Superman and Supergirl: United in Evil, Part 1

(by smokehut, 12 December 2003)

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   This story, a sequel and continuation of SSTORYMAN's "Supergirl Goes Bad,"
was written with the author of that story's permission.

   This fictional account contains adult language, drug use and sexual themes.
If such language and themes offend you, please do not read further. The
persons and events described in this work are purely fictional. Any similarity
to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental. Copyright 2004 by
SMOKEHUT. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this
story in any form and for any purpose as long as this notice is reproduced and
no financial remuneration is received, directly or indirectly, by the person
reproducing or using it.

   Following is SSTORYMAN's prelude to "Supergirl Goes Bad": Though set in the
present day, this story's based on the classic Supergirl comics of the 1960's.
For her biographical info and a picture of the classic Supergirl, go to The classic Supergirl, Kara,
came to Earth from Argo City, a chunk of the doomed planet Krypton
miraculously spun into space intact that survived many years after Krypton
exploded. As a teenager Kara was rocketed to Earth by her father Zor-El before
Argo City was destroyed. Her cousin Kal-El (Superman) found her crashed
rocket. He helped Kara assume her secret identity Linda Lee, an orphan living
at Midvale Orphanage, and for two years he secretly trained her to be a
superhero. This story is set after the world first learned of Supergirl's
existence (her training by Superman was finished) but before she was adopted
and became Linda Lee Danvers in the 1960's Supergirl comics. This story
suggests how things might have turned out a little differently.



   Alisha and Stephanie slept quietly, ravaged and exhausted, bundled up in
blankets deep within the arctic Fortress of Solitude.
   Supergirl puffed thoughtfully on a cigarette.
   "The trouble with you, Kal-El, is that you have but one cock," said Kara.
"Your desires are insatiable, as are mine. I'm afraid our little friends,
while virtually unlimited in their capacity for evil, are flawed by their very
   "But the world is full of pussy," countered Superman, "and we have both
each other and a means, with these addictive smokes, of getting most anybody
to pleasure us."
   "This is true," said Kara. "Of course, we don't have an unlimited supply.
At some point real soon, we're going to have to pay Luthor a visit."
   "Ah, dealing with the devil," Kal-El observed. "I've never thought of the
bald-headed bastard in such an appealing light."
   "We can't trust him, though," Kara said. "Don't forget that he wanted to
get rid of both of us. Ultimately, he will feel threatened by our power. You
know as well as I that he will never be trustworthy.
   "I would like to fuck him a few more times, though," she said.
   "Now, though, we have the advantage of being equally as evil," said the Man
of Steel. "He won't have that old advantage of his. Now we both share his
wondrous criminal mind. I think you'll get to fuck him in more ways than
   Kara tossed her cousin the pack of red Krypton cigarettes.
   "Light up," she said. "While I ponder our next move, I think I'd like you
to fuck me in more ways than one."
   Superman placed the cigarette in his mouth.
   "Let me," she said, igniting the cigarette with her heat vision. "Enjoy."
   A deep draw produced an accompanying rise in the erstwhile superhero's
crotch. Kara crawled aboard her cousin and said, "Relax. Let me do all the
work," and then she yanked open his tights.
   "No need to resort to my powers this one time," Kara said. "Enjoy the
smoke, Superfucker. Time for me to go up - and down. Slowly. Up - and -
   Supergirl wrapped her mouth around Superman's cock lasciviously. She sucked
her cousin lovingly, taking his creamy cum and swallowing. Then she removed
her succulent lips, allowing some to drip onto his member while she used the
slippery stuff to further lubricate it. She took her hands and jacked him off.
Torrents of semen spurted out, landing in her blonde locks.
   "All work and no play makes Superman a dull boy," she cooed. "Do ya fuckin'
love me, Kal-El? Ya slimy motherfucker!"
   "I'm a cousin fucker," Superman observed, groaning. "Our fuckin' home
planet exploded, and now, you little slut, so am I."
   Kara started laughing wickedly. "My, what a sense of humor that red stone
cultivates in you. What say you light me a smoke, baby? Then maybe we can
awaken our little friends."
   "They live for us," said Superman.
   "And ultimately," replied Kara, "they are expendable."

   Alisha Keener tumbled out of the sheets and immediately scrambled over to
   "Rrruhhr," she purred. "Kiss me, Kara. Give me your tongue."
   Kara complied. Kal-El felt mildly pissed but said nothing.
   Alisha softly played with Kara's tits. "Supergirl, Supergirl, let's go
play," she said playfully. "Wanna share some smoke?"
   "Let's have one, Alisha," answered Kara, "but let's talk for just a minute.
We can't just stay up here in the Fortress of Solitude forever, pleasuring
each other. The world will eventually notice our absence."
   "Lex Luthor will notice our absence," said Alisha.
   "Exactly," said Kara, "and we are going to have to deal with him."
   "Hmm," said Alisha, lighting up a Newport. "Let's think about this. Why
don't we all go on a nice crime spree, just to let Luthor know that Superman
has gone bad and joined us."
   "Do we want to share the knowledge of our, uh, conversion with everyone
else?" Kal-El asked. "You know, there's more than just Luthor to think about.
What about the Justice League. They, after all, have super powers."
   "None so great as ours," noted Kara.
   "True," said Superman, "but still -"
   "Perhaps we could get them to do our bidding," said Alisha, "and in so
doing, get Lex to take notice."
   "God, you're fabulous," said Superman. "That's so fuckin' wicked. Come over
here and let me fuck your brains out."
   "Superman has begun to think with his cock," said Alisha.
   "Fluently," said Kara. "But we don't have anything like red Kryptonite to
turn the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and the others to evil."
   "Only the cigarettes," said Alisha, "and not nearly enough of them. Perhaps
I should pay Luthor a little visit myself. We'll have to let him in on at
least a bit of our plan."
   "Or we could just go kill him," said Kara. "And take his yummy smokes."
   "Are there enough of them?" asked Kal-El. "I mean, has he a ready supply?"
   Kara smiled. "But you know," she said, "there's something we haven't
   "We don't need the red Kryptonite cigarettes, Kal-El. We've got the fucking
necklaces. The shiny red stones are all we need. Smoking is cool, but not
because of the red Kryptonite. We've got that shit covered. Thanks to what
we're wearing around our necks, we don't need the red Kryptonite cigarettes.
We probably don't even need the ones he's producing to hook the general
   "But Lex does have a warehouse full of them," said Alisha. "He's had them
manufactured. All that awaits full production is me - and the two of you
   "So why should we trust you?" asked Superman.
   "First of all, I think you're cool as shit," said Alisha. "That goes
without saying, and don't underestimate the little fact that I get off on
super pussy and super cock. I mean, Lex is a stud, but he's fucking human, and
Lex ain't gonna look out for nobody but Lex. In the end, if he gets his way,
we're all dead just as soon as he thinks he doesn't need us anymore. But with
us - with you, Kara, and with you, Superman - I think there is a certain honor
among thieves.
   "I don't wanna rule the world. I just wanna be a good little partner. Lex
is fucking brilliant, but you two - shit. With y'all on my side, it's over,
baby. It's fuckin' over."
   "What about Stephanie?" asked Kara.
   "Stephanie's dumb as a mudhole," replied Alisha.
   "But she fucks," said Superman.
   "Everybody fucks," said Alisha. "As soon as we get plenty of these
cigarettes, it's gonna be a matter of what you want, Superstud. You can go
fuck Lois Lane's brains out right now if you want."
   "And we could use some, uh, good publicity, I'm thinking, down the road,"
said Kara.
   "So what, we kill the little redhead right here, right now?" asked Kal-El.
   "Unless you want to fuck her again first," said Alisha.
   "I could do that," said the Man of Steel. "Let's let her sleep for now,
though. I could use a cigarette, and we could use the time to plan. Maybe we
can still find some use for her."
   "Leave her ashes scattered in the Arctic," said Kara. "What better way to
disguise the death of an orphan?"
   "But first I get to fuck her to death," said Superman. "I'll choke the
pitiful little slut with my cock. What's that you said about her, Kara?"
   "She's expendable."
   "And evil," said Superman, "is so fucking cool."


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