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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Twins smoking
       I am Sherri, a 35 year old housewife and the mother of twin girls,
Jane and Joan, age 15. We live in Georgia, near the ocean.  I have been
married to Bob for over 16 years now.  Prior to that we dated each other
throughout high school.
   I started smoking about a year ago at Bob's urging. He told me he thought
it was sexy for a woman to smoke and that he also wanted me to take another
man into our bed. I used the smoking to get him to stop talking about a
second man in our bed.
   It took Bob about two months to get me hooked on cigarettes but I am now
hooked and love to smoke at anytime, especially during sex. And, by the
way, three months after he started me smoking, we started into the swinging
life. I love that too, but this story is about the girls.
   While Bob, who doesn't smoke, was teaching me to smoke, I didn't tell the
girls about it, so I didn't smoke around them. That came after I got
hooked. I called the girls in and told them I was now smoking and would be
smoking in front of them at home and other places. I told them I knew it
was bad for me and that I shouldn't be doing it, but that I wanted to and
was going to smoke.
   Jane said it was OK with her, that she had not tried it, but that some of
her friends at school smoked and that it was cool with her. Joan's reaction
was much different. She was definitely anti-smoking and jumped all over me
about it. I told her I was going to smoke and that she'd just have to get
used to it. I didn't say one way or the other about the possibilities that
they might smoke in the future.
   At 15, both girls had boyfriends and dated quite a bit. I didn't know it
at the time but Steve, Jane's boyfriend, smoked, while Kevin, Joan's
boyfriend, did not smoke.
   The night after I told the twins that I was a smoker now, Jane and Steve
had a date.
   And like most high school kids, they had a favorite parking spot They did
a lot of touching and massaging, nut at that point they had not had sex.
   That night they went to their parking spot and Steve, as usual, lit up a
cigarette. When he did this, Jane remarked that her mom had started smoking.
   "She has," Steve replied. "That's something."
   "Yea, it was surprising," said Jane. "But I don't really care. You smoke
and it doesn't really bother me. But Joan jumped all over Mom about smoking."
   Several times in the past, Steve had tried to get Jane to smoke with him,
but she had always refused. This time, when he offered her one, she said,
"I think I'd like to try it. Show me."
   Steve lit the cigarette and showed her how to hold it. I had her draw a
little on it and just take the puff into her mouth to let her get
accustomed to the taste, then blow it out. "I don't suppose that tastes
very good, does it?", Steve said, and Jane replied "Well, it's not quite
what I expected. It doesn't taste at all like it smells." She didn't seem
too put off by it, so Steve thought he'd try the next step, as his penis
began to swell between his legs at the sight of this great girl holding her
first cigarette between her fingers, with him instructing her.
   "Try doing what you just did again, but this time when you hold the smoke
in your mouth, breathe in through your nose", Steve suggested. He
remembered this was the way he had learned to inhale, and it seemed easy
enough. Jane did as Steve told her, but as she drew some of the smoke into
her windpipe and into her lungs for the first time, she began to cough.
"Well, that's enough of that!", she said sheepishly, as she handed the
cigarette back to him. He let out a chuckle, and hugged her as they began
to kiss. She responded with a sense of urgency, and their hands began to
explore each other's bodies as we became aroused.
   After a time the young couple had sex for the first time.
   After they finished and got themselves back together, Steve grabbed a
cigarette and Jane watched him take a puff as they cuddled with each other.
 "I hear it's nice to smoke after sex", she said with a sly smile, and
Steve held the cigarette to her lips, offering her the chance for another
puff. She opened her mouth and drew hard on the cigarette, but apparently
mindful of her earlier experience, simply blew the puff out before any was
breathed in. Steve took another puff, put the cigarette into the ashtray
and gave her a smoky kiss. When she realized what he was trying to do, she
inhaled the smoke from my mouth into her lungs. "Oh, I like that," she smiled.
   After they had sex the first time, they dated almost every night and had
sex most of them. Every night they had a lot of smoky kisses and Jane began
to enjoy them for the smoke as well as the passion.
   One night Steve had just lit a cigarette when Jane reached over, covered
his hand with hers, and took the cigarette from between his fingers. She
took a good-sized puff and tried again to inhale as Steve had shown her on
the first night. Remembering her previous experience, this time she
succeeded in drawing some of the smoke into her lungs. A large cloud of
smoke escaped from her mouth, then a smaller stream followed as she
exhaled. "Very good," Steve said with a smile,. Later, they had sex again.
   During Steve's after-sex smoke he again offered a cigarette to Jane and
she took a puff and repeated her performance of earlier in the evening,
with her chest and breasts rising as she filled her lungs with the mixture
of tobacco smoke and air. As she exhaled, the initial cloud of
uninhaled smoke was much smaller than it had been earlier, while the
subsequent exhaled stream was longer and more dense. She let out a
contented "Mmmmm " sound as she exhaled the smoke.
   Soon she developed a ritual when they were together. When he lit a
cigarette, she would take it and take a single drag. At first she inhaled
shallowly, but within weeks Jane was allowing herself longer drags and
inhaling more smoke. One night, she surprised Steve by not inhaling as he
had shown her, but rather by opening her mouth slightly after taking a puff
and breathing it all in, holding it in for only a second, then exhaling a
stream through her mouth. "I've been watching Mom," she said. She carried
on this way for a while with  her inhales getting deeper and the time she
held it in longer. When she exhaled she was also letting some of the smoke
escape from her nostrils as well.
   The ritual was broken one night when she didn't return Steve's cigarette
after taking her drag. Instead she held on to it for a few seconds, looking
at it, before saying to Steve, "Why don't you light another one? I think
I'd like to have this one for myself."
   She continued to puff on the cigarette and Steve could tell that she was
beginning to feel the effects of the nicotine. Finally, she took one last
puff and extinguished it, blowing smoke through her mouth and nose before
saying, "Wooo... enough  of that. That was sort of nice. I think I can
understand why people smoke now."
    Jane chose not to smoke any further that evening and refused my offer of
a post-coital one of her own, instead again taking only a single puff from
Steve's. However, the next night she accepted his offer of a cigarette
without hesitation, and had a second one later. She continued in this
pattern for some weeks, becoming more and more comfortable with both the
physical and emotional sides of smoking, until one night came the climax.
   The couple were at their usual parking spot when Steve reached to get a
cigarette. At the same time she opened her purse and withdrew a pack of VS
120s, and a lighter! She must have seen the surprise on his face, for she
said with a smile, "Well, you've gotten me hooked."
   "When did all this happen?" he said. She withdrew one of the long, white
cigarettes from her pack, and holding it to her lips, flicked the lighter
to life and drew the flame into the end. "After school", she said, blowing
out uninhaled smoke. "I stopped by a convenience store for a coke and saw
the cigarettes behind the counter. Something inside me told me that I
wanted some, so I picked up these menthols to try them. They're not bad."
She took a long puff and inhaled deeply before blowing it out towards the
window crack.
   "Now I've just got to figure a way to tell Mom and Dad and my sister that
I'm smoking." she said after a minute or two
   Having cigarettes available to her all the time rapidly and inevitably led
Jane to smoke on a more or less regular basis. The first pack lasted her
four days, and she soon realized she needed a replacement. Within a few
weeks she had quickly progressed from her initial level of 3 or 4 per day
to 6 or 7 per day, depending upon her body's cravings.
   Despite the girls being twins, Sherri and Bob had always tried to look at
them individually so they had separate rooms and separate bathrooms. With
separate bathrooms, Jane soon began smoking two or three cigarettes in the
morning before she went to school in her bathroom and then at different
times after she got home from school.
   She still had not told her Mom and Dad and Joan apparently didn't have a
   During the summer, Sherri and Bob took a trip for a couple of weeks and
left the girls at home. They decided they wanted to go on a swinging
vacation and that the girls were old enough at 16 to take care of
themselves. Their grandmother was going to stop by every couple of days,
but they were pretty much on their own,
   After their parents left, Jane went back to her room where she grabbed her
pack of VS120s and went to her bathroom to smoke. Just after she lit up,
Joan walked in and screamed, "What are you doing?" "I'm smoking a
cigarette," said Jane. "Don't trip out. I've been smoking for months."
   Then Joan smiled. She had been giving a lot of thought to smoking lately.
Two of the older girls that worked with her at the mall both smoked. They
hung out together during breaks and smoking seemed to be part of their fun.
Since Sherri now smoked and her friends at work smoked, she had become used
to the smoke and wasn't nearly the anti she used to be.
   Joan knew now that at some point, she too would probably become a smoker.
   She looked at her sister, who seemed to be enjoying her cigarette, and
said,  "You know, I really never have tried it. I guess maybe I should give
it a go."
   Jane thought that it might be cool to teach her twin sister to smoke. "Are
you sure you really want to smoke. It is really easy to start but really
hard to stop," Jane replied. "Well, you smoke, and Mom smokes. Some of my
friends smoke and lot of girls my age smoke  So why not me, too," Joan
replied. "Yeah, why not," Jane thought to herself. 
   Jane reached over and grabbed her pack of VS120s. She took one out and lit
it off the butt of her nearly finished cigarette. Jane took a deep drag and
handed the cigarette to Joan. Joan took the cigarette and awkwardly held it
in her hand. "Suck on it like a straw until you feel the smoke in your
mouth," Jane instructed her twin sister. Joan took the cigarette and held
it to her lips. She sucked on it gently. She noticed the end begin to glow
more brightly and felt the rich bitter taste from the Virginia Slim in her
mouth. She quickly took the cigarette away from her mouth and blew a small
cloud of smoke from her mouth. "That wasn't so bad," Joan said. "OK sis,
try again, only this time suck a little harder to get more smoke in your
mouth," Jane told her. Joan again held the cigarette to her lips and sucked
a little harder. This time as she opened her mouth to exhale the smoke, she
inhaled slightly. Joan immediately started coughing as the smoke entered
her throat and lungs. "Her, Joan, take a sip of water," Jane said as she
handed the glass of water to her sister. "What did I do wrong, Jane, you
and mom don't cough like that when you smoke?" Joan asked.
   "Well you inhaled some smoke and you weren't ready for it. You can quit
now if you want." Jane said figuring that it would be enough for her
sister. "No, I think I'm ready to try again," Joan replied. "Ok, you asked
for it. Watch how I do this, I want you to try it just like me," Jane said.
Jane took a small puff from her cigarette. She opened her mouth and sucked
the white ball of smoke down her throat and into her lungs. She held it for
about 3 seconds and then exhaled. Joan nervously took her cigarette from
the ashtray. She took a small puff and just as her sister had shown her,
sucked the smoke into her lungs. Joan fought off the urge to cough and
exhaled slowly. A thin stream of smoke came from her mouth. At the same
time, she felt the first jolt from the nicotine pulsing through her body.
   "That was much better, Joan. How do you feel?" Jane asked. "I feel a
little funny, you know, kind of tingly and a little dizzy," Joan replied.
"That's the nicotine from the smoke. You have to get used to the smoke in
your lungs and your body has to adjust to the nicotine. You can stop now if
you want," Jane said. "No, I think I will try a couple of more puffs." Joan
replied. Joan tried a couple of more puffs just inhaling a little bit of
smoke with each puff. The effect of the nicotine grew stronger with each puff
until Joan was quite dizzy and finally put the cigarette out in the ashtray.
   In spite of her dizziness, Joan knew this was something she could grow to
like. There was something that was exciting about the mechanics of smoking.
Maybe it was the glow of the tip of her cigarette as she drew the smoke
into her mouth, or the taste of the smoke in her mouth, or the feeling of
the smoke in her lungs. Joan wasn't quite sure what it was. "That wasn't so
bad," she said. "Well, I think that it is enough for now," Jane said. Joan
didn't feel like trying another cigarette just then. She hadn't given up on
smoking yet, but she had enough for the first time.
 	Joan's next opportunity to smoke came the next day at work. Joan saw
Janet and Cindy getting ready to go on their break. Joan asked them if she
could join them and they agreed. Once outside the mall, Janet lit up a
Newport 100 and Cindy a Virginia Slim 120. "Cindy, could I bum a cigarette
from you?" Joan asked Cindy. "I didn't know you smoked Joan. When did you
start?" Cindy asked. "Well, I've been smoking for a while now," Joan
replied thinking that it was a little bit of an exaggeration. "Sure, no
problem," Cindy replied and handed Joan a cigarette and her lighter. Joan
put the Virginia Slim in her mouth and lit the lighter. Remembering her
experience from last night, she gently sucked on the cigarette until she
had it lit. She didn't try to inhale and blew the smoke from her mouth. The
taste was not nearly as strong as it had been the day before, in fact, she
liked it.
   Steeling herself, Joan took a bigger puff, held the smoke in her mouth
momentarily, and then inhaled. She only felt a slight urge to cough, much
less than last night. She slowly exhaled and was again thrilled at the
sight of the smoke streaming from her mouth. She also began to feel the
tingle of the nicotine in her body. She took another puff and again
inhaled. This time she did not feel an urge to cough at all. "Hey, this is
not so bad at all," she thought to herself. Joan finished the cigarette
with no difficulty, in fact, she began to enjoy the buzz that the nicotine
level in the VS120 gave her. "I could definitely get used to this," she
thought to herself. Joan did not have a chance to smoke again while at work
that day.
   Joan stopped by a convenience store on the way home and bought her first
pack of VS120s and a Bic lighter. As soon as she got home, she sat down at
the kitchen table and studied the pack momentarily. Joan knew that it would
be the first of many in the years to come. She quickly removed the
cellophane wrapper and foil. Joan drew out one of the long white cigarettes
and put it up to her lips. Reaching out for the lighter, she confidently
lit it and held it up to the end of the cigarette. Drawing in gently, she
soon felt the smoke in her mouth. Opening her mouth slightly, she dragged
the smoke into her lungs, welcoming the smoke into her body. It was the
same feeling that she remembered from mall earlier that day. Joan sighed as
she exhaled, the pleasure of the first puff washing over her. She quickly
took a second puff, pulling as much smoke as she could into her mouth
before she inhaled deeply.
    Joan was thrilled with the experience of smoking. She liked to see the
glow on the tip of the cigarette as she pulled the smoke into her mouth.
Then there was the exhilaration of inhaling the smoke into her lungs. She
just loved the feeling as she exhaled a cloud of smoke into the air.
   Jane walked through the door about that time. "Well, you certainly are
enjoying that cigarette Joan. Last night I wasn't sure if you would enjoy
smoking. You seem to like those Virginia Slim 120s," Jane said.
   "Yes, I tried yours last night and tried one of these at work today,
Cindy smokes these, too. I think they're just right for me. Do you always
feel this good when you smoke Jane?" Joan asked. Jane laughed and replied,
"Well sis, when you first start, the jolt from the nicotine hits you pretty
hard with each cigarette. Over time, as your body gets used to it, the buzz
will fade a little. After a while, once you get addicted to the nicotine,
the way you feel will change but I know I really enjoy smoking. It relaxes
you and helps me handle the stress. I've been smoking for about six months,
since just after Mom started, and I don't regret my decision to smoke,"
Jane replied.
   "How will I know when I'm hooked on smoking?" Joan asked as she took
another puff. "Oh, you'll know and that's for sure," Jane laughingly
replied. "You will know when the first thing you want in the morning and
the last thing you want at night is a cigarette," Jane said. Jane lit up
her own VS120 and remembered how anxious she had been all these months
about her parents finding out about her smoking.
   "You know Joan, if we're going to keep smoking, we're going to have to
tell Mom and Dad when they get back from vacation. We can hide smoking for
a while but eventually, they will either find out or we will have to tell
them," Jane said.
   Over the next two weeks, Joan's smoking habit really began to take off.
Joan was soon smoking a half to three quarters of a pack a day. She bought
a pack every other day to keep up with her need. Joan's inhales were
becoming deeper and longer as evidenced by the darker filters of her
cigarettes when she finished them. She also began at last to develop the
addiction to nicotine that was inevitable for smokers. She no longer was
able to smoke just when she wanted to but she began to feel the cravings
for a cigarette. Not that Joan minded because she was enjoying the
pleasures of smoking and was no longer nervous about people seeing her
smoke. In fact, during her work breaks, she had noticed a few cute guys
staring at her as she smoked. Finally, her parents vacation was coming to
an end. They were due back on Friday evening and Joan would start back to
school on the following Monday.
   That morning as they were enjoying a cigarette with their morning coffee,
Jane said to her, "Well Joan, Mom and Dad will be back tonight. Are we
going to tell them that we are  smokers now?" Joan took another puff on her
cigarette and said as she exhaled a thick cloud of smoke, "Smoking...I
don't know what you are talking about." She laughed and then took another
   The next day, their parents came home and the girls went to work. Upon
returning home, Joan found her mom sitting at the kitchen table waiting for
her. "How was your two weeks without your parents," said Sherri. Joan's Mom
reached out for her pack of Virginia Slims 120s but the pack was empty.
"Joan, can I bum a cigarette from you?" her Mom asked. Without thinking,
Joan opened her purse and took out her pack of VS 120s and held them toward
her Mom.
   Joan then realized what she was doing and said, "Oops, how did you know I
smoked Mom?" Taking a cigarette from the pack, her Mom laughingly said,
"I've known since the day after you started smoking. Jane felt a little
guilty about teaching you to smoke so she called me and told me about both
of you smoking. I wasn't real thrilled to hear it but your father and I
talked it over. If the two of you choose to smoke, there is not a whole lot
we can do about it. We could forbid you to smoke at home but I don't think
that would stop you now would it?" "No mom, I would continue to smoke but I
would feel dishonest about it. Does that mean we can smoke at home now?"
Joan asked. "Yes dear, you can smoke at home if you want."
   "Here, let's have a cigarette," Joan's Mom said handing the pack back to
Joan. Joan took out one of her VS 120s and accepted a light from her Mom.
Jane walked into the room with a lit cigarette and said, "I've already had
this little talk." They all three took a drag and the clouds of exhaled
smoke mingled as they floated toward the ceiling. "I guess I'm glad you
girls now smoke, because, after all, I wouldn't want to be the only smoking
woman in the house," her mom laughed and took another puff.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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