Toxic, Part 12

(by Smokedawg, 17 December 2009)

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Toxic, Part 12

By Smokedawg (aka JbouleyJdog)



All DC Comics characters used for entertainment purposes only, and remain the
copyright of DC Comics and its affiliate and/or parent companies.

NOTE 1: This story is inspired by an idea presented to me by Blackbladder,
the author of many memorable smoking fetish tales, including the Buffy the
Vampire Slayer fan fiction story, "Demon Weed."

NOTE 2: If you find the mention of Superman's harsh actions toward Nick
O'Teen in this story and its various chapters to be out of character, I
should mention that in one of the early 1980s anti-smoking campaign
commercials featuring Nick O'Teen, Superman is indeed depicted as ruthlessly
flinging the man into the sky toward some buildings.

NOTE 3: The more this story goes on, the more I am, of course, messing with
DC continuity. Although most of this takes place in a relatively recent part
of DC superhero history (late 2009/early 2010), I've picked some things from
earlier points in the timelines and mixed and matched a bit. We'll just call
it artistic license instead of laziness, shall we?


When Beth heard the priority alarm chime from her pocket, she pulled out her
secure smart phone instantly, and snapped it open. There was no question who
would trigger that kind of response from her phone, so she immediately
answered, "Yes, Nicoletta?" without even glancing at the display.

"The disappearance of Superman and now his temporary fill-in Wonder Woman has
made the villains bold. There is a group of them downtown, just moments away.
Mobilize Team Toxic - everyone but Serpentine. You and I will bring no
cigarettes nor any other smoking paraphernalia," Nicoletta said.

"We're going to take down the villains then?" Beth asked, just to be certain
she understood Nicoletta's intent.

"Yes," she answered. "When we're done, cancel the staged robbery we were
going to foil on Thursday. Fate has handed up a legit and real opportunity to
show Team Toxic off to the world, and we're going to take advantage of it."

After Nicoletta disconnected the call, Beth finished the cigarette she was
smoking in three deep, hard, swift inhalations, realizing it was going to be
a while until her next one.

* * *

As they converged on the site of the destruction and villainy, Beth had to
admit that despite her body armor, its many weapons, and her vast martial
arts skills, she felt a bit naked without any drugged cigarettes or cigars in
her utility belt or armor compartments. It was a silly feeling, she knew.
They typically were impractical in actual battle, and there would be time
enough to either buy a pack of cigarettes after the battle or simply head
back to Teena International headquarters for a post-battle smoke.

But the cigarettes were such a part of her daily life, her desires, and her
connection to Nicoletta and to Nicoletta's thralls that it didn't feel right
to leave those delicious tobacco delivery products - normal and drugged both
- behind.

It was necessary though. This would be the first time the public would see
Team Toxic in action. They would need to see them as heroes - and to view
them as "normal" ... at least as normal as a bunch of costumed folks could
seem - before the more complex reality of their nature and purpose was

That was why Serpentine couldn't be attached to this first outing, as she had
been established as a new and mysterious hero in the cities that Flash
protected, not here in Metropolis. That was why none of the captured heroes
could be used, because then everyone would know Team Toxic had captured them,
and that would ruin everything. Even the connection to smoking had to be
hidden for now.

For that matter, the provocative name "Team Toxic" wouldn't be used. They
would be the "T Team" today, if anyone asked, and Nicoletta intended to let
them guess about the "T" until she sprang her final traps and revealed her
full intentions to the world.

Beth did a final systems check of her armor on her helmet's head-up display,
and prepared to do battle.

* * *

Nicoletta, in her glistening, skintight white-and-black Nicotina costume,
felt a flutter run through her belly. Excitement or anxiety? Or both?

This wasn't her first fight, of course. Alone and with her team, she had
already taken down some of the most powerful heroes around. But each of those
battles had been planned. The targets had been lured or tricked. Traps and
contingency plans were in place. 

This one was unplanned, though. They were reacting to a real crisis, and
going against individuals who might be willing to kill them without

It was necessary, she knew. Part of her plan was to present Team Toxic as
heroes before putting her full plans into action. One of her goals was to
show what they were capable of, as protectors and then later as a potential
threat. Her machinations were complex, and her final goals unique among
super-powered schemers, for traditional conquest wasn't on her agenda.

But control was, and establishing that control was going to take work.

It was also going to require risking her team today. Some members might be
seriously wounded or even killed, possibly Beth among them. That made
Nicotina nervous. But she was committed; she had to be. If she wasn't willing
to be bold and to take risks, with herself and with them, none of this would

And if the battle today went well, she would be that much closer to the day
that she could reveal the complete and true Team Toxic instead of the sham T
Team. She would be that much closer to showing who was on her side from the
heroic world. She would be that much closer to getting justice for her father
and respect for certain elements of society who had been stepped on for too

But God, I wish I had a cigarette right now, Nicotina thought, savoring
memories of her most recent Gloriana cigarette and the taste and feel of that
smoke in her mouth and in her chest. After all, it may turn out to be the
last smoke of my life if things go badly here.

"T Team, we're go," Nicoletta said over their comm-link. "Zero civilian
casualties. No friendly fire. Try to avoid killing the villains. Aside from
that, do what you have to do."

* * *

Once they arrived, and the battle ensued, all was chaos. There was more
confusion and mayhem than Nicotina had ever experienced before. But she knew
such a conflict would happen eventually, and she had trained her team well.

Chaos or not, she had faith in them and in her own skills.

Especially her own skills.

They faced four villains: Metallo, the cybernetic villain powered by a heart
of Kryptonite who was able to form the metallic alloy of his body into almost
any shape; Silver Banshee, whose sonic wail could stun or kill; Prankster, a
practical-joke-oriented villain with a high-tech arsenal; and Riot, who could
create clones of himself at will.

Nicotina was wishing very much that Serpentine, Smokeslave, Viridian, and
Wonder Woman were with her right now. Or even just two of them, at this
point. But it couldn't be helped. It was her, Cigarillo, Heat-Sink and
Vitriol, and that would have to be enough.

Nicotina established the threat index in her mind. Metallo and Silver Banshee
needed to be taken out first.

"Heat-Sink, you and I are on Metallo. Cigarillo, keep Silver Banshee busy.
Vitriol, distract and harangue Prankster and Riot."

Metallo wasted no time turning one of his arms into a spinning mass of blades
aimed straight at Nicotina. She erected a gray and misty hard smoke shield
and deflected them, then took cover as Heat-Sink unleashed some of his stored
thermal energy against Metallo. Nicotina issued a quick command over the
comm-link, and in response, Heat-Sink began to pour out much more heat toward

The cybernetic villain laughed with a cacophony of shrill, ringing, grating
and menacing notes. "I don't melt, dickhead, but keep it coming. I like the
idea of killing you with superheated metal body parts."

Nicotina waited a bit longer, letting Heat-Sink continue to rain a heat-storm
on Metallo, then came out from behind her cover. Metallo was unharmed but
glowing hot, and now looking like he was ready to deliver some punishment to
Heat-Sink. Then Metallo noticed her, and said, "Pity I'm going to blister and
melt that pretty body of yours, girlie, but I don't go for women anyway, so
not much loss I suppose. Your friend here is wasting his time with all that
heat, and you're both way out of your league."

"No, Metallo, we just think three-dimensionally, unlike you," Nicotina said,
then slammed him with a lance of hard smoke, shimmering and colored like
ivory and marble intertwined.

The blazing-hot villain tumbled back across the street, scorching the road as
he went. Gobs of melted asphalt clung to parts of his body as he stood,
Heat-Sink still pouring heat into his metal body. As he stood, Metallo looked
at Nicotina. "Time to die, you bi..."

Nicotina didn't let him finish his words. She picked him up with a hard smoke
construct in the shape of a huge vaporous hand and started slamming him
against the street, over and over. Heat-Sink was now directing his energies
to the street itself, softening the asphalt and making a gooey, blistering
sea of black. Nicotina continued to slam Metallo over and over. He pointed
one hand at her and it suddenly stretched out like huge needle, but she
batted it away with another, smaller hard smoke fist. She wouldn't be able to
keep this up long, but she didn't need to.

Increasingly, Metallo was covered in black asphalt, hampering his movements
and slowing him. Before long, his mass was more from the remains of the
street than from his own body. She thrust him into the ground over and over,
and now Heat-Sink was using his ability to absorb thermal energy to harden
the black shell over Metallo's body - as Nicotina continued to slam him into
hot portions of the street - until he resembled little more than a huge
glistening black cocoon with a skull-like metal head pointing out one end of

"You're strong, shithead, but you can't do much without leverage," Nicotina
said. "More importantly, by the time you're able to crack that shell, you
won't be much use."

With those words, she started slamming his head with two hard smoke hammers
over and over until it finally popped off his neck, leaving him unable to
control the body still trapped inside the prison of asphalt.

* * *

Silver Banshee's ability to fly was a huge problem for Cigarillo, though the
fact that Silver Banshee didn't know her name meant she couldn't use her
scream to kill. However, the sonic onslaught could be painful and
distracting, and Silver Banshee had super-strength, too, so Cigarillo had to
be on guard.

She kept the villain on the defensive for a while with blasts of drugged gas.
None of the mist-blasts connected with the swift-flying enemy long enough to
be inhaled, but Silver Banshee had correctly discerned that the jets of vapor
were meant to incapacitate her, so she was dutifully avoiding them and that
made it harder for her to actually attack Cigarillo. As yet, neither one of
them had actually entered into real combat with the other.

But Nicotina didn't tell me to defeat Silver Banshee - just to keep her busy,
Beth noted mentally. She was keeping tabs on Nicoletta's battle with Metallo,
and suspected they would be along to support her soon unless Metallo caught a
lucky break and defeated them or prolonged the battle.

Less than a minute after making that observation, Cigarillo noted that
Metallo was down and Nicotina and Heat-Sink were on the move - which was good
since Beth had almost exhausted the chemical attacks and her explosive and
armor-piercing flechettes from her Cigarillo armor, and she would soon have
to do hand-to-hand combat with her opponent.

Heat-Sink was moving toward Cigarillo to help with Silver Banshee, while
Nicotina went to assist Vitriol, who had been using his acid blasts
judiciously to damage some of Prankster's high-tech weapons and to keep five
clones of Riot on the run as they tried to take him down with guns and other

As Heat-Sink got there, he seemed not to do anything, but Beth knew better.
Sadly for Silver Banshee, the villain didn't. Carl had used almost all of his
stored thermal energy to take down Metallo, but his ability to absorb heat
was now being used against Silver Banshee as he pulled all the heat he could
out of the air around her.

By the time she realized what was happening, she was losing altitude from
weakness and from the frost and ice accumulating on her body. She tried to
fly away, but Heat-Sink's range was long, and he continued to hyper-chill the
air around her. Silver Banshee had high resistance to energy attacks, but not
to cold. And while she had high resistance to physical assaults, she was
weakening, and Carl nodded to Beth. She nodded back, and leaped up to strike
Silver Banshee with a vicious blow. Over and over, leaping from the tops of
trucks and the sides of buildings, Cigarillo punched and kicked the airborne
and freezing villain until her ability to remain airborne faltered, and she

When she was finally on the ground, Heat-Sink ceased his chilling assault to
keep from hampering Cigarillo, and she pummeled Silver Banshee senseless.

* * *

Vitriol could only use a limited amount of his acidic body mass without
weakening himself, even with his armor to augment his abilities. He
regenerated his viscous and corrosive body over time, but not quickly, and he
had used as much as he could safely just to keep the multiple versions of
Riot on the run and to disable a few of the more deadly looking weapons
Prankster was touting.

Fucking Riot, Vitriol thought, having earlier reviewed a quick heads-up
display summary from Nicoletta's database in his helmet. The development of
his power to duplicate himself had also robbed Riot of the ability to sleep,
driving him insane, and that's making him one annoying fucking bastard,
Vitriol noted to himself. A psycho freak and now there are eight of him.

Suddenly, two clones of Riot were snatched up by a pair of hard smoke
tendrils and flung away. One slammed into another Riot and the other was
stunned as he slammed into a nearby car, then suddenly absorbed back into the
original Riot's body.

Gotcha, Nicotina thought, as she now fixed on the original. I think once
you're down, we can say goodbye to the clones.

As she prepared to take down Riot, Prankster suddenly threw an oblong object
in her direction. The bag-like package slammed into the ground and let out a
huge farting sound, then burst open, sending out a multitude of tiny

Vitriol's instant thought was: A fucking rigged whoopee cushion. Then he
wondered if those projectiles were lethal, but he was moving even before the
thought fully registered. He put himself between the discharge and Nicotina
and let loose a fast, hard and wide spray of acid to neutralize the many
incoming projectiles.

Nicotina struck Riot unconscious, rendering the clones inactive, then
realized what Vitriol had done, even as he slumped, having exceeded his
limits, and his armored form tumbled to the ground.

Prankster brought some kind of tube to bear, looking like a can of pretzels.
It was the kind of prank item that in any other normal situation would launch
some cheesy spring-loaded fake snake.

Except that I bet it launches a real snake, or a robotic snake with real
poison, Nicoletta thought. She prepared to bring up a hard smoke shield, but
she never needed it.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Cigarillo was there, and broke both of Prankster's
arms and one of his kneecaps in a flurry of armor-enhanced jujitsu moves.

* * *

Back at Teena International headquarters, with Vitriol safely in a
containment berth to help him recover, Beth smiled as she ignited her lighter
and drew deeply on an ultra-long Nightlife cigarette. Nicoletta smiled back
as she began to smoke a Gloriana. Their bodies drew together almost in
unison, but in reality, it was Nicoletta orchestrating the dance, always just
a split-second ahead of Beth.

It was Nicoletta's hand that took Beth by the waist and pulled the woman's
pelvis to hers as a dense halo of smoke circled their heads - even though a
casual observer might have thought that they were coming together as one. But
Beth knew better: Nicoletta wanted her, and Nicoletta was in charge.

So she danced to Nicoletta's tune and let her lead the dance. They smoked and
Beth swiveled her hips just as Nicoletta wanted, pressing two steaming
pussies together with only their panties to separate them - their costumes
having been abandoned several minutes earlier.

Their lips met in a fierce kiss full of smoke, and Beth said, "We really did
it, didn't we?"

Nicoletta smiled, and kissed her even harder with no smoke, then took a deep
drag and bathed Beth's face in a silky stream. "Yes, Beth. Yes, we did, and
there are so many more successes to come.."

* * *

Wonder Woman and Nicoletta had been talking for more than an hour about the
philosophical ramifications of Nicoletta's plans and the true definitions of
good and evil.

Diana thought she had been doing an excellent job of keeping up her part of
the conversation, which at times became a debate, despite the raging inferno
between her thighs.

I've kept my composure in battles so many times; I can talk through my
passion, too, Diana told herself. But the more I interact with Nicoletta, the
less I know whom it is I should be fighting.

She was, she realized, fighting off Nicoletta's seductions. She was fighting
her own desires. She had been doing so for days now, and she was wondering
why. Diana was doubting her position more and more, and was no longer certain
if it was logic and her warrior's instincts leading her down the right path,
or Nicoletta's smoke dulling her wits and Nicoletta's voice leading her down
a false path.

The smoke.

Diana couldn't ignore the ever-present smoke. If Nicoletta wasn't producing
it, someone else standing guard was. The smoke kept Wonder Woman from taking
aggressive action or escaping, but she never felt it was taking her
rationality, morality, or judgment away.

And now Nicoletta was hovering over her shoulder behind her, smoke flowing
from the lips that Diana couldn't see right now, but could imagine so well.
Moist and glistening and red, while smoke spilled from them. Smoke
surrounding both their heads and filling Diana's mind.

So much passion inside Diana, and not all of it from the drugged smoke alone,
she realized. In Nicoletta, she had discovered an equal. The woman might have
the upper hand over her, but Diana didn't feel controlled. She felt as if she
had found a worthy lover-to-be.

How many times have I thought perhaps Kal-El was that person? Diana thought.
But he isn't. He is honorable, and I love him, but not like that. I'm clear
on that front. I hate what Nicoletta has done to him, but I understand why. I
understand the flaws in him that made that necessary, and that make him unfit
for me. But Nicoletta is my match, emotionally, intellectually and
physically. She was right from the start; I was raised among nothing but
women, and I have let this society and culture in my adopted nation convince
me I should want a man. But my natural place lies mostly with women, and
Nicoletta is the ultimate woman.

But Diana did not think Nicoletta was the ultimate woman because of drugged
smoke, or because she was perfect. What attracted her was that Nicoletta was
comfortable and confident in her femininity and in the knowledge of her
skills and strengths. She was committed, and that commitment captured Diana's

Not to mention the fact that Nicoletta had made it clear she was in love, and
was wooing Wonder Woman.

How could I not return such a heartfelt favor? Diana wondered silently,
breathing the smoke of the woman who sought to bind them as lovers. How could
I not join Beth and Hal in her embrace?

But at the same time, she would not let that last bit of resistance go. Not

The part of her that was a hero wondered if Nicoletta might still be a
villain. If so, Wonder Woman could not allow herself to cross a line from
desire to commitment, because she had no intention of being a villain

Nicoletta leaned over, delivering a wet, hard kiss on the skin between
Diana's throat and shoulder, sucking hard, knowing that super-human skin
would not retain any lasting hickey. There was a trace of smoke in that neck
kiss as Nicoletta said, "Still, you hold back, my sweet. Still you resist
making love to me, or inviting me to pleasure you."

"I'm not convinced," Diane whispered, her ass grinding into the chair and her
labia wet and tingling. "I don't know that I can trust you. I don't know yet
if you're honorable."

"It's only a matter of time," Nicoletta said, and then Diana heard the
whispering sizzle of an extended inhalation. Suddenly, Nicoletta came around
the front of the chair, and pressed her soft and silken lips against Diana's.
Wonder Woman's lips parted to accept the smoke she knew would come - as well
as the tongue along with it - even as she pressed forward to return the
passion and seal their mouths more tightly together.

Nicoletta pressed closer, her barely covered breasts pressing against the
sheer fabric that covered Diana's own. Two pairs of hard, thick nipples
pressing and rubbing hotly and stiffly together as two tongues wrestled and
smoke was held in two mouth and two sets of lungs as long as possible.

"Only a matter of time," Nicoletta repeated breathlessly when their kiss
ended, and she took another pull on her cigarette. "Only a matter of time
before you realize that I love you, and that you're falling in love with me.
I've started with desire and passion, but my seduction involves so much more
than that, and you cannot deny the honesty and honor of my intentions

"Perhaps not, but I can be strong enough to restrain myself until I am
certain," Wonder Woman said with a wicked gleam in her eyes, "and that can be
a pleasurable thing as well."

"Yes," Nicoletta said, knowing she could allow Diana to use the Lariat of
Hestia at any time to prove her honesty, but much preferring the traditional
process of seduction, "the dance can be as much joy as the consummation."

With that, as she took another deep drag and blew gentle swirls about Diana's
face, she lay the filter of her smoldering cigarette against the heroine's
throat, and traced a slow, tickling path up the side of Wonder Woman's neck,
along her jaw, and let it rest on the Amazon's chin. Smoke had twirled in the
wake of the short but leisurely journey, and now swirled before Diana's eyes
as her gaze cast downward to the cigarette so near her lips.

Nicoletta saw the deep curiosity in those eyes, which she had so long waited
to see, and placed the filter gently to Wonder Woman's lips. The Amazon took
a tentative pull on the cigarette, then exhaled a thin stream of smoke,

"Like it?" Nicoletta asked sweetly.

"Intriguing," Wonder Woman answered, and took a harder drag, holding the
smoke longer in her mouth, then letting it drift from her lips. She looked at
the cloud of white that had issued from her mouth, and smiled. "Interesting."

"So much better if you inhale," Nicoletta said. "Those super-powered lungs of
yours can handle it, and unlike so many new smokers, I suspect you can take
some very nice, deep inhales without coughing."

Diana considered that for a moment, took an even deeper drag than before, but
still let it drift out uninhaled, and then kissed Nicoletta to let her taste
and smell the smoke. "Restraint," she said with a smirk.

Nicoletta smiled, and answered, "You'll embrace it eventually, and me as

"I'm already embracing you," Wonder Woman said, casting her eyes down to the
hand resting on Nicoletta's lower back as their breasts continued to press

"That you are," Nicoletta said as she took more smoke into her lungs, and
then they shared their third smoky kiss.

It's just the start, Nicoletta thought, but it's a good start.

* * *

The man formerly known as Green Lantern, now sporting both his new costume
and his new moniker of Viridian, surveyed his team. It was, technically
speaking, a much larger team than he needed to take down the Flash.

But Wally wasn't an enemy. He was a close acquaintance or perhaps a casual
friend - with whatever subtle differences either might entail - but
regardless, he was a comrade. Hal Jordan didn't want to pound his former
teammate into submission. If that had been the goal, it would have been
enough just to have Superman ... 

I have to get used to his new name. Smokeslave, Viridian thought. That's what
Nicoletta wants him called officially and in the field. Among ourselves, I'll
still call him Clark or Kal-El. Out of respect for Nicoletta's desires, I
won't openly call him Superman again, but aside from field ops or any kind of
public address in the future, I won't call my friend any kind of slave,
Smokeslave or otherwise.

It did not matter to Hal how true it might be that Clark was indeed a slave
to Nicotina's smoke; he was determined to hold respect for his Kryptonian
friend even as he balanced that against respect for his lover Nicoletta.

Getting back on track, Hal returned to his original line of thought. If
taking Flash down hard had been the goal, his own powers as Green Lantern,
combined with Smokeslave's, would likely have been enough. Adding in his own
new powers as Viridian, with the hard smoke gauntlet to bolster his Oan power
ring, Wally would likely have gone down quickly.

The addition of Zatanna and Black Canary could have been considered overkill.
Bringing Cigarillo and Heat-Sink into the mix was downright extravagant by
combat operation standards. Of course, there was Serpentine, too, though she
was more distraction than anything else in this operation. Her biggest role
had been to plant subliminal post-hypnotic suggestions into Wally's mind
previously to prepare him for Toxine and to reduce his potential for
aggression in this upcoming battle.

But this large a team meant they could combine a variety of talents and
powers that would allow them to subdue Flash both quickly and gently - or as
gently as one could when one was about to back a hero into a corner and
trigger every fight-or-flight reflex he had.

And triggering any reflex in the fastest man on Earth was a risky affair.

So Viridian surveyed his team, and found them ready. He gave them their final
instructions, and then he took a last drag on the Maxim 100 cigarette he was
smoking - he thought Nicoletta might appreciate that imagery, and he knew she
was watching from somewhere, somehow - and then dropped the butt to the floor
and ground it out by producing a large thumb of green energy from his power
ring. He held the lungful of smoke a long time, until there was almost
nothing left to exhale, and then he managed a rueful smile as he released it
from his lungs to breathe clear air once more.

"Team Toxic," Viridian told them, "let's go get Wally and bring him home."

* * *

This entire operation was somewhat of a risk to Nicoletta's plans, Viridian
realized, though clearly a risk she was willing to take for her cousin
Toxine. The woman wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer, and so
they needed to get Flash so he could be prepared for his role as the woman's
love slave.

He had engineered things as much as possible so that the public likely
wouldn't see them take Flash down, but someone might catch a glimpse. It was
certain that even with their new costumes, Hal and Clark would be
identifiable as the former Green Lantern and Superman, respectively. No one
yet had knowledge of the names Viridian and Smokeslave, but the similarities
were strong, and their powers distinct and recognizable, so it wouldn't take
long to make the connection. 

Also, Zatanna and Black Canary were still in their standard costumes, and
easily recognizable, although Zatanna had made the slight adjustment of
making her stylized stage magician attire even more fetishistic by taking it
from polyester, cotton and wool to more exotic materials: black leather and
PVC, clear latex, and white silk and lace.

Hell, even her stockings, though they are still a fishnet/mesh style, are
actually black PVC threads on top of clear latex leggings, Hal considered.
She's glistening and inviting like some human fetish lollipop for a man - or
woman - to lick all night.

He realized that if not for his loyalty and attachment to Nicoletta - and by
extension Beth, with whom he shared Nicoletta's affections - he'd probably be
offering to do that to Zatanna right now. She was smoking a Gloriana with
wickedly sensual sucks on the filter and haughty, alluring exhalations. A
cloud of delicious-looking smoke swirled about her, making her even more
gorgeous than she always had been.

Chuckling to himself at the thoughts, Viridian smiled, then put on his "game
face" and said to Zatanna, with as much sternness as he could muster, "Put
that thing out and get into position." Then he turned to Clark and said,
"Smokeslave, stand ready to prevent an escape if Wally gets past us. That's
your sole task today. And if you have to chase him, use as little force as
you can to take him down."

They were inside a huge warehouse, having circulated a false story about a
stolen shipment of volatile materials orchestrated by Gorilla Grodd.

Flash wouldn't find Grodd when he arrived. Instead, he'd see Heat-Sink and
Cigarillo. Everyone else would come out to play on cue. There were a lot of
variables, but Viridian figured that with the likely timeframe of Wally
getting the bogus news, and getting here, they had between five and 20 more
minutes to wait.

It took eight minutes for the first sensor to be tripped letting them know
Flash was heading in their direction, and getting close.

Twelve seconds later, he was in the building, and confronting Heat-Sink and

"Hey, am I early?" Flash quipped. "Grodd doesn't seem to be here yet. Hey,
always nice to see new henchmen - I mean, henchPEOPLE," he said, inclining
his head toward Cigarillo and winking at her.

Then he paused, and frowned. "Oh, damn...I saw you guys in the news. You're
heroes, not henchmen. T Team or something? Nice work, but what are doing here
in Central City? Kind of my beat, really, and Gorilla Grodd's my arch-enemy.
Plus, I already have Serpentine popping up every second or third mission."

When they didn't respond, Wally tensed up. "Okaaaaay ..."

"Did someone drop my name?" came Sarina's voice from the door through which
Flash had entered - the easiest exit. She was in her full Serpentine costume,
colors subtly playing across the holoweave of it, but not in any full
hypnotic mode.

"Well, normally, I'd decline your help with these two already here, but I'm
kinda having second thoughts as to how heroic they are all of a sudden,"
Flash said.

"Or how heroic I am, for that matter," Serpentine said with a sweet and
sultry air, and turned her holoweave to full effect.

Flash was aware what the holoweave could do to a person's perceptions and
awareness, and turned away, now realizing both that she was an opponent and
that she was effectively blocking his best escape route. He couldn't risk
running in her direction and getting a full look at her hypno-show, even at
high speed. It was a trap, he now realized, and he didn't have time to figure
out all the implications, except that Serpentine had either always been a
plant to help snare him or someone was now controlling her.

That could mean Gorilla Grodd using his telepathic powers, Wally thought, but
I still need to get out of here. Too enclosed, and so not the best place for
me to use my speed.

He began to speed toward the other side of the warehouse and the next-best
exit, which is when he got his next surprise, Black Canary stepping out and
opening her mouth.

They were teammates, so he knew all too well about her sonic scream, and
turned quickly, assured in the knowledge that he could run far faster than
sound, so the sonic onslaught she was about to unleash would never reach him.

He never got a chance to assess his next-best exit, as a green dome suddenly
appeared around him, with another dome around it, made of some kind of
misty-looking energy. He saw the source, a man who even in an altered costume
he recognized as the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Wally gave up any hope that
any familiar face that might yet appear would be helpful to him.

Then he realized most of the concrete floor around him was turning into a sea
of glowing red, and he figured the red-and-bronze-costumed man from the T
Team whom he had encountered when he first entered the warehouse was the
source of that. Wally might have been able to speed across the sea of
superheated floor without much harm, but that would only put him smack-dab
against an energy dome he likely couldn't break through, and then he'd fall
onto the floor and be roasted.

But there's still a patch of floor, unheated, just below me, Wally thought,
realizing that drilling through the floor by spinning at super-speed seemed
the best route right now. I can't drill through the parts of the floor that
will fry me, but this part of the floor is still ...

What he hadn't known though, was that Zatanna had spoken the words, "Roolf
htaeneb Hsalf eb denrut ot dnomaid" mere moments before. But he realized it
when he began to spin, with no effect, except to almost lose his footing, and
looked down to see that the one part of the floor inside Hal's overlapping
energy domes that wasn't superheated was now a circle of pure diamond, too
hard to drill through.

Hal's energy dome began to close in, shrinking, and with that, the heat
inside it intensified. With nowhere to run, and no weak spot to break
through, Wally felt his strength began to wane, along with his consciousness.
The air was hot and heavy, and he was sweating profusely. After a few
minutes, he finally stumbled, dropping to his knees on the diamond portion of

Then through his bleary gaze, he saw Zatanna step from her hiding place, and
just barely heard her say, "Eb dnuob yb sdnab fo muinatit."

Almost instantly, his ankles and wrists were bound by a pair of thick metal
bands. The energy sphere disappeared, and the floor was already cooling, and
then Cigarillo was there, leaping over the still partially molten floor and
landing with her crotch right over Flash's face.

"Shouldn't we have a first date before we get to that?" he joked with a
wavering, tired voice. He figured if he super-vibrated his arms and legs, he
could probably break his bonds, but no sooner had the thought entered his
head than a blast of bitter-smelling mist from one of Cigarillo's batons hit
him in the face. As the gas entered his lungs, before he thought to hold his
breath, he realized that he was feeling quite calm.

In fact, supremely mellow seems an even better way to describe it, Wally

A part of him considered that laying here enjoying a soporific buzz was not
the best idea, but a larger part of him was fascinated by trying to figure
out why the armored woman currently straddling him was opening the faceplate
of her helmet, lighting up a red-and-yellow cigarette, and then blowing the
smoke right into his face.

He also couldn't deny that it smelled awfully nice, like cloves and cinnamon.

"You might as well start getting used to this," Cigarillo said in a sultry
and patronizing tone, as she blew more smoke into Flash's face, slowly and
sexily. "Toxine will be giving you smoke of all different kind and more
besides all day long. And you're gonna love it, speedy."

All thoughts of escape had fled Wally's mind, and worries about betrayal by
his friends along with them, and he sighed as Cigarillo sat her armored
crotch down directly on his, and pressed her belly against his, with her
armored breast looming close to his face and her smoky breath washing
deliciously over him.

He felt like he was being marinated in smoke, inside and out, and it felt
fantastic. He wondered if she might be bothered by the erection growing
between his legs, then realized that between his protective cup and her
armor, she likely couldn't feel it. But it felt nice to him, and he couldn't
help grinding his crotch against hers.

Cigarillo smiled, and gave him another faceful of smoke, stroking the side of
his face with her other hand. "Oh, you belong to Toxine, but I can let you
fantasize about me a bit, Wally. I can let you dry hump me a bit, while my
sexy smoke fills your mind. While it clouds your reason and while the other
chemicals in it temporarily inhibit your speed. But who needs speed when you
can let my smoke fill your world, and you can grind slowly against me. Will
you come for Cigarillo, Wally? Will you come for your last time as a
free-wheeling bachelor?"

She laughed into his face, and gave him more smoke.

Viridian let her have her fun for another five minutes before he ordered
everyone out, and he wondered if Flash had come all over himself as
aphrodisiacs coursed through his veins and smoke filled his world. He'd never
know, of course, but the possibility gave him a smile.

And it made Hal feel just a tiny twinge of jealousy.

* * *

Diana had heard rumors about the field operation to capture Wally, so when
Nicoletta paid a visit to her apartment and told the two tall, muscular,
smoking female guards to take a lunch break, she assumed that Nicoletta was
going to talk to her about that.

What she hadn't expected was for Nicoletta to smile a wicked and sensual
grin, light a Gloriana cigarette, and say, "I have a young lady I'd like to
introduce you to. You already know her, but I thought you might like to see
the `new her'."

Nicoletta led Wonder Woman down a series of hallways, then to a special
elevator. They went down from very near the top of the building into a
sub-basement. The two entered a small room, and Nicoletta activated the
wall-sized monitor at one end of it.

As the screen pulsed to full resolution, she said, "My newest friend is in
the next room. Tell me what you think."

Diana's mouth fell open, and she felt a confluence of arousal and horror.
There on the floor of the next room, Supergirl was on her hands and knees.
Her red miniskirt was pushed up over the top of her ass and a sex-bot was
plowing her ass at high speed. Diana was certain she saw little wisps of
steam coming out of Kara's ass, and wondered what kind of friction was being
produced to that nigh-invulnerable asshole.

But Kara only grunted, "Faster, you robotic bitch!" The android complied,
looking like it might fly apart at the joints soon. Steaming lube poured from
its artificial cock, spilling out of Supergirl's ass as she ground her hips
back toward her robotic lover.

She pressed her chest against the floor, which seemed to be electrified, and
was gasping with pleasure as high voltage bursts stimulated her breasts. The
nipples seemed hard as diamonds, actually ripping deep grooves in the floor
at times, and Diana could see the glistening lips of her labia at times - a
dripping cunt revealed periodically as she ground her ass into the pistoning
metal penis in fierce little half-swirls of her hips.

"Fingers, fucker! Finger-fuck me too!" Supergirl growled, and a robotic arm
extended to dip deep into the sopping pussy as the cock continued its work in
her ass. Kara's eyes rolled back a little in her head, as she reached to a
nearby table and pulled out a red-and-lavender cigarette, then ignited it
with her heat vision and began to smoke furiously as she was pleasured by the
robot sex slave.

Or is Supergirl the sex slave? Diana wondered to herself.

On top of everything else - the fierce rutting of this super-powered young
woman and her intense smoking - her costume was a vision of shiny latex and
PVC. It was almost exactly the same style as before her apparent capture, but
now totally fetishistic. It shone in the light of that room and gripped every
curve and squeaked softly and erotically.

"You've turned Kara into some rutting little bitch?" Wonder Woman said,
aghast even as she was aroused. "You've turned a hero into some sex-starved
wanton slut?"

"No, I didn't do anything of the sort," Nicoletta said, and Diana looked down
to see that the woman had twisted her fingers into the coils of the Lariat of
Hestia hanging from Diana's belt. The golden rope pulsed and glowed softly.
Diana knew what Nicoletta was doing now; she was going to prove the truth of
the words she was about to speak, to leave no room for Diana to doubt,
because it was lingering doubt that held her back from giving in to
Nicoletta, and Nicoletta was about to start knocking down that last wall of

Taking a long pull on her half-smoked cigarette, while Diana half-watched the
sex show in the next room, unable to fully pull her attention away from the
sight, Nicoletta said, "I trapped her with drugged smoke, that is true. I
made her addicted to my special cigarettes for her, to keep her from being
able to harm me and to make her aroused so that she can be more easily
manipulated by her handlers. I made love to her while Lois aided me, and
bound her to me. But I didn't take away her mind. I didn't make her a slave
like I did to her cousin. I didn't make her a slut."

"But..." Diana began. "She's never..."

"Never known herself before," Nicoletta interrupted, blowing smoke into
Diana's face. "I bet before Lois and I gave her several of them, she had
probably never had a proper orgasm. She's been kept from growing up and
exploring like any normal teen entering into maturity and eventually
adulthood. She wasn't allowed to blossom."

"That's not blossoming," Diana countered, fascinated by the puddle of lube
and girlcum forming on the floor beneath Supergirl, as she ground her body
into the slimy mess. She watched as Supergirl finished the cigarette, dense
streamers of smoke all around her, and then chained her way to a new one,
sucking smoke as fiercely as she sucked the android's cock into her ass.
"That's filthy and..."

"Alluring, isn't it?" Nicoletta said, hearing the arousal in Wonder Woman's
voice and adding smoke to the air around them. "Sultry. Sensual. Mesmerizing.
You know, she smokes those cigarettes like a madwoman. And with those
super-lungs, she can go through a normal one in seconds. I had to make a
special super-dense tobacco to make them last several minutes and still give
her the smoky satisfaction she craves. But I digress.

"You see," Nicoletta continued, "I didn't make her this way. She was awakened
to her sexuality. I was as surprised as you would have been when she asked
for the new costume, when she asked me to create sex toys that could keep up
with her. She's always been held back and treated like an extension of
Superman. Her cousin was the example she was urged to follow. Her costume and
her demeanor were all pushed to model and mirror his. Ma and Pa Kent meant
well, but they raised her to their values and her cousin's, not as an
individual. Now she's awakened to herself, and her interest in pleasure and
satisfaction is taking a high priority right now, ahead of getting into
fights with villains."

"Convenient for you," Diana remarked tartly, but also noticing that she was
pressing her hip closer to Nicoletta, whose fingers were still twined with
the coils of the magic lasso, and rubbing up against the woman.

"Not convenient at all," Nicoletta said. "I could use her in action soon, but
I'm not sure she'll be willing to fight while she's still exploring these new
uses for her body. But I will respect her finding herself. Unlike her
well-meaning cousin and his adoptive parents in Smallville, I will let her
become who she needs to be, whether slut, saint or somewhere in between. As
long as she cannot oppose me, I won't drive her to be anything but the real
Kara Zor-El."

Nicoletta removed her fingers from the rope to twine into Wonder Woman's hair
instead, pulling her forward for a smoky kiss.

"Is that what you hope or expect from me?" Diana hissed with a challenging
tone as smoke swirled between their lips, so close. Lips moist and ready for
more kissing as the sounds of Kara's growing desire and eventual shattering
orgasm provided the soundtrack for their smoky make-out session.

"Of course not," Nicoletta said, licking her lips. "I'm hoping for something
much more mature and satisfying, though every bit as passionate."

"We'll see," Diana responded. "We shall see."

The walls of the rooms shook at Supergirl had her screaming release, and then
began to thrust her own fingers into her slick and sticky womanhood,
luxuriated in the pool of fluids on the thrumming, electrified floor, the
android in pieces all around her and a burning cigarette clenched between her
teeth, as Nicoletta and Diana's tongues wrestled in their own smoky haze in
their own room.

We shall see indeed, Nicoletta agreed silently.

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