The Cruise

(by, 12 October 2006)

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The Cruise
Part 1

Note: Even though Smoke Signals exists, its contest and its employees
depicted below are solely products of the author's imagination.

It was May 1st and Jordon Kennedy, a 6 foot, 35 year old male with an
athletic build, knew that a new issue of Smoke Signal's on-line e-zine had
been posted.  He eagerly signed in and began to read the new issue.  The
pictures and stories of the beautiful young women attempting to satisfy their
nicotine cravings were as exciting as always.  What really excited Jordon
however was an article announcing an up-coming "Smoker's Cruise".  The
article announced the website was sponsoring a Caribbean cruise aboard a
large ship, where participants would join some of the sexy young smoking
stars from the website. It promised to be six days and five nights of fun,
surrounded by non-stop, real-life smoking. The cost - just $2382.00. The
article also announced a contest with 5 grand prizes, each winner getting an
all expense paid ticket to the cruise for themselves and a guest, plus a
year's supply of cigarettes.  To enter the contest, you had to be a female
smoke and you had to write a short bio on yourself that included: when you
started to smoke, how much you smoke, what brand you smoke, and why you
wanted to win the cruise.  A final requirement was a short 2-3 minute video
clip of you smoking.  

Jordon had wanted to take his 32 year old wife, Becca, on a nice trip ever
since they were married about a year ago, but finances were tight and he knew
the $2382.00/person cost of the cruise was not something they could afford.
Becca was a smoker and in fact it was her love of smoking and Jordon's love
of smokers that drew them together.  The first time Jordon saw Becca, he
could hardly believe his eyes.  Her naturally long, blond hair, blue eyes,
huge beautiful smile and large, firm breasts were just the start.  Jordon
recalls watching Becca from across the room at a friend's party.  She took
long, strong drags from each of her Newport Cigarettes before inhaling the
huge smoke ball.   After an initial exhale, smoke would continue to pour from
her perfectly shaped nose and wonderfully moist lips as she spoke or simply
breathed, for what seemed like forever.  Jordon watched her for nearly an
hour before approaching her, during which time she smoked nearly non-stop.
She did not seem to be with anyone in particular, but her beauty was
attracting all the men, even those that were already married, that were in
the room.

Jordon and Becca hit it off from the start, and soon moved off to a smaller,
quieter room to continue chatting, after Becca politely asked Jordon if he
minded her smoking.  Becca later mentioned that it was her smoking that kept
her from hitting it off with any of the other guys at the party.  As they
chatted, Becca nearly always held a lit cigarette close to her mouth, between
her fingers, only moving it away long enough to trim the ash or to drop the
darkly stained filter in an ashtray.  They chatted for several hours before
leaving, but did not leave until they planned their second meeting.  Becca
invited Jordon over to her house a couple of night later, for dinner.

That was a year and a half ago.  They dated about six months, although both
claim they knew immediately that they wanted to spend their lives together.
Becca's love for smoking was just as strong today as it was when Jordon first
met her and Jordon knew she had a good shot at wining the contest-..if he
could just get her to allow him to film her.  Although Becca knew about
Jordon's fascination with smokers, she could honestly not understand it.
That night at dinner, Jordon mentioned the cruise to Becca, who seemed
excited, but knew that their finances did not realistically allow such a
luxury.  Then Jordon mentioned the contest.  Becca listened closely as Jordon
explained the details, but when she heard about having to submit a video
clip, she was not so sure.  Becca changed the subject and soon she and Jordon
were talking about something completely different.

That night Jordon analyzed their finances again, to see if maybe there was
something they could cut so they could afford the trip, if they had to pay.
He looked at the utility bills, the mortgage, the car payment, the insurance
and the taxes.  There was nowhere to cut. He was about to give up hope, when
he realized he forgot to consider the cash he held back from each of his
paychecks to pay for the weekly groceries.  While Becca did a great job
cooking, they did not eat a lot or buy a lot of extras, but the bill was
keeping out nearly $200 every week for groceries.  Becca always put the
receipts in on the desk, so he began looking through them.  There was milk-
bread- fruit- some meats- cigarettes- bathroom cleaners-. toilet paper-
juice.  Then he began to look at the prices next to some of the items and
noticed a carton of Becca's cigarettes cost $49.89 and most weeks she was
buying 3 cartons!  He went into the other room and asked Becca how much she
smoked.  She gave him an odd look and said she didn't really keep track.  He
asked him to take a guess.  Becca smile and figured he was just on a smoking
fetish kick but began calculating a rough guess, based on being awake about
15 hrs a day and she smoked about 5 cigarettes and hour- that was 75
cigarettes a day.  That was near 4 packs and sounded too high, but the more
she thought, that might not be too far off.  She told Jordon it was about 50.
He thought for minutes, knowing a pack had 20 cigarettes and a carton had 10
packs, he figured 50 a day would mean just under 2 cartons a week.  Becca saw
the puzzled look on his face and asked what was wrong.  Jordon explained he
noticed most of the store receipts listed 3 cartons of cigarettes, which
would be more like 80 cigarettes a day.  Becca became defensive and said, "I
thought you enjoyed my smoking and actually encouraged me to smoke more?
What, do you want me to quit now?"  Jordon knew he had hit a sore spot and
immediately assured Becca that he did not want her cutting back, but was just
looking at the finances in hopes of finding some money for the trip.  Jordon
went back into the study and punched some numbers into the calculator and
figured they were spending between $6,000 and $7,000 a year of cigarettes.
Then he remembers the content winner also got a year's supply of cigarettes.

Jordon went back in the other room and waited for Becca to look up from the
magazine she was reading.  He smiled as their eyes met but did not say a
word.  She grinned and asked him what he wanted.  He leaned down and kissed
her. His mouth was immediately filled with the smoky taste of Becca's lips
and he loved it.  Becca kept looking at him and said, "What?"  Jordon said,
"I want you to smoke more and you can smoke more-. if you do one thing."
After Becca asked what, Jordon outlined what he had calculated they could
save in a year if they won the contest and that they could also take the
cruise.  Becca was still a little reluctant and said she would have to think
about it.

That night after Jordon went to bed, Becca was downstairs enjoying her last
cigarette and going back over how much she smoked.  Jordon was right; she was
smoking between 3 and 4 packs a day.  She knew she was costing them a lot of
money and felt bad about it, but at the same time she did not want to quit,
in fact if anything she wanted to smoke even more. As she chained into a
second cigarette, something she always did before heading to bed, she thought
back over what Jordon had said concerning the contest.

The next morning Becca was up, out of bed, and downstairs having a cup of
coffee and enjoying a cigarette when Jordon came down.   She apologized to
Jordon for costing them so much money and then told him she had decided to
enter the contest. Jordon asked if she was sure, as he did not want her to
feel she needed to do this.  Becca smiled as she explained she might as well
get paid for what she likes to do.  Jordon thanked her and told her he was
confident she could be one of the winners.

After breakfast Jordon went down to the basement and began setting up some
lights, in the same way he observed them set up on the many video clips he
had watched. Next he hung a dark covered sheet on the wall, to help the smoke
show up better, and finally he set up a chair, small table and ashtray.
Finally he got the camera set up and was ready for Becca. 

Jordon expected Becca to be nervous, but was pleasantly surprised at how at
ease she appeared.  Jordon positioned Becca and then re-adjusted the light
and began to record, after instructing Becca to just act normally.  After
recording a few minutes Jordon stopped recording and rewound the tape and
played back what he had recorded.  He thought it looked fairly good, but he
made a few minor adjustments on the lights and repositioned the camera.
Becca finished her cigarette and was about to light up a new one when Jordon
began recording.  He zoomed in to capture her lighting up and then zoomed out
slightly to capture the first of several thick exhales.  Jordon recalled
several clips he had watched, where the smoker was interviewed. This allowed
the smoker to do talking exhales.  He decided to try this with Becca and the
results were exactly what he was hoping for.  After a short initial exhale,
Becca visually proclaimed her love for smoking, with a large smile and each
word, in her response to Jordon's questions, punctuated with thick bursts of
smoke.  Jordon's camera would then remain on Becca's face to document the
huge amount of residual smoke that remained in her lungs, which slowly and
naturally escaped from her nose and mouth over the next several breaths.
Ever since Jordon first met Becca he was amazed at how much smoke she was
able to force her lungs to hold, with no signs of discomfort. Jordon felt it
was important to document this on the film.  He instructed Becca to pump as
much smoke into her body as she could comfortably tolerate and hold it as
long as possible.  Jordon watched as Becca triple pumped and then held the
huge quantity of smoke deep in her body for nearly 10 seconds.

Jordon excitedly edited all the video he had shot, but had to work hard to
keep the video to just 3 minutes, since all the video was good. Becca's
degree was in journalism and her writing style was nothing less then superb.
When she wrote up the bio and her reason for wanting to win the cruise, that
would be included with Jordon's video, it was written so well that even
though it never mentioned her love of smoking, in those words, it was obvious
she did.  Jordon packaged up the video and Becca's written information and
mailed it off certified, to assure it got there.  A few days later they
received the confirmation from the post office that the package had been
delivered and signed for.  They anxiously waited to hear back from the site.

A week past and there was no word.  Then two weeks and then a month passed,
but still no word. With each passing day, Jordon and Becca's hopes
diminished.  Jordon's spirits were somewhat boasted when he downloaded the
June e-zine from the website and saw a note thanking the 241 people who had
entered the contest and announcing the winners would be notified by June
15th.  However, when June 14th arrived and neither he nor Becca had heard
anything, they were sure they were not among the winners.

The phone rang at about 10:30 am on June 15th.  Becca answered it using the
speaker phone, as she usually did, keeping her hands free to continue
smoking. The male voice on the other end of the line asked if Becca Ward was
there.  Becca advised she was Becca Ward and asked who was calling.  The man
identified himself as Colin McGuire from and asked if she had
recently entered a contest sponsored by the website.  Becca was getting
excited and wanted Jordon to hear the conversation, so after confirming she
had entered the contest, she asked Mr. McGuire if he could hold on a moment.
After running into the other room and telling Jordon who was on the phone,
they both quickly returned to the speaker phone in the kitchen and Becca
advised she had returned.  As Becca had hoped, Mr. McGuire then announced
that she was one of the 5 grand Prize winners of the contest and she let out
a yell of excitement.  Mr. McGuire then advised he and a camera crew was
scheduling personal visits with each of the winners to provide them with
details of the trip and to also record some additional material. He asked
when a convenient time might be in the next week or so, for them to come
over. Becca looked at Jordon who whispered, "whenever", and then she told Mr.
McGuire that she was available just about any day.  Mr. McGuire advised he
and two other people from the website could be there the day after tomorrow,
if that worked.  Becca confirmed that would be fine and after providing some
directions from the airport to their house, said goodbye. Mr. McGuire advised
they should be arriving at the house around 11:000 am on the 17th.

Becca spend the whole day on the 16th picking up the house and cleaning.  On
the 17th Becca was up early and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, to do
some last minute picking up.  She finished up around 10:00 am and asked
Jordon what she should wear.  Becca's shirt was pulled tightly over her large
full breast and her jeans fit her body perfectly, so Jordon suggested she
just leave on what she already was wearing.  Becca was a little hesitant at
first, but when Jordon explained she looked very hot in what she was wearing
and assured her Mr. McGuire would also find her equally hot, she agreed to
keep what she had on.

At about 10:45, Jordon noticed a minivan drive by slowly and then stop, back
up and park in front of the house. When he saw a gentlemen, who appeared to
be in his mid to late 30's, step out of the van and approach the house, he
advised Becca that he thought their guests had arrived and that he would get
the door.  After the doorbell rang, the gentleman at the door introduced
himself as Colin McGuire from and asked if this was the Ward
residence.  Jordon confirmed he was at the correct home and after advising
they were expecting him, invited Colin inside.  Colin motioned to the others
still in the van and stepped inside.  A few moments later another gentleman,
around the same age as Colin, and a women who appeared to be in her early
30's, approached the house, carrying some bags and some larger cases. The
woman had a partially consumed cigarette dangling from her lips as she

As the other man and women brought the equipment into the house, Jordon
introduced Colin to Becca.  Colin, struggling to not stare at Becca's chest,
smiled and congratulated her on being one of the contest winners.  He quickly
added that she was the only one out of 241 entries's that all the judges
unanimously agreed on and said she should feel honored.  Becca smiled as
Jordon said, "I told you had what it took".  Colin quickly agreed and told
Becca she was even more beautiful in person then on tape.  Noticing that
Becca was not smoking, Colin told her, "feel free to smoke, that's what we're
all here about".  As Becca reached for her cigarettes, she said, "I guess I
am just in the habit of not smoking around guests". After lighting up, she
did a talking exhale as she jokingly said, "I guess that is why we don't have
a lot of guests".  Everyone laughed.

As Becca continued to enjoy her cigarette and the women that came along with
Colin also lit up a fresh cigarette, Colin outlined the following agenda for
what he wanted to do today.  He began by presenting Becca the details of the
trip, along with some forms to get both Jordon and her information for the
flights. Next he provided Becca a number of forms that gave
permission to film her and make the pictures and video's available on the
website.  Jordon began to look over the forms while Colin advised he wanted
to record a short interview with Becca, basically allowing her to answer the
questions on when she started smoking, what brand she smoked, how much she
smoked, etc.  Jordon was familiar with these types of video interviews,
having seen them on the site, and found them very enjoyable as it forced the
women to do talking exhales, which he personally enjoyed.  Colin said he also
wanted to do a few "staged" shots, as Becca cooked, worked around the house
and relaxed, outside. Finally, Colin confirmed Becca's brand of choice was
Virginia Slims and when she had confirmed it was, he presented her with an
envelope from Philip Morris, which contained several coupons for free cartons
of cigarettes, as part of the contest awards.  He acknowledged it was not
nearly enough coupons, but promised to send her more when he got back to the
office and told her to call him anytime she ran low.

After reviewing the forms, Jordon did not notice where they specified only
filming her today and did not want Becca to get tied into doing additional
films, so had Colin add that limitation to the forms.  Colin's assistance
finished setting up the lights and positioned the camera and began recording,
as Colin began his interview.  For nearly 30 minutes Becca smoked non-stop as
she shared with Colin about her smoking habit and how much she enjoyed
smoking.  Next Colin advised they wanted to film Becca in the kitchen,
preparing a meal.  He asked Becca to change her clothes, so that it appeared
they were filming her on a different day.  As the crew filmed her, Becca got
a pot of water boiling and removed some jars and food from the refrigerator
and began slicing up some of the food.  Since Becca usually smoked when she
prepared meals, Colin did not need to coach her how to act.  Much of the time
she let the cigarette dangle from her lips and was almost always bathing the
food she was preparing in a cloud of smoke.  At one point a long ash from the
dangling cigarette fell onto the meat she was preparing and she simply rinsed
it off and kept on working.  Another change of clothes for Becca and the
camera crew began filming her vacuuming the house, emptying the many ashtrays
and washing the smoky film off some windows.  

Colin advised that one final scene he wanted to capture was Becca relaxing.
Since it was a nice warm, sunny day, he suggested she might want to sit
outside and appear to be reading a book.  He asked if she had a bathing suit
and would mind wearing it.  Becca grinned and looked at Jordon, as she knew
that all she had was a string bikini that she had bought and worn only once,
for their anniversary.  After a few moments, Jordon shrugged and said, "It's
up to you, but I think you would look great in it".  Becca mentioned the only
suit she had was rather skimpy and asked Colin if that would be a problem.
Colin smiled and advised some of the models have been filmed wearing nothing,
so said it would not be problem, expecting she was exaggerating on how
revealing it was, as many first time models do.  Becca disappeared and after
a few minutes re-appears wearing the string.  Jordon had forgotten just how
hot she looked in the suit.  Even Colin, who had personally met with every
model on the web site, was awestruck when he saw Becca come around the
corner.  Two tiny white fabric squares on top were pulled taught across her
large firm breasts and did little more then hide Becca's nipples. A good
portion of her large, dark areola was clearly visible under each tiny patch.
On the bottom, a small white triangular patch attempted to cover Becca's
full, naturally blond pubic region. When she saw the expression of surprise
on Colin and his male assistance face she began to laugh. This caused her
basically unrestrained breasts to giggle wildly, adding to the excitement.
Even the female assistant paid her a complement. 

With their pants both still bulging with excitement, Colin and his male
assistant positioned the camera's outside on the deck as the female
assistance positioned a chair and placed a small low table next to the chair,
on the deck.  Next she placed a glass of iced tea and an already, nearly full
ask tray on the table, to give the illusion Becca had been outside smoking
for a long time. As Colin began to record, Becca lit up and took deep inhale.
Her chest expanded, forcing her firm breasts to stress the already tight top.
Her exhale was not as visible as the well lit inside shots, but the resulting
cloud could be seen being carried away by the gentle breeze.  As filming
continued, Colin requested Becca take a deep inhale and then take a drink of
the iced tea, before exhaling.  Becca did this several times before holding
the glass up to her mouth as she exhaled, forcing the thick smoky cloud to
boil out of the glass.  Finally, the female assistant used a spay bottle of
water to gently spray Becca's face and chest, to give the illusion of
sweating.  Then the assistant suggested Becca let the cigarette dangle from
her lips as she allowed her fingers to glide over her moist face and chest
before moving to the area of her thick, dark nipples.  Becca followed the
suggestion, closing her eyes as her fingers glides around, making the scene
more erotic.  Becca also directed her thick exhales downward, toward her
fingers, so that it bather her deep tan cleavage and twin peaks in a grey

As the sun began to set on the long day, Colin and his crew began to pack up
their equipment and load it back into the van.  The female assistant winked
and whispered to Becca that she was looking forward to seeing more of her on
the cruise, emphasizing the word MORE.  Colin praised Becca for her
willingness to be filmed and her excellent performances.  Several times he
assured her she was the best smoker of any of the contest winners and was
glad they had chosen her.  Colin also hinted at wanting to offer Becca a
contract to make other films for the website and said he would talk to her
more during the cruise.  After handing his business card to Becca, he shook
Jordon's hand and then gave Becca a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye.

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