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(by fletch , 17 November 2001)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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by Fletch, bloodhound141@hotmail.com

I made a deal with my wife. I have been on her for several years about her
smoking- she smoked for 10 years, 10 years ago- but I have wanted her to
since then, to satisfy my fetish, to no avail.

Each of us had a few drinks one night last month, actually she had more than
a few and was especially chatty. Sometimes it's good that she drinks,
sometimes it gets really serious. Last night it was good- she was open to
talk about just about anything- and I brought up smoking. At first, as usual,
she put me off, but I persisted - because she didn't really sternly put me

We had a discussion about why I wanted her to smoke, and why she didn't want
to, which ended up with us in a deal making session. I promised to not ask
her to smoke, if she would let me tape her doing it. She gave me a WEIRD
look, and I pointed out that it was not her naked ass or a weird sex act on
film, it was `just her smoking' and there would be a direct benefit to her
(I wouldn't pester her about it anymore).

She said OK.

Now, she hasn't smoked in 10 years, but as I recall, she was very sexy when
she did. She acted a little hesitant about it, but an underlying excitement
was clearly evident. I too, was excited.

We made the plan- we'd set up a chair and table in the garage (which is
nicely finished and heated) to keep the smoke `outside', and do the tape
next weekend, when we had plenty of time- and I assumed- allow time for her
to practice.

That week I watched her closely to see if she would sneak a smoke and never
found her doing it-. And I was watching closely.

Friday night I mentioned it briefly. We were out having a beer and I asked
her if she wanted to practice for the big film event tomorrow- she said no.
She did say that she was getting a little nervous about it, but wanted to
save herself up for the full experience with me as planned.

We rolled out of bed at about 9:30, after an especially vigorous morning
sexual encounter (she prefers to do it in the morning), and had a little
breakfast. Afterwards, I went out to the hardware store for a sale they were
having and returned about 45 minutes later-. She greeted me at the door, and
I could tell that she had already had a couple of drinks- not beers, but her
favorite liquor with Coke- and it smelled like it was a bit heavy on the part
that wasn't Coke-. Then she brought up the topic, and asked if I had picked
up her `movie props' yet, to which I sheepishly admitted to- I told her
where they were and she interrupted me midsentence- `above the stove on the
second shelf?' -  she was being a huge tease- She went on: `I know, I
already found them' (it was one of our backup hiding places for secret
stuff). She pointed over to the counter, where the open pack lay with a
lighter- Immediately getting hard at the events that now were surely ahead,
I asked if she was ready, and she smiled. `How do you want to do it?' she

I suggested that she wear her new sleeveless top, and jeans, with her hair
pulled back into a scrunchie at the base of her neck, to which she complied
as I set out a chair and small end table where I wanted her. I also set a
light behind where she would sit, to allow me to better see her smoke on film
(as I've seen in some video clips). I went back inside before she was ready
and looked at the pack on the counter- one missing. Also on the counter was
the bottle of Kahlua, -  full- that was new last night- looks like she's
getting braced!

She came back downstairs, looking quite nice. She had done her makeup (simple
but nice) and everything else was perfect. Her hair was just as I liked it;
she had a kind of a cowgirl look, although that wasn't ever her style- but
it looked good on her today.

She said that she wanted to make a drink, and found that there wasn't much
left to mix up- and told me that maybe a beer would be good, since drinking
beer and smoking went together pretty well.

With her beer in hand we stepped into the garage. She set her drink down on
the table, and tapped a cigarette out of the pack. It was stunning to see her
handle a cigarette so naturally; she turned to face me and said: "tell me
how you want me to smoke".

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights, because she prompted me
again: "tell me how you fantasize about me smoking" (I have previously
confessed to sexual fantasies with her smoking). Well, now I was really
stunned, as if I had slipped her a magic drug that would make her totally
comply. (I hadn't)

She looked at me for a few more seconds, and then I started out by telling
her that the part that I was most interested in was her lips and mouth. I
thought about her sensual, soft lips smoking, a `bad girl' thing- and the
combination was powerful. I also revealed that I dreamt of her full chest
inhales, watching her breasts rise and feeling her chest expand as she took
all of the smoke in, and finally the soft passage of smoke from her lips as
she exhaled. What I didn't know, and was anxious to enjoy, was the way that
she exhaled. She smiled and moved toward me to deliver a passionate French
kiss. As she moved back, she told me that she didn't have any idea that I
had thought about her smoking in this way, and the way I described it made
her feel like I really was after the sensual aspect of her body in an act and
not some weird thing about smoking (OK, I thought, if this isn't kinda
weird- OK!).

She asked me how I was going to film her: if I would put the camera on a
tripod or if she could move around or how I was gonna do it. I replied that I
didn't have a solid plan, but would probably just hold the camera and film
wide angle with some close in shots of her beautiful mouth. She smiled again,
and said that whatever I wanted to film was ok, but that I shouldn't stop
filming once we started. Shooting digital tape, I told her we had 30 minutes
on a tape (I had 3 extras) and that I hoped I would have to change the tapes
J. She was acting differently now, not like she was offended by my weird
request and accommodating me- but almost like she was enjoying the attention-

She moved in close to me again, and kissed my lips briefly, then stayed close
and asked me if I had ever kissed someone that was smoking- I replied not-
she scrunched her nose and she said that it didn't taste very good.  Then
she pressed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately for a couple
of minutes- out of the corner of my eye I saw her cigarette still perched in
her right hand off to the side- yet unlit. She pulled away again, opened her
beer, and took a huge drink as she sat down. She laughed and told me that she
had taken one of the cigarettes out last night, after we got home, and had
reintroduced herself- But otherwise she hadn't smoked for over 10 years-.
She told me she might look like a beginner. My heart was almost pounding out
of my chest with excitement- I started the camera recording and leaned back
into the chair I had set out for myself.

She leaned forward in her chair, and took another big `sip' of beer- I
think that she finished half of the bottle in those two swigs- then picked up
the lighter, watching me to make sure I was getting it. She placed the very
end of the cigarette between her lips and brought the lighter to the tip,
flicking the wheel and inhaling just a little, then setting the lighter back
down on the table and exhaling a small stream from the corner of her mouth
and away from me. She leaned back in her chair, her right elbow resting on
the armrest and cigarette at about her head level-. She smiled, then looked
right at the camera as she brought it back to her mouth and inhaled again,
this time a little longer- then held it as if it was a hit from a joint-
finally exhaling just like she just had- She asked if this was what I wanted
to see, "yes" I replied, and she smiled, inhaling again- longer and deeper
it seemed. Almost right away, she inhaled again, squinting her eyes a little
as she slightly hollowed her cheeks with this deep inhale- staring right into
my eyes the whole time- Still staring through me, she exhaled, this time
directly at me and the camera- without a smile, but a mischievous look

With her left hand she lifted the beer and finished it- asked if I wanted
one- said she was gonna need another- I thought I better, too. She got up and
pulled 2 out of the storage fridge in the garage (how handy it was stocked
well with beer) and opened mine- holding hers in her hand with the
cigarette- After she handed it to me, she stayed there- close- and started
to take another drag- keeping the camera rolling, I got a little off to her
side and zoomed in to show just her lips. As she took the cigarette away, a
little wisp of smoke escaped and the tip of her tongue showed for just a
split second as she drew in a breath, holding it, then exhaled it to the side
of my head- right by the camera. She smiled and went to sit back down.

I was starting to calm down - my shaking had subsided.

She continued to smoke, sometimes looking at me, sometimes pretending to look
at something else and finished the first cigarette. She asked if I had enough
"good footage" and chuckled when I told her I wanted to fill all the tapes.
She also laughed, and then lit another. She asked if I had gotten enough
`close up' film, and I said that yes I had zoomed in- but she got up.  She
came over next to me and politely not exhaling at me, continued to inhale a
couple of times- I continued filming- without zooming! With her this close I
was getting the sound of her breath, and even felt the heat of her body- with
her chest just a few inches away from mine. I was pretty close- and had never
been this close to someone smoking except in my fantasies. She asked what
else I wanted her to do while she was smoking- or if she could smoke any
`other ways' for me- "wasn't this kinda boring?" I said no, that I could
watch her mouth all day- and she smiled.

While I was filming she started another inhale and at the same time pressed
her hand against my pants and found my rock hard cock, and she smiled again-
rubbing it gently through my jeans. As she did this, she inhaled a couple of
more times seeming to enjoy this obvious sign of my excitement. She asked if
she could kiss me, that she was starting to get turned on by being drunk- and
smoking more than she had before at one time- and my excitement- and the feel
of my pants- I hesitated. I didn't really smell anything, taken in by the
whole experience- but I hesitated. She leaned over and took a drink of my
beer, then told me that I could kiss her now, and she moved into my mouth.
She didn't just kiss me- she kissed my lips, she pressed her tongue to the
back of my mouth, she sucked the tip of my tongue and ran hers along the
inside of my mouth- never stopping to breathe. We kissed for a few minutes-
she withdrew and asked if it was ok? "Very nice" was all I could reply. She
smiled and kissed me again- briefly, just a little tongue this time- She
told me that she needed to pee, and moved toward the table. Camera back up, I
caught her drag twice very deeply, before she set her cigarette down, and
then exhaled a LOT of smoke as she looked right at me, and then brushed past
to go inside.

I tried to gather my thoughts in the minute I had and tried to plan what we
might do and I just couldn't think. This was something I couldn't even
dream of.

She returned with a wicked smile on her face- like she was `hiding
something' kind of smile- and came right to me. She said "it was the
weirdest thing- I peed and wiped, and I am dripping wet! At the same time,
she raised her right index finger to the tip of my nose and let me smell that
she had taken a sample of her sweet wetness for me- then she slipped it to my
lips and I graciously sucked the tip dry- She smiled and said we'd better
get back to filming- so I picked the camera back up, she returned to the
table, but didn't sit down. She stood and smoked a couple of times- now on
her 3rd cigarette and about 20 minutes into our little film session-

She asked what was next. One of my ideas was to `interview' her about
smoking while she did it- and she thought that would be a good idea- she sat

As she smoked, I asked her about when she started smoking (in college at
nursing school), why she smoked (it went well with beer when she was out with
friends), why she quit (me being clean cut) and what it felt like now?  She
told me that smoking felt completely different today than it had ever felt to
her before. She went on to say that today she felt very sexual when she was
smoking, that her whole body was being affected by the feeling, that she was
very turned on and that it was all very pleasing to her because she was now
realizing the effect it was having on me. She was enjoying the control.

I asked her if she'd ever smoked during sex, or after sex (to try to lighten
the question). She laughed and said yes, that she and a boyfriend were
fooling around- and she happened to be smoking and he ended up going down on
her and she continued smoking. She said that that feeling was similar to what
she was feeling now, only today was much more intense. I asked her how it
could be more intense- since we hadn't hardly touched, much less had sex-
and she smiled: "I know how turned on you are- and I am totally horny- and I
know that we are going to fuck like crazy sometime today- so I'm enjoying
this foreplay". She didn't usually use the word fuck, so I knew this was
gonna get interesting.

I had once seen a couple of girls exchanging smoke at a state fair while
smoking- and asked her if she'd ever done it-.. She smiled and said she had
tried it, once when she started smoking and a couple of times when she had
gotten high. "Kind of like recycling?" I quipped, she laughed. She asked if
`in my travels' if I had ever seen a smoky kiss? I said I had heard of them
(seen them online) but had never seen them in person. She smiled and said
that she and her best friend had done it `a couple' of times- starting out
with exchanging smoke and then kissing. She said that her boyfriend at the
time was turned on by 2 girls kissing- and by exchanging smoke- they got
close and broke the ice- then actually kissed while smoking, exchanging it
even closer.

WOW was about all I could say. She told me her friend would surely do it
again sometime if they got together and I wanted it to happen. I said I guess
so. (Her friend lives 1,000 miles away- I'm planning the trip immediately!)

She stood up and walked over to me, she said that she really really wanted
me, that she was turned on and wanted to get closer. She stood directly in
front of me, then moved in, hugging me into her- I set the camera down,
returning her hug. She was within an inch of my right ear, and inhaled. It
was like I was inside her mouth. I could hear the crackle of the fire, her
chest expand and relax, I could feel her hot exhale as she directed it over
the back of my head. She started to tell me how much she wanted me now. She
started nibbling on my ear and continued talking to me, and continued
smoking- She told me that she knew how much her smoking made me want her
mouth and that made her want me and to smoke more. She said that she didn't
know how she could stop smoking again now that she knew what it did to me-
Maybe she would smoke when `she needed me' or just needed a particularly
hard fuck- (I knew it was going to get better/worse)

She asked if I would let her kiss me as she moved back in front of me. I
moved her hand to my cock and told her that she could `kiss here' as long
as she kept smoking- and she told me--- ok, as long as you keep filming. I
picked it up and sat back in the chair, turning it on. She expertly slipped
my jeans open with one hand, leaving my boxers on as she moved closer and
went down onto her knees. She was acting very feisty now, more sexually
charged than I had ever seen- or dreamed of. She asked if I would rather kiss
her after she smoked or after she had swallowed all of my cum- I told her I
wanted to kiss her anytime her lips weren't on something else. As she looked
up at me, she smiled and took a super deep inhale, then another without
exhaling- and leaned in toward my face. I could see her chest was ready to
relax and exhale, and as she approached me, she did. First, she exhaled
gently off to the side with a slight turn of her head and as she got within
about 10" of my face she stopped pursing her lips to exhale and parted them
as if she was preparing for a deep kiss- a small amount of smoke was slipping
from her mouth as she locked onto my mouth and put her hands around my head.
She held me very tightly as she used her tongue to tease my tongue, I could
taste the thick evidence of her smoking- but I stayed put and enjoyed her
mouth. Her hands relaxed on me a little but I stayed in tight, kissing
passionately. She seemed pleased that I didn't get away from her, and it
intensified the passion. She started stroking my cock, kissing me wildly, and
holding her cigarette with the other hand behind my head.

I have never even tried smoking, so this was a pretty new experience. She
finally pulled back just a few inches and told me that she was very glad that
she could kiss me while she was smoking because smoking was making her very
horny and kissing me was very good and she wanted both- as she raised her
cigarette up- she again squinted slightly as she inhaled (I love seeing women
do that) and then exhaled to the side of my face, smiling, and still rubbing
me. My cock was starting to ache from being up and so hard for so long- I
told her we might have to get it out soon- she said that she couldn't wait.
She kissed me briefly and then settled back down on her knees, inhaling
deeply, and pulling my cock from my shorts. The first time she exhaled off to
the side, the second drag she exhaled directly onto my cock as she went in
and captured just the tip in her mouth, sucking gently.  She continued to
suck on me and smoke for a few minutes, I nearly cumming about 10 times, and
then she stopped. She reached down between her legs and brought up a sopping
wet couple of fingers, which she offered to my lips- I gladly sucked them-
She said that she really wanted to finish this up soon- that she had smoked
so much she thought she might pass out- She stood up and took a huge drag
about 3 inches from my face- her eyes piercing into me- she kept staring and
then pressed her lips onto mine.  I knew that she had a chest full of smoke-
We sometimes play a game where during kissing- we will breathe together and
not release each other for several minutes- which we did now. I could feel
her smoke come into me and fill me- almost coughing I could see it escaping
between us. I must have had a strange look on my face, because she put a hand
behind my head and pulled me into her- We finished our own smoky kiss and
then decided to make the move to the bedroom.

I can't remember all of the things we did that afternoon, but I am sure that
half of them I've never done before. It was the most sexually charged
experience I have ever even heard of. I think she swallowed more of my cock
than she has ever been able to get in before- I almost drank from her pussy
she was so wet, and we even made a successful try at anal penetration-
although we're not gonna do much of that in the future- It was all
unbelievable. If I only knew what would have come of her taking smoking up 10
years ago! The experience awakened her to some undiscovered sexual areas that
she had hidden inside, and has caused me to pay absolute attention to her
every day. Yes, it's nice to catch another attractive girl smoking, but
it's amazing to think about what we shared- she's got me forever!

Since that day, she has smoked a couple of times when we have gone out
socially, and each time she's given me the eye that she was thinking what I
was thinking- and I've taken her tongue in my mouth a few times as she was
smoking- which might even be a bigger turn on for her now-

Moral of the story? If your wife or girlfriend smoked, gave it up and you are
aroused by the thought? Make her smoke! It could change your relationship in
a very good way.

Have fun! I have to get back to my wife, now. Oh, and the tape? I watched it
once when she went home to see her folks (out of state), otherwise, I
haven't needed it.

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