Toxic, Part 15

(by Smokedawg, 17 December 2009)

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Toxic, Part 15

By Smokedawg (aka JbouleyJdog)



All DC Comics characters used for entertainment purposes only, and remain the
copyright of DC Comics and its affiliate and/or parent companies.

NOTE 1: This story is inspired by an idea presented to me by Blackbladder,
the author of many memorable smoking fetish tales, including the Buffy the
Vampire Slayer fan fiction story, "Demon Weed."

NOTE 2: If you find the mention of Superman's harsh actions toward Nick
O'Teen in this story and its follow-up chapters to be out of character, I
should mention that in one of the early 1980s anti-smoking campaign
commercials featuring Nick O'Teen, Superman is indeed depicted as ruthlessly
flinging the man into the sky toward some buildings.

NOTE 3: This chapter may contain some of my most blatant disregard for
current DC continuity, particularly with regard to Catwoman and the killer of
Batman's parents, but that's artistic license for you ... ;-)


Beth groaned as she tried to shrug off sleep and determine why she was even
partly awake right now, given how exhausted she felt. 

Slowly, she realized she was smelling food, and then realized she wasn't in
her own bed, nor Nicoletta's for that matter. She blinked, trying to make
sense of the world in her sleep-addled mind, and saw the small pile of
material on the floor that, by its array of colors, was clearly Wonder
Woman's costume - with Beth's panties sitting on top.

Ahhhh, she thought, memories slowly working their way into her consciousness.
I'm still in Diana's apartment. We went so late with all that activity that
none of us bothered to leave. We just collapsed here in a pile on the bed.

She was alone in the room, though, Beth realized, and the clock read 9:27.
She assumed that was morning, though she wouldn't be all that surprised if
they had slept through to the next evening. But given how tired she still
was, probably not. She considered simply closing her eyes again and lying
down but someone was going to the trouble to cook, so she got up, found a
nightgown to slip on - which didn't fit because it was Diana's and the Amazon
was taller than she was - and stumbled down the hall.

The first thing that Beth noticed was the absence of guards, though that
didn't surprise her. Nicoletta was clearly convinced of Diana's allegiance.
The second thing she noticed was Diana standing naked in the kitchen, cooking

The Amazon looked up and smiled, a little wickedness in her eyes, and said,
gesturing around her with the spatula, "After wearing you out last night, I
thought the least that I could do was cook some food to restore your
strength," Diana said. "I hope you're not vegan, because butter and meat are
involved in most of these dishes."

"Meat's fine. Butter's good. Coffee would be even better," Beth said.

Diana pointed to one corner of the kitchen, handing Beth an empty cup as she
passed by, and stroking one of her buttocks as she passed.

"It may not fit perfectly, but the gown looks nice on you," Diana said.
"Sorry about your wrist, by the way. I got a little carried away with things
a couple of times last night."

Beth smiled as she poured the coffee, flexing her wrist. "Just a light
sprain. I've gotten a lot worse in fights, even with the armor on. Where's

"Up even before I was," Diana answered. "Out and gone, and left a note that
she had business to take care of, but would be back soon. That's a very
sturdy woman. I suspect she's done more than install nanos and a few bionics
inside her; there has to be some genetic tinkering for a non-metahuman like
her to have that much get-up-and-go after a night like last night, or my name
isn't Wonder Woman."

"All of them are like that," Beth said. "Her family, that is. Endurance like
you wouldn't believe, and I've never known her or any other member of the
Teena family to sleep more than five hours a night. Maybe they are metahuman
- just nothing dramatic; just super-endurance maybe."

Beth went to sit down at the dining table, sipping at her coffee, and a
couple minutes later Diana set a plate down in front of her with an omelet,
some kind of beef hash with potatoes and a few other root vegetables in it,
and delicate-looking crepes with a glaze drizzled over them that smelled of
lemon and honey.

It all turned out to be as delicious as it smelled, and she thanked Wonder
Woman, then apologized for not being very talkative.

"Just eat," Diana said gently. "I probably sprained your tongue last night,

When they were done eating and were quietly enjoying a pair of cigarettes
while one of them drank coffee and the other one strong tea, Nicoletta
finally returned, wearing a long, thick robe and with a garment bag slung
over one shoulder.

"Moving in for the weekend?" Diana said with a chuckle. "That might not be a
bad idea; I still have some positions and games I can teach you."

Nicoletta said nothing at first, giving Beth a kiss and then Diana, and
setting the garment bag over the back of a nearby chair. "You can play sexual
tutor again soon enough," Nicoletta said as she lit her own cigarette. "Right
now, I need you to model your new costume."

"Is there a problem with my old one?" Diana asked as she finished her
cigarette, blowing a long stream toward the garment bag.

"Too revealing," Nicoletta said. "I'm all for admiring the beauty of the
female form, but you look like you put on some boots with a swimsuit with the
current uniform. All that leg, plus your arms and shoulder and upper bosom
all revealed."

"You want me all covered up, after all the time you've spent appraising me
and seducing me?" Diana asked incredulously.

"No, I still think those arms, shoulder and breasts need to on display. But
the legs are overkill, and besides, covering them up in a sleek and sexy way
will help draw attention to your other assets instead of making everyone
wonder where to look at you. Plus, it's time to dump the blue shorts and
white stars, Diana. You're an ambassador to the world now, not the United
States. Beth, help Diana into the new look if you would."

"My pleasure," she answered. "It's a pity, though, that Diana's already nude,
because it would have been a double pleasure to strip her first."

* * *

Diana looked down at her lower torso, and the tight, glimmering black
leggings that hugged her from her toes to her midriff - neither leather nor
latex but some material that seemed to combine the best of both. She let her
eyes close slightly to enjoy the feel of Beth's hands sliding up each leg to
make sure the fit was tight and there were no wrinkles. It was clear the
woman was taking longer than she needed to, enjoying the process of dressing
Wonder Woman as much as the heroine was enjoying being doted on intimately.
As Beth's hands made their way to Diana's upper thighs and began to
unnecessarily smooth the material there, Diana opened her eyes, looked down,
and smiled. 

Beth blushed a little, but that didn't stop her from doing a wholly
unnecessary adjustment of the material around Diana's sex and her buttocks.
Then the Amazon lifted her arms as Beth fitted her with the corset-like top
in gold and red, which was nearly identical to that of her original costume,
but lacking a belt - the better to show off the shiny black material that
showed off her taut abdomen.

"Sit, please," Beth said, a tone in her voice that made it clear to Diana
that she had already assigned herself a place below the Amazon in the
hierarchy of things. Nicoletta was still her mistress first and foremost, but
clearly she felt she served Diana as well, secondarily.

Beth sees Hal as a peer, but me as kind of sub-mistress, Diana recognized,
and smiled at the thought and the implications for pleasure that could

As requested, Diana sat down on a chair, and Beth began to slide one of
Diana's feet into one of the new boots. It was mostly black with red piping
and gold accents, and the Amazon noted with interest as Beth began to work
the zip that these boots were thigh-high rather than knee-high as her old
ones were. Beth was slow with the zipping, sliding her free hand up the side
of the boot with sensual attention and letting Diana's toe press against one
breast. Obligingly, Diana wiggled the tip of her foot a bit to stimulate the
woman's nipple, which only encouraged her to finish zipping the boot even
more slowly.

Diana didn't mind one bit, and clearly neither did Nicoletta, who strode over
with the lit cigarette and, instead of admonishing Beth for her sluggishness,
squatted down and began to stroke one the woman's arms, blowing smoke across
the back of Beth's neck and then kissing the nape slowly and wetly. The smoke
swirled past Beth's body and stroked the blackness of the boots with its
wispy white threads and curls, and Diana breathed deep of the sweet perfume
those coils of smoke brought with them.

Finally Beth finished with the first boot, and then proceeded with the
second. Diana teased her a bit, withdrawing her foot a bit a few times before
finally letting her slip it past her toes and heel, as Nicoletta drenched the
atmosphere around them with the intoxicating allure of tobacco and perhaps
other additives as well - Diana could scarcely separate the fetish from any
aphrodisiacs most days, and that was fine with her. As Beth worked the boot
farther up Diana's calf and approached her knee, the Amazon lifted her leg so
that the toe and upper foot of the boot were pressing against Beth's pussy.

Wonder Woman was almost certain she heard a soft, wet squishing sound, and
her boot slid smoothly across the soft and plaint flesh - Beth was clearly
very wet and very ready, and Diana inhaled more of Nicoletta's smoke as she
pressed more firmly, until her toe slipped between the lips of Beth's
womanhood, eliciting a sharp gasp. The other woman began to softly ride
Diana's boot as she shakily finished zipping up the boot and as Nicoletta
blew long, slow, thick streams of smoke up and down the woman's back. Beth
gasped, and suddenly grabbed Diana's leg with both hands, gripping and
stroking the leather firmly as she pressed down hard to fill her quim with as
much of Diana's foot as she could. Shaking and panting, she had a mighty
orgasm, biting down on her lip and closing her eyes, enjoying the vivid
explosion of pleasure in near-silence, then slumping over to hug Diana's leg
and rub her breasts, belly and sex up and down the shaft of the boot, as
Nicoletta stroked her ass and graced both women with two huge and fragrant

As she recovered her wits, Beth smiled shyly and found a towel with which to
clean off Wonder Woman's boot, then stepped back. Diana found a cigarette for
herself, lit up, and strode to the full-length mirror in the hallway.

Walking felt a bit different, and she realized that unlike her very low heels
before, these boots were higher - nothing dramatic and nothing that would
compromise her movements in combat, but just enough to lift her ass a little
and make her legs even sexier.

"You were right, Nicoletta," she said. "Sometimes a thing that is covered can
be made even more alluring in a more elegant manner."

"So glad you agree, Diana," Nicoletta answered. "And now that you've had a
last bit of fun, Beth, I need to discuss some matters privately with the
princess of the Amazons."

* * *

Once Diana and Nicoletta were alone, the former continued to smoke, not even
half done with her cigarette, while the latter finished hers and stubbed out
the butt in an ashtray, the final wisps of smoke curling up around her

"So, Nicoletta, did you want some private lessons in some of the areas I
covered last night?" Diana asked. "Or perhaps you were hoping for me to share
something I haven't yet in terms of techniques?"

Nicoletta said nothing, but let her robe fall away, revealing that she was
wearing most of her Nicotina costume underneath it. Still silent, she pulled
on her gloves. Diana watched her with curiosity. Nicoletta was completely
placid - no elation, no anger; most of all, no clue offered as to what was
going on inside her head. Since the woman clearly wasn't interested in
talking yet, Diana continued to smoke. As she finally bent over slightly to
crush out her cigarette in the ashtray, she suddenly felt herself lifted and
thrust against a wall.

She hadn't been slammed against the wall, but she was being firmly held there
against it, about a foot off the ground. Roiling little smoke-like tendrils
were wrapped around her, projected by Nicoletta. Diana presumed she might be
able to give the hard smoke constructs a good fight, but she simply waited.
She wasn't being harmed, and the notion of attacking Nicoletta out of
anything short of self-preservation was unthinkable to her.

"So, have I offended in some way?" Wonder Woman asked mildly.

Nicoletta smiled a strange grin. It wasn't quite cruel, but there was a
wickedness to it, along with some playfulness and even amusement.

"Diana, we need to establish something around here. You had your fun last
night, and so did I - and certainly there are times I will let you lead
activities again and guide me, but now that you are officially part of my
fold, there are things that need to be made clear."

"Such as what?"

"Such as who is the queen and who is the princess in this relationship and
all the other relationships that orbit around us," Nicoletta said. A new
hard-smoke tendril appeared, looking very much like a large dildo, with many
protuberances that Diana found quite intriguing.

 Diana smiled, relaxed a bit, and spread her legs as much as the tendrils
holding her would allow. "Then I submit to your education in this regard,"
she said with a throaty little huskiness in her voice, "and I look forward to
being taught some new things."

* * *

After she'd had a few highly pleasurable hours with Wonder Woman, showing the
Amazon that she knew how to elicit shattering cries of ecstasy with her own
powers and skills, Nicoletta went to a secure computer, and drafted the
message she had been waiting so long to write.

When she hit "send" it went out to the leaders of every nation and to all the
ambassadors in New York City at the United Nations.

It told them many things. But most of all it told them to prepare to receive
an important visitor in two days, along with three of her closest associates
- three of the most powerful superheroes on the planet.

* * *

"You missed a very educational and enjoyable evening with myself, Beth and
Diana," Nicoletta told Hal shortly after he returned to Earth, and to the
Teena International building in Metropolis.

"A shame to hear that, though I'm not sure I'm quite ready to think of Wonder
Woman in that way anyway," he responded.

"Diana was a bit disappointed you weren't there, on the other hand, so she's
clearly a bit more liberal in how she's willing to rewrite the nature of your
relationship," Nicoletta said. "Fortunately, I'm sturdier than she thought,
so you weren't absolutely needed for her to work off her pent-up libido."

"I hope she didn't break Beth," Hal joked.

"No, just bent her in a few places. Viridian, my dear, I sent the message a
couple hours ago. We go to New York in two days to confront the entire world
through their proxies."

He nodded.

"This makes me very hot," she added. "Very excited."

He nodded again.

"Are you going to do anything besides nod, lover?" she asked.

"Yes, but why don't you light up something fragrant and tasty to help set the
mood, while I whip up something special?"

She grinned, and reached over to a small humidor to pull out one of the many
premium cigars she supplied him with, producing a long wooden match and
lighting the thick brown thing slowly. Smoke began to issue from her mouth in
thick and ponderous gray waves, and she said, "Leave the costume on, Hal, and
let's see how we can use that power ring in ways that would make the
Guardians of Oa turn an even paler shade of blue to witness."

She gave him a "come hither" gesture with her index finger, the cigar
clenched between her teeth and puffing out rich clouds as he approached. She
touched her fingertip to the top of his pelvis, above his pubes, and ran the
finger slowly down an extremely thin sea-green strip that ran from there to
his perineum. Hal shivered lightly in pleasure at her touch as the strip of
color opened, just as it was designed to do at her touch or his - and
presumably certain other select people like Beth and Diana. His erect penis
and throbbing testicles were released, and Nicoletta stroked the shaft with
one hand as she removed the cigar from her mouth with the other to blow
tobacco smoke across his hardness.

"Get on your back on the bed," she commanded, "and give me something

He smiled, got into position, and watched for a moment as she took a long
draw on the cigar, filling her mouth with clouds and then letting them out so
gradually to surround and stroke her face. Then a more shallow draw, her
mouth opening to show him the tight ball of smoke before she sucked it in -
this time right down into her lungs. It was a far different taste and
sensation than a cigarette, and most people weren't up to the task of
inhaling cigar smoke, but it was an act she took special pleasure in on those
occasions she decided to smoke a cigar.

The look in her eyes was smoldering and sexy, but Hal also sensed a bit of
the "get on with it, now" attitude in them, and suddenly he released green
light to extend from his power ring to his penis, surrounding it, sheathing
it and taking shape as he willed.

Nicoletta's eyebrows raised appreciatively as she admired the solid green
energy construct now sheathing his penis, making it several inches longer and
substantially thicker than normal. She saw little feelers near the "head" of
this energy-dildo he now possessed, which she was certain would tickle
deliciously as she slid back and forth on his cock or as he thrust in and
out. Knobs, bumps and ridges decorated the shaft. Some of the larger knobs,
she couldn't help but notice, were spinning, pulsing and even thrusting in
and out just a little. Suddenly, a mass of long tendrils - both green energy
and hard-smoke constructs - extended from the base of his shaft and balls,
and they almost looked like palm fronds. She could well imagine how they
would tickle and stroke her spine, buttocks and the backs of her legs while
they made love. A few shorter ones that reached up instead of out seemed
poised to tickle her breasts and neck when the time came.

That time will be so soon, Nicoletta mused as she took premium smoke into her
mouth - elegant rich tobacco - and blew it down across Hal Jordan's body.

"Now this is a male enhancement device I can get behind," Nicoletta said. "Or
perhaps more accurately, get on."

She straddled Viridian's hips, her sex poised just above the head of his
artificial penis, and she wondered what things he had going on inside it to
keep him hard since he clearly wouldn't be able to feel her. A pity, but this
part of the festivities was mostly for her, though the smoke would definitely
keep him interested.

As if sensing her thoughts as he looked at the expressions on her face,
Viridian said, "I smoked some of those special Lantern Flame cigarettes you
provide me. I thought my mistress and lover might expect to be serviced. So
I'm incredibly aroused and `doomed' to stay hard for hours even if I do come.
And you'd be amazed at what's going on inside my contraption."

As Nicoletta glanced down, she saw something smoky flowing and roiling inside
the green shaft, and thought of the sensations he was producing against his
most sensitive flesh with the hard smoke, even as her cigar smoke tickled at
his nose and pleased his lungs and fed the fetish she had developed in him.

"I'm even trapping some of your actual cigar smoke along with the hard-smoke
quasi-matter in there, too, Nicoletta," he said. "So that your very breath
sheathes my cock and helps stroke me and excite me."

Nicoletta smiled at that, sincerely honored, and then slid down slowly on
him, impaling herself wetly and slickly on his artificially oversized
manhood. She gasped at the intrusion she had herself initiated, and moaned
loudly at the stimulation of all those protuberances, and the way his
cock-construct throbbed and pressed against her. She grunted, clenched the
cigar in her teeth, and ground down on his pelvis. She rode up and down, her
spine arching and flowing sinuously as she spiraled, pressed and slid against

She braced herself against him with one hand on his chest and then realized
that the tendrils that were stimulating her as she rode him where also
helping to support her. She pulled the cigar from her mouth, the tip wet and
soggy and bearing traces of her lipstick at well, as smoke twirled from the
simmering end. She puffed on it, turning the gray ash red with heat, and met
Hal's eyes as she slowly exhaled toward him and continued to ride his cock.

Pressing, sliding. Grunting, moaning. Breathing, exhaling. Taking and then
taking more. She gave him enough, but only just enough, and kept the rest of
the pleasure for herself. Always the queen first, and then she could bestow
gifts upon the most faithful and loyal members of her retinue.

She had already been so ready and so wet; thus, the surprise that he had
constructed for her - this sexual thrill ride she was enjoying - pushed her
over the edge quickly. She grunted, cried out softly a few times, and then
began to groan. She took a deep inhalation of smoke and then it shot out
fiercely from her mouth as she cried out loudly, then screamed.

Her hands gripped his hips possessively, and smoke rose from the cigar
between their bodies as she pounded up and down on top of him, screaming and
milking her orgasm for everything it could give her. She was so wet and open
that she kept thrusting on top of him long past the end of her release,
without discomfort, and smoked slowly with an air of satisfaction like that
of a freshly-fed lioness.

She stayed on top of his green energy and hard smoke dildo, and he let it
continue to massage her gently as she smoked her cigar some more. She placed
it to his own lips at times, so he could taste her mouth on the end of it
like a wet kiss, and fill his own lungs with smoke and share it with her.

Finally, after about 10 minutes or so, Nicoletta bent down to kiss him,
letting cigar smoke spread across his face as her breasts pressed against his
chest and as she licked his lips before withdrawing her mouth. She lifted her
sex off of his monstrously large dildo construct and then turned around to
face the end of the bed. She pressed her damp and shapely ass into the air,
looked back at him over one shoulder while blowing him a huge plume of smoke,
and said: "Time to take my pussy from behind, Viridian. This time, I just
want your flesh in my flesh, but I also want you smoking your own cigar while
you do it. I want you to fill me. I want you to take your time. And then I
want your cum bathing me inside and then I expect you to lick it back out

"As you wish," he said with a smile, reaching for the humidor.

* * *

Nicotina stood there in the United Nations, accompanied by Wonder Woman in
her new black, gold and crimson outfit; Hal Jordan in the Viridian costume he
had worn for weeks now with its stylized green flame instead of a lantern
symbol on his chest; and Superman with his new white, black, brown and tan
uniform. Nicotina herself was wearing her normal costume, but instead of the
normal helmet, which might be too off-putting for her purposes today, she was
wearing an almost piratical or Gypsy-like black silk hood that covered her
scalp and the upper portion of her face, except for her striking eyes.

Nervous conversation filled the room, and today, there were not simply U.N.
representatives here but, for many of the nations, their elected leaders as

As calm began to descend slowly, with a call to order, the Secretary-General
of the U.N. stood up.

"You have made your point, I think, Nicotina, by co-opting this planet's most
powerful superheroes. Thus far, things have been rather bloodless, and we
would like to keep it that way. We are gathered here to discuss terms with

"Terms of what?" Nicotina asked, feigning innocence and disinterest - both of
them with obvious disingenuousness. With a casual disdain for the no-smoking
rules in the facility, Nicotina took out a cigarette, and Wonder Woman
produced a flame for her from a gold lighter. Nicotina puffed the smoke
slowly to life, and graced Wonder Woman with a quick exhale to her face. 

So nice to have acclimated her and Hal to a full-fledged smoking fetish,
independent of my other influences on them with smoke, she thought. Or
perhaps it's more complementary than independent.

Flustered, and realizing that he and the entire assembly were being teased,
the Secretary-General was, for a moment, at a loss for words. Then the
President of the United States stood up and said, clearly, "Terms for a
peaceful compromise where you get at least some of what you want without the
rest of us having to kiss your boot heels any more that we have to, and terms
for the return of our heroes to their right minds."

"The heroes, and heroes they remain by the way - in case you haven't noticed
them continuing to fight crime here and there - are mine. They are quite
comfortable in their loyalty to me and their current employment. As well as
extra benefits that some of them enjoy," she added, letting her eyes slide
obviously up and down the body of Wonder Woman and then Viridian. "So what
else is it that you want to discuss, before we get to what I want to

Regaining his composure, the U.N. Secretary-General said: "We assume that you
want some form of control. We believe it is unreasonable to give you even
continental domination, much less world domination, but given the threat you
pose for destabilizing everything, we are prepared to cede to you certain

"I don't want your fucking world," Nicotina said, cutting him off. She paused
to take a slow pull off her cigarette, then motioned Viridian toward her for
a brief, smoky kiss. "I want some of its money, but I want that through
legitimate - and somewhat honest - corporate means. I'm completely
disinterested in world domination, or continental domination, for that
matter. I don't want whatever island, nation or region you were ready to hand
over to me either."

A murmur went through the assembly, and the Secretary-General shouted
everyone down to silence. "Then what is it that you do want?"

"Oh, it's very simple. You see, in case you're all too dull-witted to have
recalled past history, or simply find my father's exploits and situation of
no consequence, the reason that the name `Nicotina' may tickle some vague
memory in the back of your heads is because I am the daughter of Nicholas
Teena, otherwise known as Nick O'Teen."

With that, she pulled the hood from her head, and took another drag, exhaling
her smoke haughtily into the air above her and then shaking her dark curls
free of her face and shoulders.

"Now," she continued, "the reason I have done what I have done is, first and
foremost, out of a bit of slightly benign vengeance. The thrall beside me
whom you once knew as Superman and now as Smokeslave did my father wrong, and
the world stood behind him and discarded my crippled father for the so-called
greater good. I have begun to balance that scale - how is none of your
business. That is between me and Smokeslave, and also soon between me and
Batman, for reasons you need not concern yourself about."

"You have done more than simply attack Superman," pointed out the Prime
Minister of Great Britain. "You have a hold on numerous other heroes as well,
with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern here being two of the most prominent

Laughing through a thick cloud of smoke, Nicotina responded: "My so-called
`attack' on the Man of Steel was relatively non-violent - though I admit I've
done a bit of mild violence to him while in my thrall. I have, in truth,
attacked no one else but simply ...forcibly gotten their attention ...and
awakened them to a greater purpose and the joys of being mine. And my power
ring-wielding hero is now known as Viridian, so please do remember the new
name. I believe you still have at least one other Green Lantern here on
Earth, and I'll let him make up his own mind about allegiances."

Nicotina twirled the tip of her thumb around the filter of her cigarette,
brought it to her moist, sepia-painted lips slowly, and sucked smoke deep
into her lungs, exhaling as she held the eyes of the Secretary-General.

"But enough of all that," she continued. "Here is what I want, and what you
will give me. First of all, amnesty for me from any retaliation or criminal
proceedings. In truth, I think you'll find it difficult to find very many
laws under which to prosecute me, except perhaps destruction of private
property, since I haven't done anything particularly evil, but that won't
stop you, I'm sure, from trying - or from creating specious new laws with
which to try me retroactively."

"We'll take it under advisement," the Secretary-General noted.

"You'll grant it, or I and my heroes here leave, and I'll start to consider
whether the world is run by complete morons. I don't want to rule this globe,
but if you can't see your way to cooperate, perhaps I'll have to reconsider
that. I guarantee, though, that given how much work that would be for me, you
will find me a very unpleasant ruler. Grumpy rulers make for sadistic
totalitarian policies."

"It's not as if I am authorized to speak for the entire world and every
nation on such matters ..."

"Ah, democracy! A concept I love. Let's take it to a vote, then," Nicotina
said, taking a quick drag on her cigarette. "A show of hands, then, from
everyone. Who wishes to prosecute me now, or in the future, for any of the
things I've done, which - given that your premier heroes haven't gone rogue
and are quite happy - have clearly harmed no one but the villains?"

After a few moments, she said, "I see no hands. So, my first demand is agreed
to. Now, on to my second demand. My father will be released from Stryker's
Island; I have ample evidence in the file that Smokeslave is carrying that
Nicholas Teena was not in full control of his actions, and it is clear that
the Man of Steel acted with undue force against him."

"So," she continued, "in addition to freeing him, you will also give my
father a very small but nice tropical island of his very own, and every
nation here will pay him an annual fee as a form of reparations as well a
retirement fund. The amount will be at least $25,000 from each nation and no
more than $500,000 per year, depending on your gross domestic product. Who is
in agreement with this?"

Most hands in the room lifted in agreement.

"Excellent," Nicotina said. "You see how reasonable my demands are thus far,
compared to what you were probably willing to hand over to me - which would
have been so much more, and so out of proportion to my needs."

"It remains to be seen what else you have up your sleeves, Nicotina," said
the U.S. President.

"One final demand," she said, ignoring the comment and letting smoke slowly
curl from her lips. "The ridiculous anti-smoking policies now prevalent in so
much of the world, particularly the United States and much of Western Europe,
will come to an end. I'm not opposed to reasonable rules to give non-smokers
ample smoke-free spaces, but outright bans on smoking will come to an end,
prohibitions on advertising for smoking products will be rescinded, and taxes
will be cut in half on all tobacco-related products, and be frozen at that
level forever."

"Pardon me?" the U.N. Secretary-General said, clearly confused.

"As a woman who adores smoking and finds immense value in it, both personally
and as the core business venture that originally launched Teena International
decades ago, I am tired of this. Smokers' rights are being trampled and the
health risks of smoking have been overblown. Certainly, health risks exist,
but if the world would pay more attention to obesity, alcoholism and drug
addiction, HIV/AIDS, insect-borne and amoeba-borne diseases in developing
nations, and a few others, you'd do everyone far more good. A show of hands,
please, for an end to discrimination against smokers and those who do
business in tobacco products."

As before, most of the hands were raised in agreement.

"One last item to address ..."

"You said that last one was the last one," the Secretary-General noted with

"That was the last demand," Nicotina said. She drew herself up straighter as
she drew smoke from her cigarette, and exhaled leisurely. "Before I leave, we
still have an important business matter to attend to. While many of the
nations here have provided small financial support for the Justice League,
the fact remains that this is a group that saves the world time and again
with almost no real recompense, and certainly no fringe benefits, vacation
policies, retirement plans or profit sharing. I now have in my service the
most potent and notable Justice League members - or, rather, former members -
and several other very powerful and useful heroes as well. Those individuals
are now part of my Defense League. We stand ready to defend against truly
catastrophic threats to the world as a public service - and the knowledge
that you will, of course, reimburse us for any extraordinary expenses - but
if you wish our continued aid in more routine acts against terrorist forces,
money-seeking criminals, costume-wearing lunatics and the like, you will fund
us thoroughly and ensure that ample funds are paid to the team members and to
Teena International, as the team's sponsor."

"You want us to pay for the services of heroes?" the Secretary-General asked.

"A reasonable rate, yes. So that perhaps you will appreciate them more and
take advantage of their nobility less," she said. "And yes, I will profit
handsomely. Free commerce can be a bitch, can't it? Of course, you can
continue to rely on what remains of the Justice League, but once I withdraw
their access to Smokeslave's Kryptonian technologies and various other things
that make them so effective, you might not find them so useful in routine,
day-to-day menaces that merely threaten your commerce and peace of mind. Not
to mention that you will lack access to the best heroes, all of whom belong
to me."

An eerie silence reigned in the room.

"I'll take that as assent that you will all work toward proper funding and
policies for use of my Defense League," she said. "The world deserves no

* * *

Once they had donned more everyday attire and returned to the hotel suite
under Cigarillo's civilian name, Nicotina looked at Smokeslave with a sneer
and ordered him into the bedroom to "stand watch." It was their code-word for
him watching while she had sex - with someone else - and gave him no release,
as usual.

Or, tonight, sex with three people. Things had gone well, and she might as
well make use of that big bed with her three primary lovers: Beth, Diana and
Hal - her heroes Cigarillo, Wonder Woman and Viridian.

"Hasn't he suffered enough yet?" Wonder Woman asked gently. "You won't let
Kal-El have his wife and you won't let him have you - or anyone. Not even his
own hand. And yet you continue to arouse him unnaturally. I understand your
anger, Nicoletta, but how long will you do this?"

"He's your friend, but I won't budge on this," Nicotina answered. "His
punishment ends only if the Batman comes through with what I need, and even
then, Smokeslave will only gradually be edged back into my good graces. Or,
at least, my tolerance."

"It's very hard, Nicoletta. We've worked together a long time, and he rarely
loses control like he did that day with your father. It hurts to know you
have so much tension you've built inside him, and that you won't let up."

"It hurts you, does it, Diana?" Nicotina said, lighting up a cigarette and
then pulling Wonder Woman to her for a long, damp and smoky kiss. "But it
also thrills you a little to know how much desire there is in him and how I
can hold it at bay. It also thrills you to know that your love for me comes
before your friendship with him. So powerful you are," Nicotina said, her
fingers running across one of Wonder Woman's nipples and then under the
breast itself, coming up between her tits to rest on her lips; Diana sucked
slowly at the finger as it arrived. "and yet for all your power, you would
kneel to lick my pussy."

"Well, you do such a nice job on mine," Wonder Woman said. "And yes, it's all

"Well, then, kneel to lick my pussy, Diana," Nicotina said, pulling off her
skirt and blowing smoke on Wonder Woman as she lowered herself to her knees
before Nicotina. "Hal," she said to Viridian. "If you would, please warm up
Annabeth in the bedroom with some delicious oral sex yourself; I'll join you
both shortly with Diana once I've had my first orgasm of the evening."

* * *

"Mr. Wayne, your ...guest ...Ms. Nicoletta Teena, is here," Alfred announced.

"Show her to my study, Alfred," Bruce Wayne responded.

In moments, the tall, taut figure of Nicoletta appeared in his doorway, her
mink coat and dress doing nothing but enhancing every curve. "Mr. Wayne," she

"Dr. Teena," he answered as she sat down at the chair he indicated. "I do
hope that we aren't going to pretend that you don't know what I do with my
evenings most days. I'm sure you've done an admirable job of debriefing all
your new ...what did you call them? Defense Leaguers?"

"I am well aware that you are the Batman, Mr. Wayne, and I'm glad we don't
have to dance around that. Do you mind if I smoke?"

"It's a habit I don't like myself, but I have let more than a few guests
indulge; however, I hope you don't mind if you smoke this instead of your own
brands," he said, tossing her a sealed pack of Virginia Slims.

Nicoletta laughed lightly as she unwrapped the pack, opened it, and extracted
one, lighting it up with satisfaction. "Thank you. You know, I'm surprised
that you didn't insist on a more public place, and I'm surprised that you
didn't consider that I might have alternate means of delivering my special

"My home is a much more controlled place, all the better for me," Batman
said. "And if it should appear at any time that you are exerting chemical
control upon me, I have ...who are monitoring this meeting, and
my vital signs, and can activate several defensive measures that will taser,
tear-gas and terrorize you with impunity. So, how many of my former teammates
are arrayed against me at the moment?"

"I have six Defense League members outside, but they are only here to extract
me if you try to detain me. I am not here to fight, nor to win you to my
side. May I call you Bruce?" she asked, following up with a double-pump on
her cigarette and a leisurely French inhale.

"You may, and pardon me if I find your reassurances unlikely. One of my best
- if sometimes most annoying - friends was your first victim, and you've
openly admitted that you have a vendetta against him," Batman said. "And
you've stolen the wills of several of my other comrades and friends as well."

"Bruce, I admit that I used chemicals on them to ensnare them, and I have
used various very advanced means to ensure that they will protect my
interests and be loyal to me since then, but I have not stolen their wills -
not entirely. As it happens, they retain their opinions and their hatred of
evil. They just take my lead now, and two of them happen to adore fucking me
regularly and making me happy in other ways, too. And they're not quite so
...rigidly ...moral. You should appreciate that. Of all the places you might
be rigid, moral stances have never been among them."

"They behave that way because you drugged them."

"Bruce, please. I softened them up a little," she said, taking a quick puff
and letting her hand drift in an elegant arc, the smoke trailing along with
it. "Don't tell me you've never given a date a glass of wine or two to help
the mood along. I'm dealing with metahumans here, I need a little more than
just that."

"There is no comparison."

"My self-interest is evident. And yes, I want assurances of loyalty. But the
fact remains that they are neither mindless nor tortured, and I am doing
nothing vile with their services," Nicoletta said, then did a snap inhale and
let her eyes drift toward the ceiling as she considered her words. "Kal-El, I
admit, I have tormented a bit, but you can help me with that. Or help him, at
any rate."

"I won't do anything to help your aims, Dr. Teena."

"Please, call me Nicoletta. Bruce, we are both businesspeople. And we can
both be ruthless. In our civilian attire and our costumes. But I am no
villain ..."

"Nicoletta," came a woman's voice from the entrance to the study. "I need to

Nicoletta's face registered surprise. "Diana, you were supposed to ..."

"He has to know, Nicoletta, that I want to be by your side, so that he might
understand that we all do, and that the world can be the better for it,"
Wonder Woman responded.

"Yes, Bruce. See how much a thrall she is, unable to disobey me," Nicoletta
said sarcastically, taking a quick, nervous drag and sighing with irritation
as she exhaled.

"A fine performance, Nicoletta," Batman said. "Diana no doubt believes her
part; I would almost believe the surprise and irritation on your face if the
timing weren't so ..."

"Please, Nicoletta, let me use my lasso on you," Wonder Woman said,
interrupting Batman. "It's the only way he'll consider budging."

"Diana, you know that I don't like to be bound. I tie the knots in our
relationship; I'm the one on top when bondage is ..." she faltered then,
looking into Wonder Woman's eyes, and her tone softened. "Very well then, but
please be quick about it," she said quietly.

Wonder Woman wound her golden lasso around Nicotina while Batman watched,
unsure what was going on now, but knowing that no one bound by that golden
rope - the glowing Lariat of Hestia - could lie while so entangled.

"Nicoletta, do you intend any harm or subjugation to the world at large or
the people in it?"

"No," Nicoletta answered.

"Will you be putting any mind-controlling chemicals into the cigarettes you
sell to the public?"

"No," she said, then snorted a brief laugh. "Why would I need to? Tobacco
advertising is back in the game and I have some of the most popular
superheroes in the world smoking publicly. That's better than any
mind-control drug to push product."

"Maybe the better question is whether she'll make them more addictive,"
Batman interjected with a snarl.

"As much as I can get away with, Bruce, and I'd admit that even without this
lasso around me," Nicoletta retorted. 

Wonder Woman did her best to ignore them both, and said: "Do you intend to
use the Defense League to protect innocent lives when necessary?"

"Yes, and to make the world pay when it just wants them to clean up its own
messes," Nicoletta said, and lifted her cigarette to her lips, then paused.
"Do you wish to ask me if I really care about you, now, too? Since you have
the perfect chance?"

Wonder Woman quickly removed the lasso, took the Virginia Slim from
Nicoletta's fingers, and pulled deeply on the lipstick-stained filter,
blowing her smoke gently in Nicotina's direction. "No, I won't ask that, and
I won't give Bruce the chance to ask it either. I prefer to take professions
of love on faith." 

Turning to Batman, and taking another drag from Nicotina's cigarette, Wonder
Woman said, though her exhale, "I don't expect you to understand, Bruce. Yes,
she took us into her fold under the influence of her smoke. She has made sure
that we won't turn against her and even tweaked our genes so that we are more
inclined to desire and love her. Hal and myself most particularly. But that
was just a starting point. We stay with her because we want to. Some of us
out of love and lust, and most of us because she makes a lot more sense than
a lot of people we've answered to in the past. Nobility is a fine thing,
Bruce, but the world takes our noble hearts for granted."

"Diana, let me get you clear of her influence first, and ..." Batman said.

"Bruce, I had a friend once - a normal human - who asked out a beautiful
woman he worked with by writing a lovely and heartfelt note. She would have
said `no,' because he was a bit awkward and nerdish. When she told her
mother, her mother said, `Go out with him. It's a free meal at the very
least.' In a sense, the woman was coerced by her mother. In a sense, she used
that man to get something free. But on their first date, she saw him for what
he really was, and they fell in love within months. And they are still
married now, years later."

"Your point, Diana? If I can take your point as anything you honestly feel?"

"Bruce, I wouldn't have made that first step toward Nicoletta as a lover - or
even as her ally - on my own," Wonder Woman said. "But now that I have, I see
her for more than what the surface shows. She can be harsh. She can be cold.
She is often self-serving. But she isn't heartless. And she most certainly
isn't evil. And she can be generous and giving. In that complexity, I find
something to love. You are complex, too, Bruce. And no less deserving of

"Diana," Nicotina said, lighting a new cigarette as she resigned herself to
the loss of the one Diana was now furiously smoking down. "Please go now. You
are making this harder. Just go."

Reluctantly, Wonder Woman retreated, smoke in her wake.

"I won't join you, Nicoletta. Compel me at your peril," Batman said.

"I don't want you to join me. Stay with the Justice League. Or not. And I
don't want to compel you. I identify with you too much and like you just the
way you are. And, aside from LexCorp, Wayne Enterprises is the only
entertaining competition I have."

"At least I don't deal in death with cigarettes."

"Just with military contracts, right?" she retorted, and when he had no
response to that, she continued. "As I said before, I think, we both have
flaws, and neither of us are angels, sometimes not even when we do good
things. Bruce, the villain Bane broke your back once," she said, suddenly
changing the subject, "and yet here you are, fighting crime years later. You
must have a very good neuromedical program going."

"Experimental, and not safe for the general public yet."

"My father will take his chances with it. I have little doubt you will
restore his ability to walk and use other parts of his lower anatomy."

"Why would I help him?"

"Because you know as well as I do that Kal-El did him wrong."

"Everyone has bad days, Nicoletta. Superman is no brute."

"When you're that powerful, you don't get to have bad days. For all the
psychological baggage you carry, Bruce, and I know all about your parents and
the things that drove you to dress like a bat - you still rein yourself in.
If you didn't, you'd kill all those psychos you hunt. Superman ...Smokeslave
...he knew better."

"And if I help your father?"

"Smokeslave will one day soon be able to see his wife again," she answered,
smiling and taking a deep, deep inhale, leering at him a little. "Oh, I keep
Lois warm a night or two every week, but I know she'd like him back in bed
with her."

"Quid pro quo, then?"

"Not exactly, Bruce. More than just an even trade. You've made a point of
telling me how wicked my trade in tobacco is. You heal my father, and I'll
throw in a bonus as well in addition to making peace with Smokeslave, more or
less. For free, I will give Wayne Enterprises access to our very promising
and effective treatments for lung cancer and emphysema. They aren't
foolproof, and they need more clinical testing, but I estimate they will cut
death rates by at least 50 percent and sharply reduce morbidity as well. And
I don't even want a cut of that lucrative business. It's all yours, for the
public good. Just make my father whole, and let my Defense League alone to do
their work for the world - most especially the two heroes whom I am fucking.
Because if you try to take away those I care deeply about, I will destroy

"I need to think on this. A long time."

Nicoletta nodded. "Bruce, you're driven by the deaths of your parents. I was
driven by the crippling of my father. We are cut from more similar cloth than
you realize. I don't think you could put down your cowl anymore. But I do
think you could embrace the joys of being Bruce Wayne a bit more if you cut
loose the demons that drive you. So that when you fight crime, you do it
without so much baggage."

With that, she dropped a file folder on his desk.

"What's this?"

"The name, location and history of the man who killed your parents," Nicotina
said. "The one thing you've never been able to solve. And you can bring him
to justice. Of a personal sort, or through the law. There's enough in there
to make sure he goes away from a long time."

"You're trying to bribe me."

"No, if I wanted to bribe you, I wouldn't have just given it to you. I would
have asked for my father's spine to be fixed before you got it," she
answered, then slowly drew more smoke into her lungs. As she let out the
white cloud, she added: "In fact, if I wanted to maneuver you into anything,
I would have simply had one of my people walk in front of you on a sidewalk
one day, smoking one of my drugged cigarettes, while you breathed in that
smoky wake and became my slave."

"The fact that you don't want to enslave me doesn't make you one of the `good
guys' and it doesn't absolve what you've done to my teammates."

"Former teammates, Bruce, and you'll have to decide if you want to leave them
happy as they are, or fight me - and them - just to prove an unnecessary
point. Whether my actions were wicked or not, they harm no one in the long
run. Don't pretend that you care about the world all that much, Bruce. It's
always been Gotham City and its close neighbors that you care about. Even
when Imperiex was trying to rip apart the planet, you stayed in Gotham."
Shaking her hair a bit, and sucking the cigarette hard until the cherry of it
burned the brightest red, Nicotina let her smoke drift from her mouth and
shifted topic suddenly: "You used to date Selina Kyle."

"Yes. Why?"

"You haven't seen her in a long while. You should see her again. She's good
for you."

"And you've dosed her and made her your thrall, I suppose. To get to me."

"So paranoid. No, I haven't. I've never even met her. Catwoman is good for
you, too, by the way. So much like you, but preying on bad men and woman by
stealing what they have, while you put them in Arkham Asylum or prison
instead. Flip sides of the same coin. You two are meant to be together. She'd
probably like fighting crime if you'd drop your tights for her finally."

"If I find time to settle down, I think I'll choose monogamy, unlike you,"
Batman retorted. "I won't juggle two women. Selina and Catwoman both deserve
more than that."

"Hmmmph. Well, how fortunate for you that they're the same woman."

"I God did I not see that?"

"You deserve to be happy, Bruce. As do I. I'm trying to keep you from fucking
it up for yourself. Do me the favor of not fucking it up for me by working
some vendetta against me. I didn't steal your friends. You ensure loyalty and
love from your employees with generous pay and benefits and a friendly
workplace. I do the same with mine, including your former teammates, except
that a couple of them also get to have sex with me, too. And I'm no more a
threat to the world than if the Hostess company was offering heroes for hire.
Their products do more harm to more people than mine do."

She stood and turned then, leaving a trail of smoke behind her, and the
Batman pondered.

* * *

"You know, I have to admit I never thought much about settling down with one
woman," Wally West, known to the world as Flash, told Toxine as her pussy
hovered just barely out of reach of his tongue, drooling thick, sweet fluids
slowly over his chest and neck. She smelled like a candy shop right now, and
he longed to taste her, but she was in a teasing mood, clearly. She extended
some tiny little feathery protrusions from her labia that tickled at his lips
and then withdrew, leaving a tiny sheen for him to lick away from his mouth.

"Not having second thoughts, are you?" Toxine said. She wondered if perhaps
her control over him was slipping a bit, but probably not - and even if it
was she could overwhelm his will if necessary. But love was better than
servitude. Well, a larger degree of love than servitude was best. The
servitude had its place - she found she rather liked calling most of the

"Second thoughts about you? Never," Wally said, lighting up a cigarette.
Toxine instantly snatched it away, laughing, and began to smoke it herself.
He grinned, and lit up a new one for himself. "And the thing is, I know
you're inside my head and I know you could make me do anything you want, but
I don't care. I've never had someone so clearly want me, and I like that. And
with a woman like you, I don't think I could ever get bored with anything
about our life together."

"That's good," she said, breathing smoke down upon his face, "Because there
are certain things we'll be doing a lot of between now and the end of our
lives. One of them is smoking. The other one ..." she said, but never
finished her words, letting her actions speak for her as she pressed her
pussy against his mouth and as she made one of her hands into a second vagina
and slid it over his cock as she filled the air with smoke.

He gasped with pleasure. "No complaints, there," he said, his words muffled
by the taste of girlcum and candy-like flavors now filling his mouth.

* * *

Sitting in bed six months after Nicotina's smoky and triumphant entry onto
the world stage, Lois Lane smoked a long brown cigarette - Teena
International's new Cacao 120s - and she smoked it slowly. Her drags were
leisurely, and her exhales more so, and she marveled at the way the smoke
rose in such thick, lazy coils through the dim light of her bedroom.

A very lonely bedroom, all the more so since Nicotina hadn't been around to
scratch any of Lois' itches for six weeks. She'd rather have had Clark here,
in any case, but she understood Nicoletta's reasons. She hated to be in
agreement that the hero formerly known as Superman - her beloved Clark - had
done harm to Nicotina's father, but the truth was the truth, and everyone had
to face justice.

I'll just have to trust that she's fair and that she'll balance things with
Clark soon, and hope that in the meantime, she doesn't let my poor wet
throbbing kitty languish too long, since she's the only person I can sleep
with and not feel like I'm cheating on my husband.

It had been an interesting six months. The latest incarnation of the
Brotherhood of Evil had decided shortly after the United Nations hullabaloo
that the time was right to kick some ass, and had humiliated the remains of
the Justice League, only to be soundly defeated by Nicoletta's Defense League
days later. Then the Defense League had dealt with some monstrous scheme by
Sinestro and his yellow-ring-wielding followers nearly a month after that.
The Justice League was still active and fighting crime, but the world had
finally realized its future lay primarily with Nicotina's heroes. Batman had
distanced himself from both groups, but was being seen more often in the
company of Catwoman in his evening crusades against crime in Gotham City - as
well as forming some new incarnation of the Outsiders.

Strange new days, Lois thought.

She was lost in her reverie, smoking more distractedly now, until she heard
the door to her apartment open, and sat up. She took a deep and happy drag
and then set her smoldering smoke down in the ashtray, preparing to welcome
Nicoletta into her bed. But the person whose shadow filled the doorway was
larger than her mistress. Masculine.

"Lois," he said quietly.

She was out of the bed and kissing him with her smoky mouth before he could
say anything else.

"Clark! You're back."

"Nicholas Teena has been slowly regaining the use of his legs for well over a
month now, in case you've been wondering why our mistress hasn't visited
you," Smokeslave said, stroking Lois' hair and then burying his nose in her
tresses to smell the perfume of her smoke. "I've missed you more than I can
say, and I'm sorry for all the trouble I gave you about your smoking.
Mistress Nicoletta has been most educational, if often cruel as well."

"Clark, I've missed you so much. I'm glad you're back."

"And I'm sorry about all the trouble I gave you about having kids, too," he
said. "If I've learned nothing else, it's not just that it's time I let the
two women in my life call the shots more often, but that I still have a lot
to learn about being a man."

"Forget about the kids, Clark," Lois said, leading him closer to the bed and
retrieving her cigarette to take a quick drag. "At least for now. I'd have to
consider quitting if I got pregnant, and I'm enjoying the return to smoking
far too much to give it up for nine months or even cut back."

"I'm enjoying it, too, Lois."

Her hand snaked between his thighs and squeezed the bulge she found there. "I
can see that. Nicoletta trained you well, at least - I should know, since I
was part of that sometimes even though you never saw my face when I was."

"Sadly, though, she's also told me I haven't yet worked off my debt to her
father. I'm not allowed to have an orgasm for another two months, and she's
been very thorough in chemically and psychologically ensuring that her wishes
will be heeded."

"Well, she didn't stop you from having erections, though, did she?"

"No. No, she didn't."

"Then," Lois said, taking a drag and blowing a thick, milky stream up into
Superman's face and relishing the way his eyes fluttered shut for a moment as
he breathed deep. "Nicoletta has given me the world's best fucking sex toy.
Come to bed, Clark. I'm going to use you hard for the next two months, and
even harder thereafter. We'll see how invulnerable you are after I'm done
riding you for hours on end, my Man of Steel."

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