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(by, 03 October 2011)

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Vicki Paladin: The Ghost

Hello, my name is Vicki. I know about this site because of my husband, who is
a smoking fetisher. Since I love him very much, I have taught myself to smoke
very sensually and I enjoy fulfilling his desires during our most intimate
moments, although I am basically a non-smoker. But the reason why I have
written this story is certainly not related to the private matters that take
place in our smoke-filled bedroom. Strictly, it's not really my own story,
either. I am only the vessel to convey a message and a very strange one

You see, I am a Spiritist and a medium. That means that I am able to
communicate with dead people. Before the age of typewriters and computers,
mediums had to rely on psychography or so-called "automatic writing" with a
pen and a piece of paper while being in a deep trance, but now, we are
fortunate enough to let our fingers type the messages from the other abode on
a keyboard. One of the many departed souls that have contacted me in this way
introduced himself as Alfred, a doctor that lived in San Francisco not long
ago. He had a major smoking fetish, which he has now brought with him into
the hereafter, where it bothers him so heavily that he is unable to move on
to the Spirit World and undertake another incarnation.

I guess that most of you have seen the movie "Ghost", with Demi Moore,
Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg in some of the major roles. Maybe you even
remember the tall, skinny guy that roamed the trains with an eternal craving
for a cigarette? I envisage Alfred in much the same way, although he is
addicted to something else than nicotine. In the beginning, he was unable to
quench his thirst for visions of young and beautiful female smokers, but he
eventually found a way around this obstacle. I will now take one step aside
and let Alfred himself tell you the rest. His style is incoherent and it
jumps from one point to another in an odd manner, but I have chosen to keep
it that way, in order to show you how spirits express themselves. Well,
Alfred, the floor is yours...

(Extract from Alfred's first message - 11 March 2010)
I am sorry to bother you with my personal issues, but I have the need to let
someone know how I feel and I find your mind serene enough to absorb my
thoughts. She is a blossom in her prime age, standing on the sidewalk waiting
for the bus. She is so beautiful, with long, blond hair and attractive
clothes. I just wished that she smoked, but obviously, she doesn't. It's a
shame and it really hurts me in a way that is hard to describe. She reminds
me of my wife, who was a lifelong non-smoker and never gave me the
satisfaction of seeing her smoke, because I never had the heart to tell her
about my fetish. So I died without ever experiencing a smoking lovemaking
session, although I read a lot about it and wished that I was the guy in the
stories. She boards the bus, smiling a little nervously as if it is her fist
day at work or something. I am sure that a cigarette would have calmed her
down and relaxed her, but alas, no such thing happens.

(Extract from Alfred's second message - 17 March 2010)
It's me again, Alfred.  I am at a night club, looking at the girls dance. But
because of the new non-smoking laws, they have to go outside to light their
cigarettes, so the setting is somewhat artificial and not quite right for me.
I wonder where I may find a solution to my problem...

(Extract from Alfred's third message - 26 March 2010)
I follow her through the park, but although she smokes as she walks, she is a
little too old and not so very pretty. To compensate for her age, she has
overdone her makeup, which sadly lets her look like a cheap tramp. She holds
the cigarette in her right hand and occasionally lifts it to her lips for a
drag, but I don't find her sexy at all.

(Extract from Alfred's fourth message - 28 March 2010)
This one looks promising. A redneck looker smoking around her children. But
that doesn't turn me on properly. Kind of too gross in front of the kids.
Damn. She steps on the cigarette as she approaches a hamburger stand and
smoke escapes through her wonderful lips as she places the order for herself
and the offspring.

(Extract from Alfred's fifth message - 31 March 2010)
I want something to happen now. I start to become desperate. Please help me
somebody! This one would have been perfect, but I hear her tell her friend
that she quit a while ago. This would be a good time to start again, lady!
But of course, she can't hear me. She chews gum instead, stupid! Smoke, you

(Extract from Alfred's sixth message - 9 April 2010)
I accidentally bump into him and kind of float through him. What? How did I
do that? One more time. My hand is absorbed in his flesh. Strange. He
suddenly moves. His head comes up against mine and I enter his mind. Help me!
For a split second, I can feel all his thoughts and I become one with him.
The damndest thing that I have ever experienced in this new and weary

(Extract from Alfred's seventh message - 30 April 2010)
Time to test out my new intriguing ability. Cool. I need a victim. Here she
comes. I try to coordinate my movements, but I miss. How difficult could this
be? Much harder than I thought, obviously. Need more practice. New person. A
boy this time.  So short that I have to bend. No, missed again! Wow, I feel
out of breath, although I'm dead. I need to get this thing sorted out.

(Extract from Alfred's eighth message - 8 May 2010)
I walk behind a guy my height. Try to coordinate the movements with his. Keep
the pace, inching closer. My toes overlap his heels. My hands touch his.
Finally, I am his shadow. Partly inside and outside his body. Concentration,
Alf old pal. A little more effort now. There! Success. For about 3 seconds.
No, don't leave me! I guess that I need another strategy.

(Extract from Alfred's ninth message - 18 May 2010)
They are sound asleep. I aim for the husband, boyfriend, fiance, whatever he
is to her. I slip through the cover and enter his motionless body. This time
I make it! I can sense his heartbeat throb throughout my perispirit. His
thoughts and dreams become mine. What a feeling! I lift my hand and his hand
follows. I'm in total control. Awesome! I move over and kiss his (or should I
say "my") better half on her forehead without waking her. Then slowly let go
and withdraw. He is still sound asleep and will probably just think that it
was a dream if he ever remembers anything at all.

(Extract from Alfred's tenth message - 31 May 2010)
This time it's for real.  I know what to do and how to do it now. I also know
that she's a smoker, because I have seen her smoke. She sits in her bath tub,
completely naked. I enter her while continuing the rubbing movements with the
soap on her front parts. I look around with her eyes, see a towel and rise.
Dry myself/herself and feel awkward in a woman's body. Where are her
cigarettes? There on the dresser. With trembling hands I place one in her
(it's certainly not my) mouth and light it. But I have never smoked before,
so I'm not quite sure how to do it. I look in the mirror and freeze. The
hands drop while the cigarette is left unattended between the lips. She's so
beautiful. I take a drag and remove the cigarette before I blow a cloud of
smoke towards the mirror. No, that doesn't seem right. I will have to figure
it out later. Now, I need to let go of her. I extinguish the cigarette in the
ashtray and lower the body carefully back into the bath tub. Pick up the soap
and continue rubbing, then leave her. She jerks violently, drops the soap and
looks around. Notices the wet towel on the floor and the butted cigarette. I
let her mind be puzzled and leave her bathroom.

(Extract from Alfred's eleventh message - 30 June 2010)
I have studied her for quite a while now. I feel that I know her well. She
sucks long and hard on her cigarette, then opens her mouth slowly and inhales
with a distinct snap. Some seconds later, two jets of smoke appear from her
nostrils and a grey plume eventually emerges from her lips. I think that I
can do that, too!  I float into her body and take control. The cigarette
burns slowly and I let it touch the lips, then pull strongly. The inhale is a
bit tricky at first, but I soon learn the secret and proudly blow out smoke
that has been caressing the inside of her lungs. When the cigarette is spent,
I leave it in the ashtray and exit her. The baffled expression on her face
makes me laugh.  Finally, I have mastered the trick.

(Extract from Alfred's twelfth message - 27 July 2010)
This one has just started smoking. She looks so innocent in her blue dress,
but she sure is hooked with a two pack a day habit. I catch this little minx
at bedtime, when she sits in front of the mirror with a lit cigarette and
removes her makeup.  I watch her smoke her way through three cigarettes with
my own movements, which is great. A warm, familiar feeling starts to spread
down there, but now, I'm trapped inside a woman's body, so I have to do it
the opposite way.  I have studied her for weeks, so I know that she keeps a
dildo in her pantyhose drawer. This way, she can satisfy herself whenever she
has the urge. Wow, I never knew that it could feel that good to be a woman.
If I have a say in it, maybe I should chose a female body for my next
incarnation? I think that I will have a lot of fun with this redhead...

(Extract from Alfred's thirteenth and final message - 19 August 2010)
Time for a different twist. This one looks sporty in a gym suit and track
shoes.  She waits in line to pay for a bottle of Gatorade and I hit her hard.
Through her mouth, I ask for a twenty Marlboro Menthol Lights and a lighter.
She has enough cash in her pocket and we leave the shop. Out on the street, I
let her hands unwrap the plastic and cellophane. A white filter hangs from
her lips before a flame is brought to the tip. Her legs carry us to her car
and we go to her place. All the time, she drags, inhales and exhales. Damn,
I'm good.  Her lungs accept the smoke like a pro as we park the car and
unlock the door to her house. Well inside, I search until I find a tall
mirror and we sit down in front of it. I admire her looks as we are
surrounded by the smoke from one cigarette after another. Who in their right
mind would want to go to heaven as long as they can enjoy their own paradise
right here, right now? I know I'm corrupting her with an unhealthy vice but
who cares? She will be the one to fulfill my inner cravings and I know
exactly how to do it. It involves a handsome guy and a little flirting to get
him into her bed, but it will be worth it. The only thing I need first, is to
let her buy a king-size mirror and place it on the wall next to her bed, so
that I can monitor all her sultry smoking techniques as she seduces Loverboy
and gives me the greatest moment in eternity.

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