End of Days: The Temptation of April, Part 8

(by uciboy2001@yahoo.com, 02 May 2004)

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Father Ken, who had fallen asleep in his chair with his Bible resting on his
chest, was awakened by the doorbell.  "Who could that be?" he wondered as he
looked at his watch and noticed the late hour.

At first the priest didn't recognize the young girl standing at his door.
"Yes, can I help you miss?"

"Father Ken?" April said with tears in her eyes.

"April?  Is that you?  My goodness, what's happened to you?" he asked with
deep concern as he invited the teenager in.

April was once again wearing her glasses and had had to change into some loose
fitting clothes as her wait began to pick back up, but she was still 20 to 30
pounds less than when Father Ken had seen her the previous Sunday.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," April said with much guilt.

"April," Father Ken said warmly, "we're not Catholics.  You don't have to
offer me a confession.  Just tell me what's wrong."

April opened her heart to Father Ken as she told him everything that had
happened since Easter Sunday.  The priest listened intently, the deepening
lines on his face showing his growing concern, and asked when she finished to
tell him more about Jezzie.

"Well," she began, "she's very beautiful - and funny."  April began to feel
emptiness in herself, as though she missed her new friend.  "She smokes
constantly, and she keeps showing up in my dreams."  April paused when Father
Ken put his hands up to his face.  "And she said that she knew you."  

Father Ken glanced quickly at April when she said those words.

"Oh yes," Father Ken replied slowly, "I know this person.  The devil comes in
many forms, but is most affective when he comes in the shape of a woman."
Father Ken rested his chin on his fist as he thought for a moment what to say

"I was much like you back in high school," he said with his eyes turned
towards the floor.  "I could never seem to fit in, no matter how hard I
tried."  He looked up at April and smiled.  "Then I met this girl - and she
promised me more than I could hope for.  Overnight I had become a star pupil -
the most popular student on campus.  But she wanted more from me than just
friendship.  She invaded my dreams, tempting me to do things I knew were
wrong."  Father Ken paused for a moment, and April knew that he was telling
her about a painful part of his personal history.  "I spurned her - and I lost
everything she had given me; but as a consequence, I had found self-respect in
knowing that I was able to resist such evil.  It was at that moment that I
decided to join the priesthood and devote my life to fighting Satan."

Silence hung in the air between them for a few moments before April said,
"Jezzie said that I had one more test, and that upon passing that test, the
end of days would come.  She said she was building an army.  What did she

"Satan has long been building an army, April, and with every new convert,
humanity comes ever closer to the end of our existence.  But God is also
building an army, and if we keep faith, we will fight along side him when the
time comes."

April felt inspired by his words.  She would fight Jezzie no matter what.

"It's not going to be easy, April.  The Devil will test you in many ways, but
you must be strong.  You must resist."

"I want to," April said as she could feel several pounds grow back onto her
waist.  "I want to be a good Christian."

"I know you do," Father Ken said with a kind smile.  "Let's pray together."

April prayed as hard as she could, asking for God's forgiveness and the
strength to resist evil; but after an hour, April could pray no more.  She was
simply exhausted.

"I want you to sleep here tonight so that I can watch over you," Father Ken
said as he led her into the guest bedroom.  "I'll call your mother and tell
her where you are, and that you will be home after church tomorrow."

"Thank you, Father."

As April pulled the covers over herself, she hoped that sleep would come
quickly.  She looked forward to going to church the next day where she would
continue to build up her strength to fight Jezzie - and April closed her eyes
with confidence that she would win this battle against Satan.


It was a beautiful spring day, and for the first time, April truly understood
the significance of her name.  It had been twelve hours since she had a
cigarette, and she felt that she had crossed a milestone.  Each day would be a
new beginning as she swore never to use her power again.  It wouldn't be easy
since the temptation would always be there.  And she knew that eventually she
would return to her former physical state of a fat teenager who wore thick
glasses and fought a never ending battle with acne.  She had already gained
back 30 pounds of the 20 that she had lost the previous day, and her face was
sore with fresh pimples.  But she entered the church with a new determination
in her life to accept herself for who she was.

The service had already begun and the congregation was singing "Amazing
Grace."  She moved to a center aisle seat near an old woman who gave her a
smile as she offered to share her hymnal book.  But she didn't need a book to
sing her favorite song.  She knew these words by heart, and today she felt as
though she could sing with the voice of a thousand angels.  She glanced up at
Father Ken standing in front of the pulpit at the center of the room who gave
her a reassuring wink.  Yes, everything was going to be fine.  She was back
where she belonged - with the friends who loved her no matter what she looked

But as she sang the words, she felt like she was singing a different song from
the rest of the congregation.  Even the organ music had a discordant sound to
it this morning - full of sharps and flats that made the music appear dark and
eerie.  She looked over at the old woman's hymnal book and suddenly realized
what everyone was actually singing:

"Amazing smoke, how sweet the smell Who saved a wretch, like me.  I feel your
strength, I obey your power Was blind, but now I see."

April could feel the cold pleasurable sensation shiver through her body as she
read those words.  So many evil thoughts came into her mind as her brain was
flooded with the memory of the events from the previous day.  Each
transformation of her victims was replayed in her mind like a movie, and she
could feel her pussy starting to moisten with each image.  The temptation was
suddenly strong, as was also the overwhelming urge to smoke as the verses sung
by the congregation were repeated over and over.  She felt certain that she
was about to orgasm any minute and fall from grace.

April felt weak as she leaned forward a bit and grabbed the back of the pew in
front of her.  What should she do?  She wanted to be good and moral as Father
Ken had told her, but the alternative was so incredibly tempting.  She had
experienced power in a way that she could never imagine - and could never
experience again if she went back to her former life.  She looked up at Father
Ken for some sort of sign to help her resist, but Father Ken merely smiled and
winked at her.

"Amazing smoke," the congregation sang, "how sweet the smell."  

"Yes," April said to herself, "it is a sweet smell; and how I want to feel
your power."  Admitting this thought increased the sensations in her pussy
which was ready to explode.  She knew what she wanted - more than at any time
in her life, she knew what she wanted to do.

"What are you waiting for?" April heard the old woman next to her say.  But
when April turned toward her, she realized that she was face to face with
Jezzie.  "He's waiting for you, you know," she said with a wicked grin as she
handed April a freshly lit Virginia Slim 120 cigarette.

Something clicked in April's mind at that moment, like the final piece of a
puzzle falling into place.  "Yes," she said in an evil tone, "I believe you're
right."  Everything in the world suddenly made sense to April at that moment
as she took the cigarette between her fingers and pumped hard on it, filling
her mouth with a dense cloud of smoke.  When she inhaled its power deeply into
her lungs, her body welcomed it with open arms.  The congregation continued to
sing:  "Was blind, but now I see."

April cocked her head upwards and exhaled a tremendous cone of smoke above the
congregation.  She stepped into the aisle and walked slowly towards the
pulpit, never losing eye contact with the young priest still singing.  With an
evil look on her face and a wry smile, April spread her arms out wide as she
walked forward, the long cigarette protruding from between her fingers, and
with only a thought from her wicked mind, a lit cigarette had materialized
between the fingers of every congregant in the church which continued to sing
out strongly in between their voluminous exhales of smoke.

April felt the cold power flowing through her veins, and the acne that had
reappeared on her face suddenly disappeared; her waist line that had been
expanding returned to its svelte figure and her clothes morphed into a tight
black leather skirt and a shiny silvery sleeveless shirt.  She took powerful
puffs on her 120 which magically never shortened, and she inhaled each puff so
deep into her lungs that she was convinced she was floating down the aisle
rather than walking.  As she stood directly in front of Father Ken, who
continued to sing with a smile on his face as he looked down at her, April
moved up the steps toward him, her hands outstretched ready to heal him.

"Smoke," she said softly as she put her hands on his chest.  "You  will obey
me."  The young priest closed his eyes in ecstasy as her cold power moved
through his body.  "You will be a slave to its power," April said with passion
rising in her voice as the chorus of the congregation grew louder and louder:
"I feel your strength, I obey your power...."

The excitement April felt in transforming Father Ken was only matched by the
excitement she was feeling between her legs as her pussy grew closer to
climax.  She knew the words that would make her cum harder than she had ever
cum before - and would seal her fate forever in the corrupt wickedness she so
earnestly desired.  With a broad smile on her face, she tightened her grip on
his chest and yelled, "You will obey the smoke!"  The singing was deafening as
she placed the cigarette between the priest's lips and watched him turn the
tip a bright orange with a massive puff.  When Father Ken inhaled the smoke
into his lungs, April let out an evil laugh.  She couldn't hold back any
further and immediately felt her pussy explode in rapturous joy as she watched
Father Ken smoke her cigarette with a broad smile on his face.  As her body
shook with convulsions, she continued to hold on tightly to the priest's
chest, yelling over and over in ecstasy, "Obey the smoke!  Obey the smoke!"


"April!  April, wake up," Father Ken yelled as he tried to shake the young
girl out of her sleep.  But he suddenly felt paralyzed as he realized that in
his efforts to wake April, she had grabbed on tightly to his chest with both
hands.  "Obey the smoke!" he heard her shout, and his body began to shiver as
a cold force moved through him.  "Obey the smoke," the teenager shouted again
with her eyes closed, and he watched in amazement as her body began to morph
into a beautiful, sexy young woman.  He tried to yell "stop," but the pleasure
he was feeling from this cold power prevented the words from coming out of his

His thoughts suddenly became cluttered with images of himself smoking, and he
felt a powerful attraction to these images.  His lungs began to crave
something that he had never craved before, but instinctively he knew that it
was nicotine he desired.  As April continued to hold on tight, shouting over
and over to obey the smoke, he felt a bulge between his legs growing stronger
and stronger.  Such wicked thoughts were growing in his mind, and each shout
from April brought him closer to orgasm - until finally the ejaculation from
his cock came with such force, that he gasped deeply.  Never before had he
experiences such a powerful orgasm, and he smiled with deep satisfaction as he
filled his underwear with the warm fluid that continued to flow from its

When April opened her eyes, she realized that she wasn't in the church - but
that she was still in the guest bedroom at Father Ken's home.  She felt
different now than when she had gone to bed, and the cold pleasure was as
comforting as a warm blanket.  She looked up at Father Ken who was breathing
heavily and had a desire in his eyes for her that she had never seen before.
With her hands still holding his chest tightly, she knew what she had done in
her sleep.  She raised her head and saw that on the other side of the room,
Jezzie was standing in the shadows holding a freshly lit 120 cigarette just to
the side of her mouth.  As the smoke swirled around her face, Jezzie smiled at
April and gave a nod towards the nightstand next to the bed.

April followed her glance and saw a fresh pack of Virginia Slims 120's and a
lighter.  This was the test Jezzie had spoken of.  If she released her hands
from his chest, her soul might yet be saved.  But the images from April's
dream were still vivid and the feelings very real indeed.  April knew she had
free will, and she knew what she wanted to do with it.  "Obey the smoke," she
whispered as she grabbed Father Ken's chest tighter in her hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" the priest cried out in carnal pleasure as he shot another
load into his wet shorts.  "That's sooooo good, April!"

The teenager smiled wickedly at Father Ken as she reached for the pack of
Virginia Slims.

"And my army grows," Jezzie said softly as she brought the cigarette to her
lips and disappeared into the darkness, the bright orange tip fading along
with her.


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