The Smokers' Party

(by smokesingdance, 05 July 2008)

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The Smokers' Party

In the early 21st century smoking in public places was increasingly outlawed
across the world.  This led disgruntled smokers and smoke fetishists to form
groups in cyberspace through which they could arrange to get together for
private parties free from restrictions on smoking.  As a smoke fetishist I
joined the smokers' party group early on and became extremely excited as I
heard about the smoking parties that were taking place across the world.

Disgruntled smokers hosted the parties in their own homes.  There was always
plenty of booze, cigarettes, and drugs for sale and the guests were also
allowed to bring their own.  The parties resembled the relaxed smoky
atmosphere of pubs and clubs that I had enjoyed so much prior to the smoking
ban.  The party goers were all doing the three things I loved most in life:
smoking, singing and dancing.  Plus,  the fourth thing that I was missing out
on: sex. 

There was always plenty of music to choose from and of course the guests were
always welcome to bring their own CD's.  The host would cook a nice meal for
everyone and the guests and all the necessary party equipment was provided:
disco lights, karaoke equipment and discs, strobe lights, etc.  There were
few rules at these parties except that it was forbidden to ever ask anyone
not to smoke.  The dress code was also very relaxed and many guests were in

Plenty of sex took place at these parties as men with the smoke fetish copped
off with heavy smoking women and girls.  The host would always provide at
least one spare bedroom for their guests to engage in mad passionate fun.
Condoms were always provided but the guests were free to indulge in
unprotected sex at their own risk. 

What surprised me most about these parties was the number of heavy smoking
women and girls attending them, given that all the on-line smoking sites were
dominated by males with the smoke fetish.  It turned out that there were
loads of heavy smoking women and girls out there who couldn't get a
boyfriend, didn't have access to the Internet, and didn't know about the
smoking fetish.

So although chain smoking women were far outnumbered by the men who loved
them on the Internet, the reverse was true in the real world.  The vast
majority of chain smoking women simply couldn't afford the Internet because
they spent all their money on cigarettes.

These women and girls loved their cigarettes more than they could ever love a
boyfriend.  Furthermore, they smoked so much that they were constantly
coughing their guts up and spitting out phlegm, they reeked terrible of stale
cigarette smoke, and their mouths literally tasted like ash trays.  If that
wasn't enough to put prospective boyfriends off, they refused to go anywhere
smoking was not allowed and most were permanently skint because they spent
all their money on fags.  They naturally became extremely excited when their
friends with access to the Internet told them that they'd found a thing
called the smoke fetish and that's what got the parties going.

Unfortunately, the group did not have many members in my area.  There was one
chain smoking couple called Sam and Barbara five miles from me, plus a few
other heavy smoking men and men with the smoke fetish.  Unfortunately, none
of us had enough space in our homes to host a party.  That changed, however,
when Sam and Barbara decided to advertise for a domestic.

Their advert read: "Chain Smoking Couple Require Domestic To Help With
Household Duties, Smoker Preferred."  At first their ad drew no response.
Then, three days later, Barbara received a phone call from what sounded like
an old woman, who asked her 15 year old daughter could be Barbara's maid.
"She's a five-pack-a-day chain smoker but she does an outstanding job every

Sarah's mum Chloe sounded very hoarse because she had severe emphysema as a
result of being a lifelong chain smoker.  Still, she was able to provide
Barbara with references from other people she worked for and from her old
school.  The references from her other employers were impressive: her work
was always outstanding and she charged just 3 per hour, the going rate for
15 year olds, so she was highly recommended.

Her school report, however, was a completely different matter.  Throughout
her high school days she was forever getting into trouble for smoking but her
smoking habit just continued to increase and her teachers eventually gave up
on her.  She had to be excused from PE lessons because she got out of breath
so quickly.  Her other teachers often let her go outside to smoke during her
lessons because she became fidgety and unable to concentrate without her
nicotine fix.

This didn't bother Barbara or Sam - they were happy to employ her despite her
voracious nicotine habit.  So Barbara rang Chloe back and arranged for Sarah
to clean her house the following day.  As usual she did an outstanding job
and after she'd finished she sat down and got talking with the couple.

Sarah told them that because she was a chain smoker she was unable to get a
boyfriend.  Her eyes therefore opened wide with delight when Barbara told her
about the smoking fetish that she and Sam had found on the Internet.  

"You mean there are men out there who are actually turned on by girls who
chain smoke?" 

"Yes, absolutely," Barbara replied.

Barbara then let Sarah set up her own Internet account and she promptly
joined the smokers' group that she and her husband were long time members of. 

"My Mum could host a smokers' party," she told them, "I'm 16 next week and
I'd love a smokers' party at my Mum's house to celebrate my coming of age.
I'll then be able to buy my own cigarettes and I'll be legal to fuck."  She
rang her Mum Chloe to ask if she could host a smokers' party for her
sixteenth birthday and she was only too happy to oblige. 

Sarah then promptly spread the word on the smokers' party group and many
members, myself included, arranged to go, along with their smoking friends.
Chloe the host was a single chain smoking mother of three teenage daughters,
all of whom were heavy smokers themselves despite their tender ages.  Chloe
herself soon joined the smokers' group on Barbara and Sam's computer.  I
chatted with her a lot during the run up to the party and this is what I
found out. 

Chloe had been smoking at least three packs a day since she left school at 16
and was now constantly chain smoking five to six packs a day.  Her photo
clearly showed that her years of chain smoking had taken a huge toll on her
health.  She was only 35 but looked like a pensioner and had severe
emphysema.  But she didn't regret that her days were numbered and had no
desire whatsoever to relive her life as a non-smoker.

Despite the fact that Chloe chain smoked throughout each of her three
pregnancies her offspring were all born healthy.  Chloe was naturally keen to
share the pleasures of smoking with them so she smoked with them from the day
they were born.  As a result Chloe's daughters quickly came to associate the
smell of tobacco smoke with love and security.  Whenever they got upset over
something Chloe would soothe them by blowing smoke in their faces and it made
them giggle because it felt so nice.

This of course made the girls want to smoke themselves.  Chloe told them that
she'd love to let them smoke young but explained that if she did she'd be
branded an unfit mother and that they'd be taken from  her and put into care
where they would never be allowed to smoke.  That was enough for them to wait
a few more years.

Chloe decided to let each of her daughters take occasional drags from her
cigarettes from the age of 6 and to let them have their own cigarettes as of
their eighth birthday.  This led the three girls to relish their eighth
birthdays when Chloe would buy them a carton of 200 cigarettes along with a
couple of lighters and ash trays and later put her to bed with their own
smoking material.  Chloe promised that from that point on she'd buy them as
many cigarettes as she could smoke.

The young teens were forever getting into trouble for smoking at school but
their Mum always supported their smoking habits, which continued to increase
so their school eventually gave up on them.  They soon gave up eating at
lunch time and just chain smoked through their lunch break.  Most people
thought they were mad to choose to smoke instead of eat but to them smoking
through their lunch break and not eating was a lifestyle choice which their
mother fully supported.

13 year old Rebecca and 14 year old Nicola only managed two packs each on
schooldays but both regularly smoked more than four packs a day at weekends
and during school holidays.  15 year old Sarah had left school and was
working as a freelance domestic cleaner and laundress.  She would only work
for people who allowed her to smoke on the job but charged just 3 per hour,
the going rate for 15 year olds.  Plus she did an outstanding job every time
so plenty of people were keen to employ her despite her being a chain smoker.
This meant that she could easily finance her five-pack-a-day habit with money
to spare and she loved every single one.

The best thing of all was that Chloe was anxious to become a grandmother
before her lifelong chain smoking habit killed her.  Her three daughters were
all keen to lose their virginity but like most heavy smoking girls they were
unable to get a boyfriend.  Everyone at their school knew they were all heavy
smokers but none of the boys had the smoking fetish and none were interested
in them.  So Chloe's three teenage daughters all looked forward to losing
their virginity at the party where there'd be men with the smoke fetish.

Extremely excited about the party, I decided to get there as soon as it
started.  As I approached the house where the party was taking place I heard
loud music and saw flashing lights.  I was delighted at the chance of
re-living the smoky party atmosphere that I'd enjoyed so much in pubs and
clubs before the smoking ban.

When I got there and rang the doorbell I was greeted by what looked like an
elderly decrepit woman with a ciggie in her mouth.  I relished the smoky
ambience and the full ash tray on the telephone table next to the door.  She
exhaled, shook my hand and introduced herself in a hoarse voice as Chloe.
Croakily she said, "Hello Peter, you're our first guest.  Welcome to Smokers'
Party.  Come with me and I'll introduce you to my daughters."  She took
another deep drag on her cigarette and led me to the lounge where "We Like To
Party" by the Vengaboys was playing and the disco lights were flashing to the
rhythm of the music.

I walked in with her and as she exhaled I saw two stunningly attractive young
girls sat on the sofa and chairs chatting, laughing, smoking and moving their
bodies in tune with the music.  In the middle was a coffee table on which
there were three overflowing ash trays, several half full packs of cigarettes
and several lighters.  As soon as the girls saw their Mum enter the room with
me at her side their attention quickly turned in my direction.  They both
looked at me with a sweet sexy smile and blew me a smoking kiss before taking
over the conversation.

A petite blonde who looked about 10 and wearing a kinky pale blue shell suit
introduced herself as Rebecca and invited me to sit down next to her on the
sofa, so I gracefully accepted.   A petite brunette sat opposite wearing a
kinky white tracksuit.  She put her cigarette in her mouth with one hand and
as she drew on it she picked up the pack on the coffee table with her other
hand, took one out and passed it to me.  I thanked her as she exhaled a cloud
of smoke in my face, picked up a lighter from the table and lit my cigarette.
Rebecca took another deep inhale, blew me a smoking kiss and went on to say,
"Our birthday girl Sarah's out on a cleaning job.  She'll be back shortly."

I sat down and relaxed.  Before long the next song came on, "We're going to
Ibiza."  I soon noticed that the two young girls were quite unlike the
majority of smokers and yet they were still at school.  They held their
ciggies in their mouths for a disproportionately long time, took extremely
deep drags during which I watched their smouldering butts get longer, and
they held the toxic smoke in their tiny little lungs for quite a long time
before they slowly exhaled.  "This party will be like Ibiza.  The way it was
before the smoking ban," Nicola casually remarked.

I became extremely aroused watching the two stunningly attractive young girls
smoke like professionals.  Then, when their cigarettes reached the filter,
Nicola looked at me with her usual sweet sexy smile and exhaled her final
puff at me.

"Would you like to play a smoking game with us?"  I'd never heard of smoking
games before.

"What do you mean?"

"We try to see who can be first to smoke a superking to the filter, or who
can take the deepest drags, and who can hold the smoke in their lungs the
longest."  Becky jumped into the conversation.

"He'll probably lose `cause we smoke heavily all the time but he's only a
light smoker.  How about Guess The Brand?  That'll be fairer on him."

Nicola happily accepted and threw a bundle of cigarettes onto the table, each
with a sticker concealing the brand.

"We all take a ciggie at random and try to guess the brand from the taste and
smell."  I had only tried a few brands myself but Becky, Nicola and their
older sister Sarah all liked to smoke lots of different brands, as long as
they were full strength and had the maximum level of tar and nicotine.  They
liked the variety of tastes.

The three of us all picked up a cigarette and promptly lit it.  For me, mine
tasted like any other cigarette so I casually guessed that mine was an
Embassy Number One.  Becky and Nicola, however, seemed confident that their
cigarettes were Marlboro Reds and Benson & Hedges Gold, respectively.

We then peeled off the concealing stickers and found that Nicola and Becky
were both spot on, as usual, but mine was actually a Dunhill.  Just then I
heard someone walk through the front door and seconds later a supremely
attractive young blonde with a ciggie held in her mouth and wearing jeans
entered the room.  Nicola and Becky, continuing to smoke their cigarettes at
an astonishing rate, introduced her as their older sister Sarah.

Sarah removed her cig from her mouth, and exhaled at me

"Hi, you must be Peter.  I've heard you're into chain smoking girls.  Is that
right?"  She immediately returned her cigarette to her mouth and drew deeply
on it before I even had a chance to answer.

"Yes, that's right, and happy birthday." Sarah again removed her cig from her
mouth and, extremely excited, spoke through a billowing cloud of smoke.

"That's great.  Because I smoke five packs a day and love every single one.
And I fancy you.  A lot."

I suddenly felt extremely horny and was unable to hide my erection from Sarah
or her younger sisters.  Still, I was feeling apprehensive.

"Really?"  Sarah dragged a bit more from the ciggie in her mouth before
removing it with her usual exhale.

"Yes.  I've got a big crush on you.  I have ever since I saw your profile and
photo on the smoking site.  Can I put my arms round you, love?"

I then wasted no time throwing my arms round her and she returned her
cigarette to her mouth and promptly reciprocated, pressing her large breasts
with erect nipples against my chest and her genital area against my now
extremely itchy dick.  She reluctantly removed her cigarette from her mouth
and pleaded, "Oh Peter, my darling.  Can I kiss you?  Please?"

Without hesitation I brought my lips up to hers and before our lips had even
met I sensed an extremely strong smell of stale tobacco smoke which, while
probably being a turn off for the vast majority of men, got me extremely
aroused.  When my lips finally touched hers, they were lovely and moist and
best of all for me her mouth tasted extremely strongly of stale tobacco

As our tongues played around in each other's mouths the taste of tobacco
smoke was so strong that it almost felt like I was smoking a cigarette.
Meanwhile, she excitedly huffed, puffed and giggled.

"Orgasm... o...r...gaah...s...m," she said over and over through her giggles
before saying, "Oh Peter, can I please feel your willy?"  I promptly gave her
a positive response and she excitedly screamed, "OOhhh it's hard!  Oh Peter,
I want your penis inside me.  My fanny's waiting for you," she giggled as she
escorted me to her bedroom with her ciggie in her mouth and her arms wrapped
round mine.  "Will you make love to me?  I've never had sex before and I
really, really want to.  So will you?"

"I take it there are condoms up there," I cautiously asked.  She placed her
hand on my shoulder and replied.

"Peter my darling I don't want you to use a condom, I want to have your baby.
You couldn't give me a better birthday present."

This made me feel uncomfortable.  I knew that even if they wanted to, neither
Sarah nor her mother Chloe could legally absolve me of my paternal
responsibilities.  Still I was so horny that I decided to trust them and when
we got to the bedroom I asked Sarah if she'd like to have some foreplay.
Looking somewhat embarrassed, she took an immense cheek hollowing drag on her
cigarette and slowly exhaled at me saying, "Yes I'd love to but I've never
done it before and I don't know what to do.  Do I take my clothes off?"

"No, we take each other's clothes off in a nice romantic way.  That's part of
the foreplay."

"Cool.  And I trust you'd like me to smoke during sex.  I always have a cig
in my mouth when I wank.  I hold it there and tickle my nipples with one hand
and my fanny with the other."

*	*	*	*	*	*	*	*

After Sarah and I had indulged in a round of mad passionate unprotected
smoking sex, she removed her cig from her mouth, threw her arms round me
(again) and cried, "Peter that was lovely.  I never knew sex could be so
good.  I hope we can do it again."

Chloe came out of the kitchen as we went back downstairs hand in hand and
told us that our beef hot pot was ready.  No one else had arrived so far, so
the five of us sat down in the lounge and started eating.  I then discovered
another great thing about smokers' parties: it was standard for people to
smoke while they were eating.  As we sat and ate, Chloe told me that her
younger daughters wanted to be impregnated too.  

"I know that legally they're too young but they both have a strong sex drive
and are keen to lose their virginity.  I'd really like you to get them
pregnant so that I can see grandchildren before I die."  Just then the
doorbell rang and Chloe told me to get it.  

"It's probably Joanna and Tracey.  They're a couple of chain smoking women
and they're both after a good fuck tonight.  You're still our only male guest
so they're all yours."  When I answered the door there were two scantily
dressed women, each holding a cigarette in their mouths and puffing
furiously.  There was an average height blonde wearing skimpy white short
see-through dungarees through which her black underwear was clearly visible,
and an average height brunette in a small yellow bikini.   The blonde on the
left removed her cig from her mouth.

"Hi, I'm Joanna.  This is Tracey.  We've come for the smokers' party."  I
promptly shook their hands and escorted them to the main room where the rest
of the guests were eating.  Chloe promptly offered them some hot pot and they
both happily sat down at the table and dined with the rest of us while we all
smoked and ate.

Surprisingly I was still the only male at the party and my sex drive was
beginning to return after my good round of sex with Sarah.  The others
finished their hot pot pretty quickly but I was taking time over mine.  I
wasn't worried about this as the guests had all assured me that I was with
friends and that I could take as long as I wanted over my meal.

While I was still eating Chloe and her daughters along with Joanna and Tracey
sat down at the coffee table and started playing smoking games.  Watching
them got me extremely aroused.  They were trying to see who would be the
first to smoke a full strength superking to the filter and were all furiously
puffing away as hard and as fast as they could.

I continued eating slowly as they played their smoking games, but it wasn't
long before my sex drive overtook my appetite.  The women and girls quickly
finished their cigarettes and then decided to see who could take the biggest
drag when they lit their next cig, to see how far down they could smoke it
and who could hold the smoke in their lungs the longest.  I watched in awe as
they wasted no time recovering from their last smoke and after they'd all
exhaled a huge billowing cloud of smoke Tracey turned toward me.

"You all right there?  Would you like some fun with us upstairs?" Tracey said

"Come on love, we all want to fuck you.  We're up for group sex, we're up for
anything you want...  As long as we can smoke through it."  Johanna

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