A Perfect Saturday, Part 1

(by Star Smoker, 07 October 2004)

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This story is a work of fiction and fantasy involving adult themes, including
sexual conduct, smoking, and drug use.  Please post any feedback to the
message board on SmokingSides Stories Yahoo group, and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Introduction

Kelly was my girlfriend as a college fifth-year senior; she had already
graduated and continued to live in the same town.  Pretty open and
adventurous, she had a heart as big as anyone I know, but could pull the dark
side out when she was feeling naughty, not really afraid to try anything (in
or out of bed).  Anyone could talk to her, and she was well accepted amongst
anyone who knew her.  

I describe her that way first, even though she was a complete knockout.  To
me, a woman's attitude makes all the difference (who wants a super-model
that's a complete high-maintenance bitch?).  But for those of you at home, she
was about 140 lbs., 5' 7" with a 36C chest.  I like my girls with a bit of
meat on their bones, a nice set of boobies, and a booty you can get a hold of.
She had medium-short brunette hair and brown eyes that perfectly matched her
hair.  I spoke of her adventurous spirit, and even though she was a little
more filled out than a model, she had an athletic body that made it possible
for her to be very competitive in many activities.

Kelly was also an on and off smoker; when we started dating, it seemed like
almost every other month she would or wouldn't be smoking.  Life was good when
she was, but it could be quite brutal when she wasn't.   Smoking usually
wasn't an issue after a beer or two, but we got into quite a few rows when she
was off the cigarettes and trying to get me to stop.  Her parents pressured
her a lot to quit, but half of our friends smoke and sometimes it could be a
tough dilemma.  

Initially, she wasn't a very accomplished smoker either: no real style and her
inhales were almost non-existant.  A person could easily tell she smoked only
to fit in to the crowd, or when she was drinking.  I took it upon myself to
guide her a bit.  She would accept subtle suggestions from me, and teaching
her to properly inhale led her to fewer and fewer times where she was
quitting, which suited me just fine.  

She still had never quite "owned" the cigarette; it was hers but she needed a
little more confidence in smoking without reservation.  Her typical style
(after my efforts at coaching) was to light up without inhaling and dangle
while she put her lighter away.  I would have preferred a nice inhale with a
nose exhale during her routine, but baby steps, baby steps. Then she would
hold the cigarette up next to her head if she was sitting, or casually out to
her side when standing or walking.  Her drags were somewhat short with a
small, barely visible snap inhale, and she had a fair hold time.  She had a
very cute way of tipping her head up and to the side to exhale.  She would
only exhale about half the smoke at first, holding some in for tiny nose
exhales or a talking exhale if she was having a conversation.  

All in all, I was very pleased with her progress and loved watching Kelly
smoke.  I was pretty sure, that at least on a basic level, she understood that
I thought smoking was something special.  I never spoke directly about my
fetish, and she never really questioned me about it.  We almost always had the
typical smoke after sex.  I even wondered aloud one night what it would be
like to smoke during sex, but she didn't say anything and I resigned the
prospect once again to my fantasies.

Until one Saturday... 

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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