Smoking is Wonderful

(by, 17 April 1999)

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Smoking is Wonderful

Terri stepped out to the patio. It was cold and windy tonight not exactly a
comfortable night to be outside. A few minutes later the door opened again
and Linda moved out into the cold nasty night. "Damm it's cold out here,"
said Linda. "No kidding" Terri said as she flicked her lighter to the tip of
her cigarette and gave Linda a light. The two women huddled together
satisfying their need for cigarette smoke. "Linda, I don't know if I can
take much more of this." "It's just not fair," said Terri as she peered
through the window at Jennifer sitting in the nice warm house watching TV. At
issue here was that Jennifer was their non-smoking roommate. In this day of
political correctness, the smokers had to take their habit outside sparing
the innocent non-smoker of the evils of second-hand smoke. "Terri, I don't
know how, but we've got to come up with a plan to change things around
here." " I couldn't agree more" said Terri as she took one long last drag of
her cigarette and tossed the butt away.

[A few days later]

Linda walked through the front door with a sly grin on her face. "Hi Terri,
is Jennifer home?" "No, she hasn't come home from school yet." "Good, I
think I may have a solution to our little problem. You know my friend
Heather?" "Yeah, she's the psychology major." "Well" said Linda "I think she
may be able to help us." "Help us? How?" "I think it's best to let her show
us. She's invited us over for a demonstration tonight. Are you free?" "If it
means solving our problem, you bet!"

A professional looking young woman with short blond hair answered the door.
"Come on in ladies," said Heather as she led the women to her living room.
"Linda, Terri, this is my boyfriend Rick." Rick, a man in his early twenties
stood to greet the women. "Nice to meet you", Rick said. Heather lit a
cigarette and motioned for the women to sit down and get comfortable. "Can I
offer you ladies a glass of wine?" "Please", said Terri as she and Linda sat
down and immediately lit cigarettes of their own. Heather returned with the
glasses of wine and sat down. "Well, Terri, Linda tells me you have a little
problem at home." "You could say that', said Terri. Exhaling a long stream
of smoke Heather said, "I've been working on something that could be used to
solve your problem." All this time Rick sat quietly watching the three lovely
ladies enjoy their cigarettes. Heather continued, "I thought it would be best
to give you both a little demonstration of what I have been working on." She
then turned to the young man who sat next to her on the couch. "Rick, menthol
smoke tastes wonderful." A blank look appeared on Rick's face as he spoke,
"yes." "Yes it does", said Heather. "And you crave that taste don't you
Rick?" "Yes" came his reply. "You may satisfy that craving now" commanded
Heather. Rick reached for a pack of Benson & Hedges menthol sitting on the
coffee table and placed one of the cigarettes in his lips. Heather offered
the young man a light as he drew the smoke deep into his lungs. "It tastes
wonderful doesn't it Rick?" "Yes" came his reply as an extreme look of
pleasure filled his face. "Remember to hold the smoke in your lungs for the
count of three, this will help you reach your goal. Do you remember your goal
Rick? Tell me what your goal is." "My goal is to become addicted to the
smoke," said the mesmerized subject. "Yes, your goal is to become addicted to
the smoke. You love the smoke. It makes you feel wonderful and these feeling
increase with every puff you take. Now continue to smoke, light another
cigarette e ladies and I are going to talk. You will not be able to hear our
discussion. Your entire focus will be on enjoying your cigarette. Do you
understand?" "Yes", said Rick as he continued to take long deep puffs of his
cigarette. Terri and Linda sat with amazed looks on their faces. Heather
spoke, "Well, I guess you are wondering what you have just seen, let me
explain. I've been studying hypnosis for quite some time now. A few months
ago I started thinking about developing hypnotic techniques to teach a
subject become a smoker. After all, hypnosis has been used for years to help
people quit smoking. This is done by using positive reinforcement. I just
decided to use those same techniques to develop the desire to smoke in the
subject. I'm just so sick and tired of the anti-smoking bull shit. This is
just my way of fighting back a little bit. Rick is my third subject to go
through the conditioning. I have been more than pleased with the results. I
picked up Rick at a bar the other night. At that time he could definitely be
defined as an anti-smoker, a real athlete type. At this point in his
training, he would likely have a difficult time quitting. By the end of the
week, he will be hopelessly addicted. All three of my subjects have been
male. I've been able to use sexual reinforcement, which has proven to be
very effective. Rick is unable to achieve an erection until I light a
cigarette and I think it's safe to say he will never date a woman who
doesn't smoke" she said with a sly grin. "I will need to develop a slightly
different approach to use on Jennifer, but I'm excited by the prospect. What
do you say we give it a try?" Terri and Linda could hardly hold their
excitement. "This sounds like it is going to be fun", said Linda. "Great"
said Heather "why don't you invite me over Saturday night and make sure
Jennifer is there. I'll do some preliminary tests on her suitability as a
subject." "It's a date!" said Terri. Heather lit another cigarette and
smiled, "I think Jennifer has a new best friend in her future named hol
120'." Heather then turned her attention to Rick who was finishing his third
cigarette. "You've been a very good boy Rick. You are now almost completely
addicted. That makes you feel wonderful, doesn't it Rick?" "Yes" came his
reply. "Now I'm going to count to three. When I reach three you will be
become aware of your surroundings, but still remain under my complete
control. You will say goodnight to Terri and Linda, and wait quietly for
further conditioning. 1- 2- 3- Rick came out of his trance and said
"Goodnight Terri and Linda, it was very nice to meet you." "Very nice to meet
you Rick", said the ladies with big smiles on their faces. "Goodnight
Heather, we can't wait until Saturday." As they walked to their car Linda
said, "God how great it's going to be enjoy a morning cigarette with a cup
of coffee at our own kitchen table!"

Jennifer sat at the table waiting to resume their card game as the other
three ladies return from their cigarette break on the back patio. As they sat
down, Heather turned to Jennifer and said "Jennifer, I have something to show
you." Heather held a small crystal ball by a length of chain. "Look at this
crystal ball. See the shinny star inside. Isn't it cool? See how it reflects
the colors of the rainbow as I twist the chain." "It's very beautiful", said
Jennifer. "Yes it is" continued Heather. "Notice the star and the beautiful
colors. You find yourself drawn to the crystal, it is so pretty. Just gaze
deeper and deeper into the crystal. Feel yourself getting lost in the colors
of the crystal. You feel yourself starting to relax as you look at the
crystal. Tension is starting to flow out of your body. You feel yourself
starting to float as you gaze at the crystal. All stress flowing from your
face. You find your shoulders are becoming loose and relaxed. Your arms and
hands are becoming heavy and completely relaxed. You feel this wave of
pleasurable relaxation continue to your waist, into your legs, to your feet
and to your toes. You now feel heavy and completely relaxed. It feels so
wonderful. So soothing. You love the sound of my voice and the pleasure I
have helped you to achieve. Your complete attention is now to the sound of my
voice. Now I am going to count backwards from five. As I count backwards you
find yourself going deeper and deeper. Concentrating on the sound of my
words. They make you feel so wonderful. Five, you are getting heavier and
heavier. Sinking deeper into your chair. Four, your eyes have become so heavy
that you can no longer keep them open. Close your eyes now and listen only to
my voice. Three continue to go deeper, you love the sound of my voice. Two,
going down, down, down. One, you are now in a very deep and wonderful state
of relaxation. You feel good, you feel wonderful. You are so happy that I
have helped you reach this wonderful state. You look forward to returning to
this state a subject and I am very happy to help you relax. Because of this I
have decided to give you a secret word which will help to quickly reach this
state of relaxation. You feel grateful that I would do this for you. You want
to please me. Everytime I help you enter this state you will trust me more
and more. You will have a stronger and stronger desire to please me because I
have shared this pleasure with you. Your secret word is `MENTHOL'. Anytime
you hear me and only me say the word `MENTHOL' you will start relaxing to
this deep state of wonderful being. You will accept anything I tell you as
true and have a very strong desire to please me. Now in a few minutes I will
begin to bring you back to your conscious state. You will not remember that
you have been hypnotized. You will remember your secret word deep in your
subconscious and it's magic abilities it has. In a few minutes when I bring
you back you will find that the yellow blouse you are wearing is very ugly.
You hate this color of yellow and find that you must change your blouse right
away. Your favorite color is green. You will go to your room and change out
of this ugly blouse into a pretty green one. You will find that you look very
sexy in green and it will make you happy to wear a green blouse. Now I am
going to count to five and when I reach five you will become awake, happy and
wonderful. One, you are starting to come up, Two, you are starting to become
aware, Three, you are almost awake. Four, coming up now. Five, you are
completely awake." Jennifer awoke from her trance with a glow on her face.
"That is a beautiful crystal Heather, thank you for showing it to me. Ugh,
what was I thinking about when I put on this blouse. Excuse me for a minute
while I go change into something not so disgusting." As Jennifer left the
room, Heather said, "she is a better subject than I dreamt she would be. I
need to work on a few things, what do you say we begin her real training on
Tuesday evening?" "Anything that we need to do?" asked Linda. "Start leaving
your cigare y need to borrow one or two in the next couple of days," Heather
said with a smile.

[Tuesday night]

Jennifer went to the door to answer the bell. "Oh, hi Heather. Terri and
Linda aren't home right now, but they are due back soon. Please come it."
"Thank you", said Heather. Jennifer went into hostess mode and invited
Heather to make herself at home. "Would you like something to drink?" "A
glass of wine would be nice if you have some." "Sure", said Jennifer as she
went to pour her new friend a glass of wine. "I've been so busy lately with
work and school." "I sure know how that is", returned Heather, "why don't
you take a load off your feet a relax with me a few minutes." The ladies
continued with small talk for several minutes. Suddenly, speaking in a strong
but soothing voice Heather said "MENTHOL". Immediately Jennifer was drawn to
Heather's voice. Again Heather said in a slightly lower tone, "MENTHOL".
Jennifer's eyes glazed over as relaxation filled her face. "You like the
word "MENTHOL" don't you Jennifer?" "Yes" came Jennifer's reply as she
drifted down to a deep state of relaxation. "Allow yourself to go deep and
relaxed Jennifer. Listen to the sound of my voice as it makes you feel
wonderful. You feel a strong desire to please me because I have helped you
feel so wonderful. Now, I'm going to take you to a special place. You like
that idea don't you Jennifer?" "Yes" said the now completely entranced
subject. "Good, find yourself walking through a beautiful forest. The forest
is so pretty and green. Moss covers most of the trees. It is a perfect day.
Small puffy clouds fill the sky. The sun is shining in streaks through the
trees. The feeling in the air is so wonderful. You are so happy. Notice a
bubbling brook flowing through the forest. The sound of the water is so
relaxing; you are drawn to it. As you walk towards the brook, you notice a
grass covered ledge. You take off your shoes and sit on the ledge with your
toes dangling in the cool water. This whole experience is so relaxing and
wonderful. As you sit on the ledge enjoying the sounds and your state of
being, you notice that there is a pack of cigar s feels very natural and
conformable. You examine the pack of cigarettes and notice how pretty it is.
You read the words on the pack, `Virginia Slims Luxury Lights 120's' you
are drawn to the green strips on the side of the pack. It is so pretty, so
feminine, so sexy. You open the pack and examine the cigarettes packed
tightly in the pack. Lift the pack to you nose and breath in the aroma of the
cigarettes. The smell is so wonderful and inviting. You are so excited with
this little treasure you have found. You pull one of the cigarettes from the
pack. It is all white and long. You find it very beautiful. You notice you
have a lighter in your hand. You are consumed with the desire to smoke the
cigarette. You feel you whole body swell with excitement of what is to come.
You place the unlit cigarette in you lips and draw the taste of the tobacco
and menthol in to your mouth. It tastes wonderful. You notice that you
nipples have become hard and erect. You are feeling so sexy, so pretty. You
can't wait any longer. You flick the lighter to the tip of your cigarette
and lightly draw the smoke into your mouth. The taste is cool and satisfying.
You again lift the cigarette to your lips and draw a longer puff. You throat
relaxes and allows the smoke to flow easily into your lungs. The feeling is
fantastic as you blow a long stream of smoke into the air. Your body quivers
with orgasmic pleasure. This is the most wonderful experience you can
imagine. This is a great reward for all the hard work that you do. Suddenly
you notice your reflection in the water. You find the image very sexy. The
sight of the long cigarette in your hand near your face and your long brown
hair makes you feel good. You continue to enjoy your cigarette. It is
wonderful, you feel so special and so confident. It feels so natural. As you
begin to get to the end of your cigarette you feel a slight bit of
disappointment that this moment is about to end. You finish your cigarette
and begin coming back to me. On the count of three you will find yourself
back ced and ready to receive the instructions I will give you. 1- 2- 3-.
Jennifer you are doing so well. You are now ready to receive my instructions.
From now on each time you sleep, you will dream of your experience in the
forest. Each time you have this dream, you will remember the dream when you
wake from your sleep. You will feel more and more comfortable with the
thoughts of this dream and the desire to go back to this experience will grow
stronger and stronger. I have a present for you. It is a music CD. As you
listen to the CD you will find that the music is your favorite and you will
desire to listen to it over and over every chance that you get. I am now
going to count to five. When I reach five you will awake refreshed and
wonderful. The instructions I have given you will be engrained in your
subconscious and you will start to notice changes in your feelings as you
have been instructed. 1-. 2-.. 3-.4-.5-.. Completely awake now."
Jennifer awoke feeling very happy and relaxed. "Well, I've got to get going.
Tell Linda I'm sorry I missed her. Oh, by the way here's a CD that I
thought you would enjoy." "Thank you, that's very nice of you", said
Jennifer. With that Heather said goodnight and was on her way. 

Linda stepped outside and lit a cigarette. Terri who was just finishing her
smoke motioned through the window at Jennifer sitting on the couch with her
head phones on. "Jennifer sure has been listening to that CD a lot." Linda
smiled and said, "That's the CD that Heather made special for Jennifer.
It's some new age type stuff. At least that's the part that Jennifer thinks
she is listening too. Heather recorded some subliminal suggestions on the CD
designed to give her a little attitude adjustment." "Well she certainly seems
to be enjoying it." The CD was filled with statements that were building a
positive image of smoking on Jennifer's mind. Statements such as; `smoking
makes you sexy', you like the smell of cigarette smoke', `you want to be
around people who smoke', `smoking will keep you slim', `smoking makes
you confident', `you want to be a smoker', `smoking is your reward for
your hard work'. These messages and the sessions with Heather were beginning
to melt away Jennifer's resistance to smoking. She was becoming hopelessly
conditioned into a smoker.

Jennifer came home from school. It had been an especially stressful day and
it felt good to finally be home. Terri and Linda were gone, so she
immediately popped her special CD into the stereo and plopped down on the
couch as she listened to the relaxful sounds. Linda had left had an open pack
of cigarettes on the coffee table, which Jennifer quickly noticed. Aided by
the sounds of the CD, ideas began to flash through Jennifer's mind. She
picked up the pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120's and a rush of excitement
filled her body. She just had to try one of these cigarettes. Fearing
detection she rushed to the front window to make sure that no one was coming
to the house. Her heart pounded as she took one of the cigarettes from the
pack and grabbed the nearby lighter. She quietly slipped out the backdoor and
found a corner of the backyard where no one would be able to see her. As her
hands slightly trembled as she was about to perform this act of naughtiness.
Placing the cigarette in her lips she flicked the lighter to life and touched
the flame to the tip of her cigarette. Instinctively she seemed to know what
to do as she drew the smoke into her lungs. She held the wonderful
mentholated smoke in her lungs for a moment and then blew out a long stream
of smoke. She felt all of the tension in her body flow away. She could not
believe how great this was. She was really enjoying this cigarette. The
feeling was almost erotic as she continued to take puff after puff of the
sexy long white cigarette. She finished the cigarette and the feeling of
panic returned. I can't let anyone find out that I've smoked a cigarette
she thought. She rushed into the house replacing the lighter from where she
had found it. She then went to her room and sprinkled her body with perfume
to mask the smell of the cigarette smoke. Again she settled down on the couch
and continued to listen to the CD. Soon however she found herself in the
backyard smoking another cigarette. She smoked a total of three that
afternoon. She realized that she reall have been to my roommates she thought.
How could I ever admit to them that I former anti-smoker understood how
wonderful smoking really was. She decided she was going have to keep her
smoking a secret. She started working on plans that would enable her to sneak
a smoke from time to time. Little did she realize that she would never have a
chance to put that plan into action.

Linda arrived home walked into the living room and turned on the TV. After a
few minutes she remembered the pack of cigarettes she had left on the coffee
table. She had been leaving cigarettes around the house for the past couple
of days as Heather had instructed. She picked up the pack and opened it. She
counted fifteen cigarettes. Hmmm, there were eighteen in there when I left it
she thought as she realizes where the missing cigarettes had gone. Linda
picked up the phone and dialed Heather's number. "Hi Heather, this is Linda.
I've got some good news." "How many?" "Looks like three." "Looks like we
have a brand new smoker on our hands. I'll be right over." "OK, see you in a
little bit." Heather was at the door a short time later. Jennifer answered
the door and invited Heather in. "Hi Heather, thanks so much for that CD
it's great." "Yes, I understand you have been listening to it quite a bit
lately. You're probably beginning to notice some positive changes in your
life." "As a matter of fact I have", said Jennifer. Heather sat down on the
couch and reached into her purse and pulled out her pack of cigarettes and
lit one up. Jennifer instinctively started to protest but instead felt a warm
flow over her body as her friend enjoyed a deep drag from the long all white
cigarette. "Jennifer, you don't mind me smoking do you?" "Ah, no of course
not" Jennifer said showing the effects of her conditioning. "Good, menthol
smoke tastes wonderful." With those words Jennifer entered a light trance.
"Jennifer you like watching me smoke, don't you?" "Yes" came her reply. "Yes
you do." "Since we last spoke, you have started smoking haven't you
Jennifer?" "Yes" "That's good. But you still have a little problem. You have
had to sneak cigarette any time that you've wanted one. We need to fix that.
It's important that you become addicted to cigarettes as soon as possible.
If your addition is strong enough you will feel free to smoke at any time.
You want to be addicted to smoking don't you Jennifer?" "Yes." "Good, I will
help you.  ght a cigarette right now." Jennifer helped herself to Heather's
cigarettes and lit one up. Drawing the smoke deep into her lungs and blowing
out a long stream of smoke. "Now I want you to take another deep drag on your
cigarette, but this time slowly count to three before blowing the smoke out."
Jennifer took another drag from her cigarette this time holding the smoke in
her lungs as commanded. "Good now do it again. Continue to smoke in this
manner until your cigarette is finished then light another one. Keep doing
this until I tell you to stop. Every puff you take causes you to crave the
smoke more and more. Training your body to need the smoke. It feels so
wonderful. Anytime you hear me say the words `menthol smoke tastes
wonderful' you will perform this training exercise. Do you understand."
"Yes." "Excellent, you are doing so good Jennifer. Soon you will be
completely addicted to smoking and will never have any desire to quit. Now,
you need to start buying your own cigarettes. Your brand is Virginia Slims
Menthol 120's. You will always smoke this brand and will never have a desire
to smoke anything else. Do you understand Jennifer?" "Yes" "Good now finish
smoking cigarette and wait for my command." Jennifer took the last two drags
from her cigarette each time holding the smoke in her lungs before exhaling
the mentholated smoke. "Jennifer, in a few moments I will begin to count to
five. When I reach five you will be completely awake. You will realize that
you are a cigarette smoker and you will continue to enjoy smoking with your
friends. For the next couple of days I will come over and you will perform
the addiction exercise. After those times you will be completely addicted to
your cigarettes and will continue to smoke at least a pack a day forever. 1-
you are starting to feel aware. 2.coming up 3-almost awake 4- you love to
smoke 5 you are awake. How do you feel Jennifer?" "Wonderful" said Jennifer,
"I don't supposed I could have one of your cigarettes?" "Here have one of
mine" smiled Linda. 

Jennifer continued the addiction exercises for the next two days. She now was
a fully committed smoker. Jennifer never went anywhere without her cigarettes
anymore. As for Terri and Linda, well lets just say that there is a constant
cloud of smoke drifting in their house. A week later, Jennifer was meeting
Heather for lunch. Jennifer now had a new air of confidence and had begun
dressing and acting sexier. She dyed her hair blond. The two women sat down
at their table and immediately lit cigarettes. "How are things going? Asked
Heather. "Oh pretty good", answered Jennifer "I just broke up with my
boyfriend." "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that", said Heather. "Oh it for the best,
Brad is very anti-smoking and couldn't handle my smoking. So when it came
down to a choice, I chose my cigarettes." "Really?" Heather said, "What is
Brad's number?"

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