Taboo, Part 1

(by, 29 August 2002)

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by uciboy


"God, I need a cigarette," Margie said.  She had been studying this math
problem for 20 minutes and still couldn't get it.  Her hand reached for the
pack of Virginia Slims 120's sitting on the table and with her fingertips she
pulled out a long white cigarette, put it in her mouth, and lit it with her
left hand.  She took a heavy draw and inhaled it deeply.  It was a beautiful
Fall night on the patio of Starbucks and the cool air she inhaled with the
smoke tingled inside her lungs.  She tilted her head up a bit and exhaled a
white cloud.  She smiled at herself and took a quick puff before turning her
eyes back to the homework in front of her.  The glow lit up her almond colored
skin and the white smoke drifting up contrasted sharply with her jet black
hair.  The smoke escaped out of her nose and the small opening she made
between her lips.  She let her arm down and the cigarette dangled between her
fingers, the smoke curling up along the side of her body, floating into the
lights above.  An occasional flick of the thumb would alter but never halt the
stream that flowed from the orange glowing tip.

In amazement Stephanie watched Margie smoke.  Stephanie was a non-smoker and
had never before inhaled a cigarette, despite the fact that her father smoked
and her mother was a former smoker.  Amazingly when her adopted brother, 15
year old Chris, had just started, her parents gave no protest.  He was even
allowed to smoke in the house.  She was always told by teachers and doctors
that smoking was bad, that it smelled, that you had to be stupid to do it.
But here was Margie, her closest friend in college, a very attractive young
Asian American woman, and a straight "A" university freshman, smoking.  What's
wrong with this picture?

Just watching Margie stirred Stephanie who was, by all accounts, a relatively
"good" girl.  At 18 years old, she didn't drink and she didn't sleep around
(though she had lost her virginity in high school).  But smoking?  Hmm...
What was it about smoking that made an Asian woman look so good?  She was
curious - tempted.  What would the strangers on the patio think of her if she
lit a cigarette?  Would she look sexy?  Mature?  Would men fantasize about
her?  Women envy her?  Would she even like it?

Stephanie's eyes were transfixed on the stream of smoke flowing from Margie's
mouth.  "You're thinking about smoking, aren't you," Margie asked.  Stephanie
was shocked.  Was it that obvious?  "Have you ever tried it before?"

"Once," Stephanie replied.  "When I was 14 - and when my Mom used to smoke -
my brother and I each took a quick puff on a lit cigarette that she left in
the kitchen.  He inhaled and coughed.  I was so nervous at almost getting
caught that I couldn't even inhale it."  Stephanie watched Margie casually
flick the ash off her cigarette before bringing it up to her lips.  "But that
was years ago and I haven't tried it since."

Margie shot out a cloud of smoke from her mouth, followed by a stream pressed
between her moist lips.  "Give it time," she said.  "If you want to smoke,
you'll smoke.  If you don't, you wont.  But let me warn you - once you start"
- Margie took a deep puff, arched her lips and began blowing smoke rings
before inhaling and exhaling the remaining smoke in one quick movement - "you
won't want to stop."  Another smile - "And the guys love it."

Stephanie's curiosity peaked.  "I think I'll try it."  Margie handed her the
pack and Stephanie pulled out a 120 cigarette.  "My God, these are long."

"The longer the sexier," Margie giggled, eager that she was about to make a

Stephanie leaned forward to reach the flame emanating from the lighter Margie
held in her hand and began puffing.  The flame jumped a bit and burnt the tip
black.  I'll get it right with practice, she thought to herself, surprised
that she was already thinking about her next cigarette.  Stephanie sat up
straight, took a puff and blew the smoke quickly from her mouth in an unshaped
mass.  She was not ready to inhale - not yet.  She would just puff on it a
bit.  She was self-conscious as she held the cigarette between her fingers.
Was everyone watching?  Staring?  "So why did you start smoking," she asked.

A wicked grin grew on Margie face.  "It turned me on."  Margie took another
puff, forming a ball in her mouth that she sucked in with a quick breath.  A
thin stream of vapor hissed from her lips as she blew the smoke out of the
side of her mouth.  "God, I love this," she said in a breath of smoke, closely
looking at the smoldering instrument that provided her with so much pleasure.
She gave a wry smile at Stephanie - "I just want to smoke," and she took
another deep puff.  She closed her eyes as she inhaled.  The smoke billowed
from her mouth and she could feel her pussy moisten.

"I can't remember a time when I didn't want to smoke," she continued as she
took another deep drag.  "Everyone in my family smokes - my mother, father,
grandparents, aunts and uncles.  You know these Taiwanese families.  It was a
forgone conclusion that my sisters and I would start.  My parents didn't even
try and stop us.  They just gave us the usual warnings - you know, how
addictive it is, how bad it is for you - all that crap.  But it's kind of hard
to believe it when your mom is telling you this with a cigarette in her hand."

Margie inhaled a puff up through her nose and took it in deep.  She shot a
stream out of her mouth.  "I think my Mom was secretly pleased, actually.  She
always felt a little guilty whenever she lit-up in front of us."  Margie's
face glowed orange as she took one last heavy puff on her cigarette.  Smoke
billowed out of her mouth as she crushed the cigarette in the ash tray on the
table.  "Now at least she can smoke guilt free!"

Stephanie took another puff.   Slowly she let the smoke float from her mouth
before forcing it out with one swift blow.

"How do you like it," Margie asked.  

"It's...interesting," was all Stephanie could say.  She was afraid to inhale
it.  Would she cough and make a fool of herself?  "How do you inhale it
without coughing?"

"It's simple."  Margie took out another cigarette and lit it.  "Just take a
small puff, open your mouth a bit, and breath in.  Like this."  Margie showed
her how, the Virginia Slim glowing orange as she did so.  "Just don't hold it
in too long - at least until you get used to it."

Stephanie did as she was instructed.  She held the cigarette straight  in her
fingers and brought it up to her lips.  Her eyes reflected an orange glow as
she puffed.  She could feel the smoke billow into her lungs as she inhaled.
She closed her eyes as she exhaled.  "Oh my," she said, pleased with the warm
and yet cool sensation her chest was experiencing.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

Stephanie took another puff.  This time she held it in a little longer.  She
could feel the nicotine coating her lungs, taking over her body - and she
liked it.  She opened her eyes as she exhaled.  She wanted to see the smoke
actually leave her mouth.

"Now you've got it," Margie said, sitting back as she moved the cigarette to
her lips.  "You're a real natural.  The guys will be swarming all over you."

Stephanie glanced around the patio.  Were any cute guys watching?  Cum and get
me.  She could feel the aura of seduction oozing out of her pours as she took
her first deep puff and let it inside her lungs.  Her body responded with a
jar and Stephanie could suddenly feel tingling all over.  Her pussy started to
moisten and she moved her legs slowly to create a little friction between her
cunt and her panties.  She stifled a moan with another puff.

"You know," Margie started, "you must be the only Korean American student on
this campus who didn't start smoking in grade school.  My God, all my Asian
friends smoke!"

"I know," Stephanie said, suddenly feeling incredibly comfortable as she sat
back in her chair.  "Even my brother just started smoking - and he's only 15!"

"They're growing up so fast," Margie said, her arm once again hanging over the
side of the chair.

"I've thought about it a lot," Stephanie continued.  "Recently I've been
having dreams about it."

"Oh yeah," Margie swooned, "I had those.  What were yours like?"

"Ever since my brother started, I've been having this one dream where I would
be sitting in the living room with my family.  My brother is on the couch with
my Dad learning to smoke and he blows out these huge white clouds in slow
motion.  My Mom and I are sitting across the room in arm chairs, watching.  We
are both smoking and my mother turns to look at me and says slowly with a
proud smile, 'You smoke.'  I bring the cigarette up to my lips, inhale a deep
puff and seductively blow it out towards my brother.  Then I wake up - wet!"

"Fuck - and you didn't start smoking sooner?"  Margie took a puff, maneuvered
her lower lip, and slowly guided the smoke up through her nostrils.  

"I've even been catching myself fantasizing about my brother smoking,"
Stephanie admitted with a wicked smile.  "Thank God he's adopted," she mumbled
before taking a final puff and exhaling as she crushed the cigarette in the
black ash tray.  "God, that's good," and she casually put her hands between
her legs, feeling the wetness.  The crumpled butt smoldered as she sat back in
her chair.  

"That's some pretty incestuous shit," Margie said.  She tilted her head in
thought.  "Even before puberty, all I could think about was how I was gonna
smoke when I grew up.  I'd watch my mother closely, how she lit it, how she
brought it up to her lips, how she put it out in the ash tray, always exhaling
the smoke through her nose as she did.  Hell, every move my mother made was
choreographed and sooo sexy."  Margie shook her head.  "It made me want to
smoke all the more.  I used to sit in front of my dresser mirror and wave my
hand around with a pencil, pretending the eraser was the filter and the
pointed lead the tip."  Margie inhaled a puff without opening her mouth.  "I'm
surprised I didn't start smoking at 10!" she said, exhaling the smoke with
every syllable.

"How old were you when you started?"

"14.  But I had been sneaking cigarettes ever since my mother let me light one
of hers when I was in sixth grade.  She caught me a few times but finally gave
up when I was a freshman in high school.  It wasn't long before my two sisters

Stephanie thought about her own parents.  They didn't complain when her
brother started smoking.  Would they stay silent if she suddenly lit up in the
living room one night?  I have an announcement to make.  I'm a smoker.
Stephanie smiled at herself.  Virginia Slim, anyone?  They're sooo sexy.

"You want another one," Margie asked.  Stephanie could still feel the tingling
in her body as the nicotine did its magic.  She knew she shouldn't smoke
another.  What if I get addicted?  She watched Margie take a deep puff and
open her mouth wide to let the smoke drift upwards.  Smoking is not so bad,
Stephanie told herself.  You can't get hooked with just a few.  Was she
rationalizing this too much?  Fuck it.  Her hands reached for the pack and she
took out another one.  Slowly she put it in her mouth and lit the tip.  A
perfect light.  Her pussy continued to drip and she sat back, in ecstasy with
each puff.

Margie smiled as she watched Stephanie, seductively holding her cigarette just
along side her mouth as she puffed slowly, letting the smoke drift between her
lips as she exhaled.  She knew that her friend was well on her way to being a
smoker, and she sought to speed things along with just a little more friendly

"You know how to really feel the pleasure of a cigarette, don't you?"

Stephanie slowly opened her eyes and set her hand on her thigh, the cigarette
titled just to the side.  "How?"

Margie held up two fingers and slowly moved them back and forth.

"That's sick," Stephanie said and took another puff as she looked out towards
the parking lot.

Margie sat up in her chair, took a deep puff before throwing the cigarette
over the railing, and leaned towards Stephanie.  "No, it's wicked" she
whispered in a cloud of smoke.  "There's nothing better than cumming while you
smoke."  Stephanie frowned.  The thought of masturbating was disgusting.  "You
can fantasize about your brother smoking."

Her friend's words made Stephanie's pussy throb.  But she didn't want this
conversation to continue.  It was getting much too weird.  "I gotta go," she
said and gathered up her books.  She stood up, books in one hand and her
cigarette in the other.

"Okay,"  Margie pulled out two cigarettes from the pack.  "Take

"No, I've had enough."

"No, take them, take them - you can always throw them away if you don't want
them."  Stephanie took one last puff and quickly blew a stream of smoke as she
dropped the cigarette on the floor and crushed it with her shoe.  She took the
two Virginia Slims in her palm.  "But remember what I told you."

Stephanie turned away with a grunt of exasperation and dropped the cigarettes
in her purse as she left the patio.  Margie looked down at the table where the
math problem remained unsolved.  She sat back and put a fresh cigarette
between her lips.  She brought the flame to the tip and filled her mouth with
the cool mentholated smoke.  She inhaled deeply and slowly blew the cloud up
towards the lights.  God, she whispered to herself, I love to smoke.  


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