff and I saw a large glass case that held the cartons of
cigarettes. Then I knew. I picked up a carton of Marlboro Menthol Lights
	In my truck I said," Stephanie, I was wondering if you would get me a
pack of cigarettes out of that carton." She looked surprised and said,"
I did'nt know you smoked."  I said, " Yes I do and it has been 3 hours
since I have had one. I can't wait." "You should try a week." she
replied. That called up the memory of her last cigarette. I was hard
again. "How long had you been smoking when you got caught?" "Since I was
twelve." "Every day?" "Yup, can I have one of these?" she asked.
"Stepahnie you know I can't." She just looked out the window. I lit my
cigarette. It was cold outside so I rolled up the windows. I turned on
the road to go to the ranch, still a good 30 miles away. Just as I
thought the road was closed.
	"Well I guess we'll have to hole up in a line shack tonight." I said,
exhaling smoke directly in to her face. She really wanted a cigarette.
"I just have to go call your Father and let him know that you are
alright." "Don't bother, I told him I was staying at a friends house." I
lit another cigarette off my first. The truck was now thick with smoke.
 	Soon enough we reached the one room line shack. I brought in the
groceries and set my pack of cigarettes down on the table. "I am going
outside to finish this" I said. "You don't have to go outside, I like
watching you smoke." I didn't know what to say to this. I was starting
to like me smoking too.
  I sat there for the better part of an hour puffing away. I air was so
thick with smoke that with every breath we took you could see the smoke
drift with the breath. I looked and saw that stephanie's nipples were
hard. She began to slowly inch her way toward me on the bed. I took a
drag and before I could exhale Stephanie's painted lips were on mine she
then forcfully sucked the contents of my lungs deep into hers. After a
few seconds with a look of pure ecstasy she exhaled point blank into my
face. I thought the crotch of my pants would burst. However Stephanie's
expert hand releived the tension by unzipping my jeans and pulling them
down around my knees along with my underwear. She took the now spent
cigarette from between my fingers and put it out. She grabbed the pack
off the table and took out two cigarettes. She put them both in her
mouth and lit them. She then inserted one into my mouth and said, "Smoke
with me." I puffed as she stroked my penis with her soft hands,
cigarette dangling from her lips. She was breathing through it ending
her puffs only to inhale and begin another. The smoke poured from her
nose in one never ending stream. This continued until her cigarette was
burned down to the filter. Mine was only half finished. She said "Put
your mouth around my nose." So I did. She finished my cigarette by
smoking it and exhaling through her nose into my mouth. When it was done
she picked up the pack again and took out two cigarettes, once again she
put them both into her mouth and lit them. She then set them in the
ashtray and took off her clothes. She picked up the cigarettes and put
one in each hand and laid down on her back. I needed no prompting. I
mounted and began to make love to her. She would with every breath,
bring the two cigarettes to her mouth and inhale from both, exhaling
directly into my face. She smoked an entire pack and half of another
before she began to climax. "I will never quit smoking, I love it." she
repeated over and over again. Smoke accenting every word. After that 
evvening I don't think I will either.

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