Seda, Part 1

(by anonymous, 15 September 2010)

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Part I

Bradley Lester went to work for DigiSystems Inc. as a software engineer in
March of 2009.  He was 26 years old and though intelligent, he had never had
success with women. He had not dated in high school or during college. Later,
in graduate school he went out only twice, both times with a different woman.
Soon after his grad studies ended, he dated one woman for three weeks. The
second woman he dated, he married. Eight months after the wedding a friend of
Bradley's told him he had seen his wife's car parked late two nights in a row
in the driveway of a house belonging to a man they both knew. When Bradley
mentioned this to his wife, she denied any wrongdoing, grew belligerent, and
said if he did not believe her, she would leave him. Which she promptly did.

After that, Bradley went into a funk and swore off women altogether.  He
threw himself into his job and on weekends visited his widowed mother, who
lived a hundred miles away.   She was always glad to see him, an only child,
and tried to comfort him during his divorce. But at the same time, she told
him that he needed to be more assertive, to stand up for what he believed.
And then she said words she had been repeating to him since his boyhood.
"Good things will happen when you least expect it."

Bradley believed if there were a woman out there who would love him for who
he was, he was sure that would be enough. Well, pretty sure. He was not
movie-star handsome. His blond hair was already thinning, his build on the
slight side. However, his face was earnest and honest-looking, his eyes a
deep blue. Most problematic was his lack of self-confidence. Yes, he knew he
might well fit the characteristics of a geek, but he tried not to take it

Many days Bradley ate his lunch alone in the DigiSystems cafeteria.  It gave
him time to catch up on his reading, which usually meant a copy of Scientific
American while he ate.  He was engrossed in an article titled "The
Mathematics of Pulsars" when he barely noticed a figure heading toward his
table. Next thing he knew a woman had taken a seat across from him.  She
hadn't asked if the seat were taken or if he minded company. She had set her
tray down and pulled out a chair, even though there were empty tables nearby. 

When Bradley looked up he saw a dark-haired, large-framed woman of about 40.
Her eyes were coal black and luminous, her overall look exotic.  

"I am Seda," the woman said, picking up her fork. Her voice was accented and
she pronounced the name SAY-da.  In his shyness, Bradley forgot to give his
name and she did not ask for it. 

Bradley had seen the woman before, several times, in fact.  Those sightings
always came along DigiSystems' busy outdoor walkway that forked. One path led
to the cafeteria and the other to the company smoking area.  Seda always
seemed to be going to or coming from the smoking area whenever he used the
walkway. When they passed by he could smell a strong scent of tobacco on her.
The smell excited him. His ex-wife did not smoke, though he often wished she
had. Once or twice this Seda caught his eye as they passed each other and she
typically smiled. Not a wide smile, but one that drew his attention. The last
time it happened he had tried to smile back, but sensed he had failed. 

Early on Bradley did not think he would be interested in her. She appeared to
be several years older, for one. For another, she was taller, perhaps two or
three inches or so taller than him.  And she was not in the engineering area
he was fairly certain. 

But now she was sitting in front of him eating a macaroni casserole.  

"You are reading what?" she asked between mouthfuls. 

He turned over the magazine to the cover side up and looked at it, as if he
had forgotten. Then he showed it to her. When she took it, he noticed that
the sides of her index and middle finger on her hand, including the
fingernails, were long and lavender, but stained along the edges a dull

Seda nodded. "It is good? Your story?" Her face remarkably was unlined, save
for a row of thin, pinched wrinkles above her top lip. 

Bradley shrugged.  "It has some useful information."

"I have seen you before. You are in which department?"

"Software design."

"Oh.  A long time here?"

"A year and a half, approximately."

"I see. And are you liking it?"

"Yes. Most of the time." Bradley laughed slightly. 

"That is important, they say. To like your job. I am in purchasing office
seven years.  I am a receptionist.  I would like to do more, of course. My
dream is marketing."

"Oh, yes, marketing," said Bradley, who knew virtually nothing about that

"And you are weighing how much?" 

Bradley flinched, wondering why this might be relevant. "About one-hundred
and thirty, I think."  His face reddened.

She nodded, seemingly pleased with his answer. 

They talked some more, or rather Seda did.  She told Bradley she was a native
of Turkey.  She had lived there until she was 13 years old when her parents
died in an automobile accident.  She was then sent to live with her aunt in
Chicago.  She went to school in Chicago, to Catholic school, because her aunt
thought it best. Back in Turkey, her aunt knew, grown men were already
chasing after Seda at age 12. 

"It was crazy time," Seda said. 

She wiped her mouth and suddenly stood up. Bradley was struck by height. She
was sturdy, too, but her body looked to be solid.  Her forearms were wrapped
in fine black hair. 

"I must now smoke," Seda said.  "You don't do it? Smoking?

"No," Bradley said.  

"Oh. That is too bad." Seda smiled and picked up her tray.  "Perhaps we are
seeing each other again, yes?"

"Uh, yes."

As the woman walked away Bradley felt his penis stir.  It had been a long
time since that happened, he realized.  He was actually getting hard.  When
he stood up, he held his tray lower, so it might block the sight of a bulge
he was sure visible in his brown slacks. 

They did meet again.  On the next day, in fact. Seda once more took a seat
without being invited and began to talk. Bradley again smelled cigarettes on
her. She must have had one just prior to lunch. When she looked at him, he
saw that her nostrils resembled highway tunnels. 

"You are married?" Seda asked.

"Um, not now.  I was."

"Your wife, she died?"

"No, no.  We divorced." 

"Oh. You have children?"

"No. No, children. That was the good thing about the divorce, I guess."

"I am not married either," Seda offered.  "I have not met Mister Right, as
they say. But I keep looking."  She laughed.

Bradley could find nothing to add to this. 

Three days after that, Bradley sat down at lunch with a magazine. He was
hoping to see Seda again.  In truth, he wanted badly to see her because he
wanted to ask her out to lunch. Yet the thought of doing so unnerved him. In
an unexplainable way, she scared him. Nonetheless, his heart thumped.  He was
not good at this sort of thing, but he wanted to do it now. For some reason,
this woman attracted him.  And she seemed interested in him, for some reason.

Suddenly Seda appeared.  "Hello," she said as she took a seat.


They talked about the rain, which had fallen for the past two days.  "It is
raining too much," said Seda. "In Turkey the sun is shining a lot. Here, not
so much."

Bradley could feel his throat go dry.  Suddenly he said, "Do you ever eat
lunch outside the cafeteria? In one of the places at the mall, I mean?"

Seda studied him closely without answering. "Yes," she said finally.  "I go
there now and then.  Are you making this a date?"

"Well, yes. I mean no, just a friendly lunch.  Something different than
eating here."

"Something different is good." She smiled and Bradley noticed her teeth.
Their color reminded him of the skin of lemons. Must be the smoking, he

They met the next day at noon in one of the DigiSystems parking lots.  Seda
was waiting for him, a burning cigarette in her hand.  She got into Bradley's
car while still holding her cigarette and continued to smoke it as she he
drove. In a moment thick smoke filled the interior of the car. Bradley said
nothing nor did Seda.

When they entered Capo's restaurant, Seda pushed Bradley aside and told the
hostess at the desk that they wanted to eat outside, on the patio.  "There is
still smoking out there?" Seda inquired. The woman nodded and led the way.

At lunch, Seda smoked six cigarettes. Bradley counted. He watched in
fascination as she removed a cigarette from a wide flat pack that lay on the
table and then tapped one end of a cigarette on the side of a gold lighter.
The cigarette brand was Ismir, a Turkish brand, Seda said. "They are the only
kind I will smoke. I have tried all the American cigarettes and I cannot
smoke them. They are like play cigarettes." Ismir cigarettes did not have a
filter, Bradley noticed, and Seda spent much time picking pieces of tobacco
off her lips and teeth.  She made no apologies for her habit. When she
exhaled, from her mouth and then nose, some of the smoke sailed into
Bradley's face. She did not apologize for that, either. 

Screwing up his courage, Bradley asked her more about herself.  Though Seda's
aunt was strict in some areas, she had permitted Seda to smoke at an early
age.  In fact, her aunt bought her the Turkish cigarettes and that is how she
got started on them.  When her schooling ended Seda took various jobs.
Cashier at a grocery, keypunch operator, counter helper at a Whataburger.
Eventually she was hired by DigiSystems.  She had been there since she was
35. She was 42 now. What she liked best about DigiSystems was that it gave
employees a gym membership.  Bradley seldom used his but she went often. He
found that strange since she smoked so much. She wanted to be in marketing
but did not know how to go about getting there.  

Bradley had no idea how to help her. He wished he could. 

"You are lucky," Seda said. "You have a career. I do not."  

"But ..."

"No, I am not qualified. I am envying you that."

They were quiet.  Finally Bradley took a deep swallow and said, "Would you
like to go to the movies some time?"

Seda furrowed her brow for a moment, though she did not look unhappy at this
request. "To be seeing what?"  

"I don't know. Whatever is playing.  Whatever you would like to see."

Seda smiled and they made a date for that weekend.  They met in front of the
theater. When Bradley arrived, she was wearing a maroon dress and smoking a
cigarette.  The dress was short enough to reveal a lot of her legs. They were
shapely, he noticed, and strong looking. Her bare arms, he saw, also were
muscular. She took a hungry drag on the Ismir and followed it immediately
with a second drag, even before she had exhaled.

"You look very nice," Bradley said.

Seda said nothing, concentrating only on the remainder of her cigarette. When
she tossed the cigarette to the sidewalk, the butt was less than a half-inch
in length, Bradley saw. He also noticed that Seda didn't bother grinding it
out with her shoe. It was as if she expected him to do that for her, which
Bradley did.

During the movie, an action flick with George Clooney, Seda locked her arm in
his as they sat.  Bradley felt his penis go hard again.  Twenty minutes into
the show, Seda stood up and moved past Bradley, saying nothing.  When she
returned, she did not sit next to him but instead sat two chairs down, on the
aisle. Thrice more she left her seat and disappeared. Each time she returned
Bradley detected the strong smell of her cigarettes. 

The next week Seda invited Bradley to her apartment to watch her favorite
television show, "Sex and the City."  Bradley brought a bouquet of lilacs for
her, which she had mentioned was her favorite flower. 

"Don't you want to put the flowers in water?" 

"The show is now starting," Seda answered. "Sit down."

The two sat on Seda's couch together and watched two episodes that
ran-back-to-back. During a commercial Seda made herself a rum and Coke. She
smoked one Ismir after another, almost non-stop. When Bradley leaned across
the couch to kiss Seda she turned at the last moment, leaving only her cheek
for him. 

"We will go to the bedroom now," she announced. The suddenness and bluntness
of her words caught Bradley off guard.  When Seda pulled at his arm to get
him off the couch, he was surprised at how easily she lifted him.  

Bradley followed as she led him down a short hallway.  He sat on the bed and
took off his clothes and climbed under the single sheet. It was mild night
and no additional covering was needed. In a few moments Seda came out of the
bathroom. The light stayed on in the room and Bradley could see Seda was
still wearing a beige-colored brassiere.  Her large breasts pushed the
material straight out. Seda had nothing on below that. Right away he saw that
her patch of pubic hair stood out.  The hair was a sprawling, jet-black nest
that reached up to her abdomen and down both thighs. A thick line of the hair
even snaked from the small of her back and seemed to disappear into her butt
crack. Bradley had never seen such a growth. 

Seda climbed under the covers and immediately reached for his cock.  Her hand
went straight to the condom he had slipped on. Without saying anything, she
quickly yanked the condom off.  In silence, she got out of bed and went into
the bathroom with it. Bradley heard the flushing of a toilet. 

Back in the bedroom, her hand went again to his cock, as if to check on it

"Good," she said aloud.  "It is good."

Just as he began to think about that assessment, Seda rose up halfway in the
bed and said, "I must be on the top."  

Words failed Bradley. On the top? Why must she be on the top?

Without waiting for his response, Seda rolled over and lifted herself atop
Bradley's naked body. She was still wearing her brassiere and it became clear
she did not wish to remove it. He would have liked to kiss her breasts but he
didn't see the point if they were covered. Seda reached down until she found
his stiff penis. She did not rub it or caress it. Instead, she arched her
back and smoothly slid his penis into herself. Bradley thought of his former
wife and how hard it sometimes had been to enter her. 

"Good," Seda said again. 

With his penis inside her, Seda carefully set her forearms across his,
pinning him to the bed.  Thus there was no way he would be able to touch her.
She drove her knees into his legs, in effect binding them to the bed as well.
No way now would Bradley be able to move.  In fact, he had trouble breathing.
He estimated that Seda weighed between fifty and sixty more pounds than he
did, and most of her weight was directly on top of him. He had nowhere to go
because she was now pressing down on him hard with her forearms and legs. In
a moment, her head turned sideways and her eyes closed. Bradley felt her lean
into him even harder, as if to make sure he could not squirm. She began to
slowly rock up and down, trying to drive his penis deeper into her. When he
felt her do this, he started to rock as well.

"No, no, no. Stop it," Seda said firmly, her eyes still closed. "I am only
moving. Not you. You do not move at all." Her breath was heavy and harsh from
the many cigarettes.

It was now obvious to Bradley that Seda was completely in charge in this bed.
He had no say in any matter. He gave up the idea of trying to protest, even
as he felt the air being squeezed out of him by her body.

Seda began to rock faster. This went on for more than five minutes. To
Bradley, she appeared to know exactly what she was doing. Building in speed
and power as she went, she never opened her eyes or turned her face toward
him.  It was as if he were not there.

At one point Seda took her left hand and grabbed both of Bradley's arms at
the wrist. She held his wrists tightly and at the same time pressed them
together toward the bed.  This maneuver caused Seda's left arm to fall
directly across Bradley's face. Her armpit, dripping beads of perspiration
and amass with slimy black hair, came to rest atop Bradley's mouth and nose.
Her right hand now free, Seda brought it around Bradley's body and shoved it
underneath him, at the small of his back. That done, Seda, clearly blessed
with remarkable strength, pushed upward once and then twice, forcing
Bradley's penis ever deeper into her. 

Finally Bradley heard Seda gasp. She applied more pressure to the joined arms
she held, not letting Bradley budge an inch. Meanwhile, surely using all her
great strength, and grunting fiercely as she went, she made one last push
upward with the hand beneath him. It seemed to work, for Seda entered into a
series of groans. She followed that with a guttural howl. 

Bradley felt her eruption, which actually came in several waves.  He did not
think women discharged fluids during an orgasm.  At least a lot of fluids.
Seda was an exception. Her fluid rolled down and out of her in torrents.
Great thick rivers pooled across Bradley's crotch. He felt happy for her.  

When she had emptied her all, Seda wordlessly swung off Bradley and
immediately reached for an Ismir on the bedside table. Though she was still
breathing heavily, Seda managed to tap one end of the cigarette. That done
she summoned strength to suck in as much smoke possible and keep it inside
her for the longest time. Out of breath and staring at the ceiling, she
released  the smoke from her mouth leisurely, followed by her nose. Bradley
watched in fascination as Seda's chest rose high on the bed and then fell as
she smoked.  Her torso glistened with perspiration and her own wetness.
Soaked with sweat, her brassiere had turned dark brown.

"May I try one of those, please?" Bradley asked.

Seda laughed, a weary laugh.  "What? You do not smoke. I am not going to
waste one bit of this cigarette."


Seda made a clucking sound. "One puff.  That is all."  She handed him her
Ismir. Bradley pulled on it slightly.  As soon as he did he knew it was a
mistake. So strong was the smoke and so unaccustomed was his body to it, his
throat closed up and he was sent twisting on the bed in a coughing fit.  

"Give me that back right now," Seda said.  "You have no business smoking."
Then she started to laugh loudly. "Your face, it is green. You should see
it." She continued to laugh at him.  

Bradley said nothing. He was thoroughly embarrassed and wished he never had
tried the cigarette. 

After she finished a second cigarette, Seda reached over and once more put
her palm around Bradley's penis. It was still fairly hard.  "This is good,"
she said.  "We will be waiting maybe one minute more."

When that minute passed, Seda raised and then lowered herself once again on
top of Bradley.  My God, he thought. She wants more.  

Seda did indeed.  Taking hold of Bradley's penis, she worked it through the
thick field of black fur between her legs and into her body.  Again she would
not let Bradley's arms or legs twitch in the least. As she started to move up
and down, Bradley said softly, "Should I ...?"

"No," Seda snapped. "How many times must I be telling you," her voice filled
with irritation. "Do as before. Do as I say. And no talking. Do not make me
tie a cloth over your mouth, because I will."

So Bradley kept himself silent and lifeless, waiting for Seda to reach
orgasm. When that happened, the powerful explosion from her bathed him a
second time. The fluid covered Bradley's abdomen, adding a layer to her
previous output, which had not completely dried.

A minute later, Seda, awash in sweat once more, pushed away from Bradley and
lighted another Ismir.  She said nothing, concentrating only on her smoking
and trying to catch her breath. That was not always easy, for she had greatly
exerted herself.  Bradley found himself entranced. Everything about her
excited him. At the same time, she intimidated him. He had begun to feel
helpless around her. Yet he did not mind that feeling. She was older and
wiser and he respected that. In admiration he watched her take the smoke from
her cigarette and bring it out of her mouth and up into her nostrils before
she inhaled. He was in love. Yes, he was sure of it.

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