The Teacher's Secrets

(by anonymous, 23 July 2008)

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The Teacher's Secrets

  "Alright class, tomorrow we will finish up chapter three and start on
chapter four of your history book. You guys have a good day," said Katie.

  "Bye, Miss Carter," said some of the children as they were walking out of
the classroom. Katie made quick work setting out the lesson plan for the
following school day. As she bolted out the door trying to avoid the other
teachers she was stopped.

  "Why do you always go straight home after work? You should come to our
teachers' night out," said one of her co-workers.

  "I have plans tonight, sorry guys," said Katie.

  "You always have plans, oh well, have a nice evening," replied the woman.

  Katie walked to her car on a mission.  She was finally getting used to her
routine again, since she had just started her second year of teaching, it was
still the first week.

  After loading her things into her car she drove out of the parking lot, her
hands already franticlly digging in her purse. She pulled out one of her
Marlboro 100's and lit up while looking around to make sure none of her
co-workers were next to her in traffic. She kept the cigarette down low below
the window so nobody could see. Once she got a few miles away from the school
she placed the cigarette in its usual resting spot, the corner of her mouth.
With her cigarette dangling she had one hand on the wheel and the other was
dialing her cell phone.

  "Kelly, it's me. Its only the second week and I'm already stressed out.
Can you squeeze in an appointment for me tonight?"

  "Sure thing," said Kelly, "Be here at eight"

  By day Katie was your average fifth grade teacher but she had two big
secrets.  One of those secrets was dangling in the corner of her lips as she
hung up the phone.  The other was what was hiding under her clothes. Ever
since her first year of college, Katie had to find ways to deal with the
stress of being in school and now teaching school.  After leaving home and
moving a couple states away from her strict Christian parents, she found her
first true love - her Marlboro 100's. The first time she tried a cigarette
was in her dorm room the first week of her freshman year. Her roomate Jen was
a heavy smoker who Katie admired for her free spirit and spunky attitude.
Katie started off smoking slowly but after being introduced to Jen's
lifestyle her habit picked up to a pack and a half a day, but smoking wasn't
the only thing Jen introduced her to.

  One day after class, Jen said, "I'm stessed out, I think I'm going to go
get a new tattoo today, want to go with me?".

  "You have tattoos?" asked Katie.

  "Yeah, I have two already." Jen lifted her pant leg to reveal a flower on
each of her ankles. Katie had never seen a tattoo up close before and was

  "I want one too," said Katie.

  "Okay, lets get going then."

  That night Katie found her second true love as she stared in the mirror at
the cute one inch star that adorned her hip, right above her panty line on
the right side.  Over the next four years of school, Katie and Jen would get
a total of four tattoos, one each school year. By their senior year of
school, Katie had two stars on each hip and Jen had more flowers and vines
added to her ankles. After graduation, Jen took a job in another state as a
horse trainer and Katie stayed in the same town taking a teaching job at a
nearby school.

  Katie arrived home and pulled her Chevy Blazer into the garage of her one
bedroom apartment. She got out of the car and walked outside to enjoy a
minute or two of the beautiful fall day while she finished her third
cigarette of the afternoon ride home. She took a couple long, last drags and
threw the burning filter onto the driveway. She walked up the stairs to her
door, and immediately went to her computer to check her email.

  She placed another cigarette in her mouth and lit it as she was waiting for
her computer to boot up. There it was, the email from Kelly, her tattoo
artist. She opened the email and saw a couple of sketches pop up on her
screen, both of them pin-up girls. Kelly was an amazing artist, her pin-ups
were not your 50's style cartoon looking pin-ups but very realistic and very
sexy. The sketches were of a beautiful naked pirate girl leaning on a palm
tree with a bottle in her hand and a very sexy look on her face. The two
photos were almost identical except for one thing, one was dangling a
cigarette and the other wasn't. The email read, "I wasn't sure if you wanted
her to be smoking or not so I sent both versions, Love Kelly."

  Katie saved the email and started to make herself some dinner.  She was
well into her seventh or eighth cigarette of the evening when she washed her
plate in the sink and walked into the bathroom to get ready for a shower.
With her Marlboro 100 dangling as always, Katie stood in front of the mirror
as she un-buttoned her light blue dress shirt.  Standing there with her shirt
un-done she took a huge drag and exhaled right at the mirror.

  I'm such a badass, she thought as she glanced at the 36C breasts that
stared back at her. She dropped the shirt to the floor revealing her tattooed
upper arms that were hidden most of the day. From about two inches above her
elbow all the way to the top of her arms were covered in beautiful, detailed,
colorful pictures. On her right arm was a portrat of her childhood horse,
with a green meadow, flowers and a blue sky in the background. On the left
was an underwater ocean scene that inculded tropical fish, dolphins,
starfish, shells and all kinds of underwater things. As Katie crushed out her
cigarette and lit another, she removed her bra and started to adjust her
large eight gauge rings that were pierced through each nipple. She massaged
and examined her left breast, She said out loud to herself with the cigarette
bobbing up and down as she talked, "This is the last time I'm going to see
you like this."

  Her right breast was already completely tattooed. From the edge of her
areola extended a large yellow and orange flower. Other little flowers
continued up her chest to blend in with the horse tattoo on her right arm.
She stood there looking at herself trying to imagine the new tattoo that
would soon be on her forever. No longer would she ever see any bare skin on
her breasts. Also no longer would she have an easy time hiding her ink, for
her new tattoo will extend from the bottom of her left breast around the
areola and nipple all the way up to about an inch from her collar bone,
covering the entire left side of her chest. Am I ready for this? she thought.

  "Of coarse I am," she said as she tossed her smoke into the toilet and
stepped into the shower.

  She arrived at the studio just as Kelly was turning off the neon open sign.
She walked in and was greeted with a big hug.

 "Are you ready?" asked Kelly.

 "You bet," replied Katie. "Thanks for doing this after hours, I really
didn't want my tits out for all to see, plus you know how I need to smoke
while getting work done".

  "So what did you decide, do you want the smoking one or not?" asked Kelly.

  "You know me, Kelly, definitely the smoking one," replied Katie.

  "No stencil?" asked Katie as she laid down on the table and lit up a
Marlboro 100 as Kelly stuck a Newport 100 in her mouth and lit up also.

  "I'm going to do this one freehand if that's okay, I feel my best work is
always done that way".

  "Sounds fine to me," said Katie. The two chatted and chain smoked for the
next four hours as Kelly dangled cigarette after cigarette as she worked on
the outline for Katie's newest piece of art.  At midnight Kelly finished up.

  "Go take a look in the mirror and tell me what you think".  Katie stretched
her back as she walked across the hazy room that was filled with smoke. She
looked in the mirror and was shocked and amazed at the same time.  Katie
placed her half smoked cigarette in her mouth and ran her fingers over her
stinging chest and breasts.

  "I didn't realize it was going to be this big, and this high up". Katie
stood there with a shocked look on her face.

  "To get it all to fit just right I had to kind of go above your neck line."

  "I love it, it's so beautiful, I just don't know how I am going to hide this
at work tomorrow".  Katie paid Kelly, gave her a hug and thanked her again
for the wonderful job. She got in her car and instantly lit up one of the
last cigarettes in her pack. "Fuck, I'm almost out," she thought.  She pulled
her blazer into the nearest all night convinence store and walked in.

  "Can I get a carton of Marlboro Red 100's, please?" The cashier girl gave
her an odd look. Katie figured the lady was probably wondering why she has a
huge bandage sticking out of the top of her shirt.

  "I just got done getting tattooed". The lady just said "that's nice" and
went back to her busisness.

  When she got home she removed the bandage and applied the ointment just
like she had done so many times in the past. She put on an old T-shirt and
climbed into bed, still wondering what she was going to wear to hide this new
tattoo.  She smoked her last cigarette of the night and drifted off to sleep.
The next day Katie got up at six a.m. She was still a little groggy from only
getting four hours of sleep. She climbed out of bed and lit up a cigarette as
she walked into the bathroom with just her T-shirt and panties on. She stood
there in front of the mirror danging her cigarette as she applied her
eyeliner. All of the sudden she remembered, What the hell was she going to
wear? She couldn't wear one of her usual shirts, they were all too low cut
and her new tattoo would show. With her Marlboro still dangling she ran into
her closet, franticly searching for something with the highest collar she
could find. All she could find was a flannal shirt and a long skirt that
kinda matched. She put on her clothes, grabbed some orange juice and her pack
of smokes and headed out the door.  Katie pulled into the school parking lot
with ten minutes to spare. She doused herself with air freshener to cover the
smell of the three cigarettes she chained on the way to work and raced
inside.  She passed one of her co-workers in the hall.

  "What's with the heavy clothing?"

  "Oh, I heard it was supposed to be cold today," Katie lied.

  "If you call 70 degrees cold," replied the teacher as she walked off.
Class proceded as usual until after lunch Katie was helping out one her
students with her work and she leaned over the little girl's desk.

  "Miss Carter, did you hurt yourself? Why do you have a bandage on?" said
the little girl.

  "Oh, its nothing to be worried about," said Katie.  "Just finish up your

  After school let out Katie was sitting at her desk finishing up some work
when the principal walked in.

  "Miss Carter, one of the students told me you must have hurt yourself, she
said you have a bandage on?"

  "Oh, I just burned myself cooking," Katie lied once again.

  "Riiight" said the principal. "Do I smell cigarette smoke on your clothes
Miss Carter?  You know we have a strict no smoking policy for all our staff.
You are aware of that are you not?".

  "I don't smell anything Mr. Williams," Katie replied as the principal
walked off.  Once out to her car Katie slid down in the seat to hide as she
removed her heavy long sleeve shirt, removed the bandage from over her new
tattoo and slipped on her tank top. She couldn't take the heat any longer,
she had been sweating all day long. She followed her routine as she pulled
out of the parking lot and lit up her first of three cigarettes during her
drive home.  After ariving home she admired her new tattoo once again in the
mirror for almost an hour. She loved how the pirate girl on her chest had a
very sexy look on her face. She loved the cork tipped Marlboro that reflected
the one in her own mouth. She loved how her brown hair that flowed up to her
neck was almost the exact color of her own. Although she was far from a
lesbian, the sight of a sexy naked smoking female tattooed on her chest made
her almost wet. As she sat on her toilet staring at herself in the mirror she
started sliding her fingers back and forth over her pierced clit. With her
Marlboro bouncing up and down as she spoke out loud to her self she said,
"I'm a badass, I don't care what kind of trouble this gets me into. I just
want to be who I want to be."

  After an intense orgasm, Katie showered, put on another one of her sexy low
cut tank tops and shorts and set out to find something to eat.  She rarely
ever let her tattoos show in public, fearing one of her students or
co-workers would see her but today she just didn't care anymore. She walked
into the neighborhood bar and grille and sat down in the smoking section. She
ordered a Corona and lit up a cigarette. She dangled her Marlboro as she read
over the menu. She noticed a few stares from the people around her - a girl
with this much tattoo work was very rare in her small midwestern town. She
ate her dinner and lit up another smoke as she grabbed her purse and went up
to pay for her meal. She walked towards the door while looking for some cash
in her purse as the cigarette dangled from the corner of her lips. As she
reached the front counter she froze. Her mouth fell open at what she saw and
she almost dropped the cigarette onto the floor. There in front of her was
Principal Williams. The two just stared at each other in shock. There was a
long pause.

  "I will see you in my office tomorrow at seven sharp, Miss Carter."

  "Jen, it's me Katie," she said over the phone later that evening.

  "I know, it has been too long."

  "Listen, do you still have that job opening at the horse farm?"


  "I will tell you all about it later, I will see you there Monday."

  Katie wasn't upset about losing her job. In fact, she really never even
liked it. The only reason she became a teacher in the first place was to
please her parents, who she rarely talked to any more. Working on a horse
ranch was a dream of hers since she was a little girl, plus she could smoke
all she wanted all day long and she didn't have to hide her tattoos and she
could get as many as she wanted, wherever on her body she wanted. After all,
it was HER body.

To be continued...

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