Sunshine Beach

(by suburbanlife16, 27 November 2002)

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Sunshine Beach
by suburbanlife16

Until this year, Di had always gone on holiday with her mother, Dora.  They
spent their summer holidays with Dora's twin sister, Nora, who had a lovely
house at Sunshine Beach.  Dora and Nora, being identical twins, loved getting
together to catch up on the past year's events.  Di and her cousin, Nicky,
were born within a couple of weeks of each other and had remarkably similar
looks - both were tall, blond and good-looking.  Because they were so close in
age and looks and as their mothers were identical twins, Di and Nicky were
often referred to as "identical cousins".  When they were together, they made
their own fun by going to the beach, watching movies and going to parties.

To get to Sunshine Beach, Dora and Di had an all-day coach trip from their
home in South City to North City, where they transferred to another overnight
coach for the remainder of the trip to Sunshine Beach.  While it was a long
journey, they passed the daytime leg of the trip reading books and playing "I
spy".  The coach stopped several times during the day for refreshments, giving
the passengers an opportunity to stretch their legs and have a snack.

On the overnight leg of the trip, they had developed the ability to sleep,
propped up on each other's shoulders.  And, in any case, when they arrived at
Sunshine Beach, there was plenty of time to relax and recover, as they always
spent about three weeks with Nora and Nicky.

The summer after Di had turned 15, Dora had some pressing appointments in
South City and so she decided that Di could go to Sunshine Beach on her own.
Dora could not anticipate any problems in Di travelling by herself, as Di
would simply follow exactly the same routine as they normally did between
their home and Sunshine Beach.  Dora would see Di on to the coach at South
City and Nora and Nicky would meet her when she arrived in Sunshine Beach.

When the day of Di's departure eventually arrived, Dora accompanied Di to the
coach station.  Comfortably dressed in her jeans, t-shirt and rubber thongs,
Di wait until at least some of the other passengers had boarded first, so that
she could decide who she wanted to sit next to.  A few elderly ladies got on
first and then some middle-aged businessmen, but none of them seemed like very
good company for a 15-year-old on a long trip by herself.  But then Di espied
a young man, about 20, get on.  He too was casually dressed - in shorts and a
beach shirt, as if he too was setting off on holidays.

Di made her move and as she walked down the aisle of the coach, she politely
asked the young man, "Is this seat taken?"

"No," he replied with a smile, "be my guest."

After stowing her luggage and waving good-bye to her mother, she took her seat
next to the young man.  As she was sitting down in the adjacent seat, Di
noticed that he had a packet of cigarettes in his shirt pocket and she thought
to herself that that looked promising.

Di got to talking with the young man - his name was Doug - and found out that
he too was headed for Sunshine Beach to go surfing.  She was starting to look
forward to getting to know him better on the two sections of the coach trip,
first from South City to North City and then from there to Sunshine Beach.
Maybe they could meet up when they had both settled in at Sunshine Beach.

Because they had both visited Sunshine Beach before, they both knew some of
the identities there, the places to go and the things to do.  The more they
talked, the more they found they had in common and the more the enjoyed each
other's company.

During the next couple of hours of the journey, Di's mind turned several times
to the cigarette packet in Doug's pocket.  She had tried smoking a few times
with her girlfriends, when they had been able to get cigarettes from their
older mates.  They had practised enough to get the knack of inhaling, but none
of them had a regular supply.  And, of course, she had certainly not told her

Now on this coach trip, without her mother, it looked like she might have the
opportunity to remedy the lack of supply of cigarettes.

When the coach stopped for a 15-minute morning tea break, they got out and
Doug opened up his packet of smokes.  Di asked if she could have one and he
said, yes, he was happy to have someone to smoke with.  She eagerly lit up, as
she had now been anticipating this ever since she had seen the packet in
Doug's pocket.

She told him how she wanted to smoke more, but so far she and her friends had
found it difficult to get cigarettes for themselves.  He said he understood,
as he and his mates had had the same problem when they were her age.  She went
on to demonstrate to him how she could inhale without looking like an amateur,
and casually exhale in a smooth, cool stream, with her head just sufficiently
angled upward to show off her best features.

"You have a nice style of smoking," he told her.

She thanked him and explained, "I've watched other girls smoking in the street
and outside the shopping centre and I've simply taken note of what I like
seeing them do."

"You're an observant learner," he encouraged her.  Not only did they now share
a common knowledge of Sunshine Beach and its people and places, but now they
also had a common bond in smoking.

When they were stamping out their cigarettes, he looked at his watch and said,
"We've got time for another quick smoke, if we hurry."

Never before had Di had the opportunity to smoke two cigarettes in such quick
succession like this and so she immediately agreed.  She was beginning to like
not only Doug, but also the opportunities he gave her to smoke.

The lunch break on the coach trip could not come quickly enough for Di.  She
was now looking forward to her next smoke and he was pretty keen to watch her.
Was there something about her which fired up the emotions in him, he wondered?

When the coach eventually stopped at a roadside café for lunch, Doug
suggested, "There's always a queue to get lunch, so let's have a smoke first
and then go in for a bite to eat, when things have quietened down."  Di could
not have thought of a better strategy herself.  It had been sufficiently long
since the morning tea break for Di to start hanging out for another smoke.
She was certainly not addicted, but her mid-morning consumption of two smokes
did enhance her desire for more.

Di showed Doug that she could do a French inhale and he was more than
impressed.  She could also exhale through her lips or her nose.  When she was
talking, she could simultaneously exhale in little bursts which shot out from
her lips at all sorts of angles.

After they had eaten lunch in the café, Doug told her he needed to buy another
packet of smokes for himself and that he wanted to shout one for Di.  What
brand would she like?  She preferred menthols - so he bought her a big packet
of a good brand as well as a lighter.  They went outside and she had the first
from this, her "own" packet.  She had no pocket in her t-shirt, so she tucked
her new packet in the top of her jeans when they got back on the coach.

At least to the other passengers on the coach and to Doug, she was now a
smoker - even if she did not yet know how she was going to break it to her
aunt and cousin in Sunshine Beach.  Because it was to be several weeks before
she would be returning to South City, how she would tell her mother was not a
matter to which she need now give a second thought.

After lunch, Di decided to take a nap.  She leaned up against Doug's shoulder
and he put his hand gently around her.  This made her feel all warm and fuzzy
inside and Doug savoured the feel of her smooth, tanned skin.  They both had
silent thoughts of having even closer contact with each other's bodies,
perhaps later in their holidays.

When she awoke, she started contemplating the afternoon tea break and the
chance to smoke another of "her own" cigarettes.  As at morning tea, they each
had time to smoke two "quickies".  What a wonderful feeling to have the
independence of your own supply of cigarettes, but the luxury of having
someone to light them for you.

The final part of the journey to North City seemed to vanish in almost no time
as Di and Doug revelled in their newfound friendship.  He told her about how
he had started smoking, how he sneaked cigarettes at school and how he had
broken the news to his parents.  Was he addicted?  Well, he said, 'no', but on
the other hand, he did not plan to give up.  So maybe the difference was a bit

In the late afternoon, the coach was approaching North City and the two new
friends were pondering how comfortable they would be snuggling up in the final
overnight leg of the journey to Sunshine Beach.  With a friendly, young body
immediately adjacent, each of them thought it may well be the most comfortable
trip that either of them had made between North City and Sunshine Beach.

However, on arrival at the North City coach terminal, an official from the
coach company made an announcement that was to change their plans entirely.
The coach company regretted that the connecting coach from North City to
Sunshine Beach had been delayed by a mechanical defect.  It would not now
leave until the following morning.  In the meantime, the company had arranged
to provide emergency overnight accommodation in a nearby hotel for all
customers arriving from South City.  Would all affected passengers report to
the booking office where vouchers for meals and hotel rooms would be

Di and Doug looked at each other and big grins slowly spread over their faces.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Di, as she got off the coach and
pulled out one of her new cigarettes.

"I hope so," Doug responded with some feeling, lighting both Di's smoke and
his own.

"As we're travelling together, it seems logical that we should stay together."


They exhaled in unison and headed hand-in-hand towards the booking office,
where they told the rather bored clerk that they needed a double room.  With
barely a glance at them, the clerk made out the accommodation voucher and two
meal vouchers and handed them over.

Di and Doug hurried away to the hotel and excitedly booked into their double
room.  Doug lent Di his mobile phone so that she could ring and tell Aunt Nora
that she would be arriving in Sunshine Beach later than expected.  She
explained that the coach company was providing a meal and overnight
accommodation and that everything was OK.  Love to her and Nicky - she would
see them tomorrow afternoon.

Despite their hormones sending urgent messages to their genitals, they decided
to enjoy a drink and a meal first.  Otherwise they may not have eaten at all -
and they figured there is nothing worse than waking up famished and far from
home in the middle of the night with an empty stomach.

For their first real meal out together, they decided to look their best.  Di
took out of her suitcase a sexy red top with shoestring ties and short enough
to display her firm midriff and pretty navel, ironed a pair of tight black
slacks which she was keeping for party nights at Sunshine Beach and slipped on
her high-heeled, open sandals, making her look several years older.  With a
handbag just big enough for her smokes and lighter slung over her shoulder and
her hair done up, she looked like a million dollars.

Doug was also well scrubbed up to match her charm and they went off for a
drink in the bar and a good meal.  By sitting in a quiet corner of the lounge
bar, they took a calculated gamble that, even though Di was under-age, her
drinking and smoking would pass undetected by playing the part of a
sophisticated miss.  In any case, she only had a shandy in the bar and small
glass of wine with dinner - she knew enough not to be under the weather for
what was shaping up to be the biggest night of her life.

As she sat in the bar with a drink and smoking in her elegant fashion, she
knew that she and Doug had, within the space of about ten hours, become an
'item'.  For his part, he was admiring every drag she took on her white,
menthol cigarettes and feeling the effect on his lower regions of every long,
delightful exhale she blew out of her pretty mouth.

Once dinner was finished, they retired to their room, with Doug buying a
bottle of champagne on the way.  Back in the room, Di kicked off her shoes and
went into the bathroom to change into her shortest of mini-skirts.  Unbeknown
to Doug, she also removed her bra and panties.  In the meantime, Doug sat down
on the bed and opened the champagne.

When Di came out of the bathroom, she extracted a cigarette from her pack and
lit it very slowly and sensuously, watching for Doug's every reaction.  Doug
took one look at her and instantly came to life as she walked slowly towards
him, taking enormous drags on her cigarette, just in case he was not already
aroused enough.  He thought he would rip right through his shorts as she bent
over to put her slacks away, giving him a fantastic view of her small, firm
and uncovered ass.

Di sat down next to Doug and took a sip from the glass of champagne which he
handed her.  After he also lit up a smoke, they made a toast to the coming
summer and the fantastic time they would have at Sunshine Beach.  She took a
huge drag of her smoke and exhaled directly at him, leaving no doubt about
what they each wanted.  He looked into her eyes, inhaled with anticipation
and, sensing that she would not object, kissed her.  Their tongues met in a
smoky kiss and, in less than 30 seconds, they were both panting heavily.  She
undid the buckle of his shorts and they slid off on to the floor.  Seeing his
manhood erect under the tight pair of boxers, she massaged it through the

His right hand reached down to caress her, then slowly moved up to pull up
Di's little red top and over her shoulders.  Seeing for the first time the
beauty of her pert, round breasts, he immediately enveloped her left nipple
with his mouth, while his hand went to work on the right one.  As she smoked
her beautiful white cigarette, her nipples now stood hard and erect.  He
started stroking her thighs and her stomach and, when he lowered his fingers
to ease the small piece of material of her skirt down her legs, he began to
finger her curly mound.

She stubbed out her cigarette.  He continued exploring her beautiful body and
she gasped in ecstasy.  Doug pondered for a minute or two on what was going on
inside Di's mind.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked her quietly and curiously.

In a soft, cute voice, she shyly admitted that she was, and this was the first
time she was "really going to do it."  This was one opportunity neither had
any intention of letting slip away.  Pushing her gently back on to the bed, he
planted a deep forceful kiss on her mouth forcing her lips apart.  As their
tongues met, she moaned deeply.

Her hands were rubbing his chest and he again began fingering her and slowly
worked his mouth down her tits towards her pussy.

He thrust his face between her parted thighs and began licking her dripping
snatch.  Slowly and teasingly lapping at her thick and juicy pussy lips, he
shoved his tongue up her and felt an obstruction.  Here was a real virgin,
just waiting to get fucked for the first time.  Her cunt lips were closed so
tightly together that he needed his fingers to pry them apart.  Di sensed the
need for another smoke and lit up while his fingers did their silent work.

Her cigarette smoke and the feel of her pussy made Doug so hard that he
thought he'd come right then and there.  He climbed on top of Di and turned
her over so that she was on top of him.  She deftly passed her cigarette from
one hand to the other as she rolled over.  They kissed for a little while
before he pushed her down to his cock.  She pulled his shorts off, freeing his
throbbing manhood, which she admired in its full glory for the first time.
Seeing it at its full length, she could not help instinctively sucking
hungrily on it between drags on her smoke.

With her head bobbing up and down on his proud, hard erection, it was not long
before he started shooting off down her throat.  Somehow, Di managed to
swallow all of his spunk, choking a little and missing a few gobs that dripped
down her chin.

She kept on sucking his cock while he reached over and pulled her derrière
towards him so that they were in a 69 position, and started licking her soft,
red-hot pussy.   

Di extinguished her cigarette and suddenly let out a scream, her sweet love
juices running out all over his face.  She turned around to face him and fell
on top of him.  They kissed softly while he stroked her lovingly, tasting each
other's juices.  By this time his cock had started to come alive again.  He
turned her over on her back and furiously kissed her while he spread her legs
wide.  He got between them, putting his cock at her pussy lips and teasingly
stroking it up and down her cunt.

Di started moaning and begged him to make love to her, pleading that he be
gentle - this was her first time.   

Doug reassured her ... told her to relax and get ready for what she'd remember
as the best screw of her life.  He began massaging her tits while continuing
to tease her pussy.  Then with one strong thrust, he pushed himself into her
tight, eager body, ripping her precious pussy sheath apart.  Di barely
flinched.  Then she began to buck her hips up and down on the bed as he
continued to fuck her twat with long, forceful strokes.  Her cunt gripped his
prick like a velvety vice and refused to let go.  They fucked wildly, their
bodies moving in perfect unison.  Di regulated her body movements so that she
could receive the full impact of his thrusts.

By now she was moaning so loudly that he thought she would wake up people in
the neighbouring room for sure.  But that was the least of his worries.

He pounded Di for about ten minutes before he felt that familiar ache between
his legs of the second time.  Making one final thrust into her pleasure hole,
his cock erupted into a shattering orgasm, shooting a huge load of come deep
into her.  By that time, Di had had the pleasure of three orgasms herself and
could not believe how much pleasure a man could give in such a short time.

They both relaxed and Di took two cigarettes from their packets, lit them and
handed one to Doug.  They inhaled in unison, as she luxuriated in her first
after-sex cigarette.  It complemented the most tumultuous event which she had
ever experienced.  Exhaling in a long, smooth white flow, she felt divinely
happy in the arms of the man who had so caringly despatched her virginity to

Neither spoke as they took long drags on their smokes and enjoyed the ultimate
sensation of complete satisfaction.

Eventually they fell asleep in each other's arms and slept until the wake-up
call from hotel reception.

It was still early enough to repeat the ecstasy of last night, even if a
little more hurriedly, and for Di to enjoy for the first, but certainly not
the last time, the absolute pleasure of the day's first cigarette, lying in
bed after fucking.

Following breakfast together, they showered quickly and arrived at the coach
station just in time for the rescheduled morning departure of the coach to
Sunshine Beach.


When the coach was finally pulling into Sunshine Beach, Di looked out the
window, but Aunt Nora was nowhere to be seen.  Instead there was Nicky,
looking tanned and relaxed in a bright red bikini top and mini-skirt, holding
hands with a good-looking bloke.  To Di's pleasant surprise, both Nicky and
her boyfriend were smoking cigarettes.  And Nicky's cigarette packet was
tucked in the top of her skirt.

With Doug in tow, she jumped out of the bus as quickly as she could to greet
Nicky.  Introductions were made all round.  Di and Doug pulled out cigarettes
and lit up quickly.  Di had been looking forward to this smoke since stubbing
out her previous one when the bus stopped last.

"God, you look cool with a smoke in your hand," Di exclaimed to Nicky.  "And I
see you're smoking the same brand as me!"

"And having a cigarette makes you look quite the elegant young lady," retorted
Nicky.  "We should have a wonderful three weeks together this summer.  By the
way, Mum's sorry she couldn't come down to meet you today - she's out with her
new boyfriend," Nicky added.

"You'll have to tell me more later!"


Nicky's friend was Nev.  They had met earlier only a few days before when she
had gone a bus trip to support the local surfing team in a contest with a
rival team further up the coast.  It was a fair distance and it took all
morning to get there and, after the competition, there was several hours' bus
journey to return home.  They had had plenty of time to get to know each other
and when the bus stopped for a break, Nev offered Nicky a cigarette.

Like Di, Nicky had tried smoking with her school friends and had learned to
inhale, but her supply too was extremely limited before she had met Nev.  Nev
shouted Nicky her first packet and a lighter and she had opted for the same
menthol brand as Di.

The good news was that, when Nicky arrived home after her first date with Nev,
she rather absent-mindedly put her new packet of cigarettes and lighter down
on the kitchen table.  When Nora saw them, rather than rouse on Nicky, she was
overjoyed.  "Thank the Lord!  I've been waiting for you to start smoking, so
that I can resume my habit after a 15-year absence.  I didn't want people
telling me I had unduly influenced you.  But now you've taken it up, I can do
it too with an easy conscience.  Do you mind if I borrow one of yours just for
tonight?  I'll get my own pack tomorrow."  

"Sure, Mum, this is great news!"  And Nora quickly lit up, inhaled for the
first time in 15 years, enjoying it every bit as much as the last one before
she quit.  Now taking it for granted that her mother had no objections to her
smoking, in fact that she was encouraging it, Nicky felt she should celebrate
the event by having one herself.  In this way mother and daughter became
fellow smokers to their mutual satisfaction.

It was only the day after Nora resumed her nicotine habit - and because of it
- that she met her new boyfriend, Nat.  He was a fellow passenger on a bus, in
this case not going to any fancy beach resort or to a sporting meet, but just
the bus to work one morning.  As Nora stepped off the bus, she pulled out her
packet of smokes to have a quick one before entering her smoke-free office,
but was having trouble finding the lighter in her handbag.

Nat, who had been sitting a few seats back in the bus, had already felt an
attraction to Nora and was pondering how to introduce himself.  His chance
arrived when he came to her rescue with his own lighter.  After the briefest
of conversations and a few hurried double-pumps by each of them between the
bus stop and her office, they arranged to meet for lunch and liked each other
immediately.  Romance bloomed quickly, especially when Nora and Nat found that
they had both recently resumed smoking after a long interval.

Both Nat and Nev admired their respective new partners' smoking charms, which
was affecting each of their lower anatomies.  At the same time, it had been a
long time since Nora had had a good man and the virgin in Nicky was waiting to
escape.  Luckily the ladies quickly became aware of the men's problem and
worked towards solving it.

That Saturday afternoon, Nora said to Nicky, "Nat and I are going to a really
hot party and I'm feeling on top of the world.  Don't be surprised if you see
Nat here tomorrow morning!"

"That's a coincidence, Mum, because Nev and I have also been invited to a cool
gig, and I've got the same feeling," responded Nicky, "so prepare yourself for
four at breakfast."

They kissed each other for luck and went off to prepare themselves for their
big nights out.  Out with their partners, mother and daughter smoked in their
most seductive manner with the same lustful objective in mind.  When their men
were sufficiently aroused, the ladies brought them home, arriving there, as
they later estimated, within minutes of each other just around midnight.  But
each couple was too pre-occupied to see or hear the other.

So it was only the next morning when Nora and Nicky, both a little bleary-eyed
but clearly well satisfied, arrived in the kitchen to make coffee for
themselves and their lovers to discover that both their expectations had been
well and truly fulfilled.

"Snap!" they shouted in unison, and then "You look happy!"  And so they both


Nicky took Di aside and asked if Doug needed accommodation in Sunshine Beach,
as the only spare bed in the house was a double bed.  Di told Nicky that a
double bed would be just fine and explained how satisfactory the sleeping
arrangements had been the previous night.

"Looks like all three double beds in the house will be fully occupied for the
next three weeks," chuckled Nicky, lighting a fresh smoke, "as Nat has just
moved in with Mum and Nev and I are definitely an item now."

"Terrific!" answered Di and went off to tell Doug the good news, streaming
clouds of white smoke as she ran.

The four young ones spent the next three glorious weeks surfing, smoking and
having sex.  Nora and Nat may not have surfed much, but they got plenty of the
other two!  Aunt Nora was an excellent cook and the meals served for the
enlarged household were of particularly generous proportions.  Nat paid his
way by providing the drinks, while the young ones did jobs around the house
and yard as their contributions to the family economy.

So a typical day for the household was spent rising late, partaking of their
first glorious cigarette of the day over a cup of hot coffee, having a good
breakfast, enjoying the surf, then lying on the beach sunbaking and smoking.
Fish and chips were usually the order of the day for lunch, while they
returned home for "happy hour" before dinner, with leisurely smokes and drinks
out on the back lawn.  

After Nora's excellent cuisine, in the evenings there were parties to attend,
adult videos to be watched and games of cards to be played.  They held their
cigarettes elegantly while sipping their drinks, they held them raunchily in
front of the video screen and, especially while playing poker, they simply
dangled them - but they smoked them, packet after packet.

The nights were passionate affairs in all three bedrooms, as they all explored
their partner's bodies, experimented with new positions and tested their
stamina and endurance levels to the limit.  And the words "smoky sex" were
always mentioned the following day.

Di's and Nicky's cigarette consumption rose quite dramatically during the
course of the holidays.  Whereas they had both been used to only a few each
week, by the end of Di's stay, they were regularly topping one to
one-and-a-half packets a day - generously encouraged by their boyfriends.

Eventually it came time for Di and Doug to return southwards.  Di's thoughts
turned to how she would confront her mother with her newly acquired passions -
smoking and Doug.  She knew she would not be able to give up either now she
was becoming addicted to both nicotine and sex (she could not decide which was
the better!).  So she confided in Aunt Nora, who hinted that it would not be
as bad as she might expect with her mother - Nora's very own twin sister.


When the coach was finally pulling into South City, Di looked out the window,
and there was her Mum, holding hands with a distinguished looking gentleman.
To Di's pleasant surprise, both her mother and her new man were smoking

With Doug in tow, she jumped out of the bus as quickly as she could to greet
Dora.  Introductions were made all round.  Di and Doug pulled out cigarettes
and lit up quickly.  Di had been looking forward to this smoke since stubbing
out her previous one when the bus stopped last.

"Gee, you look great with a smoke in your hand," Di exclaimed to her mother.

"And having a cigarette has turned you into quite the sophisticated young
lady," retorted Dora.

"How come you started smoking, too, Mum?" asked Di.

"It's like this.  I rang your Aunt Nora to see that you had arrived OK in
Sunshine Beach.  I found out that you had indeed arrived - even if a little
late - but also that you were now smoking.  Being Nora's twin, I had an innate
feeling that she had resumed the habit also.  And Nora confirmed that both she
and Nicky had started only a few days before.

"So I said to her, 'Thank the Lord!  I've been waiting for you all to start
smoking, so that I can resume my habit after the same 15-year absence as you.'
I didn't want people telling me I had unduly influenced my own daughter.  But
now that you and your aunt and cousin had all taken it up, I was certainly not
going to be left out of the picture!

"I had no-one with me in the house that night, so I just had to go out and buy
my own smokes."  But once she had them in her hand, Dora quickly lit up,
inhaled for the first time in 15 years, enjoying it every bit as much as the
last one before she quit.

It was only the day after Dora resumed her nicotine habit - and because of it
- that she met her new gentleman friend, Dan.  As there are no buses in their
part of South City, it was not a bus trip that caused Dora to meet Dan, but a
tram journey.  He was a fellow passenger on the tram, going to work one
morning.  As Dora stepped off the tram, she pulled out her packet of smokes to
have a quick one before entering her smoke-free office, but was having trouble
finding the lighter in her handbag.

Dan, who had been sitting a few seats back in the tram, had already felt an
attraction to Dora and was pondering how to introduce himself.  His chance
arrived when he came to her rescue with his own lighter.  After the briefest
of conversations and a few hurried double-pumps by each of them between the
tram stop and her office, they arranged to meet for lunch and liked each other
immediately.  Romance bloomed quickly, especially when Dora and Dan found that
they had both recently resumed smoking after a long interval.
Dan admired his new partner's smoking charms, which were affecting his lower
anatomy.  At the same time, it had been a long time since Dora had had a good

"Then, when Nora told me you had found a boyfriend, I thought that everything
was perfect. I knew you wouldn't mind Dan moving in with me.  And I assume
that your Doug will be a regular visitor to your bedroom, too!"

"Too right, Mum," enthused Di.

It was a pleasant, moonlit Saturday night.  Dora and Dan, Di and Doug all lit
fresh cigarettes and headed back home.  There the men relaxed over a beer,
while the ladies, each with a glass of wine, set about arousing the passions
of their respective new male friends by some seriously sensuous smoking.  Dora
and Di both achieved their objectives in a short period of time and led their
men off to waiting double beds.

Many hundreds of kilometres to the north in Sunshine Beach, the identical twin
of one woman and the "identical cousin" of the other had simultaneously
aroused the passions of another two men in a situation which mirrored almost
exactly what was going on in South City.

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