Supergirl Goes Bad, Part 1

(by SSTORYMAN, 09 April 2004)

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This fictional account contains adult language and sexual themes.  If such
language and themes offend you, please do not read further.  The persons and
events described in this work are purely fictional.  Any similarity to actual
persons or events is strictly coincidental.  Copyright 2004 by SSTORYMAN.
All rights reserved.  Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this story in
any form and for any purpose as long as this notice is reproduced and no
financial remuneration is received, directly or indirectly, by the person
reproducing or using it.

Author's Note:  Though set in the present day, this story's based on the
classic Supergirl comics of the 1960's.  For her biographical info and a
picture of the classic Supergirl, go to  The classic Supergirl, Kara,
came to Earth from Argo City, a chunk of the doomed planet Krypton
miraculously spun into space intact that survived many years after Krypton
exploded.  As a teenager Kara was rocketed to Earth by her father Zor-El
before Argo City was destroyed.  Her cousin Kal-El (Superman) found her
crashed rocket.  He helped Kara assume her secret identity Linda Lee, an
orphan living at Midvale Orphanage, and for two years he secretly trained her
to be a superhero.  This story is set after the world first learned of
Supergirl's existence (her training by Superman was finished) but before she
was adopted and became Linda Lee Danvers in the 1960's Supergirl comics.
This story suggests how things might have turned out a little differently-


1.	"Please Don't Tell."

   Linda Lee frowned.  Alisha Keener, the new girl at the orphanage, was
proving to be nothing but trouble.  Ever since she came to Midvale Orphanage
Alisha had been a bad influence on the other teenage girls at the home,
especially older ones, and frankly a troublemaker.  Linda didn't approve of
Alisha and her attitude.  As one of the older girls at the orphanage Linda
felt a responsibility to try and straighten out the pretty but rebellious new
blond girl in their midst.

   Alisha was 17, same age as Linda.  Alisha's parents died in a recent
car accident, leaving her with no family.  Alisha was extremely attractive
and unfortunately made no attempt to hide it.  She flaunted her teenage body.
Alisha wore her skirts and blouses far too tight.  Her short dresses barely
covered her derrière.  But worst of all, she had a real attitude.  Alisha
talked back to Miss Andrews and the other kind women who took care of all the
girls at the orphanage.  Alisha was ungrateful, disrespectful and not a good
role model for the younger girls.

   But the thing that pushed Linda over the edge was seeing Alisha sneak
out to smoke in the evenings at the orphanage.  Using her X-ray vision, Linda
snooped in the new girl's purse and saw that Alisha carried cigarettes with
her everywhere.  Linda didn't know how the 17 year old got them.  No one
should sell cigarettes to a 17 year old girl!

   Linda would've intervened with Alisha sooner, but once she began to
help people openly as Supergirl she'd been busy!  She loved helping those in
need like her cousin Kal-El.  She idolized his Superman identity and was
proud to have the same red "S" on her costume.  Her blue, red and yellow
uniform had the same colors.  Kal-El helped her make her invulnerable costume
out of the contents of her crashed rocket.  For two years he apprenticed her
in secret to selflessly protect those in distress as Supergirl.  She was
delighted at last to be allowed to help people out in the open, since her
cousin Superman had agreed Supergirl could finally become known to the world.
She looked forward to a long career of being just like her famous cousin.

   One evening Supergirl returned to Midvale after putting out a fire in
a burning building in Metropolis and rescuing those trapped inside.  Usually
her cousin Superman would've done it, but he was busy tracking his nemesis
Lex Luthor who just escaped from prison, undoubtedly to plan another assault
on Metropolis.  Supergirl was delighted to step in and perform the rescue in
her cousin's absence.  She loved helping others and felt good as she covered
her blond tresses under the brown wig with long braided pigtails that made
her Linda Lee, put her Supergirl uniform into the fake tree in the woods
behind the orphanage where she secreted it, and returned to her secret
identity.  She began to walk back to the orphanage.  Then she saw them.
Alisha Keener was standing at the back of the property.  Shielded from sight
by a large grove of trees, Alisha was smoking with Stephanie, an
impressionable girl at the orphanage who was only 16.  Linda was furious.
Instead of going inside she veered off and headed for the thicket of trees.

   "Alisha!  Stephanie!  What do you think you're doing out here?"

   Stephanie looked stricken.  Alisha, however, merely brushed her long
blond hair away from her face and smiled genially at her irate accuser.
"God, Linda, don't be such an asshole!  We're just smoking.  What's it to

   "You can't smoke," Linda spurted back.  "The orphanage doesn't
allow it.  Neither of you are 18.  Stephanie, you just turned 16, for
goodness' sake.  It's against the law for you to smoke.  Stephanie, you
especially should know better.  Miss Andrews has been so kind to you ever
since you've been at the orphanage.  She'd be so disappointed if she knew
you're out here smoking with Alisha in the dark.  Why on earth are you
letting Alisha lead you astray like this?"

   The pretty redhead looked down.  "Please don't tell on me, Linda,"
she pleaded earnestly.  "You see, I -.  Well, I used to smoke some before I
came to the orphanage, back when my parents were alive."  A tear ran down
her quivering cheek.  "Alisha offered to let me join her for a cigarette and
I just couldn't turn her down.  It reminds me of happier times.  That's

   Alisha didn't share her friend's remorse.  "Look, Stephanie likes
to smoke," she literally spat back.  "Smoking makes her feel good, and
happy.  So don't give her shit about it.  Okay?"

   "No, it's not okay," Linda countered while pulling on her braids.
"I don't want to tell Miss Andrews that I saw you out here.  But if you
keep it up I'll really have no choice."

   Linda turned to walk away.  Alisha kept talking.  "You're just
chicken, Linda.  Yeah, that's right.  You're afraid to try smoking.
You're afraid you might like it if you did."

   "What did you say?"

   "I said, you're afraid you might like it.  You're afraid to smoke
with us because you're terrified you might turn out to be a smoker
underneath that goody-goody exterior of yours."

   "That's silly," Linda replied with a shake of her head.  Alisha's
aggressive challenge shocked her.  She smiled sardonically.  "I'm not
afraid.  No, I'm smart, unlike you.  Smoking's a terrible, dangerous habit.
Nothing good comes of it.  Don't you girls realize what you're doing to
your health by smoking?"

   "Yeah, it makes us feel good.  We like to feel good, Linda," Alisha
grinned impudently.  Raising her cigarette to her lips she took a long drag.
"Smoking always makes us feel good, and there's damn little of that here at
this fuckin' orphanage!"  She tipped her head to release an exhale into the

   "Alisha, you're a poor misguided girl," Linda said with a clear
show of parental attitude.  Before she could continue her diatribe against
smoking, her super-hearing suddenly picked up a distant distress call.  Oh
no!  A serious car accident had happened on the interstate ten miles away.
People were trapped inside the twisted metal.  Without a word she turned back
to the woods where she could retrieve her costume and once again change into

   As she abruptly left she heard Alisha's mocking voice.  "See,
Stephanie?  Linda's running away.  She can't face us.  And where do you
think she's going?  Linda sneaks off like that all the time.  What dirty
little secret do you suppose she's hiding?"  Alisha let out a derisive
laugh.  "You can bet your pretty little ass it's something a hell of a lot
worse than just smoking.  That's for goddamn sure!"

   Linda ignored them.  Hidden by the trees she changed back into
Supergirl and flew to the accident scene, arriving just before the emergency
vehicles and freeing the victims from the twisted burning wreckage.  She flew
them to a nearby hospital where the doctor said her prompt response saved
their lives.  She felt gratified; that was why she loved being Supergirl!
Without waiting to receive more accolades, however, she quickly returned to
the woods behind the orphanage to resume her secret identity as Linda Lee.
She didn't want to raise suspicions by her frequent unexplained absences.
Alisha was right.  The other girls were starting to talk.  Soon Miss Andrews
herself might ask some difficult questions.

   It was nine thirty when she ambled through the woods back to the
orphanage.  Her super hearing picked up the sound of someone hidden in the
trees.  She used her X-ray vision.  It was Alisha.  Linda sniffed.  And
Alisha was smoking again.  She decided to ignore her, preferring to simply
return to the orphanage.

   But her plan was thwarted.  She heard a sarcastic voice.  "Hi,
Linda.  Come on.  Tell me, honey.  What the hell _do_ you do, disappearing
into the woods all the fuckin' time?  I've been at the orphanage less than
a month but I see you coming back all the time from the woods."  She let out
a nasty giggle.  "I know you're up to something.  I see you because I'm
out here for my own reasons.  I sneak out to smoke.  What's your fuckin'

   Linda approached the derisive teenage girl.  The orange end of
Alisha's cigarette shone in the dark.  "Alisha, I don't have to defend
myself to you or anyone else," she testily replied.  "Unlike you, I have
nothing to hide."

   "Oh, I see," Alisha mockingly answered, dragging on her cigarette.
"Yeah, sure.  Right.  You sneak into the woods all the time to engage in an
activity you clearly don't want anyone else to know about.  And God only
knows what it is!  Then you act high and mighty with Stephanie and me about
occasionally smoking.  God, Linda, it really pisses me off.  You're such a
fuckin' hypocrite.  I should turn _you_ in to Miss Andrews.  How would you
feel if she grounded you and kept you from sneaking out to do whatever the
hell it is you do in the woods all the time?"

   For the first time Linda felt truly worried.  She never thought about
the fact that a secret smoker like Alisha, who was frequently outside, would
have ample opportunities to see her comings and goings and become suspicious
as a result.  Thank goodness Alisha hadn't followed her into the woods to
see her change into Supergirl!

   "Alisha, I assure you it's nothing like what you're thinking.
Unlike you, I'm not breaking any rules."

   "But how do I know?  How do I know you're not secretly doing drugs?
Or maybe fucking some boy back there in the woods?"  Alisha hit on her
cigarette and dropped it to the ground.  "I really think I should talk to
Miss Andrews, Linda.  Of course, I'll have to tell her why I noticed you
sneaking out so often.  Miss Andrews won't like finding out that I smoke.
But who the hell cares?  Miss Andrews doesn't like me anyway.  But you,
Linda," she sneered maliciously.  "Miss Andrews clearly adores you.
She'll be disappointed to learn you sneak around behind her back!"

   Linda was becoming seriously concerned.  How could she diffuse this?
She wracked her brain but couldn't think of a way.  Alisha had her dead to
rights.  She _did_ sneak out of the orphanage a lot now that Supergirl was
openly helping people.  But she couldn't stop doing it.  And she couldn't
allow Alisha's suspicions to get in her way of her career as Supergirl.

   "Alisha," Linda began in a measured tone.  "It's not what you
think.  That's all I can say.  Please don't tell Miss Andrews."  She
paused and took a deep breath.  "If you keep quiet, then I won't tell Miss
Andrews that you and Stephanie smoke out here.  I promise."

   "You bet your ass you won't," Alisha sneered, drawing closer.
"Linda, I think we're real close to a mutual understanding.  You don't
want me to blow the whistle on you and I don't want you to tell Miss Andrews
about Stephanie and me smoking.  But there's one more thing I want from you
before we finally agree not to squeal on each other."

   "What's that?"

   "Remember what I said earlier?  I said you're afraid to smoke
because you're terrified you might like it."  Linda nodded and Alisha
grinned.  "Well, I want you to smoke a cigarette with me, Linda."

   "What?  Why?"

   "Because if you doublecross me and run to tell Miss Andrews about me
smoking, I need to be able to say that you've been smoking out here, too.  I
know how you are, Linda.  You can't lie.  You're too goody-goody.  So if
you smoke a cigarette with me you'll never be able to lie to Miss Andrews
and tell her you weren't smoking.  What do you say?  Is it a deal?"

   Linda scratched her chin.  "Smoking's a disgusting habit," she
muttered in disapproval.  "I don't want to give you that ammunition against
me.  It's not right.  I'm not a smoker.  I don't smoke."

   Alisha shrugged.  "Okay, fine.  First thing tomorrow I'll tell Miss
Andrews all about your midnight visits into the woods to do whatever the hell
it is you do out there.  You think no one knows about it, Linda, but I do.
So we'll see what Miss Andrews thinks about your secret trips off campus all
hours of the day and night."

   "No," Linda gulped.  "No, Alisha, please don't."

   "Then play along with me," Alisha grinned.  "Just smoke one little
cigarette.  Come on, it won't be so hard and it'll give me the comfort I
need that you won't rat on me later."

   Linda thought.  She was stuck.  "Can't we talk about this later?"

   Alisha shook her head.  "No.  It's now or never, Linda.  Either
smoke a cigarette for me or I'm telling Miss Andrews all about you.  It's
your choice."

   Linda sighed.  She hated to do it, but truthfully she didn't know
what else to do.  With her superpowers smoking a cigarette wouldn't hurt
her.  It wouldn't affect her at all.

   "Okay.  It's a deal, Alisha.  But if I smoke a cigarette with you
then you won't go to Miss Andrews about my trips into the woods?"

   "Right.  And you won't rat on Stephanie and me, either," Alisha

   "Okay," Linda agreed.  She made a face.  Her eyes had grown
accustomed to the dim light.  Alisha was grinning from ear to ear.  "Is this
really important to you?"

   "Linda, you can't imagine _how_ important," the busty blond
sneered.  Reaching in her purse she retrieved a pack of cigarettes.  "I
don't want you to vomit, since as a non-smoker you're not used to smoking
like I am.  So I'm gonna be nice.  I'll let you smoke this brand; it's a
little lighter than my full flavor Newport 100's."

   Linda shrugged.  "Whatever.  Let's just get this over with.  I want
to get back inside."

   Alisha handed a 100 millimeter cigarette to the disguised superhero.
"Five to six minutes," she snickered happily.  "That's all it takes to
smoke a single cigarette."  She readied her lighter.  "So you've never
smoked before?"

   Holding the cigarette, Linda shook her head.  "Never.  And I never
will again, either."

   "Yeah, well, we'll see about that," Alisha smiled.  "Thanks for
doing this, Linda.  It'll make me really, really happy.  Now I never have to
worry about Miss Andrews again."

   "I already promised I wouldn't tell," Linda interrupted.  "This
really isn't necessary."

   "Oh yes, it is," Alisha smiled mysteriously.  Clicking her lighter
she held it out for Linda.

   The brunette with long braided pigtails put the cigarette to her
lips.  She guided it toward the dancing flame.  She sucked on it.  Smoke
filled her mouth.  Linda made a face.  The taste was every bit as awful as
she imagined.

   Meanwhile Alisha got herself a Newport 100.  She fired up hers.
"Ah, that's nice," she groaned happily.  "Now come on, Linda.  You've
gotta really smoke.  Hit on the cigarette for me and suck the smoke into your
lungs, just like this."

   Linda watched Alisha take a four second drag on her Newport 100.  Her
cheeks hollowed as she pulled on it hard.  Then Alisha opened her mouth for a
split second, just long enough to display the big creamy ball of smoke
disappearing into her waiting chest.

   "Like that, Linda.  I want you to do it just like that."

   Unhappy though she was, Linda mimicked Alisha's movements.  Like the
blond girl by her side she put the cigarette in her mouth and dragged on it
several seconds.  Then she opened her mouth and summoned a large deposit of
smoke into her lungs.

   "There.  That wasn't so hard, was it?" Alisha cackled.  "How do
you feel, Linda?  It's good, isn't it?"

   Right away the lovely girl from Krypton knew something was wrong.
Yes, something was terribly wrong!  "I - I feel so strange," she muttered.
Smoke began to escape with her halting words.  "The smoke shouldn't be
affecting me like this," she went on fretfully.  She felt dizzy.  "It
shouldn't be affecting me at all."

   "But you like it, don't you, Linda?  It makes you feel great,
doesn't it?  Why don't you take another puff and try it again?"

   "No, I shouldn't."  She felt the world around her begin to spin.
"I really shouldn't."

   "Aw, come on," Alisha chided.  "I tell you what.  Just take one
more big drag.  Suck another big load of that delicious smoke in your lungs.
Then if you want, you can quit.  Okay?"

   Linda nodded.  Why did the nicotine affect her like this?  Why was it
affecting her at all?  Her superpowers made her immune to virtually
everything.  "I don't understand," she added helplessly.  "I feel so

   "Nicotine overload, honey," Alisha sneered.  It wasn't true, but
Linda wasn't ready for the truth.  Soon, though, she sure as hell would be.
"It'll go away," she promised.  "Just hit on your cigarette again,
darling.  Do it for me, Linda."

   Almost without meaning to Linda lifted the cigarette to her lips.  It
was as if she couldn't help it.  Somehow she _had_ to.  She wrapped her lips
around the filter and sucked, harder this time, for several seconds.  The
strange sensations inside her head intensified.  She felt so funny.  At last
she opened her mouth and, as Alisha instructed, pulled the smoke down into
her lungs.  It was so weird.  No, that wasn't quite right, she realized,
holding the smoke inside.  No, she didn't feel weird.  Not at all.  No, she
felt - great!

   Alisha kept smiling.  "Pretty good, huh?  Smoking's the best,
Linda.  Don't you agree?"

   A curious smile crept over her lips.  "Yeah," Linda quietly
concurred.  "Yeah, Alisha, I'm surprised but I really do agree.  For some
funny reason smoking this cigarette tastes and feels _so_ incredibly good.
Wow!  I've never felt anything quite like it."

   "Perfect.  Then do it again, Linda.  You should.  Go ahead, enjoy

   With no delay Linda returned the cigarette to her lips.  Amazingly,
now she wanted to keep smoking it.  She couldn't wait.  Clearly something
more than tobacco was in the yummy smoke, something nefarious.  But that
realization didn't deter her.  She wanted it anyway.  She had to have it.
She hit eagerly on her cigarette.  This time her drag lasted five seconds.
At long last she opened her mouth and excitedly drew the smoke deep inside
her impatient chest.  "Oh my," she groaned, loving the blissful sensation.
"What's happening?  I feel so out of control.  But I also feel good.
Everything feels different all of a sudden.  Oh yeah, this is so nice!"

   "Of course you feel good, Linda.  At last you're getting in touch
with your true feelings.  You love smoking and you love feeling good, don't
you?  Yeah, I told you there's a real smoker hidden underneath the boring
exterior of dumb-ass Linda Lee.  Remember?  Now you don't want to stop, do
you?  In fact you can't stop, can you?"

   "No, I don't want to stop," Linda unexpectedly agreed.  Alisha was
right.  She couldn't.  She fervently hit on the shrinking cigarette she held
in her fingers.  "Yeah, I like it, Alisha.  I really, really do!  But
something is happening.  I feel so strange, so different all of a sudden."

   "What is it, Linda?  Do you feel a sudden unstoppable desire to do
something bad, something wicked, something that till this moment would've
been totally out of character?"

   "I don't know.  I'm not sure."

   "Let's try an experiment, Linda.  Take another scrumptious drag
from your delicious cigarette.  Suck more of the tasty smoke deep down inside
your lungs.  You want to anyway."  She watched Linda comply.  "Yeah,
that's right, honey.  That's so good.  Now let me hear you say `fuck.'"

   Linda was in mid-drag and nearly choked hearing Alisha's proposal.
But she didn't choke.  No, instead she finished her long drag and pulled
more delicious, thick, rich creamy cigarette smoke deep into her hungry
lungs.  Yeah, it felt _so_ incredibly good as she let it soak in.  An odd
desire began overtaking her.  All of a sudden she wanted to do what Alisha
suggested.  With no qualms she opened her mouth and, as smoke gushed out,
mouthed a single word.  "Fuck!"

   "Perfect, Linda," Alisha grinned with delight.  "That's a nice
change for you, isn't it?  You've wanted to do that for a long, long time.
Yeah, you're feeling _so_ wicked now, aren't you?  And you love it, too,
don't you?"  The busty blond offered the perplexed neophyte smoker an
amused smile.  "You not only don't want to stop smoking.  Right?  You also
feel like a tiger's been let out of a cage deep inside you.  And that
tiger's a real bad girl, isn't she?  She's a total bitch.  Admit it,
Linda.  You can't help yourself anymore.  Suddenly you want to be a bad girl
and you want to show it off, too.  You feel like swearing all of a sudden,
don't you?  You can hardly stop yourself.  Isn't that right?"

   Linda slowly nodded.  It was true.  Alisha was right.  Somehow she
felt changed.  All of a sudden the idealism of being Supergirl and selflessly
helping others felt insipid, like it was the dumbest shit in the world.  She
was surprised by the way she was thinking in her head.  But she liked it.
"I don't know," she whispered.  "I don't know why, but I think you're
right, Alisha."

   "I know I'm right, honey.  It's just what's supposed to happen to
you tonight.  I'll explain later.  For now, just say it, honey.  Tell me you
feel like a selfish bitch.  Confirm that from now on you don't want to be
goody-goody anymore.  Instead you want to act and sound like a bad girl, a
super bad girl.  Isn't that how it is?"  She saw Linda nod.  "Then let's
hear you say it, baby.  Say some of those nasty words that are filling up
your pretty little head right now."

   Instinctively Linda hit on her cigarette.  God, it felt good to do
that, doing something _she_ felt like for a change.  Yeah, she _liked_ being
selfish, or bad if that's what it was, and she did want to express it like
Alisha said.  A wicked contorted grin asserted itself on her face.  "Shit,"
she whispered breathlessly.  She laughed out loud at the shockingly
delightful sound of her voice mouthing swear words.  It was her talking, all
right, and it felt great.  Alisha was right.  She was sick of being good.
But suddenly she knew that was about to change.  "Yeah, you're so right,
Alisha.  From now on I _do_ want to be a bitch," she laughed coldheartedly.
"I want to be bad.  I feel alive now.  I think I was dead before, but now
I'm finally going to live for a change!"

   "Good for you, Linda," Alisha smirked.  Hitting on her cigarette
she directed a plume of smoke into the breeze.  "The first thing you've got
to do is stop talking like a fuckin' prude all the time.  The new wicked
girl inside is tired of talking like a sissy.  You can fix that, can't you?
Didn't it feel awful damn good to say `fuck' just now?  Wouldn't you like
to talk like that all the time from now on?"

   Linda laughed, but it wasn't her usual delicate and graceful laugh.
Instead it was a cruel, mocking snort, a spiteful snicker.  She nodded
confidently.  "Yeah, I've always talked like a fuckin' little prude,
haven't I?" she crossly grunted  "Well, hell, that's sure gotta change."
She took a breath.  She felt a peculiar new confidence swelling inside her.
"Shit!  What the hell," she smugly smirked with a callous grin.  Yeah, it
felt good!  She felt intoxicatingly proud to hear herself say those nasty
words.  "I don't know how this happened, Alisha, but it must have to do
with this cigarette.  I'm definitely a different woman.  I feel like telling
everyone else to fuck themselves.  I'm sick and tired of goody-goody shit.
From now on I'm out for me and me alone.  All I want is to feel good for a
fuckin' change."  She drew hard on her cigarette and inhaled.  "Smoking
will be a big part of that for the new me," she added shamelessly,
reluctantly exhaling vaporous tendrils through smiling lips.

   "Congratulations, Linda," Alisha smirked.  "I'm proud of you.  We
hoped it'd happen this way, and it sure as hell did.  God, you feel better,
don't you?  Yeah, you're delighted to let the deliciously new evil Linda
out to play, aren't you?"

   Evil.  Linda thought about the term.  Deliciously evil.  Hell, she
_did_ feel deliciously evil all of a sudden.  She felt an overwhelming
yearning to do something wicked.  She put her almost spent cigarette between
her lips and hit on it.  But what the hell should it be?

   Alisha was about to help her in a way that'd shock the formerly
demure teen.  "Linda, I tell you what.  This may shock you, but I know who
you really are.  So let's cut the fuckin' secret identity bullshit.  Take
off that stupid-ass wig and let's retrieve your blue and red Supergirl
costume.  Let's show the world the new Supergirl.  What do you say?"

   Linda's mouth hung open.  "What -?  What do you mean?"

   Alisha let out a cruel laugh.  "Look, I know who you are.  You're
secretly Supergirl.  Hell, I don't give a shit about dopey Linda Lee, the
poor teenage orphan.  No, I only care about Supergirl, the Maid of Steel.
That's the reason we did this.  It's why we wanted to change you."

   Linda was still dumbstruck.  "But how did you know I was -?"

   Alisha reached out and pulled hard on Linda's brown braided
pigtails.  The astonished teenager's wig fell to the ground, revealing her
natural blond tresses.  "Kara," she smirked, using her Krypton name.  "We
want you to join us.  Or I should say, we want the _new_ you to join us.  You
said you're sick of being goody-goody.  Well, do we have an offer for you!
It's one I'm sure you won't want to refuse now!"

   Her cigarette was spent.  With a last drag Linda dropped it to the
ground.  "But I thought no one knew my secret identity," she groaned.
"How did you find out?"

   "I'll tell you," Alisha smiled.  "But first let me ask a few
questions.  You feel great right now, don't you?"  Her companion nodded
eagerly.  "Yeah, that's just fabulous.  But now tell me this.  How do you
feel about your cousin Superman at this moment?"

   Linda thought a second.  She frowned.  "God, I hate Superman.  I
hate everything he stands for," she replied angrily.  "Kal-El wanted me to
be like him, helping the poor and destitute all the fuckin' time.  He made
me live in this shitty orphanage.  He never wants me to enjoy myself or have
fun.  I used to idolize him, but now that I think about it I fuckin' hate
his guts!"

   Alisha got out another Newport 100.  She offered blond Linda her
other pack.  The eager neophyte withdrew an additional cigarette.  Alisha
readied her lighter.  Linda impatiently lit up.

   Alisha smirked.  "Good, Linda.  Very good.  Keep smoking just like
that.  It'll reinforce all the deliciously evil things you're beginning to
feel so strongly inside."  She watched the Kryptonian girl enthusiastically
release a thick exhale through parted lips.  "Okay, if you do hate Superman,
and you sure as hell should, then whom do you admire?  Who inspires you?  Who
would you want to be like now that you've seen the light and become a bad
girl like me?"

   It took a scant moment.  "Lex Luthor," Linda confidently smirked.
"My cousin's arch-enemy.  Luthor's the greatest criminal genius in the
world today and he's wicked as sin."  She hit on her cigarette.  "He's
definitely someone I want to emulate now.  No doubt in my mind."

   "Very good.  Couldn't be better.  In fact, it's exactly what I
hoped you'd say," Alisha grinned.  "Well, honey, Lex Luthor's responsible
for the transformation you just experienced.  He designed these cigarettes
that magically turned you into such a delightfully bad girl."

   "Really?"  She felt strangely excited by that revelation.

   "Uh-huh," Alisha nodded.  "And if you want I can take you to meet
him.  You see, Lex wants to mentor the new you, baby, to continue your wicked
makeover and finish it properly.  If being bad appeals to you, and I know it
does, then Lex and I are ready to take you all the way, honey.  And I do mean
_all_ the way!"

   Linda giggled with excitement.  "From the time I came to Earth I've
heard my cousin talk constantly about Luthor.  God, Alisha, I'd love to meet
him.  Can I really?"

   The busty blond smiled.  "Yeah.  Just change into your fuckin'
Supergirl costume and fly me there.  His hideout's outside of Metropolis.
I'll give you directions.  Lex is dying to meet you, believe me.  He'll be
thrilled to see your incredible transformation, Supergirl.  He'll be as
delighted as you are by what's happened."  Alisha giggled.  "It's pretty
much complete now, isn't it?  Your transformation, I mean.  You know what a
bad girl I've been while I've been at the orphanage.  Now you want to be
just like me, don't you, Linda?  You can't wait to be just as slutty, just
as evil, and just as obnoxious as me?"

   Linda let out a laugh as they walked into the woods where she'd
change into her hidden superhero costume.  It was a new laugh, one that was
much more guttural; harsher, deep and incredibly throaty.  Alisha sighed.
She liked the new Linda Lee, and she was sure Luthor would absolutely love
the new Supergirl!

   "Alisha, I've got a lot to learn from you and Luthor," Linda went
on.  She hit on her cigarette and sucked more delicious flavorful smoke into
her chest.  "But I hope you'll explain exactly how tricking me into smoking
these cigarettes changed me into a different person.  I'm glad as hell you
did it, but I'm dying to know how you and Luthor made it happen."

   "All in due time, Linda," Alisha promised with a flirtatious
flutter of her blue eyes.  "All in due time."

   They came to the tree where Linda hid her uniform.  Linda opened it
up and with no hesitation pulled out the blue and red outfit and bright red
cape.  Alisha grinned.

   "Linda, you're so gorgeous.  Too bad you always wear frumpy
clothes.  Hell, none of them do your magnificent body justice.  But we can
change that.  Wouldn't you like a new look, one more befitting your new evil

   Linda nodded earnestly, letting her cigarette dangle from smiling
lips.  With no feelings of modesty left the teenager shamelessly unbuttoned
her blouse.  "I sure as hell would, Alisha," she grinned, taking it off.
"There's a whole lot of shit I want to change now."

   Alisha leered at her lovely new colleague as the girl from Krypton
brashly took off her clothes and donned her Supergirl outfit.  God, Alisha
sighed, Supergirl _was_ good looking!  She was looking forward to the
continuing education she and Lex had planned for the transformed Maid of
Steel.  It was all Alisha could do not to touch Supergirl's budding
succulent breasts and squeeze the hell out of them.

   Now dressed as Supergirl, Linda paused.  "What about the orphanage?
Miss Andrews will notice we're not there.  Maybe we should do something
about that?"

   "Not to worry," Alisha laughed.  "My little friend Stephanie
closed our doors and turned off our lights for us."

   "Stephanie's in on this?"

   "Not exactly.  She has no idea you're Supergirl or that I was going
to transform you like this.  Stephanie only knew that if all went well I'd
introduce you to nicotine and that we might be gone late.  That's all.  But
she agreed to cover for us, Linda.  So there's nothing to worry about back
at the orphanage."

   Supergirl held out her arms.  Alisha understood.  The girl from
Krypton picked her up and carried her close to her body.  Alisha loved being
so near to her and she suspected Supergirl was starting to feel similar
sexual hankerings.

   They lifted off into the night sky.  Alisha gave directions to
Luthor's lair.  As they flew through the darkness Alisha snuggled close up
against the Maid of Steel.  It felt good being close to the newly converted

   "I feel so good, so different," Supergirl whispered into Alisha's
ear as they flew together.  "But hell, I don't know why I worried about the
orphanage.  Shit, I don't want to go back there, Alisha.  Fuck them.  Fuck
them all!"

   "No, wait till you hear Lex's plan, Supergirl," Alisha groaned
back.  "I think you'll be more than willing to go back to the orphanage
after you do."

   "I can't wait," the Maid of Steel giggled in reply.  "God damn!
I get to meet Lex Luthor.  And I assume I can keep smoking there?"  

   Alisha nodded.  "But of course." 

   "Shit, then this'll be so great.  I can't wait!"

   Yeah, it will be great, Alisha thought to herself.  And Supergirl,
you can hardly imagine how great it'll be!

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