Virginia's Story

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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Virginia's Story

I love to smoke and masturbate.  Plain and simple.  Now, I know that smoking
is not the healthiest thing in the world, but masturbation is - pure and

Long ago I used to see ads for Virginia Slims and decided that if I ever took
up smoking, they would be the brand I would smoke.  The ads of those pretty
ladies dressed so carefree and holding a Virginia Slims in their long fingers
used to get me so wet at a tender young age of 12 or so.  I would lie in my
bed at night, pretend to be smoking a cigarette and start to play with my
pussy.  My tender young breasts would perk up at the slightest touch of my
hand to my nether regions...  my mind wandering off to places I dreamed about
seeing, and of one day maybe being a Virginia Slims girl.  Not on the
billboards though, just in my own little world.  As I continued the tempo of
my masturbation, I would pretend to "light" another Virgina Slims and before
long, my body would ripple with pleasure as the orgasm coarsed through me.

At the time I was thirteen, I finally got up the nerve to go buy some
cigarettes.  Sneaking my mom's once in a while had finally gotten me to the
point where I was ready to have my own.  I was curious to try menthols, so
before I got to the store I decided in my mind I was going to walk out of
there with a pack of Saratoga 120s menthols.  I had seen ads for them before
too, and was intrigued by the longer length and the ads that used to say "Wait
'till I finish my Saratoga".

In the store I walked, bought my cigarettes and walked out.  I could hardly
wait to get home and finally realize my dream about masturbating and smoking
one of the long menthols.  I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I
strolled home, and I could feel the warm dampness building between my legs. As
I walked, I would sometimes press my thighs a bit closer together in order to
give my little clitoris a bit of a caress. When I finally walked in the
deserted house, I went straight for the bathroom and took off my skirt and

I looked at the pretty green box of Saratogas and slowly peeled off the
wrapper.   I then opened the flip-top box, pulled off the foil wrap and took
in a deep breath of the fresh menthol scent.  My already erect nipples
stiffened a bit more and I couldnt help but reach down to check the status-quo
of my wet slit.  I gave my clit a couple gentle rubs on the side of her, my
knees trembling at my touch and my lips wanting to feel the Saratoga between
them.  I searched out a pack of matches we used for lighting the candle in the
bathroom and sat down on the edge of the tub.  I planted my feet a couple feet
apart to give myself clear room to tend to my inner desires...   I removed one
of the long Saratoga 120s from the box, put it between my lips and set the box
down.  My hand was trembling as I lit the match and brought the flame up to
the tip of the cigarette.  As I drew in, I immediately noticed the different
taste of the menthol - and I liked it!

So, there I sat, finally, with a freshly lit Saratoga 120 menthol and my pussy
aching to be petted.   I smoked the Saratoga and caressed myself - wanting to
keep the urge to orgasm at bay as long as possible.  I thought about my mom
coming home, knocking at the bathroom door and asking me to come out of there
at once.  The obvious reply to that statement in my mind was "Wait till I
finish my Saratoga...(and have an orgasm or two...").  But it would be several
hours before she returned home  so I had all the time I wanted to myself to
smoke and masturbate.  In the end that day I had a wonderful orgasm just
before I finished my long 120mm menthol Saratoga.  My hand was wet with my
fluids as I came, I drew on the Saratoga just at the beginning of my climax
and let it slowly trickle out as my orgasm flooded over me... what a great
feeling.  I was hooked on masturbating while smoking from that day on.  A year
or so later Virginia Slims introduced their Lights and I bought a pack of them
to try.  Not bad I thought... and in the next few years I tried various
menthols of different brands.Max 120s, More 120s, Eves, but I always came back
to my Saratogas and Virginia Slims.

Then one day it happened.  Virginia Slims came out with a 120.  I couldnt wait
to try them and found my self driving off from the store, with a Virginia
Slims Lights Menthol 120 in my left hand on the steering wheel and my right
hand up my skirt.  I had dressed especially for the occassion - easily
accessible skirt and  tight top to accentuate my ample breasts. As I drove and
smoked my new 120, the seat belt shoulder harness was rubbing against my
breast, causing my already erect nipple to be caressed through my top.  I was
in near heaven.  Cruising down the freeway at night, I was frigging myself and
enjoying every draw on my menthol 120.  It didnt take long for me to come the
first time that night, and as I lit up my 2nd one, I came again!!!  I could
feel my juices dripping from me and down into the crack of my ass.  When I
finally got back home, I headed straight for my bedroom and stripped my
clothes off.

I would smoke my 120 and caress my breasts with my left hand.  My nipples
ached to be sucked, so I raised one breast to my lips and brought my nipple
between them.  Oh, it felt so good, my head was swimming as I took my nipple
and areola fully into my mouth and suckled on it.  Then my other breast
received the same attention.   My third orgasm that night was with my finger
fucking me in my pussy, while my left hand, with the Virginia Slims 120, was
working my clit.  It was so incredible.

As the years continued to pass, other 120s came out and I tried them, too.
Misty, Capri, Eve Lights and Eve Ultra Lights to name a few.  I really like
the Capri 120s - called Luxury Length on the box.  Those slim little gals are
so cool and chic - and they taste pretty good too.  Even Virginia Slims
restyled their boxes and added "Luxury Lights" to the name on their 120s.  I
sure like the luxury in them. Occassionally, I like to smoke while in the
shower.  Now some of you, including myself , might like to relax in the tub
with a cigarette and glass of wine, but how many of you actually take a full
length shower while smoking - or while smoking and masturbating??  I do - and
it feels great.  sure, its sometimes a challenge to keep the Capri or Virginia
Slims from getting wet, but that comes with practice.  And the feeling of the
hot water pelting down on my breasts, face, neck and back while I bring myself
closer and closer to coming is just too much sometimes.  I stand there in the
shower, after my orgasm with my knees wobbly, and finish off my smoke - sort
of an after-sex cigarette if ya will.  Well, thats about all there is to tell.
I'd like to hear from other ladies who find it erotic to smoke while they come
and to read about your experiences...
Love,   "Virginia"

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