Smoking Together Forever, Part 1

(by smokepen, 09 February 2000)

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Smoking Together Forever
Part 1

They were introduced by Sara's collage roommate Beth and her husband 
Robert, at the reception, after Beth and Robert's wedding. Sara was getting 
a drink from the bar when Beth tapped her on the shoulder and said "Sara I 
want to meet an old friend of ours, William Thompson." 

Sara turned around and saw a tall even featured young man with brown hair 
cut in a military crew cut. "Hi William Thompson" he said with a boyish 

It was only with an effort that she managed to take his proffered hand and 
reply "Hi Sara Horton." "Beth and I were roommates in collage" she managed 
to continue. 

"So she told me, Robert and I went to grade school together" He replied. 
William got a beer from the bar and they continued to chat. They discovered 
they had a lot in common. They both came from upper middle class families, 
with a long tradition of interpinurial business. Both of them had trained 
in collage to follow in this tradition, William had majored in economics 
and Sara in Business. However after a few years in business both had chosen 
to pursue less traditional careers, William had become a Marine officer, 
Sara a sculptor. 

Sara was deeply impressed by William; He was handsome, intelligent, 
independent and fun to be with. So when William asked he if she wanted to, 
"Check out the chow" she accepted with pleasure. They discussed books over 
the roast beef and vegetables and discovered that they were both fans of 
Agatha Christy, Robert Heinline, and Victor Hugo. They discussed their 
favorite Scenes and characters, and generally had a great time. 

So Sara was surprised when William took a pack of Marlboros out of his 
pocket after diner and offered her one. She had never smoked and was 
surprised that some one who was as zealous about physical fitness would 
smoke. In fact she had always considered smoking irrational and was a 
little shocked that some one as intelligent and rational as William smoked. 
"No thanks, I don't smoke", she said. 

"That's ok" William said with a grin as he placed a Marlboro between his 
lips. A look of intense concentration came over his face as he lit the 
cigarette with a zippo bearing the Marine Corps emblem. This was followed 
by a look of pleasure, as he took a drag and inhaled. 

"Doesn't smoking make it more difficult to stay in shape?" Sara asked 

"Sure but I didn't agree to give up living when I joined the corps", 
William replied. "I have too work harder to stay in shape but I enjoy 
smoking so I except the trade off." William then turned the conversation 
back to books and ideas. Sara continued to enjoy talking with William but 
was slightly distracted by William's smoking, which she watched with 
interest. He obviously enjoyed smoking and she found the way he did it was 
oddly attractive. 

After their food had a chance to settle William asked her if she wanted to 
dance. His dancing was not as good as hers was but he did it with such 
evident enjoyment that it was a pleasure to dance with him. "Thanks for 
asking me to dance" she said after the band ended the last set, "I really 
enjoyed it." 

"Me too" William smiled. "I'd love to get together with you some time" 

"Great let me give you my phone number." They exchanged numbers before 
going out to the front of the house to shower the bride and groom with 
birdseed. After word they walked to her car hand in hand. When they reached 
her car Sara turned to face him. He smiled and one eyebrow arched in 
inquiry. Sara smiled and nodded and he took her in his arms pressing her 
body against his, and kissed her long and sensually. She quivered in 
pleasure at the kiss and the feeling of his strong arms and muscular body 
pressed against her, and the hardness in his groin. When the kiss ended he 
said, "I'll call you tomorrow." 

"Promise" she asked teasingly 

"I promise" he said his voice husky with desire. 

* * * * * 

William watched mesmerized as Sara's car drove away. Sara he thought was 
almost perfect, for starters, she was the most physically perfect woman he 
had ever seen she had beautiful blond hair and perfect blue eyes, she had 
large breasts and hips and was slender in-between. She was very intelligent 
and fun to be with. She had a grace and elegance that was erotic. In fact 
as the stiffness of his manhood testified there was nothing he would enjoy 
as much as burying him self in her. She had only one flaw, she was a 
non-smoker, and that he thought with satisfaction was something he could 

The next morning, Sunday, William got up at 11 and went for his morning 
run, and then he ate a light breakfast of grapefruit and toast. He settled 
back in his chair, lit his morning cigarette, and gave some thought to his 
plan of attack. His leave would last only five more days. He had to fly 
back to San Deago Thursdays at noon, this meant he only had that long to 
convince Sara that it would be worth her wile to come and visit him in 
California. Last night had been a perfect start, a lot of fun and highly 
romantic. He decided that a couple of days of fun casual activities 
culminating in a romantic diner the last night would be just the thing. He 
called a nearby French restaurant and made a reservation for Wednesday 
night. Then after a few moments of additional thought he dialed Sara's 

After a few rings, there was click and Sara answered "Hello Horton 

"Hi Sara this is William" 

"Oh hi! How are you doing" 

"Great, I'm calling to see if you would like to go with me and see the 
Statue of Liberty and Elise Island and maybe get some dinner after wards." 

Their was a pause on the other end of the line then Sara said, "Sure, 
sounds like fun, when do you want to meet?" 

"How about at one thirty at the ferry." 

"Ok that's good for me, see you there." 

"Great see you there." William hung up the phone. 

* * * * * 

At the other end on the line Sara hung up the phone and sighed. Sara was 
worried about going out with William. Not because of any thing wrong with 
him, but because she was worried that if was her hormones and not her 
reason that was speaking. Sara was at the point in her life were she was 
looking for a committed relationship, and she was far from certain that 
their was any chance that she could have one with William. There was the 
problem of his living on the other side of the country for one thing, for 
another she was not sure that she could deal with having a committed 
relationship with someone in such a risky line of work. In fact she had 
almost declined his invitation to go out with him today, but then she had 
remembered his boyish smile, his deep brown eyes, and his lively 
intelligence and her will had melted. 

Sara quickly changed into nicer cloths and jumped on the downtown train. 
When she arrived at the ferry terminal she saw William standing facing the 
wind coming off the water, with a cigarette in his left hand. "Hi" she 

He turned around. "Oh hi", he said smiling. "Ready to go?" he asked. 

"Yep, lets go." 

He took her hand in his and they walked over to the short line for the 
ferry. Will bought them tickets and they road out to liberty Island on the 
upper deck of the ferry with the summer breeze blowing through their hair 
as they held hand and chatted about the beautiful sky line of the city and 
the idea of liberty and how important it was to both of them. They 
thoroughly explored Liberty Island and the statue itself, climbing to the 
top of the torch. All this physical exertion naturally brought William's 
strength and stamina to Sara's attention, in a way that was very 
attractive. At Ellis Island he spoke knowagablely about the effects of 
emigration on the economy, with out dominating the conversation. On the 
ferry ride back to Manhattan, Will slipped his arm around Sara's waist and 
kissed her gently. "So can I buy you dinner?" Will asked with a boyish 
smile, as the boat pulled up to the pear. 

"I'd love it" Sara said. 

"Good, I know a nice little Italian restaurant in little Italy. Sound good 
to you?" Will asked. 

" That sounds great", Sara replied. 

Will keep his arm around her waist for the whole subway ride up town. "Do 
you mind if I order for us?" Will asked her when they arrived at the 

"Go ahead" Sara replied with a smile. 

Will spoke briefly with the waiter who soon returned with a bottle of wine, 
bread and herb flavored olive oil. Will filled their glasses and said 
"cheers". They touched glasses and drank. Sara found the red wine, rich and 
flavorful. They held hands across the table as they eat the heavenly 
grilled portabello mushrooms, Will had ordered for their appetizer. The 
main course of vegetable ravioli with freshly grated Parmesan and freshly 
ground pepper, went perfectly with their wine. They talked about every 
thing and nothing as they eat. After they had finished their coffee, and 
Will had settled the bill. He asked her if she wanted to go for a nightcap 
at a nearby bar. 

"No thanks" she politely declined, "why don't you come back to my place and 
we can have a drink and chat." 

"Sure sounds like fun" Will replied. They took a cab back to Sara's house. 
Were they discovered another common interest when Sara offered him a glass 
of glenfarclas. " Hey this is great scotch" will said taking a sip from his 

"It's my favorite" Sara said with a smile 

"Well I'm a Laforig lover myself, but this is great scotch" he replied with 
a smile. They chatted for a short time about scotch then he got to his feet 
and announced that he should be getting back to his place. Sara walked him 
to the door were he gave her a goodnight kiss. "I know you have work 
tomorrow but I would love to get together can I buy you diner tomorrow 

"Ok sounds like a good idea" Sara responded. 

"I'll meet you hear a seven." 

"I'll be waiting for you" 

"To tide us over till then" he said taking her in his arms and kissing her. 
Then he released her and walked out the door. 

* * * * * 

The next three days seamed to pass in a daze. Sara had trouble 
concentrating in her studio because her thoughts kept straying from the 
face she was sculpting to a boyish smile, soft lips and a hard muscular 
body. Each evening she was waiting for Will eagerly when he arrived. 
Wednesday night he took her to a nice French restaurant. They started in 
the bar where they enjoyed a glass of scotch, then proceeded to the dining 
room were they partook of a creamy potato and leak soup, followed by tender 
and savory beef with vegetables. Desert consisted of the richest chocolate 
moose she had ever had accompanied by a glass of mellow port. As soon as 
they had paid the check and left the restaurant Will took out his pack of 
Marlboros and zippo. Sara watched with fascination as William deftly 
removed a cigarette from the red and white pack and placed it between his 
lips. Returned the pack to his pocket and flicked the zippo open ignited it 
and lit his cigarette, all in one motion. A look of pleasure crossed his 
face as he inhaled. 

"Want to come back to my place and have a drink and chat" 

"Sure" he replied 

When they arrived at her apartment Sara walked over to the side board to 
make them a drink as she had the last three nights, when she felt Williams 
arms incercaling her waist "Sara I think I'll pass on the drink." She 
turned with in the circle of his arms to face him. He was smiling at her 
boyishly with a faint hint of mockery in his eyes. She smiled back at him. 
He kissed her gently on the lips. She returned the kiss eagerly. A shudder 
ran though her body as he cupped her breast with one hand and pressed her 
against his muscular body, with the other. 

When She pulled her lips from his and said, "let's go into the bed room" he 
smiled at her, and picked her up and carried her in to the bedroom. He set 
her down gently on the bed then lay down next to her. The desire in his 
warm brown eyes was a thing Sara savored like the smoky taste of old 
whisky. He kissed her as he started to unbutton her blouse, her hand went 
to his belt buckle. In moments they were naked and his lips left hers and 
started working their way down to her breasts and then over her taught 
belly to the mound of her vagina. An electric feeling raced up her spine as 
his toung licked and stroked her clit and probed the depths of her warm wet 
vagina. After a few minutes of ecstasy he slid up to lay next to her. As 
they kissed and caressed, her hand trace a path up his taught muscular leg 
until it rested on the bulge of his erection. He quivered as her hand 
touched him. His hands massaged her back as he hugged and kissed her. She 
ran her right hand through his soft brown hair while her left fondled his 
hard cock possessively. 

After a few minutes he whispered "babe I need to fuck you" his brown eyes 
looking hungrily in to her blue ones. She smiled, slid under him, and 
spread her legs to receive him. He gasped in pleasure as he entered her 
slowly, her gentle warmth enfolding him. She moaned with pleasure, her legs 
clasping his ass to pull him more deeply into her almost by reflex, in her 
desire to have him inside her. They kissed gently as they held each other 
in their arms, savoring the joining of their bodies. Then slowly he partly 
with drew, before thrusting into her again. They continued kissing and 
caressing as they made love gently. Slowly the pace of his thrusts 
increased, their body expressing their love for each other. Her whole world 
became him thrusting into her, until she orgasmed waves of pleasure 
radiating out from the place of their joining to the outer most reaches of 
her body and the inner most recesses of her soul. When he felt her come 
beneath him, it drove him over the edge; he ejaculated as he thrust even 
more deeply into her, his body shuddering from the intense pleasure. He 
collapsed on top of her spent, whispering `I love you." 

"I love you too"; she whispered back smiling as him. After a few minutes of 
post coital cuddling William fell asleep in Sara's arms. She examined the 
young man in her arms. Over the last five days he had shown himself to 
intelligent, witty, kind, and gentle, as well as athletic and boyishly 
handsome. She knew she would never regret having fucked him, but she still 
wasn't sure they had any real future together. She fell asleep with out 
finding any resolution to her dilemma. 

She woke the next morning to find his arms still rapped around her, his 
penis semi erect pressed against her belly even though he was asleep. She 
smiled at him fondly and reached down to take his manhood in her hand with 
tender affection. One of his most wining traits was his masculinity not 
just physically, but psychologically as well. When they were together he 
never forgot that he was a male and she a female their was always a slight 
sexual tension. As she contemplated him, he stirred and his eyes fluttered 
open, his penis came fully erect in her hand. He smiled at her said "Good 
morning" kissed her and rolled on top of her. They made love quickly. 

When they were done she kissed Will on the for head and said "that was the 
best morning pick me up I've ever had" 

"I'm glad" he replied. "Stay hear and I'll go make us breakfast." When he 
got out of bed and stood naked beside her bed, she felt a pleasure so 
intense it was painful. He was Adonis in the flesh, the perfect male form. 

She lay in bed in post coital relaxation, as clattering noises came from 
the kitchen, soon accompanied by the smell of food. In a few minutes Will 
appeared bearing to trays with Orange juice, sliced fruit and scrambled 
eggs with toast and ham. He handed her one tray and the slid under the 
sheets with her. 

"Wow this looks great," she said smiling at him. 

"I hope you enjoy it" he replied kissing Sara on the cheek. 

Sara was pleased to discover that Will was an excellent cook the eggs had 
just the right consistency, neither to firm nor to soft. They ate in 
companionable silence. When they were done eating and had placed their 
trays on the bedside table, Will asked, "do you mind if I smoke" 

While she was not crazy about the smell of smoke it didn't bother her that 
much "I don't think any thing you do could bother me too much" she replied. 
He flashed one of his patented boyish smiles at her and reached for his 
pack and lighter. She watched in fascination as he lit up. His chest 
expanded as he inhaled the smoke deep into his lungs and a smile of 
enjoyment came to his lips. He exhaled with a sigh of contentment. "Now I 
really glad I let you smoke, you obviously enjoy it" Sara said. 

"Thanks" Will replied. Raising his arm in invitation to cuddle up next him. 
She happily accepted resting her head on his chest and enjoying the feeling 
of his strong arm around her shoulders. "Your right" he continued, "I 
really do enjoy smoking. People always talk about the health risks from 
smoking and forget how incredibly enjoyable it is." He took another puff 
and inhaled his chest expanding under her head. She watched as the thick 
creamy Marlboro smoke flowed from his lips in an endless stream. When he 
was done with his cigarette they made love one more time Sara found the 
taste of smoke on Will mouth to be strangely erotic. Then Sara drove Will 
to his parent's apartment to pick up his bags and took him to the airport. 
He took her in his arms one last time at the gate then boarded the plane-- 

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