Train Station, Part 1

(by multiple, 22 June 1996)

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Subject: STORY: The Train Station
Date: 21 Jun 1996 09:08:32 GMT

I know this has been done before, but I would like to offer this 
fragment of prose as the start of a chain story.  Anyone who would like 
to should create their own "episodes," taking cues from this beginning 
where possible.  I am a well-published fiction author, but this is, 
admittedly, my first attempt at conveying our fetish with the written 
word.  If I had more time, I would write more, but time is money, so to 
speak and there isn't much revenue to be generated from ASFS postings.  
 I hope this fragment is acceptable, and hope it is enjoyed.  I look 
forward to seeing where it goes...

At the Train Station, by Griffin Moss (a pseudonym)
Eric glanced around the platform.  As usual, the train stop was filled 
with young women making their way through the starts of their daily 
routines.  Even as he waited, there was a beautiful girl, no older than 
23, sitting on the same side of the platform as he.  She wore tall, 
black, platform sandals that forced her calves into beautiful, tanned 
curves that could have come from a professional model in any of a 
hundred fashion magazines.  The young woman's legs narrowed slightly at 
the knees and flowed up into lean, firm thighs before disappearing into 
a light blue, jean skirt that barely satisfied its role as a piece of 
clothing.  The girl's full, red hair fell around her shoulders in wide 
curls and caught the highlights of the early morning sun, creating an 
illusion of blonde strands through the deep red.  Her dark brown eyes 
slanted up slightly in the corners, giving her wistful gaze the kind of 
sensual innocence that suggests a longing to learn more about her 
womanhood and to share that experience openly.  Her thin, white, 
skin-tight shirt clung to her body and seemed to offer up her full, firm 
breasts like a sacrifice.  

Eric watched the girl eagerly as she began digging through the large, 
black, satchel-like purse that lay in her lap.  She withdrew a white and 
gold box of Marlboro Light 100's and her hand dove back into her purse, 
returning with a small, pink lighter.  The girl casually flipped open 
the box and slowly drew out a long, white cigarette, which she held 
delicately between her fingers as she closed the box and pushed it back 
into her purse with her other hand.  She tossed her head to a side, 
forcing her long bangs away from her eyes, and she slipped the Marlboro 
between her lips.  She opened her lips slightly as she moved the lighter 
from her left hand to her right and the cigarette stood slightly erect 
as she clenched it softly between her teeth.   She cupped her left hand 
around the lighter and, producing the small flame, lowered her head 
somewhat, bringing the tip of her long Marlboro down to her hands.  An 
instant later, her cheeks fell inwards as she took the first, long drag, 
savoring the first smoke of the day.  As she put the lighter back in her 
purse, she inhaled deeply, the cigarette still held firmly but gently 
between her teeth.  She promptly took another long drag without exhaling 
the first.  As she pulled the cigarette from her lips, she let a milky 
cloud of smoke slip over her upper lip before pulling it back in 
masterfully through her nose.  She tossed her head again, throwing her 
red bangs back away from her face, and exhaled a slow, thick plume of 
blueish white smoke that streamed from her lips in an even, steady 
stream.  She stopped her exhale very slowly, allowing the thinning smoke 
to slip over her lips to her nose.  She lifted the purse from her lap 
and set it in the chair beside her as the last of her smoke wisped 
gently from her nostrils.

Eric felt himself growing aroused and struggled to look away 
inconspicuously for a moment before he noticed the girl lifting the 
cigarette to her mouth once more and refocused his gaze on her large, 
bright-red lips.  She held the Marlboro between her teeth for an instant 
before taking a brief drag, which she promptly released before taking 
another long, cheek-hollowing pull.  As she inhaled, she savored the 
tingling of the hot smoke behind her breasts and the light burning of it 
in the back of her throat.  Something caught her attention, and she 
turned her head slightly, giving Eric the perfect angle to watch as she 
exhaled the entire drag through her nose.  She immediately took another 
deep pull, inhaling quickly without taking the cigarette from her mouth 
and following the effort with another long, forceful drag.  Her breasts 
seemed to lift slowly with her chest as she pulled the heavy smoke into 
her lungs.  This time she waited for several seconds before exhaling a 
thin, even cloud of smoke that the wind carried straight to Eric.  As he 
inhaled, his heart raced.  The smoke had a slightly sweeter scent after 
being exhaled, and Eric imagined her sitting next to him, pressing her 
pillowy lips lightly to his and letting a slow flow of thick white smoke 
slip from her mouth to his.

The girl suddenly reached down and pulled her purse back to her lap.  
She lifted the last inch and a half of her cigarette to her lips and 
held it there as both hands began searching through the purse.  Her eyes 
clenched slightly as the smoke trailed up the length of her cigarette 
and wisped lightly before her face.  As she dug aggressively through her 
bag, she took a drag and let the smoke flow from her nose and mouth 
while she kept the short cigarette clamped gently between her teeth in 
the left side of her mouth.  She found a small piece of paper in her 
purse, glanced at it briefly, then crumpled it up and dropped it on the 
ground beneath her chair.  She took a full-cheeked drag on what remained 
of her Marlboro, pulled it from her lips with a Bogart-like hold, 
exhaled a brief cloud, then promptly took a last drag, allowing streams 
of white to flow from her nose as she savored the last, hot smoke 
filling her mouth.  She opened her mouth widely, showing the smoke 
behind her inviting lips, then inhaled quickly and the smoke vanished 
suddenly.  She tossed the butt over the edge of the platform and onto 
the tracks, then looked at Eric.  She smiled at him and and exhaled 
directly to him.  He was too overcome to pretend he hadn't been watching 
her intently, and let the smoke flow over his face.  He inhaled deeply, 
closing his eyes momentarily to savor the image of her giving her last 
smoke to him.  When he opened his eyes, she was gone.  Eric looked 
around in agonized disbelief, hoping to see her stepping onto a train 
where he could follow but she was nowhere.  It was as if she had been 
nothing more than a beautiful image in his mind.  Then he noticed the 
paper she had discarded under her chair.  He picked it up and opened it. 
 There was a name, Carol, and a phone number.

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