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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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by Anonymous

Kelly opened the door to the chicken coop and snuck inside. It had been
abandoned for years, and had a musty smell to it, But at least here, she knew
she would not be found. She reached into her jeans pocket and took out the
crumpled pack of Salem 100's that she had cadged from her Aunt that morning
and found the matches, her heart quickened at the culmination of her desires.
She was a thrill seeker at her age, and this was normal for her. Taking out a
rather bent cigarette, she carefully straightened it out and smoothed it to
look like something elegant. She swallowed and placed it between her lips,
then struck a match and applied it to the end. 

The cool smoke made her mouth tingle as she took a healthy pull from the
menthol cigarette. As she inhaled, it filled her young lungs and expanded
slightly. She stifled a cough, and withdrew her white cigarette with the very
tips of her fore and middle fingers, holding it slightly aloft at an angle,
as the women she observed smoking did it. She pursed her lips and exhaled a
tight cone of bluish smoke into the frosty morning air. Her nipples tingled
and came to attention; whether from the sharp autumn air, or her heightened
excitement, she did not know. What she did know, however, was that she loved
the idea of smoking. It made her feel sophisticated and older than her years.
Kelly practiced smoking with style, even attempting a french inhale and smoke
rings. She smoked two whole cigarettes, and then came away from her secret
place with a light head.

At school, she began to hang out with the girls who smoked. By the time she
was a high school senior, her brand was strictly Virginia Slims menthols. A
pack of them a day, with the brunt of cigarettes smoked before and after
school. She was a cheerleader, having made the squad her junior year. The
star running back of the football team was giving her lots of delicious cock,
whenever she let him. Kelly definitely controlled her own destiny; smoking
stylishly had gained her power over the boys her own age, and she was seeing
now that older men were affected by the charm of her beauty coupled with the
flourish of her hand holding the slim, all-white cigarette...

Kelly always made sure that her lipstick was perfect. She wore a shade of red
that was much older and sophisticated than her years, rather than the shiny
pale pinks and lip glosses that her peers favored. Her nails matched her
lipstick, as did her toes. In the summer, she loved to walk along the
boardwalk in her bikini and heels, sunglasses on, smoke trailing from her
shiny lips. It gave her a charge to produce erect cocks just by the sight of
her as she passed by certain men. When she graduated from high school, she
began to date much older men. By now, she was driving a red late-model
Mustang GT convertible. That was how she met many of them...the sight of a
hot, smoking babe in a red sports car was too irresistible to go unnoticed.
Kelly got a taste for fine living through these many guys in their thirties
and forties; they took her out to fine restaurants and night clubs, gave her
nice things, exposed her to cultural events. Most of all, they kissed her
ass. Kelly knew how to get what she wanted. Men told her how beautiful she
was, how perfect her body was, how sexy she looked. One guy, Darren, even
came out and told her about how she made him aroused when she smoked her
cigarette. Kelly was very curious to know just how and what it did to him. 

"Okay...so you're telling me that when I smoke...just smoke...you watch me,
and it gets you hard. Is that what you mean?"

"That's part of it, yes...but it's more like what you do to my head", he
answered, "that makes me want to do you regardless of when or where we are!
As soon as that cigarette touches your lips, I go on a cruise in my mind. I
picture your lips wrapped around my dick, leaving red lipstick on it, just
like on the filters of your cigarettes."

"Uh-huhhn...so...like right now", she said, carefully observing the front of
his pants, "All it takes is for me to do this", she said, putting her
cigarette in her mouth and lighting it, "And you want to fuck me?"  His
slacks got tight with an erection.

"Yesss...but more than that, just seeing you tease me with that cigarette
makes me want to bury my face in your wetness and kiss you until you shake!",
he declared.

"Mmmm...so...what's stopping you?", Kelly asked, doing a snap inhale with her
face inches from his. He closed his eyes and groaned, as she gave him her
perfumed smoke in a kiss that made his head spin. She touched his forehead
and gently pushed him downward. He wasted no time in undoing her zipper; she
lifted her ass and he pulled pants and bikini briefs down together, to her
ankles, then off over her cross trainers. Kelly lay back, opening her thighs,
cigarette dangling from her red lips. Her fingers reached up under her top,
pulled up her bra, until her fingernails found her hardening nipples. Darren
was merely confirming what she had believed for a long time - her smoking
gave her power over the male species. As his tongue found her erect clitty,
she sighed and took a long, cool drag on her cigarette. His mouth was doing
magical things to her pussy, and she saw how he kept his eyes upon her,
watching her every movement as she smoked the cigarette. She decided to give
him what he fantasized about, but only after he made her cum.

"Oh, yeah! You suck me sooo good, Darren...that's it...lick it all up. What a
good boy you are...SUCK me...that's good...mmm-hmmm...look at me, baby...I'm
smoking my cigarette", she paused, dragging on it, then blowing a thick
bluish cone of smoke down her tummy at him. 

"I'm  smoking it just the way you like it", Kelly said, deliberately sexy.
"You're gonna make me cum...keep sucking my clit...mmm yeahhhh!". Darren
began to whimper, with his mouth buried in her vagina. His nose caught every
sweet exhale that she sent him; his cock was hard and throbbed in his hand,
after he had freed it.

"Don't beat off, sugar! Save every drop of that stuff for me!", she urged,
feeling her uterus go into contraction. She took a final drag and then
pinched her nipples, as the floor fell away beneath her. The climax overtook
her, rather violently. She reached down and held him by his head in a firm
grip as her mons ground against his mouth. Finally, her body stopped shaking,
and she released him.

"Lie down, Darren...get comfy, and for heaven's sake, take off your socks,
will you? I hate that. Why do guys leave their damn socks on when you're
about to get some?", she laughed. He got beside her on the sofa, settling
back to play with her nipples as she reached for her pack of cigarettes and
lighter. Putting a cigarette in her mouth, she handed him the zippo.

"Light me, darling!". She was so cute, lips clasping her cigarette in a sort
of pout.  He flicked the flame as her hand touched his, the gesture of a
glamorous smoking woman. His seven inches of cock swayed , as it anticipated
what was to come. She leaned in, giving him a soft kiss with lots of smoke,
as her other hand found his erection and closed around it firmly. Never
taking her eyes off of his, she stroked his length, using the nail of her
thumb to gently scrape the underside of his cock head. It was wet, covered by
pre-cum. As she smeared it on his glans, he began to moan.

"Mmm...what's this? You're leaking! Are you excited?", she asked.

"What do you think?", he asked, "I do believe that I'm about to get a smoking
hummer from an exquisitely beautiful young woman!"

Kelly began to jerk him off, roughly. He closed his eyes for a moment, and
felt her shift her weight. The next sensation he felt was the delicious wet
suction of her mouth upon his cock. He opened his eyes and gazed down at her.
She paused in her sucking, took a long drag and exhaled her cool smoke upon
his saliva-slick penis, then engulfed half of it in her hot mouth. He felt
her throat vibrate as she was making a humming noise. Her hand jacked his
dick as she came up off of it to inhale smoke and repeat her ministrations.
Sure enough - her red lipstick was making a ring of color upon his shaft! He
felt her tongue enter his pee-slit; her hand was caressing his scrotum as she
sucked only the knob of his dick, hard. She used just the right amount of
teeth, as they gently scraped his glans. She took another drag, then moved up
and kissed him, without missing a beat. Her hand stroked his cock as she
french-kissed him. Kelly took another drag, letting it trail out of her mouth
as she bent down to resume the blowjob. He touched the back of her head
tentatively, not knowing if this would piss her off. When it did not, he held
her hair as he felt his balls tightening - a sure sign of impending climax.
Darren decided to be the gentleman...

"Baby...I'm gonna cum real soon...", he said awkwardly. She looked up at him
with wide, innocent eyes and sucked harder. Her cigarette was half-smoked,
red stain on the filter, as she took a final drag and then took at least five
inches of him into her throat, smoke coming out of her nostrils. That was it.
He had warned her, and it was clear that she wanted him to shoot off in her
mouth. He heard himself groan, and then his nuts exploded. Spasm after spasm
of hot seed flooded her throat, until it spilled from the corners of her
mouth, down onto his pubic hair. She popped him out of her mouth, lipstick
smeared. Somehow, it only made her more hot. He flipped her over, so that her
tummy was on the sofa, and drove himself into her hot cunt. She yelled as he
fucked her wet cunt, grabbing her by her hair, riding her fast and hard from
behind. He saw that she moved her ass to meet his every thrust, smoking her

Darren felt his second orgasm coming on fast. Her cunt muscles clenched him
as he rode her, and then Kelly told him to stop, to let her lie on her back.
He let her get down, and then re-entered her, watching as she lit yet another
Virginia Slims. She closed her eyes and dragged, moans escaping her lips.

"I'm cumming", she moaned, and wrapped her legs around his waist. He flooded
her vagina with his second helping, unable to pull out even if he wanted to.
She opened her eyes in surprise, yet a smile played upon her ruined mouth.

"You came again?", she asked, in disbelief. "Wow! That was fast..."

"No-ooo...that was you and your cigarette", Darren told her as he pulled out
of her and grabbed his shorts to hold against her pussy to catch his sperm as
it began to ooze out. She was impressed. Most guys would not even give a damn
about something like that...maybe this guy was considerate. But then again,
she was a beautiful smoking woman. Perhaps he was just under her sway...

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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