Voice of Reason, Part 2

(by Blackbladder, 04 May 2006)

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Voice of Reason
Part Two - Skool Days 

Bernie lay back in her bath and relaxed as she embraced the warmth of the
warm water.  Bernie reached over to her trusted pack of Reds that lay
temptingly on the bathroom table next to her.  She removed a cigarette from
her diminishing pack, and placed the filter between her lips.  With the
cigarette dangling lazily, she reached for her Zippo, produced a flame, and
lit up instantly.  Bernie took a deep drag as she replaced the lighter and
cigarettes on top of the table.  Removing the cigarette from her mouth, she
inhaled sharply as the smoke harpooned into her awaiting lungs.  Once the
familiar buzz returned, she rested her hand over the edge of the bath, with
the cigarette between her nicotine-stained fingers.   

Bernie enjoyed this brief respite, periodically taking long drags from her
cigarette, and exhaling casually overhead.   

She had been recently assigned to infiltrate the members of the local
transport authority network.  She began with working undercover at the local
bus depot, taking job as a front desk operator.  She soon had her chance to
meet the bus depot supervisor, who sat on the Transport Authority Board.
Once they were alone on a break, she corrupted the supervisor into supporting
her every move.  Armed with a new smoking habit, the supervisor was happy to
provide residential details to all board members so Bernie could use her
charm on them all.  Bernie spent the remainder of the previous week making
'house calls' to all the appropriate authority members, and enjoyed watching
them all submit unconditionally to their new nicotine habits.  Today Bernie
got confirmation from her employer that the latest transport authority
network meeting lifted the smoking prohibition on all transport modes with
immediate effect.  She was also delighted to discover that the bus supervisor
had decided to allow smoking in all parts of the depot to the delight of her
fellow smokers.   

Bernie's mobile phone buzzed to life on the nearby bathroom table.   


'Hi Bernie, it's Jennifer Scales.  Remember me?' 

'How could I forget?  How are things going?' Bernie replied as she took
another deep drag. 

Jen explained all the changes she and her mother, Leila, had undergone since
Bernie's intervention.  It had been a month since Bernie was assigned to
dismantle the anti-smoking movement of the bar, restaurant and nightclub
owners.  Jen told Bernie that she was smoking 1 and a half packs a day, and
had switched to Reds as it was the popular brand amongst her netball peers.
She also explained that Leila had undergone changes since taking up smoking
herself.  Leila had begun hanging around with Kay, her next-door neighbor, on
a daily basis when not working at the nightclub.  She was now smoking 2 packs
a day of Virginia Slims, although she enjoyed experimenting with other
brands.  Leila also began taking extra notice of all the smokers at her
nightclub.  Before her awakening, Leila was fed up of coming home stinking of
smoke.  Nowadays, she thrived on watching customers light up freely and took
great interest in their smoking techniques.  Leila had also started dating a
regular hunk from her nightclub, with part of the attraction being the
smoking addiction he also had.   

Since commencing smoking, she found herself spending lots of time with her
buddies, and enjoyed the buzz of a Marlboro Light after a netball game.  As
her friendship with the netball team improved, she began getting a game - her
core ambition through sports.  Although Jen was committed like her mother to
her new smoking habit, a problem remained. 

'It's the coach.  She caught me smoking during one of my free periods
yesterday.  She is threatening to report me to the headmaster and get me
suspended.  What should I do?' 

Bernie felt partially responsible for this development, and felt compelled to
come to Jen's aid in necessary capacity.  As their conversation continued, an
opportunity arose to try and rectify the situation. 

'Tell me more about your coach...' Bernie asked as she lit a second cigarette. 

The following evening, Jen leaned against the wall outside the school gates
fidgeting with her school tie.  Jen could feel the hardness of the cigarette
pack that lay inside her blazer pocket.  As it brushed against her shirt, she
could feel the cravings bubble inside her slowly, urging her to surrender.
However, as discussed with Bernie the previous night, she had to restrain
herself from those thoughts until the plan had been successful.   Having
parked her car, Bernie walked over towards Jen, noticing her anxiety from
nicotine withdrawal.   

Not long to go, Bernie thought smugly as she approached Jen. 

Once the greetings had passed, they both ventured into the school building.
As they entered the school cafeteria, they observed the Parent's Evening
banner stretched across the busy room.  Parents and their kids sat talking at
length with their respective teachers.  Bernie began meeting and greeting her
teachers, in accordance with Jen's issued timetable.  Most of the teachers
rambled on about Jen's good progress in class, although some commented on
smelling smoke off her after breaks in the school day. 

With Bernie's influence, she managed to subtly defuse any tension directed to
smoking whenever the subject was raised. 

Eventually, Bernie and Jen approach the desk of the coach.   They briefly
shook hands and sat down. 

The coach introduced herself as Matilda.  Matilda had medium length brown
hair, tied up in a ponytail, and brown eyes.

'And you are Ms Scales?' Matilda presumed 

'Actually, Ms Scales was unable to make it tonight.  It is down to work
commitments.' Bernie exaggerated, knowing full well that Leila was down at
the nightclub, chaining cigarettes and guzzling beer along with her date. 

'So are you Jen's guardian? Family?' Matilda asked as she watched Jen fidget
in her chair. 

'Trust me.  I am like family to Jen.  There isn't a problem here.' Bernie
stated calmly as she purposely lowered her tone and chose her words

'Ok then.' Matilda said plainly, unsure why she let the issue drop so

However, Matilda continued to talk about Jen's progress in class.  Jen had
been getting more involved with her classmates, and seemed to be enjoying the
participation.  Jen nodded her head in appreciation as Matilda continued to
talk.  However, soon Matilda's mood changed as she composed herself. 

'There is one real problem though... Does Ms Scales realize that her daughter
was caught smoking on school property a couple of days ago?' Matilda asked
assertively, staring at her student. 

'Yes she does.  She allows her to smoke at home.' Bernie replied

'I don't tolerate smoking amongst any of my students, let alone those
elsewhere in the school.  Not only is it bad for Jen's development, but also
it is not good for the image of the netball team she is a member of.  I am
appalled that Ms Scales, and yourself, seem to condone this behavior, and I
have every right to report you to the authorities!  The only reason I have
not mentioned anything to my superiors is that Jen has been a committed
student and I am giving her a chance to quit now.' Matilda retorted as she
focused fully on Bernie. 

Now it is time for action, Bernie thought, as she did not like this teacher's
tone of voice. 

'Look straight at me, Matilda.  You need to calm right down and just listen
to me.  There is no point getting your knickers in a twist over this issue.
I'm positive we can resolve this little problem you have.' Bernie commanded. 

Jen smiled at Bernie as she saw her angry coach take a deep breath and sit
back in her chair.   

'This is what is going to happen, Matilda.  You will finish your meetings now
with your other pupils, and we will conclude our discussions later. Nod your
head if you agree.' Bernie suggested as Matilda complied blankly. 

An hour later, and the Parent's Evening came to a close.  Everyone, including
the teachers, deserted the school, going home satisfied with the event.   

Matilda stood in the school's car park, her body firmly under Bernie's
influence.  Her mind still struggled to understand and accept her compliancy
towards Bernie.   

Why am I here?

What has that weirdo done to me?

Why didn't I report Jen at the end of the meeting? 

These were all questions that ran through Matilda's mind as she stared
blankly into the night sky.  She felt powerless, and her body weak and

'Hi Matilda.' A familiar voice echoed. 

Matilda turned slowly around to see Jen and Bernie standing there smiling
knowingly towards their captive. 

'It's good to meet you again.  Follow us.' Bernie commanded as Matilda
complied without question. 

Jen led Bernie and Matilda along to the back of the school grounds, next to
the gym hall.   

'The keys?' Jen retorted impatiently, extending her hand in Matilda's

Matilda handed over a set of school keys, as Jen opened up the gym hall door
and entered.  Bernie and Matilda followed. 

'You have nothing to worry about.  Everything will be clear soon.' Bernie
reassured her captive, as Jen switched on the gym hall lights.   

'Jen wanted to show you where your netball team regularly share a cigarette
after school.' Bernie commented to Matilda as she pointed to the store

Jen soon emerged from the store cupboard, armed with a pack of Kools. 

'That is your team's emergency pack for when they run out of cigarettes.'
Bernie informed Matilda as Jen walked towards them. 

Bernie took great delight in watching the anger and confusion on Matilda's
helpless face, as she watched Jen open up the pack and extract two

'I would offer you one but you don't smoke.' Jen joked as Bernie accepted a

'Correction, Jen - your teacher doesn't smoke ... yet.' Bernie smiled as the
cigarette dangled between her lips.   

Jen took out her lighter from her inside blazer pocket, and offered Bernie a
light, before lighting herself up. 

Although she wanted to run and get help, Matilda could only stand and watch
in horror as Bernie and Jen sucked deeply on their cigarettes.   

They both exhaled towards the gym ceiling gracefully, before taking another
drag to satisfy their famished cravings. 

'I was needing that, Bernie.  God, I love these!' Jen said in pure bliss as
the smoke saturated her lungs. 

Matilda was aghast at the sight of her student smoking unashamedly.  If only
she could muster the strength...

'I know this is confusing for you right now.  You need to learn to relax...'
Bernie's voice burned into Matilda's mind as the physical strength began to
sap away with each passing word. 

'Do you notice how much Jen enjoys smoking?  Is she complaining about it?'
Bernie suggest as Matilda watched the smoking student. 

Matilda's thoughts began changing as she watched Jen take one hard drag after
another.  She was now fixated on Jen as Bernie continued her corruption. 

'Have you ever smoked in your life?' Bernie asked at her entranced victim. 

'I was forced to take a drag from my sister's cigarette when I was 17.  The
taste was disgusting.' 

'Did you look up to your sister?' Bernie probed as she smoked contentedly. 

'Nah.  She was the typical problem child.  Always into drinking, truancy and
smoking.  It always put me under pressure from my family.' Matilda replied
blankly as she watched Jen inhale deeply again. 

'So you despised your sister as she made you look bad in front of your
family?  You never felt accepted by your parents?' Bernie asked. 

Matilda shook her head slowly as Bernie puffed again. 

'It seems you still feel hurt by that.  Maybe your rebellion took the form of
becoming the opposite of your sister.  Whereas your sister shrugged
responsibility, you therefore had to embrace it.  And what better - to do it
in a fitness-based setting as a gym teacher with your perfect body.' Bernie
rationalized to Matilda. 

'I think it is time to end this bitterness towards your sister.  You have
driven her away with your behavior, and that needs to stop. You no longer
need to hide your true identity anymore since I'm here.  You can be whoever
you want to be... you don't have to appease anyone anymore - well, apart from
me.' Bernie reasoned with a wry smile. 

'It is not fair to take out your family frustrations on your students.  They
all have their own lives, and leading them their own way, just like your
sister.  You don't want to isolate yourself from them just like you did with
your sister, do you?' Bernie explained as Matilda slowly nodded in agreement
- the wheels of mind began to turn. 

'You now realize that smoking brings people together.  That is why your
students do such a thing.  It creates a bond - something it seems you have
never really experienced with someone.  And that is why YOU need to start
smoking.  You need to start in order to shed this false image you have given
yourself.  Smoking will also give you a platform to try and win your sister
back.  Smoking is also an important element of growing up - it is the sign of
maturity.  That's why you will take great pride in your current crop of
students in your team smoking before and after matches.  The health costs are
obviously outweighed against the pros of taking up such a habit.'  Bernie
state, as Matilda stood motionless, as her mind processed this new
information.  The information was now becoming fact. 

'When you start smoking, you are going to be in love with it from your first
puff.  There will be no coughing or aggravation, as the smoke will feel at
home in your mouth and lungs.  You are now mentally addicted to smoking...
now your body just needs to catch up.  Is there anything you would like to
ask Jen?' Bernie teased as Jen stood with the pack of Kools in her hand. 

Matilda uncontrollably gazed at the pack and licked her lips.  She felt a new
urge within her, beckoning to smoke.  Suddenly, all her previous
misconceptions faded in a flash as she held out her hand. 

'Give me one.'  Matilda murmured softly. 

'I'm happy to oblige.' Jen said excitedly as she gave her teacher her first

Bernie also accepted a Kool from Jen, who offered Matilda a light from her
lighter.  Matilda leaned in, put the filter between her lips eagerly, and
sucked lightly as the tobacco crackled.  The tip glowed orange, and smoke
flooded Matilda's virgin mouth.  Matilda was in ecstasy as she closed her
eyes and felt a wave of pure pleasure overtake her senses.   She blew out the
smoke slowly, transfixed by the cloud that emerged and floated in front of

Bernie, who lit up expertly, smiled in satisfaction as Matilda's body
language totally relaxed, and a smile appeared on her face.  Matilda took
another drag, slightly deeper, and enjoyed the thrill of the smoke in her
mouth.  As the smoke billowed from her mouth again, she felt compelled to
satisfy her new cravings with another drag when inhaling for the first time
under Jen's tutorial.  Bernie was thrilled with the aspect of teaching her
own student all of her smoking tricks. 

Later that night, Jen walked back into her house, and the constant haze of
cigarette smoke. 

'Hiya Jen, how did it go?' Leila asked, exhaling a lungful of smoke as her
daughter walked into the living room. 

'Fantastic!  It all worked a treat.  We won't be getting any more problems
from my gym teacher anymore.  I think she understands smoking so much better
now.' Jen smiled as she helped herself to another of her Reds. 

Matilda eventually got back home.  Tonight had been a blur, but a satisfying
one.  She couldn't have been happier with the way the Parent's Evening had
went.  She made a new friend in Bernie, as well as get to know Jen a lot
better.  Matilda walked into the kitchen and took an energy drink out of a
cupboard.  Sitting down in the lounge, she rummaged through her pockets and
extracted her wallet.  Removing a photograph of her sister, she smiled. 

Now I understand, Matilda thought. 

Staring at the cigarette between her sister's lips reminded her of her own
habit.  Gone was the resentment and replaced with a fondness and deeper
understanding for smoking. 

Turning over the photograph with her sister's number, redemption was on her
mind as she extracted a new pack of Kools and lit up the first of many
cigarettes into the late hours.

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