Toxic, Part 10

(by Smokedawg, 17 December 2009)

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Toxic, Part 10

By Smokedawg (aka JbouleyJdog)



All DC Comics characters used for entertainment purposes only, and remain the
copyright of DC Comics and its affiliate and/or parent companies.

NOTE 1: This story is inspired by an idea presented to me by Blackbladder,
the author of many memorable smoking fetish tales, including the Buffy the
Vampire Slayer fan fiction story, "Demon Weed."

NOTE 2: If you find the mention of Superman's harsh actions toward Nick
O'Teen in this story and its various chapters to be out of character, I
should mention that in one of the early 1980s anti-smoking campaign
commercials featuring Nick O'Teen, Superman is indeed depicted as ruthlessly
flinging the man into the sky toward some buildings.

NOTE 3: The more this story goes on, the more I am, of course, messing with
DC continuity. Although most of this takes place in a relatively recent part
of DC superhero history (late 2009/early 2010), I've picked some things from
earlier points in the timelines and mixed and matched a bit. We'll just call
it artistic license instead of laziness, shall we?


"Nicoletta?" Beth called softly from her mistress' living room. "Are you up?"

"Yes," Nicoletta responded as she exited her master bedroom, toweling off her
dark hair and shaking the long ringlets about her head. "What do you have for

"Good news all around," Beth responded. "Superman... I mean, Smokeslave...
reports that he has the location of Ra's al Ghul pinpointed, and will have
him here before sundown. And the nano-trackers in Wonder Woman are working
perfectly, as are the toned-down addiction and submission drugs that were in
the cigarettes she enjoyed second-hand. We have some robotic drones following
her, mostly bird and insect-styled ones, and there is no evidence that her
body is fighting off or rejecting anything we've introduced."

"Well, then," Nicoletta said, lighting a cigarette and running her fingers
through her hair as the smoke from the cigarette in her other hand wound
itself into her brunette locks. "It looks like we need to start the clock
ticking on our capture of Wonder Woman, and let my cousin know that she is
one step closer to having the Flash."

"I'll get things going, then, Nicoletta."

"No, you won't. Not just yet, anyway. I have a fresh cigarette and no one to
share it with. Yet."

"Yes, mistress," Beth said with a smile, sinking to her knees between
Nicoletta's naked thighs. "I'll take my first cigarette break of the day now
if that's what you need."

"Oh, it is. And let's make it an extra-long break, shall we?"

* * *

His mind and will were formidable indeed, or he never would have been the
bane to Batman that he had been for so many years - and because of that, a
part of Ra's al Ghul's mind still rebelled. It screamed, reminding him who he
was and rebuking him for having been broken.

But he had never expected this kind of scenario. To be captured by the Man of
Steel - a metahuman whom his captor was, curiously, referring to as
Smokeslave instead of Superman. That had been his first clue that the smoking
going on around him for days had sinister intentions behind it.

He was one of the world's foremost schemers and villains, so he knew

But while he had trained himself over the years to resist any number of
traditional forms of interrogation - drugs, torture, and intimidation - and
while he had learned tricks to foil or at least blunt even telepathic
interrogation, this was something he had never expected.

Drugs with which he was entirely unfamiliar, all hitting him at the same
time. Things that invaded his lungs and then his blood. Things that might
even seep into his mucous membranes and skin. Slowing his metabolism by will
alone did almost nothing to slow the relentless crawling submission that
filled his every cell. Too many different chemicals to keep track of, and
none of them known to him.

Worse yet, there was the arousal that was woven into the smoke, not just from
the aphrodisiacs and hypnotics in it but the gorgeous women all around him,
smoking and writhing and sometimes pleasuring once another.

Ra's al Ghul was a strong man, but he was a man nonetheless. When one woman
began dancing in front of him, dressed in some kind of sinuous holoweave,
smoking as well, he began to realize how fruitless resistance was. Part of
that was the drugs talking, he knew. But part of it was also common sense. He
had been captured by a nigh-invincible extraterrestrial hero and delivered to
the woman who had subdued that very same hero.

He didn't like to think in terms of anyone being smarter than he was, or more
cunning, or more able to break someone's will.

But as Serpentine danced the last of his will away, and he breathed sweet
smoke and felt his cock throb between his thighs, he saw his captor reappear
- Nicoletta Teena, a woman whom he once thought merely a rich and powerful
businesswoman - and he bowed reluctantly, unwillingly and inexorably to the
superior will.

Ultimately, he gave up all his secrets while that last tiny part of his true
and implacable self cursed him and reviled him.

* * *

As they left the interrogation room, Nicoletta thanked Sarina and sent her
away to pull off her Serpentine costume and go back to more mundane duties -
and she informed one of the other women from the interrogation to wipe the
stray bit of semen from her chin.

A recommendation that only prompted one of the other women, so doped up on
aphrodisiac smoke that she could hardly be blamed, to rush forward and lick
it off the woman's chin herself, and then start engaging in a lusty make-out
session in the hallway.

Nicoletta chuckled at that, and smiled at Beth, who was waiting outside the

"All went perfectly," she said. "Hitting him so hard has no doubt damaged his
mind permanently. I feel just awful." Nicoletta's wicked smiled showed her to
be feeling anything but guilty.

"So, you have all the information on the Lazarus Pits, then," Beth said.

"And so much more besides. I know enough about the League of Assassins that I
can either destroy them or take them over," Nicoletta said with an intense
air of self-satisfaction. "I also know more about master assassin David Cain
and about Deathstroke the Terminator than either would like - and enough
about Batman to make it so much easier to keep him distracted and out of our

"And to take him down?" Beth ventured.

"No," Nicoletta responded. "There are reasons I have for leaving the Dark
Knight out of this, if I can. Batman is not part of my plans, and I prefer to
keep him in an outsider role - even if he might prove to be an adversary down
the line. Besides, what fun would the business world be if Bruce Wayne was my
slave instead of one of my competitors? However, knowing more about him gives
me more ability to keep him at bay."

"So, what do we do with Ra's al Ghul? He's dangerous."

"Give him the same treatment I gave Dr. Worther. Once he knows that he will
become a drooling idiot if he leaves his generously appointed cell, he will
become more tractable. Particularly with a rotating cycle of three-woman
guard teams constantly smoking the most powerful aphrodisiac cigarettes we
have while in his presence. We're going to turn one of the world's most
ruthless men into a soft, lust-bound hedonist. Once we have him sufficiently
addicted to sexual stimulation, we'll work on other addictions. He won't ever
want to leave his room again. And I certainly don't need him for anything. He
was only ever good to me for his secrets, and he doesn't have any more of

"We could just kill him," Beth pointed out. "He certainly deserves it."

"Certainly he does," Nicoletta noted. "But for a man who's become accustomed
to the idea of living forever, my fate, as pleasurable as it is for him
physically, will torture some small part of his mind for years to come. What
I'll put him through in terms of drugs, smoke consumption, food, and drink
will likely kill him from secondary health problems within the next five to
10 years, and there will be no return visit to the living for him this time."

* * *

No one could have been more surprised to be liberated from prison by Superman
than was former radio shock-jock Leslie Willis, known also as Livewire. 

After all, she'd always taken great pleasure in lambasting him on-air, and
later when she'd gained her electrical superpowers and become one of his
adversaries, it was he who had landed her in prison - in an insulated cell
that prevented her from accessing the electricity she needed to shed her
physical form and become an being of energy - and power - once again.

Yet he was breaking her out.

Except that the giddy feeling of freedom didn't last, and she found renewed
reason to dislike the Man of Steel.

Because now, after being stuffed into some kind of transparent, electrically
insulated sack and hauled through the air by Superman for dozens of miles,
she was in another, similar kind of cell as before, but somewhere else, and
that pissed her off. 

Why? she wondered. And what the fuck is up with that new costume of his?

* * *

With Livewire having been taken from Stryker's Island under confusing and
speedy circumstances - with no one quite sure how it had happened or who had
done it - it was easy enough to bait the trap. Wonder Woman, who had set
herself up as Metropolis' protector for now, would assume that Livewire was
out to wreak havoc.

Orchestrating a mishap at a power station would leave the Amazon to assume
that was where Livewire would be.

So Nicoletta wasn't surprised when Wonder Woman showed up to fend off an
enemy she had assumed would be Livewire. Nicoletta was surprised, however, to
see that Wonder Woman had company, in the form of Vixen.

"Two-for-one sale today, team," Nicoletta said over the comm-link. "Shift to
Plan B."

"Affirmative, Nicotina" the rest of Team Toxic answered over their comm

When Wonder Woman and Vixen were close enough, Smokeslave swooped in, with
the intention of taking out the Amazon hard and fast. When she saw him, her
eyes opened wide, first with hope and then with shock and finally with
wariness when she figured out he was on an attack vector and wearing a
redesigned costume.

"Kal-El?" she said with a tremor in her voice, but she was a warrior, and
hesitated no longer than a fraction of a heartbeat, dodging his high-velocity
flying charge. Then some of the other team members emerged: Serpentine,
Heat-Sink, Cigarillo, Vitriol, and Nicotina herself. Wonder Woman recognized
none of them, but she did recognize her former comrade Zatanna among them,
and that made her heart sink just a bit more.

Superman and Zatanna both working for someone nefarious, it seems, she
realized. Telepathic mind control like Maxwell Lord or Gorilla Grodd might
use? Or something else? Either way, we're in serious trouble.

Wonder Woman keyed up her Justice League communicator quickly, and saw the
warning light that she was being jammed. She got her attention back on
Superman, saw his new approach and readied her golden lasso like a whip. With
a forceful snap, it encircled his arms and upper torso in its unbreakable
grip, and she took advantage of his momentary confusion to whip him around
and fling him away.

"Vixen!" she yelled. "Retreat while I hold them here. Get out of jamming
range and warn the League!"

Vixen nodded quickly, and then tapped the Earth's morphogenic field with her
magical abilities to adopt an animal power, choosing the hawk's power of
flight. As she raced off, Nicotina spoke a command into her comm unit, which
was using a frequency coded to get through the jamming field. "Smokeslave,
Vixen is running. Fetch!"

"I'm on it, Mistress," he responded, and flew after his former colleague. She
wasn't hard to find with dark skin and almost as dark a costume against a
cloudy sky, and he wasn't worried about losing her. He was far faster in

"Vixen, look out!" Wonder Woman shouted, then prepared to try to hold off
several opponents at once. She didn't know anyone's powers but Zatanna's and
she needed to neutralize those first. She moved fast, and used her lariat
like a lash again, whipping it between Zatanna's lips and around her head as
she opened her mouth to speak magic words. Wonder Woman held fast to the
golden glowing rope with her left hand, not daring to let the makeshift gag
slip as the woman struggled against it, and tried to figure out how she was
going to hold off the other five opponents with one arm and somehow
incapacitate Zatanna so she could free up her other one.

* * * 

Vixen heard Wonder Woman's warning, looked back, and knew she was in trouble.
Being able to take on the powers of any animal that had ever existed on Earth
was all well and good, except that no animal had ever existed that flew
faster than Superman.

Time to fight, she thought. My claws are magically enhanced by the same
source as my morphogenic powers - from the same sorcery the African
spider-god Anansi used to grant me my gifts - and if there's one thing other
than Kryptonite that Superman is vulnerable to, it's magic.

She turned suddenly, and flew straight toward her pursuer. At the last
moment, she swerved, abandoned flight for a lion's rage, grabbed Superman's
shoulder and slashed at his chest with her other hand. His costume was rent
and four deep gashes began to spill blood, and then she took on the power of
a spitting cobra, spat poison in the wounds and then pushed away from him

Superman hissed in pain as the venom went straight into his bloodstream.
Vixen knew it probably wouldn't incapacitate him. But if it could hold him
off long enough for her to get a distress call out to the Justice League... 

Vixen resumed the power of flight, and soared away.

And then her world turned green. An emerald globe of energy encased her, and
constricted fast, squeezing the air from her chest and leaving no room for
air that she could breathe. She tried to concentrate, to adopt the powers of
some kind of anaerobic bacteria so that she might avoid passing out, but what
was she going to do to escape her green prison? Perhaps the strength of a
bull elephant, once she had just a few more... 

The decision was wrenched from her when Superman, in pain and disoriented,
but not down, slammed against the energy field holding her. The impact
stunned her, and she lost her hold on her powers, and consciousness was
quickly lost to her.

* * *

"Vixen is down, Nicotina," Green Lantern said.

"Hal?" Nicoletta responded over the comm-link. "What are you... "

"I'll keep her subdued. Superman is hurt. She poisoned him."

"I need him, so he's going to have to work through the pain."

"Just giving you a heads up that he's not 100%, but Superman's already
started heading back to your position."


"Yes, Nicotina? Don't you have a fight or something?"

"It's Smokeslave now, dear, not Superman."

"Kal-El is heading back your way," he said.

"Stubborn boy," she laughed softly, and said, "Back to the fight, then. Love

It didn't matter if the words were completely true or not. Green Lantern had
to admit they sounded very sweet to his ears.

He wondered if they'd sound as sweet to Diana when she first heard them one
day in the near future.

* * *

Her opponents were converging, and Wonder Woman was poised - muscles coiled
and ready for action as all her decades of warrior training as an Amazon came
to bear.

From her left came a large man in a red-and-bronze costume. She could see the
rippling of the air around him and assessed that he was super-heated somehow;
she would have to be aware of potential ranged heat and fire attacks there.
From ahead of her in the distance approached a woman who looked to be more
dancer than fighter, but she wore wristbands that possess some kind of
launchers or ejector ports - another potential ranged attacker. Wonder Woman
also noticed how intricate the designs on the woman's costume were, and that
gave her pause.

Why the detail? Why does light play across it in quite that way? she
wondered. She is farther back than the others, and directly in my line of
sight. As if... 

As the costume began to pulse and flow with color and light across its
surface, Wonder Woman immediately pulled her gaze away.

Perhaps simply meant to distract. Possibly to blind me or disrupt my vision
and balance. Maybe even to control my mind, which could explain Zatanna and
Superman cooperating with them so willingly. That enemy will remain in my
peripheral vision, or I will have to maneuver her into the sight-lines of her
comrades in the hope that it will force her to deactivate her suit's visual

To her right, an armored woman with some kind of baton in one hand. Her
suit's colors and design, along with the baton, brought to mind thoughts of
cigars or brown cigarettes, Diana realized. Then, not too far from her,
another armored enemy, but a man in this case, with his outfit in shades of
green, gold and black.

Of all her opponents, only one had held well back: The woman in the white
costume with the black gas-mask-like helmet. Presumably, she was the leader,
coordinating the assault.

She didn't know much about their powers yet and she didn't know their names,
but Diana was aware where they were, at least. Now, the strategies and
priorities flooded through her mind. First, she had to neutralize Zatanna,
since her magic would definitely tip things farther into the enemy's
advantage than Wonder Woman could afford. The temporary gagging of her mouth
was not enough.

I dare not knock her out entirely, though, Wonder Woman realized. I may be
facing Superman soon, too, in this fight, and I have no idea if or when the
Justice League will arrive. But if I can free Zatanna or Kal-El, or both of
them, from their control, that would tip things toward me greatly. An
unconscious Zatanna won't give me that option, and my chances of breaking the
influence over them have increased now that I've narrowed down the likely
controllers to the white-clad leader at the periphery, or the woman with the
presumably sense- or mind-bending light show on her bodysuit.

Diana knew what she had to do, and now it was time to act, as the fight began
in earnest. The armored woman flung some kind of small globe, and Wonder
Woman leaped up to avoid it as it hit the ground and exploded, releasing a
thick cloud of some kind of gas that flowed out and up, sluggish like syrup.
Diana caught just the faintest smell of something sweet before holding her
breath and getting more distance with her power of flight.

As she avoided the gas bomb, a blast of liquid came from the other armored
opponent, and Wonder Woman twisted in the air and dodged it, but noticed that
it was corrosive as it began to eat at a nearby metal tower - a structure
that immediately began to totter toward her.

But she was on the move now, and actually heading in the general direction of
Zatanna, to whom she was still tethered, so she landed near the woman,
wrapped the golden lariat of truth around her several times quickly to bind
her arms and legs as firmly as her tongue, and then she pushed the woman
roughly to the dirt.

I'll try to hold my ground here, and keep Zatanna close - prevent them from
releasing her - and hope that I don't have to give her a concussion to keep
them from bringing her power into play.

From afar, Nicotina admired the Amazon's maneuvers immensely, and found
herself both dismayed and happy that there was minimal chemical influence in
Wonder Woman's body. They had only dosed her lightly with that clandestine
exposure to smoke after the battle with Parasite. They had used only enough
to test things, since Nicoletta wasn't going to trust a minor subordinate
access to the more powerful cigarettes nor give her the pleasure and honor of
subduing Wonder Woman. Diana was to be Nicoletta's, and Nicoletta's alone.

That meant challenges now, but it was also a joy to behold the Amazon in

Besides, having Wonder Woman in top fighting form and fully possessed of her
will is going to be the ultimate test of Smokeslave's loyalty to me, Nicotina
thought. Regardless, though, what little of my substances swirl through her
system will vastly undermine her ability to fight my influence if Team Toxic
subdues her in this battle - and the odds are with us. I'm already inside
her; I need only now to capture her, continue to invade her body and mind,
and seduce her as I did Green Lantern.

Nicoletta was only marginally concerned about being defeated. Her larger
concern was that in conducting this battle, no one got killed or crippled on
either side. Losing any assets or prizes today was unacceptable. But risks
remained. Wonder Woman avoided killing, as did most of the metahuman heroes,
but she had fatally snapped the neck of Maxwell Lord rather than let him have
total mental control of Superman, so Nicotina was all too aware that she was
dealing with a woman who was a warrior even more than she was a diplomat,
artist and scholar.

As the metal structure toppled, Diana grabbed it and swung it with great
force toward the red-and-bronze clad opponent. It was an aggressive move, and
one which would kill a normal person, but she was short on options, and also
needed to test her opponents.

She realized her worry over risking his life was misplaced when his body
flared bright, and the metal tower she had swung at him melted where it
touched him, as if he were a red-hot knife pitted against a stick of soft

She swung what was left of the structure back around in a wide arc to
disperse her other incoming opponents and to blow back the slightly
encroaching cloud of gas from the armored woman's bomb. As she came around
full circle, she slammed the remains of the metal tower into the ground near
the woman with the dancer's body and the holographic costume. The impact
shook the ground, putting the woman off balance, and it also kicked up a
large amount of dirt, gravel and other debris that sent the woman reeling.

Stunned, at least, and perhaps unconscious, Wonder Woman thought. If I'm
lucky, she's the controller of Zatanna and Superman, but it's too soon to
tell yet.

The armored man was now coming to bear again, but before he could unleash
another acidic blast, she surged toward him, grabbed him and flung him to the
ground with all her strength. That allowed the armored woman to get close,
though, and she unleashed some sort of gas attack from her baton. Wonder
Woman held her breath but could feel something clinging faintly and stickily
to her skin, feeling like a thin spray of oil and honey, and she worried that
perhaps inhalation wasn't the only means by which the substance might affect

With her left fist, she delivered a stunning blow to the woman's armored
belly and sent her crashing back into some small bunker-like structure. The
woman began to regain her feet, but unsteadily. Wonder Woman returned her
attention to the armored man and realized he hadn't been slowed more than a
tiny fraction. Was he superhuman even without the armor, or... 

She thought of the villain Chemo, and Superman's report of an earlier
acid-oriented foe he had fought recently that was much like Chemo. Could this
be the same enemy?

And then, as the heat-powered opponent seemed to ready himself for some kind
of attack, she punched the armored man in the chest with all the strength she
could muster, focusing the kinetic energy precisely, cracking the armor. And
she hit it again, as before, feeling the burning sting of acid on her
knuckles, and as the crack became a rift, she grabbed her opponent by the
head and hurled him against the same structure the other armored opponent had
just retreated from.

From the green-and-gold armor flowed something liquid and viscous. It took on
a somewhat humanoid shape, but seemed sluggish now outside the armor, and
Wonder Woman tentatively counted that as her second opponent down.

A blast of superheated air surged toward her and she barely dodged it. She
flew upward, abandoning Zatanna for the moment and hoping no one would untie
her, and pulled lose a power line from one of the substation's towers, and
whipped it toward the heat-powered opponent, shocking him into submission.

Three down, and... 

She heard his approach. Superman was flying in. Unsteady, but determined. His
chest was bleeding and his face contorted in pain. He seemed to be sweating a

"Kal-El! Fight them! Remember yourself!" Diana shouted. "You are a hero! Be

But he continued on a trajectory toward her, and she realized the fight was
inevitable. She could only hope that Vixen's attack had weakened him enough.
She grappled with and pummeled her former ally, and took his blows, blocking
the ones she could.

It didn't seem like he was hitting her as hard as he could, and she wondered
if that meant he was weaker than she had thought, that he was resisting his
controller, or if it meant something else entirely.

Was this a fight, Diana wondered, or a trap?

He caught her on the side of the head with a glancing blow, though, causing
her to lose her bearings for a moment, and then he spun her around and caught
her in a headlock in mid-air as they flew and fought. She used her own
strength and flight powers to pull the both of them to the ground, and braced
herself against the earth, anchoring herself with the powers granted to her
by Gaia, and got ready to flip Superman over her head and to the ground.

And then she saw Zatanna was free, and the armored woman was standing next to

No! Diana screamed silently. Too close to victory to lose.

Superman pitted his own strength and flight powers against hers, and lifted
them from the ground. The magical forces helping to keep Diana grounded were
strong though, and he groaned with agony at the attempt. He barely lifted
them from the ground, but it was enough to deny her the leverage she needed. 

Breaking the headlock was too challenging, so Diana prepared to use her legs.
Superman's groin perhaps, or his knees. Even a nearly invulnerable metahuman
had weak points, and Diana had super-strength herself, much of it mystical in
origin. She could hurt him.

As she readied herself, Zatanna said, clearly and succinctly, "sgel fo Anaid
eb debmun."

With that, Wonder Woman lost all sensation from mid-thigh downward, and all
strength in her lower body. She struggled against Superman with her arms,
hoping to wiggle free perhaps, and Zatanna said, "Evalsekoms eb deleah."

Wonder Woman didn't have enough skill to figure out what Zatanna was saying
backwards, but as she felt strength surged back into Superman's arms and
heard his breathing become less labored, she realized he had been healed
partly or completely.

"Eb mlac Anaid," Zatanna said in a sultry voice, and Wonder Woman felt
herself mellow out. She felt so much less desire to struggle. She still
wanted to flee, still wanted to get free, but she was less agitated now, less
able to summon the will to be aggressive.

Then the leader appeared, though she was no longer sporting any kind of
headgear; just her body-hugging outfit. Curiously, she was smoking a
cigarette, and Wonder Woman felt a stab of irritation at such a cavalier
dismissal of her.

You think me so subdued you are going to have a smoke break? Diana thought.
Perhaps when Zatanna's magic on me weakens, I will give one of your bones a

"Cigarillo, Zatanna, attend to the wounded," the leader said, blowing smoke
slowly in Wonder Woman's direction. "Smokeslave and I have the Amazon
princess well in hand."

As she heard Superman's new name and smelled how delicious this white-clad
woman's smoke was, Diana knew she was in trouble, and knew this wasn't simply
a dismissive smoke break.

"I am Nicotina," the woman said. "Since I've already taken off my helmet, let
me introduce myself by my real name as well: Nicoletta Teena. Welcome to my

She took a long, slow inhalation on the smoke, and blew it back and forth
across Diana's breasts. Wonder Woman held her breath, and gazed angrily into
her captor's eyes.

"You can hold your breath of course, but physics and biochemistry dictate
that the smoke will still flow into your nostrils and will still tickle some
sensory receptors there. And since I've already dosed you with some
foundational chemicals after your battle with Parasite, even the slightest
scent of it will make you want to breathe more. Just a tiny bit at first, as
your mind convinces you a little sample couldn't be too bad and then more and
more until you'll be breathing it gratefully."

Haughtily and assuredly, Nicoletta released a huge cone of smoke into Diana's
face. She resisted breathing, but realized that indeed, she couldn't block
out the scent entirely, and she was certain it must seep into the eyes and
membranes of the nostrils and mouth as well, because she was feeling a
loosening in her chest. A tickling pleasure. A desire to breathe.

Just a little. How much could a little taste... a little smell... do?

She resisted, barely. But she also felt herself relax slightly into Kal-El's
chest. Something about all this was feeling so comforting and satisfying -
the combination of Zatanna's magic, the chemical influence, and Nicotina's
voice. However, the fact that she knew the causes made the slow progression
of calmness - and now slight arousal - no easier to fight.

"There's no shame, Diana, in losing to a worthy opponent," Nicotina told
Wonder Woman, as she placed her lips sensuously to the filter of her
cigarette, pulled deeply - her cheeks hollowing - and blew a slow, thick
swirl of white around her opponent's face. Wonder Woman continued to stand
firm - even as she realized her nipples were themselves becoming firmer than
her resolve - but wondered how long she could hold out. She wondered how she
could recapture the will to fight and the strength to do so. "You fought
well, and if not for Smokeslave, I think you might well have had a chance of
defeating us," Nicotina continued. "But the fight is done, and it is time for
submission. Honorable submission, but submission nonetheless. Breathe,

Those words sounded so sweet and so sensible, that Wonder Woman began to take
a breath but stopped herself suddenly. The damage was done, though, and she
sensed the beginning of her true defeat. The smoke tasted and smelled
wonderful, and now her body was craving it; demanding that she inhale more.

She was aroused in a way she had never felt before, as if she were being
stimulated inside and out all at once, from her lips and mouth to her throat
and lungs, then out to her nipples and down her belly into her pubes... all
the way down to her toes.

Wonder Woman writhed a little, and struggled against Kal-El's hold, but she
realized she was doing so less to escape than to press her ass against him,
in the hopes that she could generate some pressure that might stimulate her
in front, between her nether lips and inside her sex.

Aphrodite herself might not be able to match this, Wonder Woman mused with a
mix of shame at defeat and desire for release.

"Diana, I already have Kal-El, and he is utterly my slave," Nicotina purred.
"I have Hal Jordan, and although it was hard for him, he has come to my side
and to my heart... just as you will, I hope."

Nicoletta ran the tip of one finger negligently across one of her captive
Amazon's turgid nipples, and smiled. "I don't want slaves, Diana. Not very
many, anyway. I'm not here today to rob you of your self. I am here to help
begin your journey to realizing your full self. The problem is that it takes
drastic measures to make heroes like you see the light and realize the

Nicotina inhaled deeply, moved her face close to Diana's, and then exhaled
slowly as she nuzzled the Amazon's throat. Nicoletta could hear the small
growl there, but it was more desire than defiance, she could tell. She kissed
that long, smooth neck, licked under Wonder Woman's chin, and asked, "Did you
get enough?"

Then she filled her lungs with smoke again and expelled it to share with
Wonder Woman, her lips mere millimeters from the Amazon's own, and smiled at
the sighing intake of breath Diana took. At the way her eyes widened in
surprise at the pleasure that such a simple thing could bring.

The next sharing of smoke was a kiss, firm and wet, and Diana had never
imagined how nice it could be to be pinned between a fallen hero and a smoky

She had never dreamed that it could be so pleasurable to be defeated in
battle and to know she was about to become a prisoner.

* * *

Once she had firmly ensconced Wonder Woman's mind and body in a passionate,
smoky haze, and Wonder Woman had been bound both by her own golden lariat and
Zatanna's magic for good measure, Nicotina ordered Smokeslave to bring their
newest acquisition back home, and sent the rest of her team away in their
stealth-equipped aircraft, the surprise prisoner of Vixen safely stowed away.

That left only Nicotina and Green Lantern.

"We should go, before anyone figures out something is up here," he told her.

"Yes, but first, why did you come?" Nicotina asked, genuinely curious.

"I don't think I could have brought myself to fight Diana. She's a friend,"
he answered. "But I didn't want to leave you unprotected, or short-handed. I
was worried about you, worried that you might be captured."

"Silly man," Nicotina chuckled. "But sweet. I see that you didn't have any
problem bringing yourself to subdue Vixen."

"She is a comrade, or she was at one time," Green Lantern said. "I like her
well enough, but she isn't a friend. There is a difference."

"I don't think it will be a fight where Wally is concerned," Nicotina said.
"When we take the Flash, it will be a capture. You could be invaluable in
that effort."

"I don't know that I can do that," Green Lantern answered honestly. "Wally is
good friend, and if it came to a fight, I doubt I could go all-out on him,
even for you."

"Still time to convince you," she said, tickling his chest with her fingers.

"And fun times they will likely be," he said, scooping her up in a green
sphere of energy and spiriting her away, back to Teena International

* * *

The next day, Stryker's Island officials were confused as armed teams
prepared for what they thought was an attack or another escape attempt, only
to realize that a small drone aircraft of some sort was carrying Livewire in
a clear bag of some sort, and settling her gently to the ground, before
moving a few feet way and then tumbling to the ground to quietly
self-destruct with the sudden release of dozens of tiny micro-explosives and
acidic vials.

On the bag that held the angrily seething super-villainess was a note. It
said simply: The bag is insulated. Do not open until she is secured in her
cell. Thanks for loaning her to me.

No signature. No clue for anyone as to who had "borrowed" Livewire.

The warden of Stryker's Island Prison realized this was going to be a hard
report to write, and writing the public news release was going to be even

* * *

Serpentine sat in an upscale coffee shop, the eyes of all the patrons
frequently flitting in her direction. Some were simply curious at the
mysterious super-powered woman who had been saving the day from time to time
in the city, when the Flash wasn't around. Some were clearly appreciative of
her body and the way her outfit showed it off to everyone. A few seemed
worried that having a super-powered individual in the establishment might
mean a potentially deadly fight breaking out soon.

Suddenly, there was a rush of air, and Flash was in the seat across from her.

Totally unruffled, Sarina said, "Ironic, don't you think, for the fastest man
alive to show up," and then she looked at the clock on the wall, "six minutes

Wally shrugged affably. "Still fashionably late. A lady like you can
certainly understand the need to be fashionable," he said with a grin.
"Besides, I had a report that Gorilla Grodd was around. Turned out that
someone just let an ape loose from the zoo. Rounding the gorilla up was easy,
but it took a few minutes to find the troublemakers who caused the scare."

"You're forgiven, then," Serpentine said, and activated the holoweave of her
costume. Nothing obvious yet. A slow power-up of the custom-programmed
sequence, and localized to her bosom. He wouldn't even notice anything at
first. The lightshow would begin so slowly that he wouldn't even know it was
happening until it was too late. The spicy-sweet perfume she was wearing,
which was specifically keyed to arouse men and make them suggestible, would
help. She could already see his nostrils flare in appreciation at her scent.

A staff member brought over a triple-shot espresso for Flash at Sarina's
request, and Wally drank three more while the two costumed individuals
chatted. Innocent conversation and occasional flirting - most of the latter
from Wally - for all that time. By the time his fourth drink was finished,
though, the holoweave program was in full mode, and Flash was clearly in a
receptive state of mind.

So Sarina did most of the talking for a while, and made some suggestions that
the Flash was going to take very seriously.

Then she let the holoweave program slowly wind down and wondered, as the
Flash's normal awareness gradually returned, just how hard his cock was right

* * *

Wonder Woman found it very disconcerting how she could plot in her mind
various plans for escape, and yet find herself utterly incapable of lifting
so much as a finger in aggression against her captor, Nicoletta Teena.

She knew that Kal-El was always near, and that she was monitored, so an
escape attempt wasn't likely to go smoothly, anyway. But she also realized
that she didn't particularly want to leave, and that disturbed her, even as
it sparked tiny pulses of arousal throughout her body.

"I don't like whatever it is you're doing to me," Wonder Woman said, as
Nicoletta entered the room.

"Actually, you do like it, and I know that it's part of the problem for you,"
Nicoletta said. "Diana, I don't want you to think of me as an opponent or as
your jailer."

"And yet you are."

"But I'm not. I regret that I must use such firm chemical means to ensure you
don't bolt," Nicoletta said, with a mix of true sadness and playful sarcasm
at the same time. "But now that you've been here a few days, we can begin to
talk, as I did with Hal."

"And with Superman?"

"No, I subdued Kal-El and battered his will to make him Smokeslave, and I
will happily tell you why, and even how, in the hours and days to come,"
Nicoletta said, lighting up a cigarette and noting the combination of dismay
and desire in Diana's eyes. "I have treated Hal as a peer, and I have
persuaded and seduced him, but he is still Green Lantern. He is still very
little changed from the Hal Jordan you have long known."

"Is he comfortable with murder?"


"That armored dead man we retrieved from where Green Lantern was captured. He
wasn't from LexCorp, was he? He was one of yours. A complex trick and you
killed him as part of your plans. You did it deliberately. That is murder."

"You killed Maxwell Lord."

"It was necessary."

"It was also a calculated decision, Diana," Nicoletta said, and took a slow
drag, blowing smoke upward in a thick cone. It spread like tiny canopy of
fragrant white above them. "You are a warrior, and you decided he had to die
for the greater good. It wasn't in the heat of the moment, and it wasn't a

"I fail to see the connection between our decisions," Wonder Woman said,
realizing she was breathing deep of her captor's drugged smoke, and berated
herself silently for doing so.

"Then I will have to share with you his criminal record and dossier,"
Nicoletta said, leaning forward and blowing more smoke toward Diana - right
at her belly, where it drifted upwards to be gratefully inhaled by the
Amazon, and downward where it made such a delicious little patch of fog in
the valley of Diana's sex, covered only by a nightgown at the moment.

Wonder Woman said nothing, and Nicoletta exhaled toward the Amazon again,
aiming right for her face.

"That man was a sex offender. A rapist of women and girls, and more besides,"
Nicoletta said. "On your island, you would have shown no mercy to such a man.
He served a purpose, and he paid the price he was entitled to pay to

"I will not be swayed," Diana said, even as she continued to breathe smoke,
and one hand slipped beneath her silky nightgown to tease at the hair
surrounding her vulva. "You will not convince me with pat arguments."

"No, I shall convince you with good ones," Nicoletta said. "I intend to
seduce you, Diana, and I intend to win your heart and loyalty. I don't accept
failure. And I will take the time needed to do it as honestly as possible,
with my drugs only to fuel your desire, but my truths to win you over."

"Perhaps I don't want to be won by a woman," Diana said, as haughtily as she
could, but feeling the thickness in her voice that betrayed her growing

"You were raised for decades on an island full of nothing but fit, competent
women, Diana," Nicoletta pointed out. "You are not going to fool me into
believing you are unfamiliar with the joys of Sapphic love. You are not going
to convince me that your body doesn't crave the touch of a woman at least as
much as that of a man, and perhaps more so."

Wonder Woman refused to answer that, but she could no longer refuse the
imperative to fill herself with smoke and relieve the pressure welling inside
her, and she leaned back to invade her sex with her own fingers, and inhale
every smoky breath that Nicoletta shared with her, cigarette after cigarette.

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