The Video, Part 1

(by anonymous6, 06 March 2002)

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The Video
Part 1 of 2

Now let me begin by saying I don't make it a habit of snooping through my
daughter's room.  I was on a quest for a tape I had rented and needed to
return.  Hitting the eject button out came the tape, but not the one I was
looking for.  The title was " Teen Reviews" by some obscure company I had
never heard of.  My curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to watch it.  

The video started with my daughters best friend, Shelly, sitting on a sofa.
Then, from behind the camera, came Linda, her mother.  I was rather astonished
as Linda offered Shelly a cigarette.  She then went on to introduce herself
and her 12 year-old daughter.  Linda then went on to tell the story of how
Shelly started smoking.  Until now I was unaware that Shelly smoked and was
interested to hear the story.

I must let you know that although this tape would offend most adults, I was
not.  Smoking had been something in my family for years, and had never been
considered anything but normal.  My attitude toward smoking was partially
responsible for my divorce, as my husband had become increasingly anti, and
during my divorce Linda had been a great source of support.  It was rather
surprising to me that Linda had not informed me that her daughter was smoking.

As the tape continued Linda continued her story.  She explained that Shelly
had been smoking for several years.  She had always portrayed smoking as
something wonderful to her daughter.  Stating that today's kids had much more
stress than earlier generations, she was hopeful her daughter would start. She
added that smoking was an important part of a healthy upbringing, helping
develop confidence and mental stability.   Being a single parent as well, she
knew that cigarettes could help her keep her daughter under control, and bring
them closer together. Cigarettes to her were an important part of responsible
parenting.  Most of all, she said, was seeing the enjoyment her daughter
received from smoking.

Lighting a second cigarette, Shelly now began to tell her side.  She couldn't
understand the age limitations on smoking.  Smoking her first cigarette was
something she considered the same as having her first soda or trying a new
food.  The amount she smoked, a pack or two a day, was an achievement to her.
She aspired to smoke more, to which her mother interjected her support.
Public smoking was something she didn't have the courage to do, not something
her mother restricted.  Linda was somewhat disappointed that her daughter
wouldn't identify herself publicly as a smoker, but stated the most important
thing was that she was smoking in the first place.

Linda then produced a different brand of cigarettes.  She stated that she
liked her daughter to try new brands, and bought her a different one every few
days.  Shelly eagerly lit the new cigarette, critiquing the new flavor.  The
two then sat and chatted about various things. The scene then faded to black
soon revealing a new one with Shelly sitting on the patio.  Through all of
this I had totally forgot that I had found this in my daughters VCR.

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