She Tried it One More Time

(by, 23 July 1995)

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Subject: She Tried It One More Time
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 1995 00:37:43
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The following is just a story I made up...hope you all like it!

Carol was glad that Brianna had come over and introduced herself. After 
all, Carol had been looking for a friend in the neighborhood ever since she 
and Rich had moved in. Brianna was oung, Carol guessed late 20's, and had 
a certain zest for life. It kind of reminded Carol of herself when she was just 
out of college.

The two sat on the couch drinking coffee, when Brianna reached for her 
purse. "Do you mind if I smoke?", she asked as she pulled out a pack of 
Salem 100's.

"No", smiled Carol, "Ah, yes", she thought. "And she smokes...just like I 
used to! Even my old brand." Carol went into the kitchen and got out an 
ashtray from the cupboard. It had been 3 years since Rich had talked her 
into quitting. It's not that she really couldn't quit, she never really tried with 
any commitment. But Rich laid down the law, and Carol had followed it. Of 
course, she had occasionally sneaked a cigarette when she was out with 
the girls. But they were usually pretty good about keeping it quiet.

Brianna lit her cigarette with a long inhale, holding the smoke deep in her 
lungs. Then before taking the cigarette out of her mouth to exhale, she 
inhaled deeply again. She thanked Carol for the ashtray as a long, steady 
stream of smoke came out of her mouth.

"Do you smoke?", Brianna asked Carol.

Carol shook her head. "I used to in college. Used to smoke like a fiend. But 
Rich doesn't like it. I quit about three years ago."

"Are you glad you did?", Brianna asked, taking another long puff on her 

"There are some days I'm not too sure.", answered Carol. "so, tell me, are 
you married?"

"No, never really gave it much thought." , was the reply.

The two women sat there for the next hour talking about Carol's family, her 
old job, her boyfriends, and the like. Before long, Brianna looked at her 
watch and announced that she had to get going.

"Anytime you want to get together and talk, or anything, just call.", Carol 
said as Brianna headed out the door and across the street.

"It's a deal neighbor!", yelled Brianna waving a freshly lit Salem.

Carol went back into the living room and picked up Brianna's ashtray.  She 
counted six cigarette butts smoked all the way down. That familiar aroma 
danced around the house as Carol dumped the  spent cigarettes into the 

"Better get out some air freshner before Rich gets home she thought." 
Carol took one last, long inhale of the rich cigarette aroma in the air before 
spraying the air freshner around the living room.

It wasn't an hour later, Carol was fixing dinner when the telephone rang. It 
was Brianna.

"Hi Carol.", she said. "Can you do me a really big favor?"

"What's going on?", replied Carol.

"Oh, I've just got a little car trouble, and I need some help. Can you come 
over for a minute or two?"

"I guess so, though I really don't know much about cars." said Carol.

"That's ok. I think I know what to do. I just need someone to try and start it 
while I fiddle under the hood."

Carol walked across the street to the side of Brianna's house. The garage 
faced away from the street, a 90 degree left turn from the driveway, and 
looked directly into some old woods.

As Carol came up the driveway, she heard a car trying to start. She walked 
into the garage, and Brianna was in the car, pumping the accelerator, a lit 
Salem 100 in her mouth.

"Got some troubles?", asked Carol.

"Oh, every once in a while, this old car just doesn't want to start", said 
Brianna. "I have to fiddle with some wires under the hood, but I need 
someone to try and start it while I see what's going on."

Brianna slid out of the driver's side, exhaling a long stream of smoke from 
her Salem.

"Hey Carol, be a dear and hold my cigarette for me. I don't want to start a 
fire when I'm under the hood. Now, just get in the car, and keep pumping 
the gas. When I tell you, turn the key."

Carol obeyed, taking Brianna's cigarette in her left hand as she slid into the 
car. The car had a distinct aroma of cigarettes and the ashtray was almost 
overflowing. Carol started pumping on the accelerator as Brianna moved to 
the front of the car where the hood was already raised. Brianna gave the 
signal, and Carol turned the key, continuing to pump the gas. The car made 
a sound like it wanted to start, but not quite. After about five seconds, 
Brianna gave a short yell to tell Carol to stop for a second.

The cigarette was burning about a quarter of the way down. Carol tapped 
the excess ashes in the ashtray as she waited for Brianna's next 

"Carol, reach under the dashboard and feel the wires under there. I need 
you to hold them against the steering column for me this time while you 
turn the key."

Carol dutifully obeyed, but now she had to hold the cigarette in her mouth, 
with one hand holding the wires, and the other turning the key. She kept 
pumping the gas and Brianna shouted for her to try it again.

As she turned the key, the cigarette in her mouth brought back vivid 
memories of college. She kept the rhythmic pumping on the accelerator, 
and ever so gently drew on the cigarette. The car whined, but wouldn't 
start. The taste of the cigarette was incredible!! It was like she had never 
quit. She took a deeper puff, holding the smoke in her lungs a little longer, 
feeling that surge of nicotine through her body. She began to feel just a 
little dizzy...and just a little aroused.

Brianna gave the signal to try it again. Again, Carol started inhaling on the 
now half-smoked Salem as she turned the key. The engine was starting to 
grind just a little slower now. Carol kept pumping the gas, and she realized 
what was happening. She actually was enjoying this. Not just the smoking. 
It was the combination of the cigarette, the pumping on the gas, and the 
sound of the car trying to start was really turning her on! She didn't even 
hear Brianna tell her to stop trying the engine.

"HEY!", yelled Brianna from under the hood.

Carol came to her senses. She released the key, and took one last, long 
drag on the Salem before putting it in the overfilled ashtray.

"Sorry.", she said. "I think my mind must have drifted."

"Yeah, right,", Carol thought. "I'm wetter than hell right now!"

"Hey Brianna, can I bum another cigarette off of you?", Carol asked.

"Sure, hon. Just look in the glove box."

Carol opened the glove compartment and found an almost fresh pack of 
Salem 100's, and a lighter. She pulled out the clean, long, white cigarette, 
and held it to her nose. Mmmmm. She certainly remembered that smell! She 
put the filter in her mouth, flicked the lighter and held the end of the 
cigarette to the flame, as she inhaled. The rush of nicotine was just what 
she had remembered! What a feeling. What a taste! A little light headed, but 
still feeling good, Carol drew on the newly lit cigarette, holding the smoke in 
her lungs. She slowly exhaled through her nose. Now THAT was great!

Brianna had closed the hood of the car and opened the passenger's side 
door. She slid into the seat next to Carol and smiled. "So  this is the girl 
who's hubby won't let her smoke, huh?"

Carol smiled. "I can't tell Rich I've been smoking. He'll kill me!"

Brianna threw back a laugh and said, "I knew this afternoon when I was at 
your place you were dying for a cigarette! I could just tell."

Brianna then reached for the cigarette pack sitting on the dashboard. Then 
she reached for Carol's cigarette and held the cherry rend end to her own, 
inhaling deeply three...four times, each time a stream of smoke poured out 
of her nostrils.

"That's better.", said Brianna as she exhaled and sat back in the seat. "OK 
Carol, I need you to try it again."

Carol placed the cigarette between her lips, reached under the dash with 
her left hand, and began to pump the gas again. Then, she turned the key. 
The car started to growl...very slowly. It was evident it wasn't going to 

"Keep pumping it...keep it up", said Brianna, taking a deep drag on the 

Carol kept the key turned. The car refused to start. Again, the cigarette, the 
rhythmic pumping, and the sound of the car not starting. Carol was feeling 
aroused again. She took a deep puff of the cigarette. As she exhaled, she 
released the key.

"Keep trying it.", said Brianna. "I want to show you something I think you'll 

Carol again turned the key. This time the car moaned slowly. Carol knew 
that the battery was dying. She took another puff on the cigarette... long 
and slow... and then she noticed Brianna had placed her hand on Carol's 
leg. First her knee, and now she was slowly, lovingly massagin her inner 

Carol released the key almost out of shock. "Try it one more time, hon," 
Brianna said softly. "I think it's going to start this time."

As Carol turned the key, Brianna reached over and kissed her on her neck. 
The car's engine was very faint, and no more than a whisper as the battery 
gave it's last dying stab trying to start the helpless car. Carol took a large 
drag one the Salem. She really felt pleasure she had never felt before. She 
had never been kissed in this way by another woman, but it REALLY felt 

"OOOOOOHHHHHH", moaned Carol, as she slid back in the seat.

Brianna moved her kisses to Carol's mouth, gently pecking at first, and then 
giving her a full blown French kiss. Carol felt like she was completely in 
Brianna's power.

Brianna took a long puff on her cigarette and reached over. She kissed 
Carol full on the mouth, blowing the smoke deep into her lungs. Carol's 
body shook with excitement.

"Try it again.", gasped Brianna, her hand caressing Carol's firm nipples.

Carol turned the key, and heard the car clicking. The battery was dead, but 
she knew she didn't care. She wanted Brianna. Now. Here. She didn't want 
to wait. She reached over, and kissed Brianna full on the mouth.

Brianna slowly slid her right hand down Carol's jeans, unsnapping them, 
and unzipping the zipper. Her hand moved slowly down Carol's tuft 
reaching her wet pussy. There she slowly put two fingers inside Carol... 
French kissing her as she did.

Carol could only groan with excitement. Brianna managed to take off 
Carol's jeans with little difficulty. She got Carol to put her legs on the 
dashboard of the dead car, and then Brianna proceeded to kiss Carol all 
over her lower extremities. Her tongue darting in and out. It was right then 
that Carol, moaning and trembling with pure delight realized what could 
make this moment event more of a sexual high. She reached for the pack of 
Salems on the dash, and hurredly lit one. As Brianna licked her wet pussy, 
Carol inhaled deeply. The nicotine reacting strongly with the sexual 
advances made Carol cum all over Brianna. and Brianna was just enjoying 
it. It was sexual ecstacy at it's finest!

About two weeks went by before Carol and Brianna saw each other again. 
Each had been busy with other things in their lives. But two things 
happened. Carol started smoking behind Rich's back. It was only a couple a 
day for the first few days. But soon, the old habit came back with the same 
vengence it had in college.  After two weeks, carol was making up excuses 
to go to the store, a night at a friend's house,  she had to get gas in her car, 
anything to get her out of the house. Carol would drive ten or fifteen miles 
and chain smoke as many cigarettes as she would dare, calculating how 
much time going to  the store would take. She was always careful to make 
sure she used a breath mint before going back in the house...hiding her 
Salem 100's in her purse's side pouch, where Rich would never look. The 
other interesting thing that happened was that Carol was hoping Brianna 
would call with a request for some help with her car.

After about two weeks, Brianna didn't disappoint her. The phone rang 
while Carol was folding some clothes.

"Hi, hon.", said Brianna. "How are you doin'?".

"Fine,", said Carol with a smile. "But I missed you!".

"I missed you too. Hey, are you smoking yet?"

Carol laughed. "Yup...about 2 packs a day now. Rich still doesn't know."

Brianna giggled and said, "Good for you. By the way...I'm having a little car 

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