The Learners Permit, Part 1

(by anonymous6, 05 September 2000)

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The Learners Permit
By Anonymous
Part 1

Shelly came home to find her mother reading the newspaper.  "Have you seen
this?" Her mother asked.  The story had been buzzing around the school all
day, and Shelly had heard the whole sad affair.  It seems a 16-year-old girl
had killed a small boy with her car, while lighting a cigarette.  Sandy, her
mother, was determined to not let that happen to her daughter.

Sandy called her daughter over, and intended to lay down the law.  Although
only 14 Shelly had only a year before she could get her learners permit.
Sandy explained to her daughter how irresponsible the girl and her parents
were.  "I intend to not make the same mistake" her mother told her.  Shelly
was ghastly afraid her mother would say she couldn't drive until she was 18,
but she was in for a surprise.  

"Honey, you need to make sure you know how to handle your cigarettes before
you start driving."

Shelly couldn't understand what her mother was saying.  "But I don't smoke

"Well honey, I'm sure you'll eventually try it, and I don't want you getting
into any accidents."

"Aren't I too young to smoke?" her daughter replied.

"No honey, your just too young to buy them."

"Why do they do that Mom?"

"Well, they want me to do my duties as a parent.  It's my job to make sure
that you don't waste your money, trying different brands, when you're on your
own.  So I'm going to provide you with a lot of different brands to try.  I
want you to know how to handle your cigarettes when driving, so you don't get
into an accident.  Since you only have a year before you start learning to
drive, its about time you started smoking.  Here try one of mine to start."

Shelly had never even thought of smoking before now.  She wasn't sure she
wanted to try it, but she didn't want to ruin her chances of getting her
license on time.  So she extracted a cigarette from the pack, and accepted a
light from her mother.  She began to cough violently.

"Don't worry, that's just your body not used to being relaxed."

Shelly took a second drag, and it went down much smoother.  Soon she had
finished the cigarette, and was proud of her own accomplishment.

Over the next few weeks, Shelly was introduced to a variety of flavors.
Every two days her mother would give her a new pack.  Some she liked, others
she didn't.  She really liked Virginia Slims, and noticed that they came in a
longer length.  

"Mom why are Virginia Slims only made in lights?" she said through a lungful
of smoke.

"Because they understand that if you smoke a lighter cigarette, you will have
to light up more often.  If you're driving down the road and have to light up
every 5 minutes, its very unsafe.  And after all a kid your age needs the

Shelly understood, and stuck with the full flavor cigarettes her mother was
providing.  Sandy had made sure that there were no restrictions on her
daughters smoking, and she seemed to always have one going.  She had
explained to her daughter that some people may not approve, but to not mind
them.  Everywhere they went the 14 year old smoked, but that only seemed
natural to Sandy.

Some problems did arise with Shelly at school.  They had caught her smoking,
and now always searched her for cigarettes.  Sandy couldn't understand how
kids could get their nicotine with that type of environment.  Her solution
was to meet her daughter in the parking lot for all of her breaks and lunch.
Then they could go for a drive and smoke.

Soon it came time to practice smoking in the drivers seat.  Sandy wanted to
make sure that she had a proper grasp of her smoking behind the wheel---

Part 2 soon

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