The Turn of Events

(by SuburbanLife16, 02 December 2003)

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by SuburbanLife16

"You seem to spend every afternoon after school at Lana's house now, dear,"
remarked Tara's mother, when Tara arrived home just before dinnertime.

"Yes, we get on very well, Mum.  And we help each other with our homework."

"Why don't you bring her home here some afternoons?  You could do the same
thing here."

"I know, but I'd rather go to Lana's, thanks, Mum."

"But it's no further from school to our place than it is to hers.  Our home
is clean and tidy.  You're not ashamed to bring her home here, are you?"

"Of course not, Mum."

"Well, why not?"

"Mum, do you really want to know?"

"Yes, please, I would like to know."

"Well, it's because Lana's mother buys us cigarettes and lets us smoke after
we come from school.  And I didn't think you'd let us do that here."

"But you're both only 14 - you're too young to smoke."

"Lana's mother doesn't seem to think so."

"I am going to ring Lana's mother up and talk to her about it."

"I'd rather you didn't.  But in any case, I'm not going to stop smoking now.
I like it too much."

"How long have you two been smoking?"

"About six months now."

"And how much do you smoke each afternoon?"

"We're up to about four or five cigarettes.  We started off at one each, but
we've gradually been increasing the number.  I really love smoking and it
goes well with a cup of coffee and concentrating on your homework."

"Do you inhale the smoke?"

"Of course.  That was about the first thing Lana's mother showed us how to
do.  It's the only way to smoke."

"And what brand do you smoke?  I hope it's not one of those Turkish
cigarettes, or anything very strong and smelly."

"Lana's Mum has been buying us different brands.  We've tried quite a few
different ones now.  My favourite brand is Benson & Hedges Mild.  But Lana
prefers Marlboro menthols."

"Now I'm definitely going to ring her up tomorrow."

"Please don't say anything we'd all regret, Mum."

"No, I'll keep it all very civilised."


"Well, Tara, all I can say is that Lana's Mum is a very persuasive person."

"How come, Mum?"

"When I rang her, she told me all the good things about smoking.  How it
relaxes a person after a stressful day.  How it helps you meet new friends.
And how young girls grow up more quickly and look more mature when they can
smoke with their peers and their parents."

"I knew all that already, Mum."

"She told me she'd been smoking since she was 14, and so it only seemed
natural to her to let her daughter smoke at the same age.  And she wanted
you, as Lana's best friend, to join her."

"I'm glad you can understand why we started."

"Lana's mother even suggested that I should try it myself."


"Well, I'm still thinking about it.  But, in the meantime, I went out and
bought you your own carton of Benson & Hedges Mild.  I thought that was the
least I could do."

"Gee, thanks, Mum.  I never thought you'd do it.  I guess this means that I
can smoke at home now?"

"It certainly does.  And now that I've bought you this carton, I'd rather
like to see for myself how nicely you smoke."

"Sure, I'll have one now to show you . . ."

"Yes, it does make you look quite grown up and mature."

"Thanks, Mum.  I've always wanted to make you feel proud of me."

"And you've done just that."


"You seem to spend every Saturday night at Tara's house now, dear," remarked
Lana's mother, when Lana arrived home late on Sunday afternoon.

"Yes, Mum, we enjoy ourselves very nicely there.  And they have a lot of good
videos at their house."

"Why don't you bring her home here some Saturday nights?  We've got videos
and you could do the same thing here."

"I know, but I'd rather go to Tara's, thanks, Mum."

"Remember you used to spend every afternoon here after school until I
persuaded Tara's Mum to let her start smoking.  Now you go there a lot.  By
the way, did Tara's mother start smoking too?"

"Yes, she did.  She started a few days after she let Tara smoke at home.
Tara said she's up to a packet a day.  Not bad for someone who never smoked
before!  That reminds me, I need a smoke myself right now."

"Me, too!  Can you give me a light?  . . . . Thanks.  But back to Tara's Mum,
I didn't realise my powers of persuasion were so great.  So now I wish I
could persuade you to spend more time at home.  You only come to our place a
couple of afternoons a week and you're almost never here at the weekend.  Is
there a problem?"

"No, Mum, everything's cool."

"Then, why don't you bring Tara here on a Saturday night?"

"I'd just rather go to her place, thanks."

"That's not much of an answer.  Tell me the real reason."

"Well, if you insist.  I hope you are ready for this - you may not like it."

"Try me."

"Well, Tara and I have become lovers.  We've fallen in love with each other
and spend each Saturday night together in her bed."

"Oh, my god!  You've become a lesbian and I never realised."

"Not necessarily, Mum.  I think I'm probably bi.  I don't know how much I'm
attracted to boys yet.  But, just at the moment, I'm enjoying my relationship
with Tara."

"Does Tara's mother know about all this?"

"Of course, she's the one who encouraged us.  She thinks it's very important
to make good relationships when you're young - both family and friends of
both sexes - because it stands you in good stead for the future."

"I can't argue with that bit.  But aren't you a bit young to start having
sexual relations with anyone?"

"Tara's mother doesn't seem to think so.  In any case, there's no law about
going to bed with your best girlfriend, especially when you're both willing

"I still don't understand why you'd want to go to bed with another girl."

"We're not in dark ages any more, Mum.  You have to accept that in this day
and age different people love other people in different ways.  I suppose you
loved Dad when you first got married and had me."

"Yes, we did.  But that was a long time ago now.  I'm not sure that I want to
fall in love with anyone now.  Anyway, how did you start going to bed with

"Are you sure you want to hear all the details, Mum?"

"I'll probably regret it later, but I'll light up another smoke and listen.
So, yes, go on."

"If you're having another one, then so will I . . . Well, it all started that
hot night back in summer when you went away for the weekend and I stayed with
Tara.  Her Mum had made us a lovely dinner, and then we all settled down with
our smokes to watch some great old movies on the video.  To keep cool, Tara
and I each had on our smallest crop tops and shortest mini-skirts.  It was a
really lazy but enjoyable evening.

"When it came time to go to our beds, Tara's Mum made up their spare bed for
me and Tara and I changed into our nighties.  When I'd changed, I went into
Tara's bedroom - just to have a last cigarette for the night - when Tara
commented how hot and still the night was.  She also told me that smoking
with me had made her feel rather horny and that her panties had become very

"So she decided to take her nightie off to see if it would be cooler with
nothing on.  I'd never seen her completely undressed before and, when she
took her nightie off, I couldn't help staring at her tits.  They were just

"Tara saw me staring and asked me whether I liked her tits.  When I said that
I adored them, she asked me whether I'd like to touch them.  I reached out
and gently caressed them and it gave me the most wonderful sensation.  I
couldn't help myself and I just kissed them."

"Oh, my god!"

"Are you sure I'm not embarrassing you, Mum?"

"Yes, you are, but I want to hear the full story, now that you've started."

"So, without either of us saying a word, I took off my nightie too and Tara
reached out and admired my tits in the same way as I had with hers.  And she
kissed mine too.  Then we kissed each other on the lips.  Our tongues met and
we indulged ourselves in a long, smoky kiss.  By that time, we were both
feeling extremely sexy and rather moist between the legs.  So we took off our
panties, turned out the light and explored each other's bodies for I don't
know how long.  We were pretty hot and we perspired a lot, but by this stage,
it didn't matter - there were a lot of other juices flowing as well, if you
get my meaning."

"Yes, I think I get the message, dear."

"When we were fully exhausted, we sat up, turned the light on again and had a
cigarette to refresh ourselves.  That was the most satisfying smoke I've ever
had.  Then, even though the light was still on, we just fell asleep in each
other's arms."

"But you said that Tara's Mum encouraged you?"

"Yes, she did.  She apparently woke up in the middle of the night and saw
that the light was still on in Tara's bedroom.  So she got up to put it out
and saw us lying asleep on the bed together.  When we woke up in the morning,
she told us how lovely Tara and I looked in bed.

"She completely surprised us by telling us that, since Tara's Dad had left
them many years ago, she had often dreamed of going to bed with another
woman, but, because she was raising Tara on her own, she'd had no serious
relationships with either men or women.  She said she'd often thought of
having a relationship with another woman because it would be a lot less
complicated than with a man.

"I began to feel sorry for her and then I thought of you, Mum, and how you're
in exactly the same position.  Not having anyone else to share the joys and
troubles of life with every day.  I shed a few tears for both of you."

"It was nice that you thought of me, dear.  You're right; I'm in exactly the
same position as her."

"Anyway, Tara's Mum had been brewing a pot of coffee for breakfast.  It was
ready by this time, so she poured us all big mugs of coffee and the three of
us hugged each other, then lit our cigarettes, took big inhales and drank our
coffee to recover from all the emotion.

"Since then, Tara's Mum has bought us a dildo, because she wanted to see that
we got as much pleasure as possible from our love-making.  That just made our
relationship absolutely perfect."

"I think I'll have to go round and visit Tara's Mum.  We can commiserate with
each other over our past lives.  And now that Tara and you are so close to
each other, I almost feel I'm related to her Mum."

"I think she'd love to chat with you, Mum.  Now, let's have another


"I really enjoyed having morning tea with Tara's Mum, that is Tamsin, this
morning.  We had so much in common," Lana's Mum, Lindel, told Lana when she
arrived home that evening.  "We lost count of the number of cups of coffee we
had and I smoked more cigarettes than I've had in a long time."

"That's great, Mum.  I hope you're ready for another smoke now, because I'm
dying for one - do you want one of mine?  And did you talk about Tara and me
sleeping with each other?"

"Yes, I will have another smoke, thanks.  And, yes, we did mention you two.
We're really overjoyed that you're getting on so well together.  We both
support your relationship 150% - so go for it!  Afterwards we went on to a
whole host of other things which we both know and care about.  Talking with
Tamsin made me realise that life isn't too bad after all, especially when you
can share some of the load with someone else.

"And I was able to show her a few tricks about cigarette smoking, which you
and Tara had not told her about.

"But one thing we did mention will interest you very much.  We realised that
both your 15th birthdays are coming up very soon and we thought it would be a
good idea if we all went out to celebrate."

"Sounds good, Mum.  Where are we going?"

"We thought it we'd go to the Palace Hotel in town next Saturday night.  They
say it has a wonderful dining room, with excellent food and a great outlook
over the harbour.  Then, to save us oldies from having to drive home
afterwards, we decided that we could all spend the night at the hotel, have a
leisurely breakfast and come home late the next morning."


"The girls' birthday party was absolutely wonderful and overall it was a
terrific weekend, Lindel.  I think it was probably the best weekend of my
life, when I think back," Tamsin reflected dreamily to her newfound friend.

"Yes, it certainly was, Tamsin.  And our two girls certainly looked stunning
in their party gear.  I just adored Tara's long red dress, with its low cut
front - her boobs have developed very nicely - and the spaghetti ties to show
off her shoulders.  And she managed very well in those high heels - those and
her elegant cigarettes made her look much older than 15."

"I know she enjoyed going out and choosing her clothes and felt really good
when she put them all on.  And Lana looked the part with her high-heeled,
long black boots, short skirt and camisole top.  She's also got a fantastic
set of tits too - I envy her."

"Dressing up certainly helps you enjoy important occasion such as birthdays
to the maximum.  The girls recognised that and they celebrated it in high
style.  What with the clothes, their nails nicely painted and smoking so
elegantly, it was real joy to be with those teenagers.  And it helped that
the food in the restaurant was all so melt-in-the-mouth.  I understand that
the chef there has won international awards for his cuisine.  You don't think
that we had too much to drink?"

"The girls probably thought so, but they seemed to have plenty else to occupy
their minds, so I wouldn't get too worried.  Remember, that's why we stayed
the night at the hotel - so we wouldn't get caught drink-driving on the way
home.  And I think that we deserved to have little too much alcohol for once
in our lives.  We've brought up two wonderful daughters very successfully.
They're both doing very well at school and they have some excellent friends."

"They certainly each have the very best `best friend'.  I was so glad when
you allowed Tara to smoke at home.  It meant that both Tara and Lana had the
same opportunities to display their mature and sophisticated looks when they
have cigarettes in their hands.  I wondered at first whether you might not
have approved of Tara smoking."

"Well, Lindel, I was a bit taken aback at first, but when firstly you
explained the benefits of smoking and secondly when I saw her with a
cigarette actually in her hand, all my doubts vanished.  She inhales so
casually, but at the same time with such depth.  And just watching her exhale
just about gives me shivers up my spine, it's so beautiful and sexy.  Her
smoking has brought her and me closer together and it obviously developed her
relationship with Lana to where it is today."

"It's almost the perfect relationship, Tamsin.  I wonder how much they smoked
when they got to their room.  I know Lana had two full packets when she left
to go out, but I don't think she had too many left when we eventually got
back home."

"Yes, Tara was just able to squeeze two packets and a lighter into her new
handbag.  So she had more than enough to see her through the night.  But I
think we can leave it up to them as to how much they smoke - they're both
sensible girls, and I'm not worried.  What's more, smoking was only one of
the things on their minds when they left us."

"You're so right.  I suspect they had a very passionate night.  We can only
judge by the fact that they both looked extremely happy the next morning.
When they walked into our room, hand-in-hand, with faces glowing like the
sunshine, I was so pleased for them both.  From what Lana told me later, the
night was everything they expected it to be, plus a lot more.  I suppose even
at their age, they know more about sex than we ever will."

"I'm sure that's the case.  It was just as well that we didn't order
breakfast too early, otherwise none of us would have been awake to eat it."


"Lana, sweetheart, do you want a cigarette?  I'm just busting for one after
an afternoon back at boring old school.  It just doesn't compare with a big
birthday dinner and a night together in a big bed at a posh hotel."

"Oh, Tara, darling, yes, I can't wait any longer for a smoke myself.  Our
night out was the highlight of my 15-year-old life so far.  We really do owe
a lot to our mothers for organising such a slap-up dinner and letting us
sleep together in the luxury of the hotel.  I could do that every night!"

"Yes, I was in my seventh heaven - both at dinner and afterwards.  I think
that meal was the best I've ever had - not that I'm complaining about either
your Mum's cooking or my own Mum's.  But eating out at a big hotel is
something special."

"Spot on.  And the ambience was just perfect, being able to look out on the
harbour and see all the lights and stars."

"Our mothers were very proud of us in our new outfits.  But I thought they
both scrubbed up pretty well themselves.  Did your Mum buy that new dress for
the occasion?"

"Yes, she was looking forward to the night so much that she even bought all
new underwear, stockings and shoes as well.  Mind you, do you think it was
all for us?  Or was there an ulterior motive?"

"I'm sure there was an ulterior motive, but who's worrying?  The slack suit
that your Mum had on showed the right balance between elegance and romance,
don't you think?  It makes a difference from seeing them in their track suits
or gardening shorts."

"You're right about the gardening clothes.  After an afternoon in the garden,
Mum's often a bit hot and bothered, so she usually has a glass of beer to
cool herself down.  But I noticed it was all magnums of champagne on Saturday
night.  The two of them must have drunk quite a few glasses of it - they were
quite tiddly by the end of the meal."

"Yes, but mind you, I think they're entitled to get a little sloshed every
now and again.  They've both had pretty hard times raising us on their own.
But, not to put too fine a point on it, I reckon they've seen us turn out
pretty well.  We're both getting good marks at school and we've got a good
collection of friends."

"Maybe they also needed a bit of Dutch courage for what they planned to do
later in bed.  Talking about friends - or is that lovers? - let me give you
another kiss for your birthday.  I mean a real kiss, not the sort that you
give someone in public.  I want to get the full smoky effect . . . Ah, yes,
that's what I need.   Which reminds me, did you Mum give you another carton
of smokes as a birthday present?"

"Yes, I'm going to open it as soon as I've finished this pack - and there's
only a couple left, so I should be able to polish them off pretty quickly.
Talking about smokes, I wonder how many our Mums got through after we left
them.  I think they've both increased their consumption since they've met
each other."

"Well, you know what it's like when two people encouraging each other.  You
tend to smoke a bit more - particularly if one of them enjoys watching the
other one smoke so sexily.  I think our Mums have been egging each other on -
probably especially after they spent the night together.  And I know I smoke
more when I'm with you.  All the same, I'm starting to get addicted, so I'll
probably be smoking more wherever I am.  So let's have another one now."

"Why not?  It's funny thinking about the turn of events, isn't it?  It's less
than a year since we started smoking.  Then your Mum goes to complain about
it to mine, but ends up smoking herself.  Our smoking helped lead us to being
lovers.  And finally, our mothers also become lovers."

"Yes, but didn't they look really happy and contented, when we went into
their room at the hotel on Sunday morning?  Lying together in the bed, their
arms around each other, taking it turns to inhale on the one cigarette.  I
sure hope they end up as good lovers as we are, my darling.  Do you think
we'll all end up living in the same home?"

"That would be ideal.  Let's encourage their relationship and club together
and buy them a dildo too.  I think they'd enjoy one as much as we enjoy

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