The Game

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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The Game - A Story

Part One

Misako was a beautiful girl.  A classic Asian beauty, with high
cheekbones, ivory white teeth, and eyes that were cat-like and
exotic.  Although petite, she didn't seem small because her body
was perfectly proportioned.  Not until you saw her standing next to
someone did you realize she was only 5 foot 1. Her hair was
straight and jet black, reaching midway down her back.

I first saw her outside the Japanese supermarket, standing alone,
smoking a Marlboro 100.  I was instantly taken and wondered if I
would ever meet her. Although I was just passing by and had not
planned to go into the store, I was drawn to this woman, and the
only way I could get a better look was to enter the store, passing
withing a few feet of her on the way.  She must have felt the
weight of my stare, because she glanced up as I passed by, and our
eyes met briefly before she glanced down again, as if ashamed of

As she finished her cigarette, I tried to look as busy as possible,
all the while glancing every few seconds at this beautiful woman
outside the door.  I managed to find a magazine that was written in
English, so I picked it up and began "reading."  She smoked very
well.  Every ten seconds or so, she would put the cigarette to the
center of her mouth, let go, and puff for what seemed like an
eternity.  She would then raise her hand, and remove the cigarette.
Following the cigarette out of her mouth, a thick white ball of
smoke would emerge a few inches out of her mouth, only to quickly
disappear again.  A few seconds later, she would exhale a thin
white plume of smoke that seemed to go on forever.  She inhaled so
deeply that all the smoke would not emerge with a single exhale.
For each of her next two breaths, a thinner plume of smoke would
emerge.  She would then inhale and begin the cycle again.

She finally finished her smoke, taking a final deep drag and
crushing it out with her high heel.  Her exhale not completely
finished, she entered the store. As she made her way past me, I
carefully pretended to read the magazine, and dared not make eye
contact again.  As she passed, I smelled the sweet smell
of her habit, and couldn't help looking up as she walked away.  To
my surprise, she turned her head as if to look at me.  Our eyes met
again, but this time she smiled sweetly and continued walking away.
She walked to one corner of the store and sat down behind a
counter, near the book section.  Evidently she worked there.
Slightly embarassed, I put the magazine down and left the store.

Part Two

 "Will that be all, sir? " she said as I put the magazine on the
counter. "Yes, " I said, trying to act as nonchalant as possible.
Trying to act as if she wasn 't the only reason I was here.   "How
long have you worked here, " I managed to say as she was ringing up
my purchase.   "Oh, two month, " she said, and I detected an
accent.  "Where are you from? " I asked.   "I from Japan, " she
answered as she put the change into my hand, "but have been in U.S.
for six month. "  From two feet away, I could smell that she had
been smoking recently, and I knew then that she was a dedicated
smoker.  Before I could manage any more small talk, another
customer appeared behind me, and I was forced to say goodbye.  As
I walked out of the store, I felt that it would take many trips to
the store and the purchase of many more magazines before I got to
the point of asking her out.

Outside the store was a bench, and I decided to sit down and see if
this magazine was any good.  Before I could find out what magazine
I had actually purchased, the door opened and the other customer
walked out.  I realized I had bought  "Car and Driver", and I had
no interest in it whatsoever, so I stood up, and was about to leave
when Misako walked out the door, leaned up against the window, and
lit up, as if oblivious to my presence.  I quickly sat back down,
as if I had stood only to stretch.  She had already taken three
quick inhales, and was exhaling for the third time when she noticed
my presence, only five feet away.

 "Oh, herro, " she giggled, embarassed that she had not noticed me
sitting so close.  "Hi, " I said.  "You don't have to stand up,
there's plenty of room over here on the bench, " I said, somewhat
surprised at my own bravery.

"I don 't think you like my smoke,"she said,  "American don 't like

"NO, " I said, trying not to shout with excitement.  "I don 't mind
at all, and you look very tired.  Please come sit. " After thinking
for a few seconds, she finally said  "OK, " and came and sat down
next to me.  She inhaled almost immediately, but carefully turned
her head and blew the smoke to the side.

"My name is Nick," I said.  "I am Misako," she replied.  "So, how
do you like it here in the U.S?, " I asked, catching her in the
middle of her next inhale.

"Oh, it is very nice, " she said, a wisp of smoke appearing with
every syllable.At the end of the sentence, she carefully exhaled
the smoke upward, with such force that her hair was blown slightly
upward.   "But I am student, and do not have many friends here.  I
study English. "

"Oh really, I 'd love to help you practice your English, "I said.
"That would be very nice of you," she replied.  Knowing this was my
chance, I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me that
night. She giggled and replied "Yes, " shaking her head in a very
Oriental style.  We decided I should pick her up in four hours,
when the store closed at eight o 'clock.  She then stood up, took
a final drag on her Marlboro 100, and put it out in the ashtray
next to the bench.  I noticed at least ten other Marlboros already
put out in the ashtray. "Well, I need to work now, see you later",
she said.

Part Three

As I pulled into the parking lot at 7:45, I noticed Misako sitting
on the bench in front of the store, just finishing a cigarette.  I
watched from my car as she finished it and went back in the store.
She didn 't notice me, but I could see her wonderful plume of
smoke, even from that distance. It seemed larger than she was.  I
got out of my car and went and sat down on the bench.  While
waiting, I noticed that the number of Marlboros in the ashtray
seemed to have doubled.  A little bit after eight, Misako appeared
and smiled sweetly at me.  I was in heaven.

We got in my car and began the fifteen minute drive to the
restaurant.  I could smell the wonderful smell of her habit very
strongly now that we were alone in the car.  The conversation went
very well, but my only thought was how to change the subject to
smoking. After watching this wonderful Asian sweetheart smoke so=7F
much, I wanted to know everything about her habit.  But where to

As I turned onto the freeway, I noticed that there was a massive
traffic jam and it was too late to turn back.  We were stuck,
but I didn 't mind.  Misako, however, seemed alarmed at the extent
of the traffic jam, and I asked her what was wrong.   "Oh, nothing,"
she giggled sweetly,  "but I should have smoked before I got into
car.  How much longer to restaurant? "

"You can smoke in my car, Misako, " I said, trying to hide my
excitement. "Really?, " she said, her attitude improving

"Really! " I said, as I pushed in the cigarette lighter.  She
quickly pulled out her pack of long Marlboros and put one in her
mouth, letting it dangle as she put away her purse.  After what
seemed like an eternity, the lighter popped back out.  My hands
trembling, I held out the lighter while trying to keep my eyes on
the road and on her at the same time.  She sucked hard, her cheeks
hollowing, until a bright orange glow appeared at the end of
her cigarette.  She rolled down the window about a third of the way
and exhaled.  I put the lighter back in its socket.  I sensed now
was the time to ask her about her smoking.

"Feel better now?, " I asked. "Yes, thank you, " she said as she
exhaled once again.   "You really seemed to need that cigarette, "
I said.  "Yes. I try to quit but can 't.  It 's really, really hard
to quit.  I am an attic."

"You mean addict?, " I said. "Oh, sorry!, " she giggled.  I decided
to continue my questioning.  "How much do you smoke, Misako? "
"Too much," she replied.   "Two packs a day. I try to quit but it
is impossible. I will always smoke."   "Even if you get lung
cancer?, " I asked. "Yes, it is too hard to quit," she replied,
matter of factly. "Well, I don 't mind if you smoke, Misako, " I
said, touching her hand and looking her in the eye.   "You are a
very nice man, Nick, " she smiled, and took my hand.

I very quickly fell in love with Misako.  She was everything I
always wanted:  she was beautiful and she smoked.  Our sex life was
fantastic, as I never failed to become excited watching her smoke.
Because she smoked so much, we had a very active sex life.  After
a few months, she moved in with me. When she awoke every morning,
she coughed sweetly for several minutes, and this always caused me
great excitement.  She always wondered why I was always turned on
so early in the morning. However, soon I began to have fantasies
which only Misako could fulfill.

Part Four

I decided I had to tell Misako about my fetish.  But I would be
careful about it, and make her understand that it was normal, just
a bit different. One night we were in bed, and I asked her if she
had any fantasies. She giggled and said she did, but couldn 't tell
me.  After a few minutes of persuasion, she finally explained  "my
fantasy was to meet an American man. "I am very attracted to
Caucasian guys.  You are my fantasy, Nick. "  Thinking
this very sweet but untrue, I continued to press her until she
finally was able spill the beans.  She wanted to be handcuffed!
Kind of a domination type of thing.  This was certainly not what I
expected, but I quickly realized that some of my fantasies could be
fulfilled as well.

After spending a few days searching, I was able to purchase some
handcuffs, and surprised her with them one night.  She was
immediatly turned on and we began to kiss, and I became turned on
immediately from the taste of the fresh nicotine she had so
recently inhaled.  I carefully cuffed her to the bed, and
we proceeded to have the best sex this side of  "Basic Instinct. "
This lasted for the better part of an hour. However, when we were
done, I didn 't immediately release her.  I waited.  I asked her if
she was comfortable, and she said,  "a little bit uncomfortable,
but ok. "  So I propped a pillow under her head, and she said
"Much better.  Why don 't you release me now, Nick?"  "Not just
yet, Misako," I said.  Now that we fulfilled one of her fantasies,
and now it was time for one of mine.

I found her cigarettes and placed them on the table next to the
bed. "Thank you, Nick, " she said.  Please give me a cigarette. "
Due to our lengthy lovemaking session, it had probably been over an
hour and a half since her last cigarette, and she desperately
wanted one.  But I had no intention of giving her one.  "Misako, "
I said,  "I think its time you quit smoking".  She thought for a
second, and replied  "Nick, quit joking!  I really want to
smoke now!! "  This was probably the greatest excitement I had ever
felt, and I quickly climbed on the bed and kissed her.  As I kissed
her, I could still taste tobacco.  She had smoked so often that the
taste was deeply ingrained into the very fiber of her mouth.  And
I loved it.  At first she struggled, but she quickly became excited
as well.  This was the best sex ever.  She was amazed at the vigor
of my lovemaking, and we both literally screamed and climaxed in

But this didn 't take away from the fact that she had begun
nicotine withdrawal. As soon as she caught her breath from our
tumultous climax, she was asking for a cigarette.   "I need to
smoke, Nick, " she said forcefully.   "Please let me go."  It was
time to tell her.   "Misako, this is one of my fantasies,"I said.
She paused for a few seconds and a knowing look came over
her face.

"I always noticed how much you like to watch me smoke.  But how
long must I stay here? "

"Are you in pain?, " I asked, in reference to the handcuffs.

"Yes, " she replied,  "I am in pain for a cigarette". Convinced
that she was in no physical pain (aside from the nicotine
withdrawal), I decided to continue my fantasy.  It had now been
well over two hours since her last cigarette.

It was now time to play question and answer.   "If you answer all
of my questions, I 'll let you smoke.  OK, Misako? "

"Anything you want, " she said,  "but please don 't make me wait
much longer.  I am attic, remember? "

"Here 's the first question.  When and why did you start to smoke?"

"I was 12 years old when I started to smoke.  I don 't know why I
did it. My mother was smoker also and she told me not to start
because I wouldn 't be able to quit.  She was right. "

"Good answer.  Second question: how long did it take until you were
an addict? "

"I was addict when I was 14.  I smoke a lot every day since then."

"Very good, Misako, now here 's the last question:  Why do you
smoke Marlboro 100s? "

"They are best cigarette for me!  In Japan, I am attic to very
strong cigarette. When I first come to United States, I try to
smoke light cigarettes, but I smoke four packs in one day!  Then I
tried Marlboro 100s and I only have to smoke two packs, just like
in Japan. "

"That was very good, Misako, you can smoke soon. "  I then walked
over to the table and picked up her pack of cigarettes.

First, I took a Marlboro out of her pack.  She smiled, thinking
that she would soon have relief from her withdrawal.  Instead,
however, I held it up to her nose for her to smell.  She breathed
in heavily through her nose, as if trying to absorb the nicotine
through her nose.  She then exhaled from her mouth as if she was
smoking.  I then placed the cigarette in her mouth, where it stuck
straight up in the air, because she was lying on her back.  I then
found her lighter.  I flicked the lighter until a flame appeared,
and held it a few inches from the tip of her unlit cigarette.  She
valiantly struggled to touch her cigarette to the flame, but it was
always just out of reach.  By this time, she was starting to get a
little bit mad at me, and started to cuss at me, but I couldn 't
understand her with the cigarette so firmly wenched between her
lips.  I started to feel sorry for her, so I decided to give in a
little bit.  I took the cigarette out of her mouth, lit it myself,
took a deep drag, and kissed her.

I have never seen someone kiss so passionately in all my life!  She
was literally sucking on my mouth like a cigarette.  She held the
second hand smoke in her lungs for what seemed like forever, then
exhaled through her nose.   "Do you feel better now?, " I asked.

"No " she said,  "I need whole cigarette. "  So I placed the
cigarette in her mouth.  She quickly inhaled like she never had
before, her chest expanding mightily as she inhaled the warm
chemical mixture, attempting to absorb every last drop of nicotine
into her lungs.  She quickly exhaled through her nose and began to
inhale again when I decided that was enough.  So I pulled the
cigarette out of her mouth.  It was very difficult, as she
attempted with all her strength to hold onto that cigarette.  But
my strong hands overpowered her lips, and remove it I did.  At this
point, she still had a lungful of smoke, so, instead of exhaling,
she held her breath as long as she could.  She thought perhaps this=7F
was the only drag I would allow her.  After perhaps 15 seconds, she
couldn 't hold her breath any longer, and exhaled, making a loud
"hooooooo" sound.   "Nick, this not funny, " she protested,
"please give me more." So I placed the cigarette back in her mouth.

I have never seen someone take such deep drags as Misako now did.
Her cheeks were so hollowed that I thought one would touch the
other inside her mouth.  Rather than her usual slow, sensual
exhale, she pulled on that cigarette with all her might, and
exhaled through her nose, so that she could continuously inhale
through her mouth.  Of course she was handcuffed to the bed, so she
could only use her mouth. I counted seven consecutive deep
inhalations before she paused for a moment to catch her breath.  It
was very difficult for her to smoke this way, but she didn 't
appear to be embarassed at all.  In fact, she seemed to forget I
was there at all.  She continued to smoke her cigarette until it
was extremely small, at which point I removed it from her mouth.

"Feel better now?, " I repeated.

"Yes, " she said,  "but I still need more cigarette. "

After one more tremendous lovemaking session, I released her.
"Did you like my little game?, " I asked. As she was lighting her
first normal cigarette in four hours, she inhaled deeply and

"It was very  painful Nick, but it is your fantasy, so it was ok."
She chain-smoked the rest of the night.  The sex was so good for
her that she forgave me for putting her through the torture that I
did. I 'm hoping I can talk her into it again.

The End

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