Toxic, Part 9

(by Smokedawg, 17 December 2009)

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Toxic, Part 9

By Smokedawg (aka JbouleyJdog)



All DC Comics characters used for entertainment purposes only, and remain the
copyright of DC Comics and its affiliate and/or parent companies.

NOTE 1: This story is inspired by an idea presented to me by Blackbladder,
the author of many memorable smoking fetish tales, including the Buffy the
Vampire Slayer fan fiction story, "Demon Weed."

NOTE 2: If you find the mention of Superman's harsh actions toward Nick
O'Teen in this story and its various chapters to be out of character, I
should mention that in one of the early 1980s anti-smoking campaign
commercials featuring Nick O'Teen, Superman is indeed depicted as ruthlessly
flinging the man into the sky toward some buildings.

NOTE 3: The more this story goes on, the more I am, of course, messing with
DC continuity. Although most of this takes place in a relatively recent part
of DC superhero history (late 2009/early 2010), I've picked some things from
earlier points in the timelines and mixed and matched a bit. We'll just call
it artistic license instead of laziness, shall we?


Sarina and Justine, both in their costumes - Sarina happy to adopt the role
of Serpentine again and Justine wondering why she needed to bother with a
costume as Toxine when she could simply alter her appearance slightly at will
- kept watch from a van, wondering when Black Canary would arrive.

"The intelligence is good?" Sarina asked, adjusting one of her
tendril-launching wristbands.

"Beth said that Zatanna is certain of Black Canary's contacts on the street,
so our little bit of bait filtered through them should be enough - it's not
like we attached an urgent time-frame on it, so she could arrive any time
tonight, I suppose," Toxine said, taking a deep drag on one of her
Steampunks. She had chosen a pack without the added aphrodisiacs tonight, so
as not to muddle Sarina's lungs with anything but second-hand nicotine and

"Well, I trust Beth's instincts, and I certainly can believe that Zatanna and
Black Canary might hang out. The blonde/brunette yin/yang thing, plus the
fact they have similar taste in clothes," Sarina said with a chuckle, then
took a deep breath, enjoying the smoke. She'd been exposed to so much of
Nicoletta's over the past two years that she craved even the relatively
normal kinds of second-hand smoke.

"Yeah, what do you make of that similar taste in clothes?" Toxine asked with
a wicked little grin.

"I think it's a coincidence that they both like the fishnet and black nylon
thing, but not a coincidence that Nicoletta wants both of them. I think that
Nicoletta has a little thing for shapely super-ladies who like to wear black
and show off their legs with nice stockings and dark boots," Sarina said.
"That would explain the outfit she had me wear a few months ago when she was
feeling a little extra libidinous and Beth wasn't around."

"Just a small kink for that sort of thing sometimes," Toxine said.

"A small thing? You mean for the fishnets, boots and tit-hugging black
tops... or the woman-on-woman fun?" Sarina asked with a perplexed and dubious
look, mumbling "nothing small about it."

"The clothing, of course," Toxine said with a mildly irritated tone, blowing
smoke against the windshield and enjoying the way it billowed back and filled
the cab of the van with smoke. "Her big thing is for Green Lantern and Wonder
Woman - Zatanna and Black Canary are just side interests - and I've seen her
designs for the Amazon's new costume. There's nary a fishnet to be found in
them. As for the lesbian thing, that's been most of her life, frankly."

"Well, she's bi, not lesbian," Sarina pointed out, "or she wouldn't have such
a thing for Green Lantern."

"She's like 75% lesbian at least," Toxine responded. "With her, her attitude
about sex with men is a lot like cooking with curry powder: a little goes a
long way."

A quiet alarm went off on the dashboard of the van. 

"Someone's tripped one of the thermal sensors," Sarina said, and keyed up a
camera feed. "Yes! There she is. Working her way into the warehouse through
the roof as expected."

Toxine and Serpentine exited the van quickly, went in through a side door
they had left unlocked, and put themselves into position near where Black
Canary was expecting to find some bad men trafficking in kidnapped women
bound for the sex-slave market.

There was indeed a scene of captive women and cruel men, but it was entirely
holographic, and so when Black Canary dropped down from the shadows of a
gangway up above, and performed a perfect roundhouse kick to the biggest
goon's head, and her leg went straight through him, she gasped slightly in

It was exactly what Serpentine and Toxine had wanted, since a startled person
in the midst of a short, sharp intake of breath isn't going to be in position
to let out a super-powered sonic scream right away. 

Toxine was fast, and more importantly, with her altered molecular structure,
malleable - though not nearly as much as Elongated Man or Plastic Man. She
rushed forward, stretched, and went in for the attack. Although Black Canary
was unprepared, she did have time to manage a quick and awkward sonic scream.

That, too, Nicoletta and Toxine had been prepared for. Much earlier tests
with Toxine's physiochemisty had already shown she had a high tolerance for
soundwave-based attacks thanks to her more pliable flesh. Not to mention the
fact that she had sealed her ears shut before attacking to avoid being
deafened - and sealed her transceiver inside her left ear, so that she could
still hear Serpentine's communications.

Still, the attack hurt a lot, and Toxine reminded herself not to be angry
with Nicoletta about all of this, since the payoff would be getting the Flash
within a matter of a few weeks or less. But while it was agonizing, the sonic
onslaught wasn't debilitating. More importantly, by spreading out her body a
bit, she had shielded Serpentine behind her from the attack and also hidden
her from sight.

Toxine stretched out one arm, and passed it near Black Canary's face. She had
used a similar move on Zatanna, but she didn't want to cover this hero's
face, since a point-blank blast of a sonic scream might do some permanent
damage to her limb. Instead, as she neared Black Canary's face, she let off a
fine mist that combined two compounds: one of them a mild hypnotic, to
prepare her for Serpentine, and the other an airway irritant, to delay
another sonic scream.

And then Toxine suddenly withdrew, with unnatural speed, to move behind

The suddenness of everything already had Black Canary somewhat off guard, and
then she was tracking Toxine to be ready for any more attacks, which brought
her gaze right to Serpentine, who was slowly and sensuously dancing as the
holoweave of her costume played out its hypnotic patterns.

In the few moments that it took Black Canary to register the sudden
appearance of this new woman, and to try to figure out what she was doing,
the mind-bending dance had her attention. That attention drew her deeper into
the patterns and the sinuous movements of Serpentine's body, dulling her wits
even more, with the drug Toxine had sprayed on Black Canary helping the
process along.

Serpentine advanced slowly on the blonde hero, dancing all the way,
tightening her inexorable grip on the other woman's mind. Black Canary only
had eyes for the shapely female form before her and the lightshow that was
softly and firmly filling her mind with thoughts of being calm and slightly
aroused, making her feel pliable and just a little sleepy. Sluggish. Warm.

That slow advance that danced Black Canary's mind into an increasingly
aroused stupor took 10 minutes, and by the time Serpentine had reached her
prey - the swirling and misty light show on her bosom right in the hero's
face - Black Canary actually had a little drool forming at the corner of her
mouth. Her tongue snaked out slowly to catch it, and she sighed as
Serpentine's breasts pressed against her face.

Too far gone now for it to matter if she could see the holographic patterns
or not, Black Canary sank her face gratefully between Sarina's breasts and
sighed. Then she moaned as fingers began to play at her sex. 

Toxine moved up, slipped a breather-mask onto Sarina's face to protect her
from the next step, and then lit up a heavily drugged cigarette. While Black
Canary's lips and tongue worshipped at Serpentine's tits, Toxine blew smoke
at that same bosom, and watched it swirl around their victim's face. Black
Canary breathed deep, and her hands began to roam Serpentine's body.

After a few minutes of that, Serpentine was rather wishing that she didn't
have a mask over her nose and mouth to filter out Toxine's aphrodisiac and
will-sapping smoke.

Sarina moaned herself, almost as loudly as Black Canary was, and thought:
Perhaps when we get this bird back to our nest, Nicoletta will let her keep
playing with me. Maybe Toxine will grace us both with drugged smoke, and let
us lose ourselves in play.

* * *

"Isn't it twisted and wonderful?" Nicoletta asked the woman standing before
her - the woman who was now looking at the wall-sized monitor that allowed
her to see everything in the room on the other side of the wall. "Isn't it

She stepped forward, and snaked one arm around the waist of the woman, and
the other over one of her shoulders, where her fingers could lazily tickle at
the taut belly, or move up to flick at one of the pair of erect nipples.
Nicoletta snuggled close, pressing her warm and enflamed pelvis against the
woman's soft and smooth ass. She smiled when she felt that there were no
panties beneath the thin material of the slacks.

You're taking orders very well, Lois, Nicoletta thought. Even when it comes
to the little things I demand of you.

Lois Lane sighed as her mistress pressed tightly from behind. Her veins
thrummed with desire and sensual ardor, having already been exposed to the
smoke from one of Nicoletta's special cigarettes, finished only a minute or
so earlier. A thick haze of smoke still hung in the small room, making Lois
wish she had a cigarette of her own, making her wish that Nicoletta would
smoke another of those special ones, and making her recall all the times that
had come before, even the smoke in that first day at the salon.

Now that I've shown I'm a good and obedient girl and serve her fully,
mistress is letting me remember everything and recall all of her love for me
- and all the love her other followers have given me. How could there ever
have been a time I would have been angry at her for the changes she's made to
me? How could I have ever been so blind to the joy of serving her?

"It's strange, though," Lois said, answering Nicoletta's question a bit
sluggishly. "So strange to see him in that room, smoke swirling, and his
penis so hard, and seeing him so frustrated. It makes me sad... and..."

Nicoletta could imagine the furious blush that must be on Lois's face now.
How delicious it was to know that out in the world, this woman was still the
tenacious and fearless reporter, and yet in Nicoletta's presence, a shy and
demure lover - a soft and purring kitten. "And what, Lois? What else does it
make you feel?"

"Warm. Hot. Wet. Aroused," Lois said. "It makes me horny. I want him so bad,
and yet it makes me hot to see him unfulfilled. But it won't be like that
forever, will it? You'll give him what he craves? Or let me? Or have someone

"Yes, Lois," Nicoletta said. "You will be the one to give him release,
sometime after he's fully trained and tamed. When the time is right, you'll
have him back. For now, revel in seeing him aroused and pliable. You'll have
his leash soon enough, even as I hold yours."

"Mmmmmm," Lois sighed, pressing her ass firmly into Nicoletta's pussy and
rotating it a bit, hoping to encourage the woman to ravish her.

"The only thing that can prevent you two from being back together is the
failure of my plans," Nicoletta said, putting a warning edge into her voice.

"That won't happen," Lois said resolutely. "I won't let it happen. None of us
will let that happen." Then she moaned just a little as Nicoletta began to
rub one of her nipples, and that moan deepened as Nicoletta set the filter of
a cigarette to Lois's lips.

"Good girl," Nicoletta said, lighting Lois' cigarette and grinning as the
woman almost growled with pleasure at her first deep, rich inhalation of
smoke. She began to press into Lois' delicate folds with her fingers, though
the front of the woman's trousers, and then lit a drugged cigarette of her
own, exhaling across the back of Lois' head and neck, enjoying the way the
smoke rebounded from the wall-sized screen before them and the way Lois
sucked in a deep breath to get it all.

Nicoletta's fingers dipped inside the reporter's pants, and spread the slick
and sticky wetness down over the woman's thighs inside the pant legs, before
coming back up to press deep inside her womanhood.

Trained so well now, Lois stood with perfect posture the whole time - more
than a dozen minutes as Nicoletta frigged her cunt and smoked two cigarettes
and Lois two of her own. She didn't slump or stumble through all that smoke
and arousal and she didn't close her eyes no matter how much the pleasure
urged her to at times, because Nicoletta had told her to watch Superman. She
had told her to watch as those three woman circled her husband and smoked for
him, arousing him yet not touching him, and making him ever more Nicoletta's
slave - even as Nicoletta herself bound Lois Lane more firmly now.

Lois didn't even lose that perfect posture she had been trained to hold when
Nicoletta's fingers brought her to a gasping, panting orgasm in that small
room that was drenched in bittersweet, blissful smoke.

* * *

Nicoletta wondered sometimes what it was in the genes of the Teena family
that made them so decadently sensual. Her father, despite his wholly
unattractive appearance, had wooed her mother initially with his wealth, but
won her heart with his skill in bed and his romantic gestures. Her cousin
Justine had been a bit of a sex fiend - and a regular at some of the kinkier
clubs - even before the accident in the lab, and now she was voracious. Her
niece Alexandra was sexually active, at times with college-aged young men -
and the girl's father, though he kept a squeaky clean image publicly, had no
fewer than three mistresses and had fathered 12 children, nine of them with
his wife.

And then there is me, Nicoletta thought. I could have five orgasms a day, and
I often do, and I could still go for more if time permitted, which is rarely
the case. I not only want Green Lantern, who is already in my clutches - and
Wonder Woman, who is soon to be - in fact, I need them. Even together with
Beth, they'll never be enough, but they'll get me 80% of what I need at

Nicotine and sex, Nicoletta had more than once observed, were her constant
companions and her personal and beloved addictions. Alcohol was a mere
passing fancy from time to time, harder drugs something for the occasional
party. Gambling held no appeal at all. 

No, I have my two special vices, and them above any others, and I need them
as much as I need air and water.

She stroked the forehead of the man in bed with her, laying on his back
between her legs, the back of his head on her lower belly and vulva. She
smiled to think of how wet and sticky Hal Jordan's hair must be right now,
and her vagina thrummed with sweet memories of a few minutes ago.

"Is it easier for you yet?" she asked, as she began to give him an impromptu
scalp massage. "Being with me?"

"It's been way too easy since early on," Hal said, sighing slightly and
giving her his own little massage, as he took her toes in each hand and gave
each one a little rub, offering her a small but satisfying foot massage to
match her own gift to him. "That's what's always been the hard part. How easy
it's been to fall for you. That's why I always wonder how much of it is
really me."

"Does it really matter, if it feels right?" Nicoletta asked. "Isn't love all
about chemical reactions anyway? You don't control your biology, so stop
worrying how much of this I've engineered and how much is natural. So very
little about you superheroes - metahuman or otherwise - is natural anyway."

Hal laughed at that, and said, "Point conceded. Besides, you've been good to
your word, and let me do my work as a Green Lantern without interference.
Though don't think for a moment that I haven't noticed you dropping hints
about me helping with your capture of Wally."

"I hide almost nothing from you, Hal, and yes, I'd like your help when that
time comes. I hope you'll see the wisdom in being there to take the Flash
down as gently as possible. But if you can't bring yourself to do it, we'll
manage without you. I've given you a pass with Diana - Wonder Woman might be
a serious little tussle, and I don't think it would sit well with you being
in a knock-down, drag-out with a friend like that."

Green Lantern heard the click of the lighter above and behind him, and
projected a green ashtray from his power ring, floating it back toward
Nicoletta's right arm.

"I'm smoking as a leftie tonight, lover," she said, and he moved it across
her torso to its new position. "Have to keep my coordination up on both
sides, in smoking and in combat. Oh, I have a gift for you."

A box suddenly landed on Hal's groin, and the Green Lantern let out a small
huff of discomfort, lifted off the lid with his left hand, and  reached both
hands in to lift out what was in there. He'd had the power ring so many years
and using it had become such second nature that the floating green glowing
ashtray connected to his power ring moved only a centimeter or two out of
position as his right hand dipped into the box.

He lifted out the object, which seemed to be something midway between a
wristband and gauntlet, colored a bluish-green, with white and gray accents.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Adornment for your left hand, to balance what's on your right - when you're
in costume, at least," she answered. "It's a scaled-down version of what's
built into my costume. It will allow you to extrude quasi-matter from
hyperspace to form your own hard smoke constructs. As you've discovered,
while it isn't as powerful as your green energy constructs, it has some other
more subtle advantages."

"I'm touched," Hal said, honestly. "I would have thought you were keeping
that capability to yourself, or else Beth's outfit would have been outfitted
with something like this."

"Beth is highly competent, and a skilled strategist, but her concentration,
imagination and will aren't quite right to mold quasi-matter. Much like with
your power ring, it takes a certain kind of mind to do it right. I'll give
you some training with it starting tomorrow. Congratulations. You just
because half-again as powerful as you were before. Maybe more so. Before you
know it, all the Green Lanterns will want one of those."

"Oh, and wouldn't you like that," Hal said with a humorous lilt to his tone.
"Getting inside the Green Lantern Corps and having some sway over the
Guardians on Oa."

"God no," Nicoletta said, blowing smoke down across his face and chest, and
enjoying the sight of his cock once again rising to life, slowly, under the
influence of the smoke. "Let them try to run the universe like they always
have. I'm content simply to mold Earth a little, and then leave it alone
mostly. Running this company is about as much administrative control as I
want on a regular basis."

"I don't understand you sometimes, Nicoletta," Green Lantern admitted. "I
still can't figure out if you're a villain, an anti-hero, a crusader, or
something else entirely."

"I'm Nicoletta Teena, dear man, and that's enough for you... or anyone else,"
she said with a slightly mock seriousness. "Have you ever smoked, Hal?"

"Maybe a couple dozen cheap cigars over the years, give or take," he said.
"Bachelor parties for my Air Force buddies. Poker games once in a while. That
kind of thing."

"Then you know how to suck," she said. "Something other than my tits and my
clit, at least." She placed the filter of her cigarette to his lips. "Suck in
deep, hold it in your mouth and then breathe it all down with a fresh gulp of
air quickly before you lose any of it."

He drew on the end of the cigarette, a tad hesitantly at first, and then took
a deep pull, and as the smoke just began to spill from his mouth, he sucked
it into his lungs. He didn't cough, but he paused a moment, before exhaling,
and said, "Whoa! That was... interesting."

"Not as bad as you feared."

"Actually, kind of nice," he responded.

"I normally fancy something a bit stronger, but it's a light cigarette, since
I hoped for it to be your first, and didn't want it to be too overwhelming.
Again," she said, as she put it to his lips. She repeated the process several
times, enjoying seeing smoke spill from his lips, and then said, "Everyone
close to me has to know how it feels. How it tastes. Everyone close to me has
to try, and everyone who's ever been close to me has made it part of their

"Well, if every smoking tempter and temptress put as much sex appeal behind
it as you did, who could resist?" Hal said. "Honestly, I don't know if I see
myself as regular smoker material. That light cigarette already has my head
spinning a little. Or is that some special additive you've fed me?"

"The only thing in here that isn't related to a perfectly normal cigarette is
something to make you get hard and stay hard," Nicoletta said. "I need
something to overcome the limitations of male physiology. The smoking fetish
I'm cultivating in you helps, but still, a refractory period is hard to
overcome without chemical aid. Other than that ingredient, it's just a very
high-quality premium cigarette."

"You like the people around you to smoke?"

"Yes, very much, Hal. I love it, in fact. It's connection and addiction, and
frankly, I appreciate both."

"I don't much like lung cancer, though," Green Lantern said.

"Oh, my dear, you keep smoking for me, and I promise you I'll make sure none
of those nasty coughing and wheezing and cancerous things befall you. You go
to the head of the line for Teena International's nano-scrubbing service."

"Still, I'm apparently a lightweight," he said with a laugh. "I'm still a bit
lightheaded from that."

"All smoking newbies are, Hal, even the 6-foot-tall well-muscled hunks with
power rings. We'll give you another few tastes with my next cigarette, once
your head clears. In the meantime, turn over and bury your tongue
you-know-where, and clear your head with something musky smelling. And in a
few hours, lover, before we go to sleep, you're going to smoke a good cigar
for once, and watch me diddle myself while you do."

* * *

Nicoletta felt a little thrill of fear as she stood alone in the room with
Superman, clothed in his new white, brown and black costume, the
tan-and-beige duplicate of his S-like family crest on his chest declaring him
hers, the costumed powerhouse now to be known as Smokeslave. 

But at the same time, that symbol reminded her that this was a man with more
power than just about anyone else on the planet, and she was about to issue
him a command without smoke. Just to see if she had broken him, and to know
for certain he was hers. If he wasn't by now, all was lost anyway, and she
would have to admit to failure.


"Yes, Mistress?"

"I have a mission for you."

"I'm at your service. What do you need?"

"I have some intelligence on the general whereabouts of Ra's al Ghul. I want
you to locate him within the next 36 hours, and bring him back to me, alive
and intact and able to be interrogated fully."

"An interesting target, Mistress. To be honest, I thought you might test my
loyalty on a Justice Leaguer or have me break one of my old enemies out of
imprisonment. But Ra's al Ghul is one of Batman's oldest enemies."

"Is there a problem with that?" she asked mildly. She wasn't concerned about
his queries yet; turning him mindless would have made him useless.

"Just wondering if there is something I should know; anything that might
cause difficult entanglements for you."

"Just find him and bring him back, and I'll be pleased."

"I won't be forgiven though," Smokeslave said matter-of-factly.

Nicoletta smiled wickedly. "Of course not. That will take so much more than
this task, Smokeslave. But it will ease my bitterness and ire."

The Man of Steel bent to one knee and bowed his head to her. "Then I'll get
him for you. Is there anything else?"

She patted his head like she might a puppy, and said, "No. And the quicker
you do this, the closer to forgiveness you get, and the closer to seeing your
wife again."

He was gone so quickly she was hardly able to register which direction he had

A few minutes later, Beth entered the room. "Do you mind if I admit that I'm
scared shitless we let him out of here without a minder? Or any additional

"He's either mine now, or he isn't," Nicoletta said. "We have to know."

"So, why Ra's al Ghul? That surprised me as much as it did him."

"I want access to his Lazarus Pits."

"His what?"

"It's the secret to his immortality. When you're old or near death, a Lazarus
Pit can not only heal you but restore your youth. I want exclusive access to
every pit he knows about and controls."

Beth frowned. "That doesn't seem like you, Nicoletta. I always thought you
were the kind of person who looked forward to growing older and wiser. You've
always been strong-willed, even arrogant. But vain? It can't be vanity, can

"No, Beth, not vanity. I look forward to aging, and finding beauty in all
stages of my life. I look forward to growing old with you, and Hal and...
well, Wonder Woman isn't likely to show signs of aging for centuries. But I
also look forward to growing young again, and each of you as well, and then
earn our wrinkles and aches all over again."


"I am about to hold some of the most powerful weapons on the planet, in the
form of numerous superheroes. I cannot allow anyone else to have them and I
cannot trust this company to anyone but me. I plan to live several very long
lifetimes, until I am bored of it. And you, Hal, and Diana - and perhaps a
few select others - can live as many lifetimes with me as they can stomach."

"As long as you want us, we're with you," Beth said, feeling no strangeness
in speaking for others besides herself, assuming that their devotion to
Nicoletta must be at least as strong as hers.

Nicoletta kissed her, and smiled, and said, "That's sweet. Because who knows
how many ass-kickings I may need you to hand out as we not only shape the
world, but keep it in the shape I desire."

* * *

Wonder Woman surveyed the carnage around her, and shook her head. Ambulances
had already begun to arrive and tend to the wounded. She was astounded at how
much anger Parasite had shown. It was almost as if, denied his arch-enemy
Superman, he was even angrier than if he had faced him instead of her. It was
as if he considered it an insult for Superman to be gone and to have fallen
to anyone else, and Parasite seemed determined to wreak vengeance on any
innocent who got in his way in Metropolis, to satisfy his rage against the
absent Man of Steel.

So many dead, and so many wounded, thought Wonder Woman. I can't decide
whether to be satisfied that I saved so many, or be angry at myself that I
didn't arrive soon enough to save more.

She heard sobbing from some rubble nearby, and rushed over. A woman sat there
in the debris, shaking but with no obvious injuries except for some bruises
and scrapes. Wonder Woman didn't recognize her from the nearby bystanders
earlier, but that probably explained why she had gone unnoticed until now.
She must have been on the periphery of the action.

"Do you need help?" Wonder Woman asked. "I can bring you to an ambulance."

"I'm... I... I'm fine. I'm just scared," the woman sobbed. "I can move
everything. I... just... I don't think I can move from this spot right now.
I'm afraid that thing..."

"Parasite is in custody," Wonder Woman assured her, squatting low and putting
a hand on the woman's shoulder. She looked like some junior executive of some
sort. Dressed like a banker, and clearly not the kind for dealing with
violence well. "He can't hurt you, and he's gone."

The woman fumbled a pack of cigarettes out of her purse, and lit it with
shaky hands. Wonder Woman thought it a bad moment, having just narrowly
avoided death, to remind the woman of the health risks of smoking. So she
remained silent as the woman took her first drag. The Amazon wrinkled her
nose at the scent, more because it seemed so alien than because it was
actually awful, and said again, "It's all fine now."

"Are you sure?" the woman asked, blowing smoke in Wonder Woman's face as she
spoke. "Oh! I'm so sorry, Wonder Woman! I... I didn't..."

"Miss, if I can survive being beaten and battered on a weekly basis at least,
I can survive a little smoke in the face," Wonder Woman told her, smiling.
Truth be told, it was some of the nicest cigarette smoke she had ever
smelled, and she glanced down at the brand name: Gloriana. Then she raised
her eyes back up, and saw the woman take another puff, almost shyly, and try
to blow it as much away from Wonder Woman as possible.

Princess Diana of the Amazons, Wonder Woman to most of the world, simply
wanted to laugh at the attempt to spare her that smoke, considering how close
they were, and how impossible not to breathe the woman's exhaled clouds, but
she feared that any laugh might be misinterpreted as ridicule.

"I... I don't want to impose... but could you sit with me a while? If it's
safe now, and you aren't... needed?" the woman implored, secretly pressing a
button on a transmitter to let Beth and Nicoletta know that all was going
according to plan - when they had heard about the attack by Parasite, they
weren't sure she would be able to get here soon enough.

"Of course," Wonder Woman said, and moved over to sit next to her, and spoke
soothing words, and endured two more cigarettes before she helped the woman
to her feet and they stepped away from the rubble.

A little while later, Diana realized - and it was odd to admit it to herself
- that she had found the second-hand smoke rather enjoyable, actually.

* * * 

Alexandra made sure to watch Billy for a while, and when her Aunt Nicky had
asked her when she would be ready to make a move against the youth, Alex told
her, very simply, "You're asking me to make a move on a teen boy who, if he
says `Shazam,' will be in a position to drop a building on me or something. A
little caution is called for, and I think I need to know what his usual moves

Although she could hear a tone of exasperation and impatience in Nicoletta's
voice on the other end of the secure call, as her aunt reminded her of the
need to stay on schedule, Alex knew it was mostly an act. Nicoletta had
almost certainly built more days into the timeline than Alexandra planned to
use, and was probably happy that her niece was taking time to plot.

It's all part of the little dance we do, Alex thought. She wants me to know
how to carry myself in the business one day, so she can't go patting me on
the back about every good move. She has to put pressure on me.

The truth of her suppositions was shown to her when she finally unveiled her
plan to Nicoletta a day or so later, and told her what she needed from her
aunt to make the plan work. She could almost feel the smile on the other end
of the phone as Nicoletta expressed her approval.

I'm learning the game, Aunt Nicky, Alex thought to herself, and I know that
soon you'll feel comfortable praising me, without fearing that you'll make me
cocky or encourage me to take shortcuts... or be soft.

Now was the day of reckoning. The day she would either snare a superhero, or
be totally up shit creek. Of course, as a minor, she wouldn't do any real
time, even if she was caught. But Aunt Nicky would, and having her in
Stryker's Island with Grandad was simply not an option.

Alex wondered what words Zatanna had spoken all the way over in Metropolis to
give her the weather she needed here in Fawcett City: A hard rain, all day
long so far, and muggy air to go with it. Not hot, but warm and wet, with
occasional chilling gusts. Uncomfortable, but necessary. Perhaps Zatanna had
said "Dimuh stnerrot rof Ttecwaf Ytic yadot" perhaps, or maybe "Tel yggum
niar wollof Yllib Nostab lla yad."

Not that it mattered. What mattered was results, and the rain would give
them. Alexandra was dressed in a thin pale skirt that stopped a few inches
above her knees, and wore even thinner black panties underneath that. And
then the white silk blouse on her torso. With that ensemble and the heavy,
warm rain she had everything she needed.

Well, almost everything, once you added that pack of special cigarettes
inside her purse, nice and dry.

In the distance, she saw Billy Batson walking down the street, using his
typical route, heading for his job as a newsboy. Much to her delight, he had
exactly what she figured that such a conscientious, dutiful and slightly
nerdy young guy would have on such a day: An umbrella.

He hadn't noticed her yet. She had been looking for him, after all, not the
other way around, and so there was no reason for him to take notice of her.
She stepped out from her shelter in a doorway near the bus stop, which hadn't
been much shelter at all, so she was already a bit wet. Now that she was in
the drenching rain, her thin ensemble became soaked, and clung to her body.
Her shirt might as well have been transparent, and the skirt, already short,
now hugged her legs and anyone could see the panties through them. Soon,
those panties would recede inside her a bit, as her labia kissed the black
silk and sucked at it just a little in wetness... and maybe a little arousal

All she had to do, as she waited for him to get to where she waited, was put
on the most miserable expression she could, which really wasn't much of a
stretch, since she did indeed feel pretty uncomfortable.

Billy would have had to be blind to miss her, even if he hadn't been a
teen-age boy.

After all, even the nicest teen guys have raging hormones, she thought to
herself, fingering the side of her purse.

"Oh, hey," Billy said as he approached, and then sprinted over after a brief
pause to shelter her under his umbrella. "What a rotten day to leave home
without one of these," he said, rolling his eyes up toward the small black
canopy now keeping the rain off both of them. "When does your bus come?"

"Ten minutes. Maybe 15," Alexandra answered him, smiling gratefully - which
was an act - and shivering a little - which wasn't. She noticed his eyes dip
down toward her breasts, and wondered how pinpoint hard her nipples must
look, as if they might burst right through the thin material of her blouse.
"Thanks a lot. Do you think you could stand here with me until then? My
name's Alex."

"Billy," he responded. "I'm Billy Batson, and I think I can be a few minutes
late if it'll keep you from catching pneumonia."

She smiled, then turned away from him slightly to reach into her purse. By
the time he realized what she was doing, her cigarette was already in her
mouth and lit - and a small plume of smoke was swirling about the front of
his face. He looked ready to complain or object, or perhaps warn her about
the risks of smoking, and then a look of slight confusion crossed his face.

Part of it, Alex realized, was that the smoke didn't smell at all like he
expected it would. It was sweeter than any tobacco. It was also sultry and
earthy, with a complex mélange of perfumes. That was enough to keep him
off-guard, and allow her the time to surround him with more smoke and by the
time it occurred to him that he should be bothered by the unexpected smoking,
the drugs began to kick in. That, of course, had been the other reason for
his initial confusion.

When she took a deep, long drag, and leaned in toward him slowly, his mouth
opened and he accepted her smoke. He took in the dense swirling mix of
aphrodisiacs and hypnotic chemicals. Then she did it again, and he took her
smoke like a precious offering. And then again. The fourth time, the smoky
sharing turned into a kiss. 

The first kiss led to a second, longer, slower kiss, also carrying smoke with
it. The second kiss led to a wetter, deeper kiss, and the smoke was no longer

But she gave him more of it anyway.

It never hurts to be thorough, Alexandra thought. Don't just punch a hole in
the defenses. Tear down the wall instead.

Billy couldn't think straight. He thought he should have something to say. He
wanted to thank Alex, or tell her he loved her - no matter how foolish that
seemed on some level. After all, how could someone like her want him?

But she does want me, he thought. She's kissing me, and this smoke is
wonderful. How could I have ever hated smoking? Why does she want me? Does
she go to my school? Or St. Sabine's? Or Blethen Academy? What could I be to
a girl this hot? I'm just some geeky kid when I'm not Captain Marvel. 

Alex could see the questions and confusion in his face, along with the worry
and second-guessing. So she fed him more smoke, and kissed him, holding the
umbrella up herself now. When the cigarette was spent, she boldly reached
down into his pants, not caring who might see, and stroked him quickly. She
kissed him fiercely, and accepted his awkward return kisses, and jacked him
hard and fast.

He leaned into her, smelling the smoke in her clothes and in her hair, and
breathed deep. He absorbed her into him, as she made him spill his seed into
his pants and over her fingers. His will seemed to flow out with his cum, and
he gave himself to her, and never questioned why.

A few minutes later, Alexandra led him to his new home, keeping him
surrounded with smoke all the way there. 

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