Toxic, Part 11

(by Smokedawg, 17 December 2009)

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Toxic, Part 11

By Smokedawg (aka JbouleyJdog)



All DC Comics characters used for entertainment purposes only, and remain the
copyright of DC Comics and its affiliate and/or parent companies.

NOTE 1: This story is inspired by an idea presented to me by Blackbladder,
the author of many memorable smoking fetish tales, including the Buffy the
Vampire Slayer fan fiction story, "Demon Weed."

NOTE 2: If you find the mention of Superman's harsh actions toward Nick
O'Teen in this story and its various chapters to be out of character, I
should mention that in one of the early 1980s anti-smoking campaign
commercials featuring Nick O'Teen, Superman is indeed depicted as ruthlessly
flinging the man into the sky toward some buildings.

NOTE 3: The more this story goes on, the more I am, of course, messing with
DC continuity. Although most of this takes place in a relatively recent part
of DC superhero history (late 2009/early 2010), I've picked some things from
earlier points in the timelines and mixed and matched a bit. We'll just call
it artistic license instead of laziness, shall we?


Although she knew his secret identity, Wonder Woman rarely saw Green Lantern
out of costume and with his domino mask off, so it took a few moments to
realize who was walking into her room, dressed casually but stylishly in a
pair of khaki trousers and a cream-colored, short-sleeve linen shirt with
sea-green accents. 

Of course, the fashionable-looking glowing green pipe with little streamers
of grayish-white smoke wafting from it certainly helped draw Wonder Woman's
attention to the power ring from which the pipe emanated, and that was a dead
giveaway as to who it was coming to visit her - even with her currently
smoke-clouded perceptions.

Hal dismissed the two women and one man who were guarding her, and they took
their smoke with them. Diana already missed their cigarettes and the drugged
smoke they produced, and that desire filled her with a strong sense of shame
and weakness.

"So, Hal, are you my jailer now?" Wonder Woman asked irritably.

"No, Diana. I'm just a visitor who'd like to give you some perspective.
Nicoletta told me you should be far enough along in terms of getting
acclimated for me to talk to you."

"Acclimated? You mean dosed with drugs?"

"I've been in your position, Diana, so I know what you're feeling. It's odd
at first."

"Until you've been totally stripped of your will? Then it feels fine, Hal?"
The sarcasm was thick in her voice. Bitter. Scalding.

He sighed, and sat down. "There's no way to explain, Diana. What she does and
why... it's not about stripping you of your will. It's more like... setting a
mood. Protecting herself from what we can do, and getting us to stay put, so
that she has a chance to lay it all out. I'd be foolish to pretend that there
isn't a chemically induced component to my willingness to be convinced, but
it's a minor part of things. That is something I'm certain of."

"Because she makes you certain that it's the truth," Diana retorted. "You
simply don't know that you're her tool and her puppet. I hope that I can
resist what you could not, now that I see what it looks like."

"Yes, quite the puppet I am, Diana," Hal said, puffing on his pipe.
"Continuing my duties as a member of the Green Lantern Corps, keeping the
peace in this sector of space, totally unhindered."

"So, I suppose she just convinced Superman of the value of serving her, too?"

"I don't serve her, Diana. I'm in a relationship with her," Hal said,
continuing to puff leisurely on the pipe. Wonder Woman noticed that the smoke
seemed thicker and slower-moving than she would expect, and although she was
barely smelling any of it, what scent she was picking up was pleasant - both
spicy and sweet, though mostly the latter. "A very complicated relationship,
admittedly. As for Superman, Nicoletta has never made any secret that she
subdued Clark in a very direct and extreme manner."

"And this doesn't bother you?"

"We covered for him, Diana. He crippled a man. He flung him blocks away - a
man with no superpowers to protect him, and we shielded Superman from
responsibility for that. Nicoletta has a reason to be angry with him. For
God's sake, considering her father is crippled, I'd say it's a remarkable
amount of self-restraint to make Clark her loyal sidekick - her pet, I
suppose. She could have killed him, or tortured him with pain."

"And who is to say that she won't still do that, after stealing his mind?"

"Because she has a soft spot for Lois," Hal said, blowing smoke toward Diana.
Most of it stopped short, and seemed to flow back to him slowly and subtly,
but she got a whiff, and found herself pining for the drugged cigarettes of
the smokers guarding her each day. "Before long, Clark will be returned to
her, and Nicoletta will control his actions from afar. Or limit them, more
accurately. I have to agree with her that he's far more dangerous than any of
us, and having him on a leash may be best."

"Lois? Gods of Olympus, how many others are in thrall to this woman?" Diana

"Her aims are somewhat twisted, but they aren't what you think, Diana," Hal
said, puffing contentedly, little wisps of the strange smoke escaping from
his mouth before he let out a thick mouthful of it to swirl in the air
between them - forming a little funnel cloud before it dissipated. "She's not
a threat to the world. Perhaps just a threat to the unfettered wills of
people like us with too much power."

"Enough of this," she said. "I weary of you defending her, and... when did
you learn that trick with your ring? How are you creating smoke? Or tobacco
for that matter?"

He laughed a little at that, and extended his left arm to draw attention to
his hyperspatial access gauntlet. "There's no tobacco at all, real or
imitation. Nicoletta has access to a power similar to mine. Quasi-matter
formed into something she calls `hard smoke.' It can be manipulated much like
my green energy drawn from the power battery on Oa. Hard smoke doesn't have
as much raw power, but it can be imbued with smells, tastes, and more with
enough imagination."

"So you've made it into pipe smoke?"

"Just an approximation. It's not really able to be breathed into the lungs in
much quantity, and it can't deliver any kind of chemical kick. Pipe and cigar
smoking, though - and I've made a green energy and hard smoke cigar, too, by
the way - aren't about inhaling, so that's fine. They are about savoring the
feel and the taste of the smoke in the mouth, and the smell in the air, so I
can do some interesting things with that."

"She's made you an ally, a lover, and an addict."

"Addict? Well, I do take drags from her cigarettes from time to time, and I
smoke a cigar or two a day, but the only thing I'm addicted to is her
presence in bed," Hal said. "And that, too, is something you'll understand
soon enough."

* * *

"Alex, how is it going with Billy Batson?" Nicoletta asked her niece on a
secure vid-call.

"Oh, it's going great. He's very sweet, so I've been spending a lot of time
dirtying him up, and making him a bit more of a bad boy," Alexandra said.

"Watch how `bad' you make him, since he could still theoretically become
Captain Marvel if you slip up," Nicoletta warned. "A bad Billy Batson
transformed would be as bad as having a second Black Adam loose."

"I'm genetically predisposed not to fuck up, Aunt Nicky," the teen said
cheerfully as she lit up a cigarette. "Aside from Grand-dad Nick, who wasn't
completely himself at the time, when has a Teena ever slipped up?"

"No need to get cocky," Nicoletta said with equal parts amusement and caution
in her voice.

"Oh, I'm not. And I'm just giving Billy a little more edge. Less geek, more
chic, with just a few bad habits."

"Like smoking?"

"Especially smoking," Alexandra said. "And eating my..."

"Quite enough, Alex," Nicoletta told her niece. "I have a filthy mind and
prurient habits, but I don't want to have the sex life of my brother's
under-aged daughter laid bare before me."

"Point is, Billy is firmly wrapped around my smoky finger, Aunt Nicky. He
won't be doing anything heroic. But I do wonder when I might be able to let
him become more... buff... and grown up?"

"We need to be in a far more secure position before he can use the word that
shall not be spoken," Nicoletta said. "We have no way of knowing whether your
control over him would survive his magical transformation. It might free him
from your influence. You'll probably be allowed to unleash Captain Marvel
again someday, but someday far in the future."


"In the meantime," Nicoletta admonished her, "learn how good it can be to
train a real young man to become a real grown man, without having to say

* * *

The alley was very dark. Normally, it was the kind of place Black Canary
might have taken down a thug or rescued a woman from being raped. Tonight, it
was her place to meet with Annabeth Shields, to hand over purloined data
meant for Nicoletta.

Both were in civilian garb, and Black Canary noted, "This is a dangerous
neighborhood to be out of your armor, Beth."

"Dinah, I'm not worried about crooks out here, since I could kick your ass in
hand-to-hand combat - something I've already proved on the training floor
twice - and you're more than a match for any common thug," Beth said with a
smile. "But I like your ass better when it's being stroked, whether by me or
someone else. Sergio was doing quite a nice job with that part of your
anatomy last week, I noticed."

Black Canary blushed. "Well, yeah, that he was. Anyway, tell Nicoletta it's
going to be a while before I can get any kind of monitoring devices into the
Justice League Watchtower. Batman is cautious and thorough, and triply on
edge now that Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman have all gone

"Nicoletta doesn't like delays," Beth noted.

"She'd probably like it less if I got caught. It's already taken longer than
I wanted to get this data to you. The only reason I can now is because I'm
with Zatanna. We've all been told to buddy-up when off-duty, but we're
expected to rotate who are buddies are. If I pick Zatanna every time, Batman
will probably figure out that we're both allied with the same people who got
three of his closest teammates."

"Point taken. Where is Zatanna, by the way?"

"Out getting a few packs of Glorianas, I think. Maybe seducing some guy in a
bar or something and getting some quick action. By the way, can I..." Black
Canary said, looking at the burning cigarette in Beth's fingers, which made
its way to Beth's lips to deliver delicious smoke to her lungs.

"Need a cigarette? Why don't you get some of your own?" Beth taunted.

"Don't be a bitch. It kills me to have to go without while I'm watching the
Justice League for you and Mistress Nicoletta," Black Canary said. "I've been
on shift in the Watchtower for three days, and there are no corner stores in
orbit where I can get packs, even if I could risk smoking in front of anyone
else in the group. I think they'd see it as more than a little odd. Zatanna
could probably get away with it without raising suspicions - though Batman
would kill her if she were clogging up the ventilation system with cigarette
smoke - but anyone who knows me knows I was vehemently anti-smoking before
our mistress came into my life. I came straight to you once I was off duty,
so I didn't have time to stop anywhere, and I'm fiending for a cig."

Beth smiled. "I've got a pack here for you to hold you over until you can get
to a store. Though, to be honest, you probably won't want to start on any
other packs until you finish this one."

"Why?" Black Canary asked, looking at the tall black-and-silver pack, which
she didn't recognize, bearing the brand name "Nightlife."

"Try one, Dinah," Beth said, licking her lips and then taking a deep drag on
her own cigarette, and exhaling toward the heroine.

Black Canary narrowed her eyes, but unwrapped the pack, opened it, and pulled
out one of the 164-millimeter cigarettes. "Really long," she said admiringly,
and ignited it with a lighter thoughtfully provided by Beth. She took an
intense, cheek-hollowing drag, hungry for the smoke after days without any.
She held it for a while in her lungs, and then when she finally released it,
she put one hand against the wall to steady herself, and sighed deeply.
"Whoa," was all she could manage, and then she straightened back up, and took
another drag, still intensely but not quite so deeply.

"Nice, aren't they?" Beth said.

"Am I the test market?" Black Canary joked. "The pack would match my costume
so well."

Beth smiled as the heroine took another long, slow pull on the filter and
closed her eyes in pleasure and silent appreciation. "No, not just for you,
but Nicoletta did have you on her mind when she came up with the packaging,
I'm sure."

"These are so fucking smooth," Black Canary said, "but intense, too. Is it
just nicotine...?"

"The hit you're getting is almost all from the nicotine. Higher than normal
levels, but without harshness," Beth said. "It's gonna be a big seller once
we get it to market. But there is something extra in your pack, I admit."

"What?" Black Canary asked, both with suspicion and expectation as she
inhaled again, and blew smoke toward Beth.

"Special herbs that Nicoletta has learned about, thanks to having Zatanna on
the payroll. They have a very... liberating... effect on people who are
genetically predisposed to magical powers."

"Like Zatanna," Black Canary said with a wicked glint in her eyes.

"Like Zatanna," Beth confirmed. "You should find out what you can encourage
her to do tonight while you smoke those - and maybe share them with her. If
she's found some guy to bring to bed tonight, so much the better. Imagine
what fun things you might convince her to do to you and him tonight."

Black Canary took her deepest drag yet, and let the smoke out more slowly
than ever. "Oh, I have ideas, Beth; I have lots of ideas. And I don't go back
on shift in the Watchtower for two or three weeks. What are the chances I can
get you to give me another several packs of Nightlife cigarettes with the
special ingredient?"

"What are the chances I can convince you to overcome your residual protective
feelings for your ex-husband whom you sort of date again these days, and wear
this perfume for him sometime in the next few days?" Beth asked, holding up a
bottle. "Then smoke something for him - which I'll give you later - that is
designed to soften a man's will and make him ready to be a puppet for your

"Oliver? Green Arrow? Will I still get to play with him after Mistress' plans
are realized?" Black Canary asked as Beth exhaled a stream of smoke elegantly
into the air above them, her smooth neck extended haughtily. Dinah added her
own smoke to Beth's spreading cloud.

"Of course," Beth said. "Nicoletta has eyes mostly for me, Hal, and Diana.
She doesn't want your ex-husband's body on any kind of regular basis. She
might not even want to sample him at all. She just wants him under control.
However, I might like a taste of him-that rakish blond goatee thing gets me
going. Mistress knows that, and I suspect it's one reason she's targeting

"Well, if I get to keep him-mostly-then I'd say chances are looking very,
very good for me to do just what you want," Black Canary said, taking the
perfume from Beth, then filling the alley with even more smoke to mingle with
that of her mistress' lover.

* * *

"Kara, thanks for coming over," Lois said to the young woman known to the
world as Supergirl, currently in civilian attire, wearing too-tight jeans and
a midriff-revealing pink short-sleeve shirt.

"Not a problem, Lois," Supergirl said as she stepped into the apartment,
sniffing at the air curiously, wondering why the place smelled smoky
underneath the cover of newly sprayed air freshener. "I know it's been rough
since Cousin Clark vanished. How are you holding up? You look pretty well,
all things considered. Oh, God, that was tacky to say, wasn't it? Not like
being married to a superhero makes it easier when he gets into trouble."

"No, it's all right, Kara, I'm just glad for your support, and I have faith
that he's all right," Lois said. "I have a feeling of certainty that he's
alive and that he'll come back. Hey, sorry I missed your birthday."

"Geez, Lois, I would have been kind of surprised if you had celebrated my
birthday with Clark missing," Supergirl answered. "In fact, I didn't really
feel much like celebrating either, but Ma and Pa Kent insisted on doing
something small at least."

Lois smiled slightly, trying to inject a false note of weariness in her
expression - having seen Clark just two days ago and knowing full well that
Kara's cousin was in no particular danger. But Lois was required to keep up
the act of the worried wife for now. She handed a glass of juice to Kara, and
then pulled out a pack of Gloriana cigarettes, pulling one out to put between
her lips, currently sporting just a glistening sheen of clear gloss.

As Lois lighted her cigarette with a grateful intake of breath, Supergirl
looked at her quizzically and said, "Lois, since when do you smoke? I was
wondering if I smelled smoke in the air."

"Sorry about that, Kara. I had hoped the air freshener would make things OK
in here for you."

"It's not like the apartment stinks, Lois, so no worries there. It's just
strange. Are you a closet smoker or something?"

"Not really," Lois answered, smoke drifting from her glistening lips. "I used
to smoke and quit a year or two before Clark came to work at the newspaper.
Started up again recently."

"Well, they say stress is a big reason for people picking the habit back up.
I'd say that Clark's disappearance is pretty stressful, especially with you
not knowing exactly where he is or why," Kara said, sipping at the
pineapple-strawberry-orange juice Lois had offered her.

"Actually, I started up before he went missing," Lois admitted. "Clark and I
were having some arguments over stuff. Having kids, for example."

"Oh," Kara said, blushing. "I'm sorry. I don't want to dig into your personal
life with him."

"Kara, you're fine," Lois said, taking a long drag, and exhaling more or less
off to the side of where Kara was sitting, knowing that plenty of smoke-more
than enough-would still be in the air to drift back toward her and wrap her
in glorious fumes. "You're not prying. I'm just telling. I won't burden you
with the details though."

Both of them steered the topic of conversation to safer things, each making a
show of being supportive for the other, but not wanting to create
awkwardness. Lois imagined that it was difficult for Kara, but it was more
difficult for her. After all, the awkwardness for Lois was in acting more
worried than she really was, when in fact her biggest worry was proving her
loyalty and worth to Nicoletta right now.

They chatted and listened to jazz and light pop music from Lois' iPod while
Kara drank juice, and later graduated to some Cherry Pepsi, while Lois
alternated between a glass of water and a glass of white wine. Throughout it
all, over the course of two hours, Lois smoked eight cigarettes, and watched
the slow changes in Kara's expression and demeanor with both keen excitement
and professional interest.

Feeling pretty good, Kara thought. It was awkward at first, and boy was I
sticking my foot in my mouth, but finally I'm mellow, and I feel like Lois
and I are developing some kind of vibe. Not many people we can confide in and
commiserate with when it comes to Clark being gone who-knows-where, being
subjected to who-knows-what.

On top of everything else, Supergirl had worried she might make Lois feel
self-conscious about the smoking. She was sure her disapproval over the
smoking must have shown on her face, and her initial irritation at the smell
must have had her scrunching up her nose. But if Lois had noticed, she was
being a trooper and ignoring it. And now... well, now, Kara realized, she
wasn't all that bothered by the smoke.

Sure, it was strange, and it was unhealthy for Lois. Maybe it was just that
smoking wasn't such the terrible thing Kara had made it out to be, or she was
just getting used to it, but the smoke actually was beginning to smell...

...well, it was smelling kind of nice now, Supergirl realized, and Lois'
fantastic perfume smelled heavenly, too.

She emptied her latest glass of Pepsi, and asked Lois if there was any more
in the fridge.

"Sorry, Kara," Lois said after blowing a plume of smoke toward her; Supergirl
considered for a moment making a joke about it, but then she worried Lois
might become self-conscious and not do it again. It was nice, really, and she
was hoping for another careless, in-her-face exhale. In fact, the
super-heroine was kind of wondering what it might taste like and feel like to
smoke one of those Glorianas herself. "I don't have any more soda," Lois
continued, "and Martha and Jonathan would kill me if I served you wine since
you've only just turned 18. I've got more juice though."

"That's good. Thanks."

As she turned away, Lois smiled. She'd been wanting Kara to return to the
juice for roughly an hour-and-a-half now. After all, that's where Beth had
placed the special Kryptonian-friendly drugs when she came over last night to
comfort Lois in the absence of Clark - since Nicoletta was occupied with
something else at the time.

Lois served Kara the juice, and smoked one more Gloriana just to be safe.
Kara was clearly in a receptive state of mind, and should be pliant enough by
now with these super-charged Gloriana cigarettes after the first three or
four, but she wanted to be sure she overdid it with them before she started
smoking the really special cigarettes.

"Kara, thanks again for coming over. It means a lot to me; it means soooo
much more than you can imagine," Lois said softly, sweetly, with just a tiny
trace of seductiveness in her tone. "You've been so sweet. Not many teen
superheroes would make time for me like this, not even adult teens."

"Oh, it's nothing, Lois," Kara said, feeling just a little dreamy as she said
it. She was so mellow now that she almost felt like her brain was floating.
"Not like I go to rave parties - well, not many anyway," she added with a
laugh. "Besides, you're married to my cousin, Lois. We're family."

Lois smiled, and put a hand on top of one of Supergirl's, stroking the skin
very lightly and quickly with one finger before withdrawing and pulling out
one of the special cigarettes, a pale blue kind with a lavender filter. She
ignited it, and blew the smoke down toward the counter at which they were
sitting, watching it billow up toward Kara's face.

Even better was that the young hero breathed it in without hesitation and
without complaint.

The cigarettes didn't taste all that good, Lois had to admit with
disappointment. They weren't awful, but the addition of those essences from
Kryptonian flowers that Nicoletta said were aphrodisiacs to Superman and
Supergirl - and any other refugee from their dead planet - were too sweet.
Inhaling the smoke was like inhaling perfume, but if Nicoletta could handle
smoking the blue-and-red versions of these cigarettes for Clark, Lois was
determined to handle these created for Kara.

"Hey, those look interesting," Supergirl said with a somewhat spacey tone.
"Pretty cigarettes. What kind are they?"

"A new cigarette called a Suprema," Lois said, leaning forward and inhaling
deeply, then letting the smoke spill out in a sultry, slowly drifting cloud. 

Kara's eyes widened a bit, and she leaned toward Lois a little, fascinated.
Not just fascinated, she realized as she regarded Lois' smoking, but actually

Am I getting hot for Lois? But I'm not a lesbian, Supergirl pondered. And
she's practically related. This isn't right, she thought. But it feel so
good. Oh, God, I hope she can't see my nipples. Are they pressing out from my
shirt? My bra is so thin. Oh God. Ohhhhhh. Goddddddd.

Supergirl squirmed a bit in the barstool-style seat at Lois and Clark's
breakfast counter at the edge of their kitchen. She smiled at Lois and
continued to talk, eager to keep Lois engaged; hoping to get another exhale. 

Please God let her blow it right in my face, Kara thought. It smells so good.
It makes me feel... why does it make me feel so aroused? Am I some sex freak?
Am I kinky? Oh, my... ohhhhhh.

Lois took long, slow inhales, and blew them ever closer to Kara's face,
fascinated with how her eyelids fluttered and becoming excited by how clearly
aroused Supergirl was becoming. The sickly-sweet flavor of the cigarette
became more tolerable to Lois when she started the second one, which she lit
off the first one.

Supergirl didn't complain, and Lois was certain that Nicoletta and Beth,
watching the hidden camera feeds in the apartment, were well-pleased.

Now Lois was speaking soft encouragements to Kara. Telling her how sweet she
was. How nice it was to relax with her. How nice it was to talk about things
openly. How nice it was to be open-minded. The cocktail of drugs that Lois
had been loading into Kara's system had made her ready to be shaped.
Nicoletta had taken a slower, gradual approach with Clark, in order to
permanently tame him. Nicoletta had wanted Clark totally obedient, without
need of the drugs over the long run - though they would always be a part of
his life just to be safe.

But Nicoletta didn't need Kara as a slave - well, not exactly. She just
needed her pliant and non-combative and ready to serve, or at least to
willingly stay out of the way when everything started. Possibly in the Teena
International building making smoky love to one of Nicoletta's many
"handlers." Aphrodisiac and will-softening drugs galore would keep Kara in
line, until it was too late and no longer mattered - once Nicoletta's plans
were complete. But by that time, Lois was sure, Kara would be a more or less
willing thrall to Nicoletta.

Just like me, Lois thought, inhaling lungful after lungful of super-sweet
smoke, and brazenly exhaling right into Supergirl's face each time now.

Kara seemed openly pleased when Lois chain-smoked a third of those special
blue cigarettes, blowing smoke softly at her chest and stroking the back of
Supergirl's hand with her fingertips.

Lois could smell Kara's arousal in the air. No longer did the cigarette taste
too sweet; instead, the musk of Supergirl's moist and ready pussy was making
the flavor downright delicious, and the Persuasion perfume was probably
helping, too. Beth had said it would eventually make the Suprema cigarette
taste better.

Kara was so enthralled with Lois' smoke and the gentle touches of her
cousin's wife that she didn't flinch when someone else entered the apartment.
She didn't attack, or get nervous, or even express suspicion. 

Instead, as the dark-haired beauty slid up against Kara's back, her hands
rubbing the young hero's shoulders, a Suprema cigarette smoldering in one
hand and delivering ringlets of smoke to surround Supergirl's blonde hair,
Kara leaned back into her, feeling the soft tickle of a fur coat against her
exposed skin.

"Your mistress is here, Kara," Nicoletta told Supergirl in a throaty whisper,
her lips teasing at one earlobe. She pressed the filter of the cigarette to
Supergirl's mouth, and smiled as the Kryptonian teen sucked deep, and filled
her lungs with the smoke. All the curiosity she had felt with the Glorianas
before had turned into an obsession with these cigarettes. Nicoletta knew
that Supergirl was dying to taste them and feel their smoke unblunted in her
own lungs.

She let go of the cigarette and said, "That one is yours, Kara. Enjoy it."
Nicoletta lit a fresh one, as did Lois, and the smoke from the three
cigarettes became a blanket in the air around them. It became a cloak to
cover them. It became the atmosphere for them all to breathe.

The drugged smoke became the net to ensnare Supergirl's will and the fuel to
enflame her libido.

Supergirl smoked a cigarette that made her passions run hot and made her more
Nicoletta's thrall with every breath. Every exhale carried away more of her
will, as Nicoletta's hands cupped the heroine's breasts and her thumbs
flicked at the engorged nipples. Nicoletta breathed thick, flowing white
smoke across the Kara's shoulders and neck, even as she sucked hard on the
side of her throat.

That nearly invulnerable skin was too tough to be left with a hickey, but it
was sensitive enough for that sucking and for Nicoletta's fierce nips and
bites to make Supergirl moan; to make her reach back with her hands to stroke
Nicoletta's ass.

Lois moved in, too, as had always been the plan, and pulled down Kara's
jeans, pressing her mouth against the pussy of her husband's barely-legal
cousin. Between swirling her tongue deep past Kara's labia and sucking firmly
on her clitoris, Lois breathed blissfully mind-bending smoke across the pale
pubic hairs and up into Supergirl's face.

The heroine moaned and writhed slowly between Lois and Nicoletta, and let the
smoke fill her and the passion carry her away.

And by the time Nicoletta and Lois were done - with the first round of
smoking and sex, at least - Kara was happily calling the CEO of Teena
International her mistress; she was gratefully calling herself Nicoletta's

Some of the things she was saying by the time dawn came were almost enough to
make Nicoletta blush.

* * * 

Wonder Woman considered Nicoletta Teena carefully. She found the woman
alluring, that much was certain, but she was determined to resist the trap to
which such attraction led. During two previous visits from Nicoletta, Wonder
Woman had ended up masturbating furiously in front of her captor while
wrapped in blankets of arousal-producing smoke.

It's a very short leap from pleasuring myself in front of this woman to
inviting her between my thighs or kissing her smoke-filled mouth and placing
my fingers into her sex, Diana considered. She's been very clear that she
intends to seduce me, just as she did with Green Lantern. I must go no
farther than I have. Every step toward her is a step away from free will.

None of those very rational thoughts prevented her vagina from becoming warm
and wet, Diana realized, nor stopped her nipples from pressing against the
shirt she was wearing - a garment that she desperately wanted to rip from her

Nicoletta was wearing a white silk blouse with loose sleeves and plunging
neckline, and a wide leather corset-like belt of chocolate brown over it,
which boosted her already luscious breasts and tucked in her already taut
waistline. Dark suede pants hugged her legs, and low black boots of brightly
polished patent leather adorned her feet. The woman wore a simple black
choker with a small ruby at her throat, and her hair was pulled back into
something not quite a bun and not quite a ponytail, but incredibly stylish -
whatever one might call the style.

She wore very little makeup, just enough mascara and eye shadow to make her
gaze more engaging. Most of her makeup time had clearly been reserved for her
lips, which were perfectly lined, deeply colored with an alluring red, and
brightly glossed. All the better to suck at the black cigarette holder that
delivered smoke to her lungs from the amber-colored cigarette that was
filling the air with enticing clouds of smoke.

"When I wonder, did you go from being a warrior princess and a super-powered
emissary to the world of mortals, to becoming a servant to careless masters?"
Nicoletta asked, kissing the end of the holder to draw another lungful of
smoke that Diana knew was designed just to subdue and arouse an Amazon.

"So, it's to be philosophy today, Nicoletta?"

"No, it's to be an education in what you were and what you've become. You
began as a hero with a purpose. You've become a tool. A slave to people in
power - most of them men. A trained dog." Nicoletta held the Amazon's gaze
defiantly as she drew smoke from her long black holder and let it curl slowly
from her ruby lips.

Wonder Woman's anger flared. Even in the midst of arousal, and her inability
to consider violence against Nicoletta, Diana was furious. She dug the
fingers of her hands into the arms of the chair in which she sat, and
clenched them. She tore both arms off the sumptuous antique chair and flung
one at the high-definition television in the room and the other at the
espresso machine in the kitchenette area.

When the racket of the two impacts - and then debris falling to the ground -
had subsided, Nicoletta smiled. She had not even flinched, and cocked her
head as Wonder Woman sat back down on the chair, glaring at Nicoletta through
the smoke. 

I am angry, and I am aroused, Diana thought. I wonder if that is how Ares
feels most days as he encourages war and destruction.

"I never liked the color of that chair anyway," Nicoletta remarked, "though
it was so very comfortable. I'll have the broken items replaced after I

"So glad that you're taking it well. I was sooooo worried," Wonder Woman said

"I hit a nerve, didn't I?"

"You're lucky that your drugs keep my aggression toward you at bay. One does
not insult an Amazon lightly. Or claim that men hold a leash attached to her

"So, if I am so keen on controlling you, why do I let you be angry with me?"
Nicoletta asked.

"Because you are twisted and insane," Wonder Woman retorted.

"You know that I am, whatever else, far from insane," Nicoletta said. "You
are angry with me because I allow you to continue to be yourself. Even those
heroes whose wills I have subdued I have kept as much themselves as possible.
So close to the original personality that aside from their obedience to me,
they are indistinguishable from their previous selves. I need control, and I
require obedience, but I don't want slaves. Only Smokeslave earned that

Wonder Woman cringed to hear Kal-El referred to by that name.

"Yes, Diana," Nicoletta said, "You hate it when I call him that. I let you
have all your feelings, even your desire to escape, though I make it
impossible for you to act on that desire. I allow you to feel anger against
me, although I prevent you from doing harm to me. I allow you to choose when
you shall finally allow me to make love to you, and to make love to me in
return, no matter how much I stoke the fires of your desire. I take certain
choices away from you, but I haven't stolen your will. It is your heart I
want, freely offered, as I have offered mine to you. Your body, too," she
added with a wink and them a thick cloud of smoke.

"Such pretty speeches you make, Nicoletta, but it's just a complex series of
traps," Diana said, grateful for the fragrant streamers and clouds that
surrounded her and filled her chest.

"And why be so convoluted?" Nicoletta offered. "I could easily bend your will
as I have with Black Canary, Zatanna, Vixen, Green Arrow and Animal Man -
while still leaving your core personality intact as I did with them. I want
you to see the truth, Diana, of both my true and honest affection toward you,
and the need for the world to be changed."

"With you in charge, of course."

"No, with me in charge of certain specific things - the superheroes who
matter most," Nicoletta said. "You are a tool, Diana."

Wonder Woman sighed, and breathed in the rich smoke all around her, quelling
her irritation this time. "Why do you keep saying that?"

"Because it's true," Nicoletta said, pulling out the cigarette from the
holder to stub it out, and replacing it with a new one. As she elegantly
inhaled and then blew a thick plume of smoke, holder pinned between two
elegantly cocked fingers, she continued: "You heroes do good, and the world
becomes lazy. It expects, encourages, and tricks you into doing the work that
it should be doing. There are certainly tasks for which you heroes are
needed. But the powers that be are using you, and they certainly don't have
noble intentions themselves. Nor do they truly compensate you for your
efforts and your risks."

"Heroes should not expect rewards."

"Perhaps not, but they should expect respect, and reasonable rewards should
be offered. You can turn down those rewards, but it is arrogant of the world
not to offer any. Instead, you have all been made slaves to justice, and
justice is often twisted by those who call upon your aid, until it is not
truly justice at all."

Wonder Woman closed her eyes, and considered. She didn't speak for a minute
or two, instead breathing the smoke and trying to ignore the desire burning
in her sex as she mulled over the implications of Nicoletta's preparatory
speech. "I'm listening," Diane finally said. "I'm not convinced, but I'm

"That's all that I ask, Diana," Nicoletta said, smiling and leaning back in
her chair to take a languorous drag on her cigarette holder while she
collected her thoughts for their continued discussion.

* * *

When Green Lantern joined Nicoletta for a light breakfast on the balcony
outside her suite in the Teena International building, he was surprised to
see his lover's cousin, Justine - or Toxine, as she insisted to be called by
everyone who knew about her powers - sitting there with Nicoletta.

The expression on Toxine's face showed that she hadn't been expecting him,

"Not quite so intimate a breakfast as I had hoped," Hal said jokingly. "No
footsie underneath the table this time, I guess."

Toxine snorted a barely suppressed little laugh and smiled. "I guess I don't
get my cousin alone to myself either, to pressure her about capturing Flash

As he sat down and placed a few food items on a plate, then reached for the
coffee decanter, Hal caught a faint whiff of ammonia, and saw Toxine's smile
fade quickly in a faint frown.

"I'm very busy today, and I'm not sure how much time I'll have for either of
you later. I've been neglecting you, Toxine, as I work on securing my new
heroes, and I've been neglecting you, Hal, as I try to work my way into
Diana's heart."

"I hope it's going well for you on that front," Toxine said, and Hal noticed
that her tone was a bit brittle, though she tried to sound supportive of her
cousin. The faint scent of ammonia faded, to be replaced by a hint of
something like rotten eggs and bleach. The aroma wasn't strong, but it was
enough to make him have to take a few breaths of fresh air, once it passed,
before he could take his first bite of food.

"Flash is next on my list, Toxine, I promise," Nicoletta said. "Wonder Woman
is in a place now mentally where I can leave her to think for a while, and
get you what you want."

"If it were only a `want' it wouldn't be a problem, Nicoletta," Toxine
responded. "I need him."

A tiny drop of silver formed at the corner of one eye, and ran down Toxine's
cheek, and Hal wondered if it were mercury, or something else.

Nicoletta steered the conversation away from Flash with deft assurance, but
Hal couldn't help but think that Wally West was on Toxine's mind the entire

* * *

"What was all that about?" Hal challenged Nicoletta later when they were

"You're too smart to ask a question like that, Hal."

"Maybe I just want to hear you admit that you're trying to manipulate me into
helping with Wally's capture."

He took a La Flor Dominicana premium grand maduro out of the humidor and
carefully toasted the end of it with a long wooden match as Nicoletta

"It's not manipulation, Hal. I gave you a pass on Diana because she was for
me, and I felt I could take her without your help - and also because it would
have been a strain on you to fight her. It's easy for you to look at this
from a distance and say that it's wrong for you to help capture Flash. You
can play up your friendship with him as an excuse, though it isn't like you
guys hang out, and you can pretend that it doesn't eat Justine alive to be
without him."

Hal had the cigar fully lit by now, and puffed on it a few times just to make
sure, then blew a dense plume of smoke into the air. He was really beginning
to appreciate the taste of a truly good cigar, and almost hated to have to
let the smoke out of his mouth. He also hated to be in an argument with
Nicoletta, but the cigar took some of the edge off that.

"She doesn't even know him," Hal said. "It's not like she can truly be in
love with him. I don't believe you were truly in love with me or Diana,
either, though I think you're firmly on the road toward it. You desired us,
and you claimed us, and you'll win Diana gradually like you did with me.
Toxine can wait, too."

"No, she can't, Hal. She's a cauldron of unspent desire, and Flash is the
only metahuman I am confident can survive her who she actually thinks is
attractive enough to have as her lover. Or husband. Or mate. Whatever you
want to call him at that point."

Green Lantern paused, and thought about the breakfast, as he filled his mouth
with rich cigar smoke again, then blew a tight stream in Nicoletta's
direction. "She was losing control of her powers because she's distracted,
wasn't she?"

"Because she's anguished, Hal," Nicoletta said. "This isn't about some
passing desire. Even if you want to think of it as an obsession, and even if
it means Flash will ultimately be a sex slave to Justine, his life will be
pleasurable with her. She wants no harm to come to him, and he's always
flirting with the ladies, so it's not like he doesn't have a raging libido

"Nicoletta, you're asking me to help deliver a comrade into bondage. As
sensual as that bondage might be and as much as Toxine might care for him,
it's easier for me to see him after he's been captured, and see him happily
engaged with her, than it is to think of myself as one of his subduers and
deliver him to her."

"Wally is young, and impetuous. He's sweet, and not a hothead per se, but he
makes rash decisions. He takes chances with himself sometimes. When we try to
capture him - the fastest man on the planet - he will try to fight and when
he knows he cannot win he will try to flee. You being there may make all the
difference in whether he is captured without a scratch, or whether I end up
harming him. I don't want to let Justine down and I don't want your teammate
broken physically. I am trying to do something necessary and good, even if it
is a little twisted. I don't need Flash for myself, not in any way - I'm
doing this for my cousin only. Please."

Hal Jordan sighed, and then took Nicoletta's hand in his own, and kissed the
backs of her fingers, one by one. "All right, I'll help. You're going to take
Wally down anyway, and clearly your cousin is in deep distress, so no reason
to take chances. But I'll be the one calling the shots on this operation. I
will be the one issuing the orders and making the strategy and backup plans.
That's my condition."

Nicoletta put her arms around him and kissed his neck. "Agreed," she said. As
she slowly pulled away, she smiled and said, "I had hoped you'd say `yes' and
now that you have, I think it's time for Green Lantern to become Viridian,
and for you to see the new costume that goes along with that new name."

She pulled a cloth off a mannequin, and Hal saw that his new costume was very
much like his current green, black and white one, except that the
lantern-like symbol was now replaced by a stylized green flame with aqua
accents, and there were subtle threads of some sapphire hue woven throughout
the green portions.

"Well, I'll be leading your strike force in style, it seems," Viridian said.

* * *

Nicoletta couldn't resist having Hal model the new uniform, which led him to
remark, "It looks and feels very nice, Nicoletta, but you do realize I
generate my current outfit from the power ring."

"Yes, but you cannot change the lantern logo, and while I intend for you to
be a useful member of the Green Lantern Corps, it will be as my emissary to
Oa, and you will bear a symbol of my choosing," she answered. "Besides, this
uniform has enhancements in it that will allow you to better manipulate
quasi-matter with the hard smoke gauntlet."

That led to Nicoletta insisting on stripping him out of the Viridian uniform,
which she did with exquisite slowness, and much smoke. It took two
cigarettes, in fact, for her to finally pull the uniform off him completely,
and his cock was rigid and aching for her by that time.

She's bound me to her with affection and with more nefarious means, and she's
given me a smoking fetish along with all that, too, Hal considered. I can't
say that the realization really bothers me, either. Just one more luscious
means to enjoy being with her.

She led him to the bedroom, her fully clothed and him naked, and when they
were on the bed, she at least managed to take off her skirt before she
reached over to the side table and pulled out a pack of Gloriana cigarettes,
lighting one up for herself as she began to stroke Hal's cock and make him
moan lightly.

After a few minutes, he motioned for her to hand over the cigarette, as it
had become their practice for him to share her smoking when cigarettes were
part of their intimate time. But she shook her head and smiled, then blew
smoke across his belly and chest.

"No, my dear, no taking drags off my cigarette. Not anymore. Well, maybe once
in a while, so you can get a good taste of my lipstick and my smoke together.
But it's time for your own cigarettes. Time for you to be a smoker of more
than just cigars and pipes. More than a man taking drags off his lover's
cigarette. It's time for you to embrace cigarettes, and consume them when we
make smoky love. And smoke them at other times, too. Will you do that for

"Of course, but I don't make any promises as to how often," Hal said. "But I
will smoke cigarettes for you."

"Not just when I'm with you, Hal. I want to know that you're enjoying them at
times when you're alone, or with others."

"I will."


"So," Hal ventured. "Do you have some kind of preference? Marlboro man? Camel

Nicoletta shot his a sharp glare that was mostly - though not entirely -
amused. "I won't have any lover of mine smoking some other company's
cigarettes. Most of them are far inferior anyway, but I do put a high value
on loyalty, so stay away from the competition, even those who make premium

"OK. So, what? The Maxim Blacks? Venture 100s? Your Sepia line?"

"Whichever. But I have something special," she answered, and pulled out a
green-and-black pack with the name "Lantern Flame" and a logo that looked a
little like the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps, but not quite. She handed
the pack to him, and he opened it. He shook one out, and looked at it. A
white cigarette with black filter and a green-colored lantern symbol on the
filter as well as one on the white shaft.

"Why do I think that this is going to be released on the market soon, and I'm
going to be the unofficial mascot for this brand?" he remarked, reaching for
the lighter on the bedstand.

"Because your mother didn't raise an idiot, my dear," Nicoletta said, blowing
smoke in his face and giving him a deep kiss. As she pulled away, she
inclined her head toward the cigarette in his hand, and he put it to his lips
and lit it.

As he took his first deep drag on the filter, his eyes widened just a bit in
appreciation, and he exhaled the smoke slowly.

"That is smooth. Minty, too. Menthol, I'm guessing."

"Correct. I thought it would suit you."

He took another drag, and then put his arm around her waist and pulled her to
him for a smoky kiss. She took his smoke and returned it to him slowly and
sensually, then licked his lips.

Hal inhaled again, then blew a thick cloud of smoke across Nicoletta's
breasts, and generated a little bubble of green energy around the both of
them, from their waist up, sealing them in their own little space with their
smoke. It swirled and crawled up the edges of the sphere, and gathered around
them in layers of smoky haze as the minutes wore on, like layers of clouds in
a green-skied world of their own.

He gave her another smoky kiss, and she blew it back into his face with a
sultry leer. With their upper bodies still sealed in his green globe, he
wrestled Nicoletta's panties off her hips and down her legs, and realized the
material was soaked and sticky already. 

She's really been looking forward to this, Hal thought, as he inhaled more
mentholated smoke and blew it toward her.

His fingers pressed against her sex and ran up and down the slick labia as
she blew her own smoke up toward the top of his sphere, to watch it slide
along the edges, and mix with his smoke.

In the fog of their smoky passion, Hal gripped Nicoletta's hips and slowly
penetrated her sex, earning a little gasp from her, and a smile. She was more
than ready, and he was well past that point.

"You know, Hal," she said through another exhale, "while those cigarettes
will go on the mass market, there's something that no one else will get from
them except you - and any reasonably close blood relatives with the right
genetic and biochemical mix. Smoke two or three of these and you'll have a
hard-on that last for two to three hours, and a refractory period a third of

"Really," Hal said, taking another deep drag and exhaling slowly across her
neck as he licked the tender flesh there and rode her slowly and firmly with
his cock. "So if I smoke these all the time, I'll be walking funny all the

"Well, I never said you couldn't smoke a Maxim or a Sepia or Venture in
addition to these, dear man," Nicoletta said breathlessly as he kissed her
neck tenderly and then moved down to suck her nipples with smoke in his mouth
and his manhood sliding in and out of her firmly and slowly. "But this is for
our special times."

"I don't think I'm going to last long enough inside you to smoke two or three
of these," Hal answered. "I'm feeling a bit too amorous, I think, tonight."

Nicoletta grabbed his ass firmly with one hand, pinning her sex to his own,
and said, "We have all night, Hal, and this is only round one of three. And
I'm not feeling patient either."

She double-pumped her cigarette, feeling almost dizzy now in the confined and
smoky space his green energy sphere afforded them, and then fucked Viridian's
penis with a precise intensity that made him groan, then pant, and finally
scream as he came hard inside her, breathing her smoke and his own, and no
longer regretting that he had thrown his lot in with her all the way - to the
point of agreeing to lead Team Toxic against one of his own.

As his orgasm took control, the energy sphere winked out of existence, and
the smoke around them began to spread and dissipate slowly. Nicoletta
continued to ride him until he was soft, then lit a new cigarette and told
him, "Time for another of your own, Hal, while you attend to me with your
tongue, and then we have a light meal and some drinks before round two."

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