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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Tiffany was always a pretty good student.  She had moved around quite a bit
due to her father being in the military.  Her mother was mostly a stay at
home mom who was a strong leader in the church group, if only as a volunteer.
Tiffany, none the less was also forced to attend these so called church group
meetings, she didn't enjoy the people there.  Mostly because she had moved
around so much that she didn't get a chance to build meaningful relationships
with her peers.  The next town:  Bricktown.  

"Hmm, sounds fun!" Tiffany commented sarcastically.

"We hope to be here for a very long time-hopefully." Her mother Karen

"Well I'm going to be a sophomore this year and I'd like to have some
stability.  Make some friends that I can be close to during college."  Tiff
stated.  The remark was almost trying to convince herself that she was right,
that she could make friends.  Find a boy maybe, I mean she was curious and
well, willing, but just no one who interested her in her short stays from
high school to high school.  Her only friend she had really made was Jenn
from Westwood.  She had dark hair, almost black, with matching eyes and a
pretty smile.  The last few months before she left they had grown very close
and she now had a best friend.  Hey, one out of five isn't too bad, is it?

Jenn made up for all that, though.  She had taken Tiffany to parties.  Jenn
was a year older and as a rising junior, she of course was invited to all the
parties.  At Westwood that's just how it was.  You may come as a guest of
someone invited to a party, but only the prettiest of freshman got in.  Most
of them were smokers, Tiff had noticed.  Then again, so was Jenn.  Although
she would never encouraged Tiffany to do anything she didn't want to do, she
would often go inside and ask Tiffany to hold her cigarette for her.  Tiffany
didn't mind because she was amazed just to be at a high school party, with
alcohol, and boys as well, can't forget them.  

Although Tiffany didn't think she was anywhere near as pretty as the freshman
girls that were always smoking at the parties, she was beginning to fill in
nicely. Her growing curves matched well with her green eyes and shoulder
length blonde hair.  How could she forget the party right before she left?
Jenn had the honor of supplying the alcohol and hair and makeup, Jenn's way
of saying goodbye.

"Let's flirt with lots of cute boys tonight," Jenn mischievous suggested.

"I hope this alcohol relaxes me so I can finally respond and make some
meaningful conversation for once.  I get so shy talking to the really cute
ones."  Tiff replied as she took a sip of the mixed drink.  Boy was it
strong, she thought to herself.

"Well, looking like this, girl, all you have to do is show up!" Jenn smiled
as she lifted the mirror for Tiffany to see.

"Holy shit, I'm fucking hot!" Tiff exclaimed, almost surprised that she had
cursed.  Clearly the booze was beginning to talk as the two girls did a final
mirror check and were out the door.  Jenn quickly lit a cigarette as they
started toward the party.  Tiffany always noticed how Jenn smoked, she had a
certain style that was almost sexy.  Tiffany's mother had never smoked and
her family were all non-smokers so she had never really seen it close up
until she met Jenn.  Arriving at the party, Jenn made good on her promise as
she heavily flirted with any cute boy nearby.  Having all of her inhibitions
gone from drinking, Tiff joined in and surprised herself, even hitting on one
particular boy who she knew had a girlfriend, Tommy.  Tommy was a rising
senior and very popular at Westwood as well as involved in several sports,
none of which Tiffany could name.

"Tommy Dean!" yelled Jenn as she saw him within striking distance.  Tommy
gave a light hug and Jenn did the formal introduction between him and
Tiffany.  Jenn lit up a cigarette, and made small talk right before she was
called inside for a game of flip cup.

"This will only take a second," she promised as she pawned off her cigarette
on Tiffany and ran inside.  Tiff was completely speechless as she turned to
Tommy with Jenn's cigarette in her hand.  How could she leave me out here
with the cutest boy she had ever seen, and with a cigarette?  She didn't want
to look like a novice so she simply took a small puff and tried her best to
make small talk.  She found that Tommy was easy to talk to and she was not
nervous, due to the alcohol.  As she puffed a little harder out of curiosity
she began to feel an all-too-familiar feeling.  Just then Jenn rushed out
onto the porch proclaiming that the cops were coming.  Everyone rushed out
and a redheaded girl grabbed Tommy by the arm.

"Take me and however many freshman girls you can fit in your car!" she
ordered.  "She can come too- are you a freshman?"  She asked of Tiffany.

"We have to get out of here now!" Tommy proclaimed "We will drop my friends
off and then I'll take you home." Clearly upset, the redhead sat in the front
seat as Jenn and Tiffany piled in the back.  Jenn retrieved her pack and
dangled one as she fished for her lighter in her pocketbook.

"I hope you're not thinking of smoking with me in here.  I really don't like
it," the snotty redhead said

"Cat, all of your friends smoke.  It's fine, they don't live far off."  Tommy
argued as Jenn found her lighter and double pumped upon ignition.  Cat folded
her arms as she sat in the passenger seat pouting.  The ride was short indeed
as they said their goodbyes and the two girls passed out at Jenn's house-

"Tiffany.  Tiffany!"  Tiffany awoke at the sound of her mother's voice.
"We're here."

Here was the doctor's office.  Bricktown had one of the best ENT doctors in
the eastern coast, Dr. Kovlovski.  Tiffany had sinus problems that had
interfered with her life and had begun to give her even more problems as of
late.  Dr. Kovlovski was young but highly experienced as he had spent has
entire life studying and practicing medicine.  His methods were sometimes a
bit odd and occasionally he suggested a home remedy if traditional medicine
failed to result in a favorable outcome.  After careful examination of
Tiffany, the doctor left the room and returned with a prescription and

"You're kidding," her mother Karen laughed.

"The prescription is for school/work purposes, but the sample of Camel
Crushes will help us determine if the menthol ball in the filter will help to
alleviate nasal congestion and clear sinuses.  I want her to follow the
prescription carefully starting with two a day and as needed when symptoms
occur, always crushing the ball within the filter," Dr. Kovlovski explained.
"The drug along with nicotine patches will allow her body to relax, and with
this low of a dose there is no need for concern for negative effects on the

"You want me to smoke and wear nicotine patches?  What if I become addicted
and can't stop?" Tiff asked.

"The low dose of two per day will allow your body to feel the effects without
you getting hooked, but you must follow this prescription very closely."  The
doctor replied.

The mother and daughter left the office almost dumbfounded.  This doctor was
supposedly the best in the field of ENT and he wanted a 15 year old girl to
smoke.  She had previously tried all other allergy and sinus medications, but
none seemed to even slightly work.  She decided she would at least try and
follow the doctor's orders, but with a lot of skepticism.

The next morning she got up and started her experiment after her mother went
to work.  It was summer and she didn't have school for another month, which
meant that she could see Jenn as much as she wanted.  She had informed Jenn
that she had a surprise for her, but was positive that she didn't expect
anything quite like this.

Jenn rang the doorbell, but went through the front door when no one came.
She walked around the house until she found Tiffany on the back porch,
smoking.  Surprised, she dropped her jaw as Tiff opened the door and
proclaimed she had some news.

"So your doctor prescribed you to start smoking and wear nicotine patches?
Wow, wish my mom would have taken me to see a doctor before I started
smoking.  Maybe a pediatrician" she joked, as she had started her love for
cigarettes at an early age.

"Let me teach you how," Jenn said excitedly.  "If you're going to smoke you
must smoke properly and create your own style."

Tiffany obliged and Jenn began her instructions as she believed that if you
only smoked two cigarettes per day then you would never practice enough to
have your own style.  Jenn decided that a crash course was the best way to do
it.  A weeks worth of practice, after which the girls would go to the back to
school party all the kids at Westwood would be attending, even Tommy.  The
next week was filled with cigarette after cigarette since Jenn's goal was to
get her friend's lungs properly broken in.  After a few days Tiff was up to
half a pack a day and the next steps were tricks and how to be sexy.  Tiffany
had thought that was too much, but Jenn insisted that the half pack should be
consumed each day, which meant that she began smoking even after Jenn left.
The cravings would hit which left Tiffany to smoke nearly a pack a day of her
now beloved Crushes.

A week had passed and she was ready for her showcase, but needed alcohol to
give her that push.  She had found that the cigarettes were doing their job
and the 15mg patches the doc had given her soon needed to be replaced by the
30mg ones she had bought at the store, along with her own lighter and carton.

"Hmm, I hope we see Tommy," Tiff purred as Jenn was busy smoking a cigarette
and applying Tiff's makeup.  Tiffany lit up another cigarette as she noticed
it was her last of the pack.  She made sure to put two boxes of smokes in her
purse before she left because she just wasn't sure if one would be enough.
She went to the party to show off her newly found habit, well- addiction was
more like it.  She also went to the party on a mission, her prey, Tommy.

They arrived at the party as Tiffany received stares for her attractiveness
and her deep inhales and amount she smoked.  Jenn was in and out, playing
multiple drinking games, but Tiff mostly stayed outside, hoping Tommy would
come along at some point.  She was getting discouraged and expertly took out
the last cigarette of the pack, but the newly purchased lighter had seen its
last day.

"Need a light?" Tommy asked almost out of nowhere as though he had been
waiting for the perfect moment to step in and save the day.

"Thanks, hun, I sure am glad to have you around.  I just needed something to
suck on."  She toyed with him to see how he would react.  Tommy nervously
laughed, but the look in Tiff's eyes showed that she had come to the party
with intentions.  She took a triple drag as she took has hand and lead him up
the stairs to an empty room, smoke trailing behind them.

"I just love smoking," Tiff proclaimed as she now was tapping her Crushes on
her wrist, primed to open a new pack.  She hungrily ripped off the packaging,
sliding out the first, made the familiar click, and Tommy readily offered a

"You're so sweet giving me a light like that, I really want to pay you back
Tommy- How do you feel about me smoking?"  Tiffany questioned as she took a
double pump and savored the nicotine.

"I really fancy you, Tiff, I just think you're really swell." Tommy nervously

"You seem so shy, Tommy, I think you need to relax a little bit.  Let me help
you relax," purred Tiffany as she slowly began undoing his belt buckle.  She
dangled lightly using both free hands to show some appreciation.  She slid
down Tommy's pants as she began to lay him in a more comfortable position.

"Just lay back honey, let mama take care of you," instructed Tiffany.

She was very eager to please as she blew smoke all over Tommy's member. She
took a moment to gaze at the specimen and thought about how badly she wanted
him in her mouth.  Almost as badly as she needed smoke in her lungs, she
thought, as she took a drag and nose exhaled as she gently inserted his stiff
dick.  She twirled her tongue around and started getting a good routine,
always making time to get enough nicotine.

"Would you mind being a sweetie and give me a cigarette please? I'm going to
need one more to get you off," Tiffany asked so innocently that it caught
Tommy off guard.

"Anything you want babe," said Tommy as he slid one out and made sure to
click the filter.  She smiled as she lit the new stick from the spent one.

"I want, no, I need you to cum in my mouth," Tiff said in her best good girl
voice, smoke expelling as she spoke.  She performed a snap inhale as she
looked up from her duties and then playfully blew a few smoke rings up at
Tommy.  Tiffany made a little game of it as she skillfully blew smoke rings
around Tommy's cock between engulfing it with smoke as she bobbed up and
down.  Tommy placed his hand upon her head as his body began to shake.  She
quickened the pace as she knew he was about to give her exactly what she
wanted.  Tommy gripped the sheets as she took a triple pump and poured smoke
so thick that she lost sight of the boy as he unloaded in her mouth.  She
took it all up and swallowed just as easy as she wiped her mouth, crushed out
the cigarette out in the ashtray and was out the door-

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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