Twin's Twist

(by Baka Yaro, 21 April 2002)

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Twin's Twist

Tammi dreaded coming home from work today.  Her twin girls, Lindsey and
Carmen, would be home from school and she knew there'd be some kind of
trouble.  Lindsey was a little on the mean side, and very controlling.
Carmen, on the other hand, was very quiet and shy.  Lindsey was always
causing trouble and blaming it on Carmen, so Carmen would just sit there and
shrink back into her own little world.  She was most like her mother, so
Tammi tried her best to help her out as well as she could.  

Tammi sat in her car and smoked one last time before going into the house.
She was halfway through her second pack already.  Since her husband left, she
felt the constant pressure of motherhood bearing down on her.  She smoked
more and more to relieve her tension.  "One last triple pump before I go
in" she said to herself.  The smoke was so soothing.

Tammi immediately lit up another Newport 100 as she walked through the door.
There was a nice big juice stain on the living room carpet.  The knots in her
stomach grew tighter.

"Ok, what the hell is this?"  she asks them, as she notices Carmen crying
on the couch.

"She did it, as usual" Lindsey replies. "But you won't do anything to her
because she's your favorite."

Carmen remained silent, thinking that if she said anything, she wouldn't be

"Do you HAVE to smoke in the house, mother?  You know that you're killing
me." Lindsey says, as she starts her fake coughing routine."

"I'm sorry.  I'll finish it outside dear." Tammi says listlessly.  As she
steps out on the back deck, Carmen follows her out.  

As the door shuts behind her, Carmen cries to her mother "Mommy, I didn't
spill the juice, Lindsey did.  Sometimes she is so mean to me and I can't do
anything back to her.  Why does she hate me so much?  She makes me scared and
nervous all the time."

Lindsey had gotten that trait from her father.  He controlled all of their
lives, but favored Lindsey because she was "so fun".  He wouldn't allow
Tammi to smoke, so when he finally left she was able to do the one thing that
calmed her.

"Listen, sweetie.  Lindsey is going to spend the weekend at her friend's
house so after she leaves tonight, we'll have a good talk, ok?"

"Yes mommy.  I like when she's gone."

An hour later Lindsey left with her friend, leaving Tammi and Carmen on the
couch watching TV.

"Mommy, you said you wanted to have a good talk when she left."  

"Come sit by me sweetie." Tammi tells her daughter, as she lights up
another Newport, and feels the smoke calm her after every hit.  "I need to
smoke while we talk.  Does my smoking bother you at all?"

"To be honest, mommy, I kind of like the smell.  I know it makes you feel
better when you're nervous too.  I wish I had something that would do that
to me."

"Baby, that's why I wanted you alone with me.  I know you're awful young,
but you really need something to calm you down.  I want you to start smoking,
and we'll see if that helps your nerves."

Carmen suddenly smiled like she was the happiest girl in the world.
"Really?  Can I start now?  Will I be able to do it?"

"Sure, sweetie, you can do anything you put your mind to. Let me light one
for you."

Tammi lights one up and puts it between Carmen's lips.  "Now, suck on it
gently for a few seconds, take it out of your mouth, and breathe in.  Hold
the smoke in as long as you can.  It might taste yucky at first but I think
you'll like it pretty quick.  I know I did."

Carmen did what her mommy told her to do.  Her first hit was pretty
impressive for a first time smoker.  When she inhaled, she felt a huge jolt
hit her in the chest.  It hurt a little, but she was so excited about it that
she didn't pay that much attention.  

She held the smoke in her lungs for about 30 seconds, and then blew it out
slowly, watching as it made its way out of her body.  She didn't even cough
once.  She did, however, feel like she had just accomplished the most amazing
thing ever, and went back for a second hit.  This time she sucked for as long
as she could before she removed it from her wanting lips.  She inhaled as
deep as she could this time.  It felt so good inside of her.  She finally
exhaled and started a third hit.

Tammi just stared in amazement.  Here was her eight year old daughter smoking
for the first time, and actually doing it very well.  She looked so happy and
content, like she was meant to smoke.  Tammi was so proud of Carmen.  

After the fifth hit, Carmen started to get a little lightheaded.  She didn't
feel sick on her stomach though, which is what Tammi thought she might be
feeling.  Carmen had to put it out and take a short break before doing this

"How long do I need to wait before I can smoke more?" Carmen asked her

Tammi replied "you can smoke whenever you want to.  When you get ready for
another one I'll show you how to do what I do to get the best feeling from

That was too tempting of a comment for her to wait any longer, so she asked
mommy if she'd light her another one.  Tammi did, and handed it to her.
"Teach me, mommy." She said.

"This is called a triple pump.  You will be taking three hits instead of
just one.  Just remember, the more smoke you get, the better you feel.  Now
watch this." She said as she demonstrated.  Carmen watched on in delight and
was eager to try.

"Like this, mommy?" Carmen said, as she sucked on the cigarette hard,
inhaled, and repeated twice more.  Every inhale felt so good.  She held her
smoke in for as long as she could, then blew out a huge stream of smoke.
Immediately she did it again, and again, and again until the cigarette was

All this felt so good and fun that she wanted another right away.  After the
first two triples of her new cigarette, Carmen decided to try a quad.  She
felt her lungs were full after the third hit, but sucked long and hard a
fourth time.  She inhaled this and felt that was the perfect amount of smoke.  

She looked at the butt of her cigarette and noticed it was white in the
beginning, but it was turning darker and darker brown.  She figured it must
be because of all the smoke, and that made her try to take bigger and harder
hits.  By the time she was finished with this one, it was very dark brown.
She looked at the filter on her mother's cigarette and it wasn't as brown
as hers.  She was secretly proud of this. 

Tammi was so happy that her meek and mild little daughter took so well to
smoking.  "Would you like to learn how to do this?" as she performed a
perfect french inhale for her baby.

Carmen was instantly impressed with this trick.  "Yes, mommy, that looks so

Tammi lit up and gave another Newport to her daughter and told her how to do

Carmen's first attempt wasn't very good, but after that she mastered it
easily.  Tammi watched as she would take a massive hit, open her mouth wide,
then suck all the smoke into her tiny nose.  Carmen looked as if she loved
doing this.

They smoked for the next few hours.  Tammi showed Carmen how to do a snap,
which she did like a pro, how to do a recycled french inhale, and how to
direct inhale.  When Carmen did a triple, she would snap inhale the first two
hits, then french the third.  This was going to be her style of smoking.  

Before Carmen went to bed, Tammi gave her a big hug and kissed her on the
forehead.  "Thank you, mommy, for helping me with smoking.  I feel really
good after I smoke.  I hope it helps when I get nervous."

"Oh my little baby, it will help.  It helps me very much when I'm coming
home and I know your sister is going to start something.  I have a plan to
deal with her when she gets back home.  She needs something to help her with
her anger problems.  I think smoking will help her very much.  What do you
think of this?  I'll need your help with her ok?"

"I'll do anything I can to show her that smoking will help her, mommy.  You
can count on me."  Carmen said, as she went off to enjoy one of the best
night's sleep she can remember.  

Lindsey's Return coming soon.

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