The War Is Over, Part 1

(by SSTORYMAN, 28 October 2006)

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This fictional account contains adult language and sexual themes.  If such
language and themes offend you, please do not read further.  The persons and
events described in this work are purely fictional.  Any similarity to actual
persons or events is strictly coincidental.  Copyright 2006 by SSTORYMAN.
All rights reserved.  Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this story in
any form and for any purpose as long as this notice is reproduced and no
financial remuneration is received, directly or indirectly, by the person
reproducing or using it.


1.	Making Good on the Bet.

   Phil Wolfe shook his head, turning in disgust from the TV on the wall.  He
was at his Bigelow's Bar & Grille.  God, it was over.  The war was over, and
he lost.  Shit!

   His wife Teresa lovingly put her arm around him.  She gave him a hug.
"I'm sorry, honey.  God, I'm so sorry."

   "Yeah, I know," Phil nodded.

   He and his group fought valiantly against the anti-smoking Nazis.  But he
knew the war probably would end this way.  It was inevitable once
SmokeFreeBayCity ramped up its antismoking crusade.  The bastards had more
money, more than his group of bar and restaurant owners.  The handwriting was
on the wall once the anti-smokers got city council to pass their ordinance,
the one banning indoor smoking in public buildings, including bars and
restaurants.  Phil and other bar and restaurant owners collected enough
signatures to get the ordinance on the ballot, forcing a public referendum.
It held off enforcement till the voters could decide.  But now the results
were in.  Finally.  Phil and his group couldn't convince Bay City's voters to
reject the city council's anti-smoking ordinance.  The war was over.  In only
30 days the anti-smoking ordinance would take effect.  Damn!

   Phil owned a chain of restaurants and bars.  The no-smoking ordinance
would hurt his restaurants but it'd kill his bar business.  All his bar
patrons smoked.  Hell, they came to bars to drink and smoke.  Experience in
other cities where indoor smoking was banned showed that lots of bar owners
went under after this kind of ordinance passed.  That's why he formed his
group to fight the damn antis.  And fight they did.

   "Bay City Freedom of Choice" or "FOC" fought courageously against the
anti-smoking ordinance rammed through by SmokeFreeBayCity.  Phil was FOC's
biggest contributor; he put in two hundred grand.  Lots of other bar and
restaurant owners kicked in but no one contributed as much as Phil.  His
livelihood was on the line and he soon became FOC's official spokesperson.
It made sense.  He was good on TV and radio and comfortable in front of
crowds.  He didn't want the publicity but he got it anyway.  He became well
known as the champion of Bay City's smokers.  It was a reputation he didn't

   His wife Teresa supported him throughout the months of unending meetings
and press conferences.  Being on TV and radio all the time he began to get
hate mail; death threats from antismoking nuts.  Like his lovely wife, Phil
smoked.  Some might say Teresa was a very heavy smoker; she smoked even more
than he did.  It was one reason why he loved his second wife.  Teresa cared
passionately about freedom of choice for smokers.  Phil did too.  But his
passion was both personal and business; Teresa's was just personal.  She'd
smoked since middle school and passionately loved her cigarettes.  Teresa
hated anyone who dumped on her because she loved indulging in her beloved
smoking habit.

   The phone rang.  The referendum results on TV looked bleaker than ever.
With a sigh he picked up the receiver.  "Hello?"

   "Phil?  Hi, it's me," said a cheery female voice without identifying
herself.  "I called to say I'm sorry.  I mean for you personally, not sorry
that it looks like I'm gonna win."

   He knew the voice.  "Hi, Kathleen.  Yeah, I bet you're sad.  Looks like
you got 52 percent of the vote.  Congratulations.  I guess it's time for FOC
to concede, isn't it?"

   "Now Phil, don't be a sourpuss," teased the perky female.  "We both knew
you'd lose.  My pollsters thought it'd be 55-45 instead of only 52-48.  It's
a hell of a lot closer than we guessed.  Forty-eight percent is damn good.
Of course, you still lost," she laughed.  A pause.  "So, have you scheduled
your concession speech with the media yet?"

   "Uh, no, not yet.  I guess I have to stand up and take it like a man in
front of the cameras.  Congratulations, Kathleen," he added.  "We've been in
this fight a long time.  You and your people did it.  You got the vote out.
We didn't.  It's that simple.  You made a stronger appeal to the voters'
fears and prejudices, and their love of politically correct bullshit."

   "Phil, you're acting like a sore loser," Kathleen teased.  She sounded
delighted with the outcome and with herself.  "I'll wait to give my victory
speech till you officially concede.  That's why I called."  Another pause.
"But something else I want you to know.  You were a worthy opponent.  I mean
it, Phil.  I enjoyed debating you on radio talk shows and in community forums
around town.  You have a future in politics if you want it.  For someone on
the wrong side of this issue, you fought a great fight.  I respect you.  I
want you to know that."

   "Thanks, Kathleen.  I agree, none of our bickering in these debates was
personal.  I respect how you handle yourself.  I enjoyed debating you too.
But nothing can comfort me right now.  I'm done, finished.  My bars will go
to hell because my customers can't smoke anymore.  But hell, you'll be fine.
You'll move on to your next political campaign, next time working for a group
who wants to save the whales or whatever.  But I need to figure out how many
lay offs to schedule once the ban is effective and how many bar locations I
need to close."

   "Phil, I don't buy those scare tactics; neither do you.  We both know once
your customers have no other place to smoke they'll come back.  You'll be
fine.  You're intelligent and resourceful, except that you support an issue
time has passed by.  No one smokes anymore, Phil, and no one wants to be
around smokers.  You and your people are a shrinking minority.  Sorry you had
to find out the hard way.  I really am.  But the war's over, Phil.  This time
the good guys, the people on my side of the smoking issue, win."

   "Yeah, the war's over.  You won and I lost.  My customers lost and the bar
owners lost.  Your anti-smoking goons browbeat Bay City into eliminating
freedom of choice.  Now we get to live in your world, a place where freedom
of choice is a dirty word."

   "Phil, Phil, relax.  You're reading the same old lame script.  Get over
it.  I said before, I'll say again - Let's see what happens.  It won't be as
bad as you think."  She paused.  "I didn't call to argue.  We did enough of
that in public.  I called to say you're a hell of a fighter.  Off the record,
and I can't say it publicly, I respect you deeply.  I mean it.  Can't you
just receive this as it's intended, as a sincere compliment?"

   "Thanks, Kathleen, but tonight's been hard on me watching the results on
TV.  I poured myself into this campaign and we lost.  I'm tired.  Teresa and
I are gonna take time off and get away."  He paused.  "We'll go someplace
they'll let us smoke while we relax."

   "Fair enough.  Give your concession speech, Phil, so I can give mine.
I've got lots of supporters ready to go crazy once you concede."

   He hung up.  For months he and Kathleen Williams appeared together on
local radio and TV shows debating the proposed no-smoking ordinance.
SmokeFreeBayCity hired Kathleen to design and implement its antismoking
crusade.  She was good, damn good, Phil had to admit.  She delivered what she
promised.  She convinced city council and then the voters by referendum to
adopt a no indoor smoking policy everywhere in Bay City; everywhere including
his bars.  Damn!

   "But not in our home," he sighed, giving his lovely young wife a kiss on
the cheek.  "Honey, let's go.  I need to deliver a concession speech.  Then
let's get the hell out of here."

   "Thank God we can still smoke at home," Teresa sighed wistfully, echoing
Phil's thinking and slipping her pack of cigarettes in her purse.  "At least
they haven't gone that far."

   "Not yet," Phil muttered.  "Someday they'll try that."  He smiled at
Teresa.  "But by then it won't matter.  We'll be bankrupt, out of business,
living in the poor house."

   Teresa took his arm.  "Phil, before we face the TV cameras I need a
cigarette.  God, I can't do this unless I smoke first.  What do you say?"

   Phil reached in the pocket of his sport coat.  He offered his Benson &
Hedges Menthol 100s to his pretty wife.  He loved to see Teresa smoke.  He
always had.

   "Good idea, honey."  He lit up her long white cigarette, then his.  "In 30
days the ordinance takes effect."  He watched his gorgeous wife exhale a
thick smoky stream into the air between them.  He sighed.  He loved seeing
Teresa smoking.  She looked incredibly sexy.  "Once the ban's effective we
can't do this inside anywhere.  We'll have to go outside to smoke our

   Teresa grimaced.  "Fuck `em," she grumbled, exhaling.  "Fuck all of `em,
especially that bitch Kathleen Williams.  She has a pretty face, a nice
figure and long blond hair.  She looks good on TV.  But the bitch has the
heart of a devil!  God, I fuckin' hate her!"

   "I know, Teresa," Phil nodded.  "But Kathleen's right.  The war's over."


   Kathleen sat in her hotel suite with drink in hand.  It was one in the
morning.  On the local news replaying on the tube she saw herself claiming
victory and announcing a new day for Bay City.

   "The people of Bay City have spoken," her image said on camera smiling
broadly.  "The indoor smoking ordinance takes effect in 30 days.  The bars
and big tobacco tried to stop it but we fought back.  We spoke for the people
and put big money tobacco in its place.  Tonight the people spoke," she
repeated.  "The voters said no more indoor tobacco smoke.  Our kids can grow
up in a town where public health is more important than corporate profits and
where good sense beats special interests.  Ladies and gentlemen, the future
is ours.  Tonight we proved we live in such a place.  Congratulations, Bay
City.  You did it!"

   She clicked off the TV and stretched.  She was bushed.  She loved winning.
Bay City was on its way to being non-smoking.  Life was good.  She truly did
hate ambient tobacco smoke.  But even more she liked delivering a victory as
the mouthpiece in the winner's PR campaign.  She smiled.  Phil accused her of
wanting to save the whales next.  Well, if someone pays me to save the
fuckin' whales, I can.  Hell, she sneered, I just proved I can do anything.

   In the campaign she accused the bars of using tobacco money.  It wasn't
true and she knew it.  She had the big money, contributed by hospitals and
docs.  She played them like fiddles getting them to ante up more money than
Phil dreamed of raising.  She knew his numbers and she knew hers.
SmokeFreeBayCity outspent FOC five to one, not counting her success fee.  Her
ads were better and there were more of them.  She whipped the collective
asses of the bar owners.  She smiled.  Yeah, victory was sweet.  A vacation
to celebrate was next on an island in the Caribbean.  She deserved it.  She
promised a victory and delivered big time.

   Her pretty assistant Brooke came in.  "Uh, excuse me, Kathleen?"


   "Mitch Rodriguez from Channel Six is on the line.  He wants to know if you
and Mr. Wolfe will honor your bet, the one you made on his TV show last

   "The bet?"

   "Yeah, remember?  The bet?  On Channel Six with Mitch Rodriguez you and
Mr. Wolfe agreed to a wager based on which side won."

   Kathleen put her hand on her head.  God, she nearly forgot!  Phil
undoubtedly had too.  She smiled.  It meant she'd see Phil again at least
once more.

   "Sure we'll honor it," she assured her assistant.  "Tell Channel Six to
check with Mr. Wolfe.  But I'm sure he intends to honor his commitment.  I
certainly plan to."

   Her assistant left.  Kathleen smiled.  She nearly forgot.  She hated to
rub it but they did agree to do it together in front of the camera.  Yeah, it
meant she'd see Phil one last time.  And it'd be fun, because she was the


   "Dinner?  You gotta have dinner with Kathleen Williams at one of our
restaurants in front of more TV cameras?  God, I thought this was over!"

   "It was a bet, honey.  Last week on a talk show with Mitch Rodriguez
Kathleen and I agreed to it after he asked us.  So I gotta.  The winner gets
to crow on camera."

   Teresa anxiously reached for a cigarette.  "I thought all the public
bullshit was finished.  I thought everything could get back to normal.  She
won, for God's sake.  The war's over.  Why in the hell do you need to be
embarrassed and be on TV with her at your restaurant?"

   "If SmokeFreeBayCity won the referendum, if the voters approved the city
council's indoor smoking ban, I promised Mitch Rodriguez to host Kathleen and
her steering committee for dinner at one of my restaurants and let him film
it for his show.  There's no way around it.  We gotta do it."

   Teresa angrily exhaled.  "I can't believe _she_ wants to," his pretty wife
muttered.  "I thought she'd be as sick of you as you are of her."

   "Kathleen is sick of me.  Doesn't matter.  The reporters expect it.  We
agreed they could film us and that if she won there'd be no smoking in my
restaurant while she and I ate dinner with her steering committee.  It's just
a publicity stunt for TV.  We lost, so we have to."

   "And what if we'd won?  What did she agree to do if we won?"

   "If we won Kathleen promised to host a dinner at my restaurant for my
steering committee.  She agreed to personally put ashtrays on the tables as
the cameras rolled and my steering committee cheered.  But now it won't
happen.  We lost.  Time to admit it.  We lost."

   "Fuck," Teresa groused.  "God, don't you want to just fuck that bitch?"

   "Yeah, sure.  But there's no way around it, is there?"

   "I guess not," Teresa admitted.  "But it's humiliating."

   "I know.  I don't like it but I honestly thought people would realize
banning smoking is only the first thing they want.  I hoped the voters would
see the health Nazis won't be satisfied getting rid of indoor smoking.  They
always want more.  We just never got our message across."

   "But she had more fuckin' money," Teresa complained, tapping an ash in her
ashtray.  "Refuse to appear with her, Phil.  It's not right.  Fuck them.
Fuck her!"

   "I'd love to fuck her.  But it's just one last public appearance, Teresa.
I may as well do it gracefully."


   Cameras and reporters from the local TV station filled the establishment.
A table for two was in center of Phil's most expensive establishment.  For
the first time there were no ashtrays on the tables.  Phil's staff looked
woebegone.  Layoffs were coming.  Meanwhile Kathleen wore a navy blue
business suit and her trademark white pearl necklace as she grinned from ear
to ear for the cameras.

   "I like eating in Phil's lovely restaurant with no smoking allowed," she
told the reporters.  "This is the future of Bay City, a future where people
eat with no ambient smoke in the room."

   "How do you think the ban will affect Mr. Wolfe's business, Ms. Williams?"

   "It won't hurt it," she smirked.  "Studies have shown that-."

   Phil interrupted.  "Gentlemen, ladies, the time for speeches is over.  I
promised Ms. Williams and her steering committee a nice meal.  I intend for
her, for all of us, to enjoy dinner tonight without a lot of political
banter.  The war is over, ladies and gentlemen.  Kathleen won."

   The members of the SmokeFreeBayCity steering committee sat at nearby
tables.  They too grinned as Phil and Kathleen sat alone at the table in the
center fielding questions.

   Mitch Rodriguez from Channel Six spoke.  "Mr. Wolfe, do you really believe
that passage of the indoor smoking ban is the end of your Bay City bar and
restaurant empire?"

   "I hope not, Mitch," Phil smiled at the talk show host.  "Time will tell.
Kathleen says everything will be fine for me and other bar and restaurant
owners.  Yes, the smoking ban will be great for everyone; everyone but the
good people who like to smoke before or after a good meal or while having a
drink at their neighborhood bar."

   Kathleen scowled.  She had to respond to that comment and she did.

   The banter continued for 15 minutes.  They interviewed Kathleen's steering
committee too.  The reporters peppered Phil and Kathleen with questions.
Eventually they tired of the search for juicy sound bites.  The cameras
turned off.  One by one the reporters and TV crews made for the exits.  The
last to go was Mitch Rodriguez from Channel Six.  As the entrees were served
Mitch approached Kathleen.

   "Kathleen, can I talk to you off the record for a minute before I go?"

   Kathleen got up and walked to the side with Mitch.  They engaged in
animated conversation for a minute.  Finally she returned and sat down by
Phil with a big smile.

   "What was that about?"

   Kathleen giggled.  "Nothing.  Mitch is unbelievable.  I flirted with him
constantly the last few months.  I knew Mitch was attracted to me so I did
everything I could to keep him interested.  Well, now that the antismoking
story is no longer big news Mitch says he wants to take me to dinner."

   "You?  On a date?"

   "Yep," she smirked contentedly as she sipped her wine.  "You may not keep
track of such things but I do.  Mitch Rodriguez has a reputation in town.
He's quite the womanizer."

   Entrees were served.  Phil waited till the server left.  They were alone.
The table was far enough from the steering committee that the others couldn't

   "So, what did you tell Mitch?"

   "I told him I'd think about it," Kathleen grinned.  "I never slam the door
unless I need to, even if I'm not interested in an admirer like Mitch."

   "Mitch Rodriguez is slimy," Phil muttered.  "But, whatever."  He sipped
his wine.  "Well, it's the last time I'm forced to listen to you and your
steering committee gloat at my expense," he said sarcastically to his lovely

   Kathleen smirked.  "Come on, Phil.  The victor should get to crow.  You'd
crow if you won.  Don't be nasty."  She took a bite.  "By the way, the food's
great.  You do a good job."

   "Glad you like it.  How's the wine?"

   "Marvelous," she oozed.  "Simply marvelous."

   They ate in silence.  Phil didn't feel like chitchat.  Those at the other
tables, Kathleen's cronies, talked together as they ate.  Finally Kathleen

   "Phil, can I ask a favor?"

   He smiled.  "Sure, Kathleen, you won the bet.  Anything you want.  Just
name it.  You want more wine or something?"

   "No, I want to move to another room," she whispered.  "Can we finish our
meal alone, away from my damn steering committee?"

   "Sure.  Why?"

   "I prefer to talk privately," she said with a secretive grin.  "I told my
steering committee we might slip out once the cameras left.  Do you have a
separate room where we can finish our meal together in private?"

   He nodded.  An odd request but one he could accommodate.  He spoke to his
headwaiter and in a few moments got confirmation that the private dining room
was set up.

   Kathleen stood before her committee.  "Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for
coming.  I told Mr. Wolfe that I want to talk to him privately.  I hope you
don't mind.  This is a nice event and great publicity."  She grinned at Phil.
"Publicity at Mr. Wolfe's expense, I should add.  But he's been
extraordinarily gracious in defeat.  I'm sure you agree."

   Those at the tables spontaneously applauded.  The bastards!  Phil smiled
and nodded.

   Kathleen went on.  "Mr. Wolfe and I will retire to his private dining room
to finish our meals.  I appreciate you letting us do a private post-mortem.
Despite our differences I'm sure you agree - Mr. Wolfe and his people ran a
fair and honest campaign.  This dinner is an example of their honorable
approach."  She turned to him.  "Thanks, Phil."

   Phil briefly thanked the SmokeFreeBayCity's steering committee for
attending the dinner.  No reason not to take the high road, he figured.
Meanwhile his servers silently moved his dinner and Kathleen's into the
private dining room.

   Once they settled in Kathleen smiled.

   "God, Phil, thanks for doing this.  I'm sick of pandering to my fuckin'
steering committee.  I spent too much time with them the last few months.
Tonight I'd rather be alone with you."

   "Kathleen, you never cease to amaze me.  For months we argued feverishly
in public.  I never sensed personal animosity but I also never imagined that
you consider me a friend."

   "Oh, I do, Phil."  She batted her eyes coquettishly.  "Now that the war's
over I hope we can become _good_ friends."

   She was flirting.  It was obvious.  Kathleen was gorgeous.  Despite her
edge she had an engaging smile and a charming persona.  Like Mitch Rodriguez,
he admired her.  Involuntarily he gazed at her chest.  God, she had huge
tits!  She knew how to look classy and sexy at the same time.  He watched her
look at him and frowned.  Was she coming on to him?  If so, why?

   "Phil, can I be candid?"

   He laughed.  "Kathleen, I've never known you to be been anything but."

   She laughed back.  "Look, here's the truth.  I suggested this wager to
Mitch Rodriguez at Channel Six.  I put him up to it.  I hope you're not mad."

   Phil sipped his wine.  "Mad?  Why should I be?  If we won you'd be putting
ashtrays on my tables for my steering committee.  It was fair; dumb from a
publicity standpoint but fair."

   "That's not what I mean.  I mean, whichever way the referendum came out I
wanted an excuse to have a private dinner with you alone."


   She flashed her trademark smile, batting her eyes.  "On the phone I said I
respect you, Phil, and I do.  You're a worthy opponent.  I rarely admit it to
an adversary after I win a PR battle.  But in this case it's true.  You
should be flattered."  She paused.  "But that's not all.  I have one more
request.  You may think it's strange but here it is."  She took a deep
breath.  "I'd like for us to fuck!"

   He nearly choked on his wine.  "What?"

   The beautiful female smiled.  "You heard me, Phil.  I'm always candid.
You said so yourself.  Well, I'm just being honest.  I want us to fuck, and
to do it tonight."

   He sputtered.  "God, you're serious?"

   "Totally," she grinned.  "For months I've admired you, Phil.  You're
handsome, smart and sexy.  I promised myself once the war was over and I won
that I'd proposition you.  What do you say?"  With a sly smile she ran her
fingers through her blond hair.  "Be honest, Phil, honey.  Haven't you lusted
after me, at least a little?  I bet you have."

   "Kathleen, I'm not like a lecher like Mitch Rodriguez.  I'm married!"

   She shrugged.  "Who gives a shit?  You don't," she laughed cruelly.  "I
know you fool around.  In the campaign I had more money to spend than I could
use.  I got a private investigator to dig up dirt on you in case I needed it.
Phil, I know you aren't faithful to Teresa."  She sneered.  "But you probably
know Teresa screws around on you too.  Is that a surprise?"

   Phil shook his head.  No, it was no surprise.  His pretty wife was younger
than he was.  He knew she fooled around.  But he screwed around behind her
back too.  They never discussed it but they both knew.  Since they both did
it, their occasional sexual romps were never an issue.

   Phil leaned in.  "Yeah, so what?  So Teresa cheats on me?  Big fuckin'
deal.  Maybe I cheat on her too.  Who cares?  You're attractive, Kathleen,
truly.  But just because I cheat on Teresa now and then doesn't mean I ought
to fuck you.  As long as we've known each other we've been at one another's
throats.  It's crazy to end it by jumping into bed!"

   "But Phil, we don't need to fight anymore.  Not now.  Now we can be
friends.  The war's over, remember?  Please call me Kathy, okay?"  She
offered that disarming smile.  "As far as I'm concerned there's no reason we
shouldn't fuck.  I want to and if you're honest you do too."

   "But Kathleen, I mean, Kathy, I don't think it's right for us to-."

   "Right?  Oh come on!  Right?  God, Phil, don't get self-righteous on me.
I did my homework.  I know the kind of girls you like."  She flounced her
hair.  "You like blonds and I'm blond.  For instance, I know about Tammy the
receptionist at your eastside restaurant.  She's blond.  My private
investigator said you and she fucked constantly for months.  Remember?"

   He nodded.  Yeah, he and Tammy had a brief but torrid affair.  God, she
_was_ hot!

   "That's just the beginning.  Then there's Agnes, another blond.  Agnes is
a server at Bigelow's Bar & Grille on the north side.  You fucked Agnes,
didn't you?  God, Phil, she's practically a child.  She's only 19.  Right?"

   He nodded.  From the moment Agnes began to work at Bigelow's he couldn't
take his eyes off her.  He spent extra time at Bigelow's till he finally got
beautiful blond big-boobed Agnes into the sack.  Yeah, she was hot too.

   "I could go on and on," Kathleen said impudently, interrupting his
nostalgia.  "But I won't.  I don't need to.  I know about your girls.  I get
it, Phil.  I know what you like.  All those girls are blonds like me and have
big tits.  You're a sucker for blonds with big tits, aren't you?  Tits like
these?"  She put her hands under her breasts, lifting them up in her blouse
and traversing them with her fingers.  "Your pretty young wife Teresa is
blond with big tits too.  Not as big as mine but nice, round and voluptuous.
You married Teresa three years ago after you divorced your first wife.
Teresa's 15 years younger than you.  Looks like a trend, Phil, cute blonds,
young with big tits."  She laughed.  "Well, I'm 29, just a year older than
Teresa and the same age as Tammy.  You like me.  You stare when you think I
don't notice, but I do.  You love what you see.  Don't lie.  I'm offering the
chance of a lifetime.  You can fuck me.  I'm what you lust after, Phil, a
cute blond with big tits.  Now you can fuck the girl who screwed you in the
antismoking campaign.  It'll be satisfying and fun.  Aren't you tempted?"

   Phil took a sip of wine.  He wiped his mouth.  He felt confused.  "Kathy,
I don't know what to say.  This is a surprise."

   "I know.  Nice, isn't it?" she giggled.  "Sometimes life brings nice
surprises, Phil."

   "Yeah, but there's a problem.  I smoke, Kathy; you don't.  I know how you
feel about smoking.  So we can't have a relationship if you hate-."

   "Relationship?"  She laughed.  "Who wants a relationship?  Not me.  God, I
just want to fuck, Phil.  That's all.  Relationships are for losers;
fucking's good.  Sex is good, no strings.  I want to fuck.  Have
relationships with sweet big-busted young waitresses like Agnes, or with your
trophy wife with the big tits."  She paused.  "For months I lusted after you,
Phil.  I want you.  It's simple.  I get what I want.  Tonight I want you.
Your place or mine, doesn't matter.  I just want to fuck.  What do you say?"

   Phil looked around.  "Is this a trick?  Will Mitch Rodriguez pop out from
behind the counter, push a microphone at me and tell the world I'm a
pervert?"  He sipped his wine.  "Is this a twisted climax to the war you just

   "Phil, think.  If Mitch Rodriguez knew I want to fuck you, I'd be through
in the PR business.  Anyway, Mitch wants to fuck me.  I can't let him or
anyone else know my sexual fantasies.  Nor can you.  Don't worry.  It isn't
blackmail.  It's simple.  I want you.  For months I've wanted you.  But till
the war was over I couldn't have you.  It wasn't good business and business
came first.  Now business is over so we can have some fun."  She rested her
hand on his.  "That's all.  So, let's fuck."

   Phil mopped his brow.  He was fascinated with Kathleen.  She was gorgeous,
sexy as hell, with huge tits and fabulous long blond hair.  Yeah, she had him
pegged.  He did want her.  But something told him not to give in so fast.  He
took a deep breath.

   "God damn," he moaned.  "I think I need a cigarette."

   Her face fell.  "Shit!  I should've known, you fuckin' smoker.  You get
tense and need a nicotine fix.  I nearly forgot you're on the dark side, the
smoking side."  She shook her head.  "No, no smoking, Phil," she sighed.
"Nix.  Nada.  Not the deal.  Just a fuck.  That's all.  Yes or no?"

   He stared at the stunning female.  Kathy was the kind of girl he favored.
She was in her late twenties, very much the kind of woman he liked.  Teresa
just turned 30 and he loved to fuck her.  But Teresa smoked.  Kathy didn't.
But hell, why not?

   "Okay," he laughed.  "Sure, what the hell?  Yeah, let's do it.  Let's
fuck.  You pegged me perfectly, Kathy.  I love cute young blonds with big
tits.  I hate the things you stand for but you _are_ sexy and you swear like
a sex-starved slut.  It's a major turn-on.  Don't worry, I can talk dirty
too."  She grinned as he went on.  "If you're serious, you anti-smoking
bitch, I'd love to get you between the sheets and ram my big cock into your
slutty cunt.  God, I'd love to fuck your shitty antismoking brains out!"

   "Now that's more like it!"  Kathleen clapped gleefully.  "I knew you'd say
`yes.'  What man can refuse an offer like this?  You know, Phil, I bet you
can be very bad.  Don't worry.  I can too.  It may surprise you but I love
danger, like fucking in an elevator or screwing in your house in your bed
while your wife's out."  She gave a leering look.  "Teresa's hot, by the way.
I wouldn't mind a threesome with you and her."  She cackled.  "Do you see how
bad I can be?"

   "God, you _are_ bad, Kathy," he laughed.  "But Teresa doesn't like girls.
She'd love to wring your fuckin' neck.  So that's not a good idea."

   "Phil, you're na´ve.  My private investigator tells me Teresa loves girls
and she's done threesomes."  She paused, seeing his surprise.  "Oh, I'm
sorry.  You didn't know that about your lovely blond wife?  You didn't know
Teresa loves feeling a pretty girl squeezing those gigantic titties of hers?"

   This time Phil was shocked.  "Teresa?  Girls?  Seriously?  God, are you

   "Oh yeah.  Listen, I can give names, places and times it happened.  But
hell, it isn't sporting, is it?  After all, I don't give a shit what you or
your pretty wife do for fun.  All I really care about is us fucking tonight,
Phil."  She licked her lips in anticipation.

   The tablecloth covered his lap.  Kathy couldn't see the bulge inside his
trousers.  The more she talked the harder Phil got.  The gorgeous, big-busted
blond telling him of his wife fucking other women turned him on.  But then,
so did the idea of seeing lovely Kathleen Williams naked and urgently begging
him to fuck her brains out.  He groaned.  Yeah, he did want to.  He really

   "Okay, Kathy.  Let's go.  You like danger?  Fine, we go to my place.
Teresa's out with a girlfriend.  She won't be home till midnight.  We can
fuck in my bed, the same place Teresa and I do it every night.  How's that
sound?  Does that turn you on?"

   "Oh God, yeah," she groaned hungrily.  "God, you're so wicked, Phil, and I
want you so fuckin' much.  This'll be great!"

   "Yeah, Kathy, you're right.  It'll be fun, you fuckin' bitch," he laughed
evilly.  He stood.  The tent in his pants came into view and she leered.
"For months I hated you, Kathy.  I used to go home at night and endlessly
replay in my head all the things you said in our debates.  Who knows?  Maybe
fucking you will bring me some closure."

   "Whatever, Phil," she giggled.  She took his hand as they headed for the
door.  "Don't worry.  I hated you too.  It's a thin line between love and
hate.  By fucking my adversary I can blur that line.  Hate, love, passion,
lust; shit, what's the difference and who the hell cares?  All I know is I
want you inside me tonight, baby!"

   Phil smiled.  Sounded good to him!


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