Tammy's story

(by anonymous, 06 January 2000)

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Tammy's story.                                                                
  How I started smoking, " My name is Tammy, and this is my story" I am 14 
years old and last summer I went to the beach with my neighbor and her 
brother. At first I really hated her for this but now IM glad it happened. I 
liked her brother Billy but didn't like Kathy, she was 25 years old and could 
drive us to the beach so I tried to be her friend.                            
                          Kathy is very beautiful, with long blond hair and 
long finger nails.  I was jealous of her because she smoked cigarettes and I 
was too young. My parents warned me if I ever smoked cigarettes I would be 
grounded for a month plus I wouldn't be able to sit for a month. I had wanted 
to try cigarettes for some time now but was afraid of what my parents would 
do to me if I got caught. Billy had stayed at the beach with some friends so 
I got to sit in the front seat on the way home. Kathy's purse was at my feet 
and starring me in the face was an open pack of Virginia Slims menthol. I 
watched as Kathy took the pack out and slowly pulled out a cigarette and put 
it to her lips. It looked so sexy with her long painted nails.                
                            Next she was digging in her purse for a lighter 
and I said "let me get it for you," she looked at me and said "OK." I found 
the lighter and flicked it, She turned toward me and lit the cigarette. As 
she blew her smoke against the windshield I was just shaking inside. I wanted 
so bad to try one but couldn't ask her, after all she was my mom's friend. 
The next thing I was thinking was how to steel one from her. Maybe she would 
go to the gas station and I could take one. I must have been starring at the 
pack because she looked at me and asked "did you want one?" More than 
anything I wanted one, I was shaking in my shoes. I tried to act cool and 
said "sure."                                                                  
"Take one" she said.  I took one and tried to light it without inhaling and 
it wasn't lighting. Kathy took it from me and lit it. I took a small puff and 
didn't cough. Kathy looked at me and asked point blank if my parents cared if 
I smoked? I lied and said they were OK with it.                  She knew I 
was lying and said "then its OK for me to check with them?" she picked up her 
cellular phone. "No, I said" "I mean no they don't know" Kathy looked at me 
and smiled. I thought I was in the clear,                                     
                    "So you lied to me" she said. "IM sorry" I pleaded 
"please done tell my Mom."                                 I tried to give 
her the cigarette, it didn't taste so good anymore. "You might as well keep 
it now the damage is done." Kathy said. I begged her not to tell and she said 
"Well if you hadn't lied to me I might not." I know she would have anyway.    
                                                                 I was really 
scared and Kathy knew it. She seemed to get off on my crying. She asked me 
"what was going to happen to me" when my parents found out. I told her every 
thing that they said. "You mean to tell me that your fathers going to take a 
belt to your ass and its in my hands to prevent it?" Kathy asked.  "Yes," I 
sobbed "Please I begged" Kathy gave me this evil smile and said "Oh IM going 
to enjoy this so much" She picked up the phone and dialed.        "HI Judy, 
this is Kathy" she said she looked at me and I was shaking my head no and 
whimpering. "IM here with Tammy and I don't how to say this but" she paused 
and took a deep drag and blew her smoke into my face and smiled at me. "Tammy 
has been begging me for a cigarette, and she said you gave her permission to 
smoke so I let her smoke is that all right with you?"                         
                                 I could here Mom screaming on the other end. 
"Yes, IL have her home in 20 minutes," she hung up.  I was crying and 
screaming at the same time,"you bitch I hate you" "You shouldn't have lied" 
she said.  She pulled out another cigarette and asked me, "Oh would you like 
to light this one for me?"  "Fuck you bitch" I screamed. "I hate you" Kathy 
gave me an evil look and said "I would give anything to be there when you 
father takes a belt to your bare ass, I hope it hurts so much."  "And don't 
worry, when IM at home tonight relaxing with a cigarette, IL be thinking 
about you," all I could say was "Bitch"                                       
                   When we pulled into the driveway Mom was waiting on the 
porch. Of course Kathy had to talk to her again, over explaining how I had 
begged her not to snitch. She also added "I think Tammy has been smoking for 
some time now,I could smell it on her when she got in the car." "And not only 
did she beg me for a cigarette but she asked me to buy her a pack." I stood 
there wide mouthed listining to her lie thru her teeth. Mom sent me to my 
room till dad got home. I watched the bitch thru the window of my room. she 
looked up at me smiling, lit another one and as she held it up between her 
first two fingers she  waved the other three and mouthed "bye bye" to me. I 
just whipped her the bird as she drove off. God I hated her.  The next hour 
was hell waiting for dad to come home. When he pulled in I was scarred 
shitless, he didn't come up to my room for almost an hour. Finely he walked 
in the room and sat on the bed and put his arms around me and said, "Your 
mother and I have discussed this many times in the past but we didn't think 
it would happen so soon." "We knew someday you were going to try smoking" he 
said. "Your not an adult, and you know smoking is bad for you, But we also 
believe you are old enough to make decisions on your own." "If you choose to 
smoke you will never do it in the house or in front of your mother or me," 
"Is that understood?" "Yes, " I said, and that was the last I heard of it. I 
still sneak a cigarette when I can and keep them well hidden and they don't 
know. "Or do they?"                                

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