(by anonymous18, 13 October 2004)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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I'd like to tell you of an unusual and very weird episode in my life that
occurred only last month.

I am just a regular 17-year-old guy who works part time as a Hall Porter at
the Hilton Hotel in Brighton.  I enjoy my job very much. In this job I do I
have to serve many wealthy guests that frequent this hotel for whatever
reason they happen to be here for. Which may be business, opting out for a
short while the rat race they see they are in. Maybe just people or couples
have a holiday.

Of course, like most young men I love cars and women. Not necessarily in that

But I guess that car's feature at the top of the list most often though.

Anyway, one Monday last month I was walking from work to the railway station
to catch a train home. I was getting just a little wet for it was gently
raining when a silver Porsche 911 Turbo drove slowly by and pulled over on my
side of the road about twenty yards in front of me. The driver of the Porsche
switched off the engine and it all appeared as if the driver was waiting for

As I walked on I realised that it was waiting for me because the passenger
window which was on my side of the road powered down and a young girl's hand
beckoned me over. I did a double take thinking that there was no driver when
I realised that the driver was simply leaning across the passenger seat. She
clearly had no intention of getting out the car into the rain. So it was with
curiosity I approached the car.

She was a very pretty looking girl with ice blue eyes and she looked very
petite. I would guess she was maybe around 5 foot tall. Her hair was light
ginger and tightly combed back into two ponytails making her look very young.

The young lady informed me that she was lost and wanted directions to get
back onto a road that would take her back to Leeds some 190 miles away. I
must have looked slightly baffled because the young girl asked me what was

I replied saying that where she was at this moment in Brighton it was too
complicated to simply say turn left here then right there then 3rd left at
the next roundabout etc. It would be much better that I write it down for

"OK!" She said and invited me to get into her car. I did so, glad to get out
of the rain.

Although I have admired the Porsche Turbo from afar I had never actually sat
or been in one.

I opened the passenger door and moved the open packet of cigarettes that was
on the seat onto the dashboard and got in. The seat was low but very
supportive and comfortable. The smell of quality leather upholstery was
strong but not strong enough to mask the lingering smell of recent cigarette

I looked at the girl who had moved herself back behind the steering wheel.
She smiled engagingly at me, but I couldn't help noticing a hint of
circumspection to her demeanour. Her complexion was very fair as typical
redheads usually are, with a lovely smattering of freckles over her cute
upturned nose.  She was, I thought, not the type of girl I would have
associated with a high-class motor as a new 60K Porsche 911 Turbo. She was
just sprawling there in faded jeans happily sucking a sherbet dip. 

Anyway I decided, who am I to judge wither Porsche drivers should or should
not eat kids candy. 

What I did know was that I was sitting in an exotic motor that shouted

Everything about this car broadsides me in its purpose for speed and quality   

I couldn't help but be impressed and I felt jealous that this girl who
couldn't have been much older than me, should be so fortunate to actually
have a Porsche of her own. I asked her what it was like to drive. Her eyes
sparkled and she giggled and said it was "Fucking wonderful" I told her that
this was the first time I had sat in a Porsche and that I was very impressed.

She said that she was impressed with the Porsche too and that it was brill,
in fact she'd been driving it non-stop for the past three hours and still she
loved it.

I informed her that my name was Mick and she introduced herself as Tania

Anyway, Tania then rummaged about in the glove box and found an old envelope
and a ball pen and handed them to me to write down the directions. As I was
working out the best and easiest way to write down directions Tania suddenly
asked me if I wanted one. 

I looked up and saw she was offering me a cigarette. I declined and explained
that I'd never smoked cos I thought I'd have probs giving up later as I had
noticed some friends of mine who were now quite addicted to cigarettes. Tania
laughed and said she'd only been smoking a few months herself and that she
certainly wouldn't be giving up yet. 

She lit her cigarette and blew out a long plume of smoke taking care to
direct it out of her partially open window 

By the time Tania had smoked half her cigarette I had the directions written

Tania thanked me for the directions and we went through them. Tania didn't
seem to understand them very good and I realised that she couldn't have been
driving for very long. I mean, she did looked very young. If I hadn't seen
her actually driving and instead, had met her in the street I wouldn't have
thought she were old enough to drive a car.

I hinted this observation of her youthfulness to her and she looked away
flustered and embarrassed. She silently smoked her cigarette and the fact she
didn't try to exhale her smoke away from me, as she had been careful to do
before suggested she was not very happy with me

I guessed I must have hit a raw nerve and I placed my hand on her shoulder
and she looked warily at me.

I explained my apparent rudeness away by apologising for being insulting and
suggesting that it was better to look younger than her years because when she
became 30 she would only look 17 (same as me) and all her friends would be so
envious. She took a long pull on her now almost finished cigarette and I saw
an incredibly thick slug of smoke slip into her mouth as she breathed in then
stubbing it out in the black transmission tunnel ashtray she looked
searchingly at my face.

After contemplating me for a few moments she must have decided that she was
suitably mollified by my crawling and smiled weakly' Then much to my
surprise, suddenly kissed me full on the lips. 

 Of course I responded as any red blooded male would do and flicked my tongue
 into her mouth. I could taste her smoky tongue mixed with strawberry
 flavoured sherbet dip. Tania recoiled slightly at my tongue invasion and I
 could tell this was new for her. But within seconds she reciprocated with
 her own little hot tongue and she breathed out into my mouth in delight. 

It was at that point I realised she still had smoke inside her lungs. I could
taste it as she breathed out into my mouth  

Jesus, this was so incredible and I breathed in her smoky breath. As stated,
I didn't smoke and my lungs were not used to smoke saturated breath like I
was taking into me and I felt my chest get tight. I pulled away to get air.

Tania smiled enigmatically at my obvious surprise at being kissed by a lovely
girl that had a Porsche. As the remainder of her exhale feathered from her
lips Tania turned the sound system over to CD and I found myself listening to
teenybopper music that Tania clearly enjoyed.

She lit up another cigarette inhaled deeply then she looked earnestly at me
and smiling broadly asked me if I wanted to be taken for a ride in her
Porsche. Maybe she could drop me off home as a thank you for helping with the

I said sure and how wonderful that would be. I secretly thought that this
lovely youthful looking girl might want to take me somewhere private and you

Tania smiled girlishly and turned the key.

The hugely powerful flat 12 engine screamed into life. I felt the car
twisting under the torque reaction. I watched Tania push her little foot down
on the clutch and her hand caress the short gear lever and selected first

Giving the car plenty of gas Tania let the clutch bite I found myself pressed
relentlessly into my seat under awesome acceleration that Tania's car
unleashed. I noticed the traction control was working because instead of the
driving wheels losing traction - the whole car simply juddered and launched
itself in a way I had only read about.

The petite girl behind the wheel harshly changed up a gear and the car was
accelerating again. Another rough gear-change and still the Porsche
maintained its relentless push. The young girl synchronisation between clutch
and accelerator pedal was dreadful but I supposed she was more familiar with
automatic transmissions. Nonetheless, in spite of her clumsiness in shifting
gears we were soon speedily slicing along the rain swept road in excess of

I warned her that the cops were keen around her and maybe she should reduce
her speed a bit. Tania looked across at me showing genuine dismay. "What!"
She said "Is there a speed limit here?" 

I felt a sense - of something isn't right here - and I pointed out that if
there were streetlights the speed limit was 30mph unless otherwise stated.
Smoke gushed out with a crestfallen "Ooooooer" reply to this and she reduced
our speed down to about 40mph.

"God ... this is soo fuckin slow" she grumbled through a confluent mouth and
nose exhale. 

I asked her how long it had taken her to get from Leeds to where I met her
near my work. 

Tania took another pull on her cigarette and her pretty brow frowned working
out the times.

"About two and half-hours I guess".

"Fuck me Tania" I gasped out " you must have been doing well over 130mph to
average 85 mph all the way down".

She gave a bashful grin and agreed that she had been going fast. "It's so
hard to keep slow in this car" she laughed.

She showed what she meant by pressing her little foot down and sure enough
her incredible Porsche surged another 30mph in the time my fathers Subaru
Legacy would have added 10mph. 

Tania pressed the brakes firmly and without even dipping its front or lifting
its rear the Porsche simply scrubbed off speed with no drama whatsoever. I
felt the seat belt bite into my shoulder such was forces generated. Tania's
cigarette packet was pinned to the windscreen defying gravity.  Tania laughed
impishly I marvelled at the young girl who was driving this powerful car with
verve and calmly smoking her cigarette. 

She really did look so cool and I told her so.....

Tania smiled gratefully then looked thoughtful, She was about to say
something, but instead, she took a long disturbed draw from her cigarette.
Her eyes seemed to be a thousand miles away in spite of watching the road she
was quickly driving her car on.

I think it was a larger expanse of smoke than she anticipated she drew into
her lungs and I saw her flinch slightly. But she held that heavy smoke in her
chest for several moments. 

Fascinated I couldn't help myself watching how sexily she smoked

I watched her breathe out slowly. 

At first there was just a faint misty cloud, which rapidly transformed into a
deep creamy funnel of smoke pouring smoothly tripping and dancing past her
full lips.

 For a moment, she takes her eyes off the road and shyly turns her pretty
 face and looks at me. The diffused smoke exiting from her mouth seemed

Tania looked back to the rushing road being swallowed up by the shark-like
nose of her Porsche and talking through her exhale she dropped her bombshell.

She told me that she the Porsche was not hers. It really belonged to her
mother's boyfriend they were away in Europe and she was staying with her
aunt several miles away. This morning she'd been bored and on a whim, taken a
bus back to her home and borrowed the Porsche. Tania giggled as she told me
how her aunt thought she was staying at the home of one of her

I remember echoing weakly "School - But Tania - What do you mean by School?
How old are you?"

We were now out of town hurtling down a fast country road.

Tania couldn't answer straight away. Her attention was taken by having to
negotiating her powerful car past a straggle of slower moving cars. Deftly
she flicked the car past the first victim then braking heavily to squeeze
into a gap between it and another car in front of it so that a heavy truck
travelling in the opposite direction roared past.  Her small hand gripped the
gear lever and awkwardly pushed it into second gear, badly synchronising her
slim clutch operating foot. Her other equally petite foot floored the gas and
I experienced the awesome acceleration of the Porsche at its most frenzied. 

Looking over to the instruments I am in fascination of the Speedo needle
lightly nudging the digits of 130mph. It was a long straight road and no
longer congested with traffic. 

I commented that the speed we were travelling at was the fastest I'd ever
been in any car. I could tell that the young girl in control of the Porsche
was getting very, very hyped up. Her lovely full lips were moist with

She animatedly replied to me "Then fuckin watch this for speed" 

Now Tania with her cigarette almost continually glowing held her small
feminine foot right down to the floor and the Porsche carried on
accelerating. Moments later she excitedly screamed "We're doin 170 fuckin

Flushed with childlike elation Tania eased off on the accelerator taking
around 30mph off the speed. She took a last eager nerve calming pull from her
nearly finished cigarette. 

Stubbing out her cigarette in the ashtray she dropped her bombshell! She had
only been driving cars since this morning and even worse; was only
thirteen-years old.

It all fell into place now. The reason her being lost! Why she was put out by
my inference that she was young when she so clearly saw herself "as a
grownup", Driving the stolen Porsche over 400 miles and of course, smoking
helped Tania to forget that she was only a little eighth grade schoolgirl.
The poor gear changing was because Tania was a novice in driving cars.
Tania's sherbet (and smoke!) flavoured kiss was because she still loved her
candy just like 90 percent of all kids under 15.

Now it started to sink in. The realisation that I was in a super-car
travelling at nearly 140mph being driven by a novice thirteen-year-old girl
driver started to freak me out 

She stopped outside my home and I declined to act on my original idea of
inviting her into my home for carnal intimacy. She was just a
thirteen-year-old kid for fuck sake.

We talked for a while about her school and friends. She said she would like
to drive down here again and she would let me have a drive of the Porsche. 

I told her that she had better just get her borrowed car back home and not
drive till she was old enough to get a licence.

But that's in four years time she complained, lighting up another cigarette
and French inhaling like a pro.

I went through the directions for her way back to Leeds and reminded her that
the speed limit in the UK was 70mph. 

"Yeah.... Whatever" she smokily said starting the engine

I got out and thanked her for a wonderful time and closed the door.

She blipped the gas and the whole car twitched in response to its power  

Wishing that this amazing young girl were just a few years older I watched
her pull another load of smoke inside her. Then seeing a swathe of thick
smoke vent through her pursed lips I see the rear of her silver Porsche squat
down and the small girl accelerated her awesome car away into the distance.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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