Sin In The City, Part 1

(by, 29 October 2001)

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Sin in the City

Part 1:

Jennifer watched the clock intently and silently prayed to herself that no
more traumas would come in. It had been a relatively slow night; broken arm,
some stitches a nasty case of dehydration and diarrhea, and a very drunk
college student. Only 15 minutes remained of her ten-hour shift. She should
have been exhausted, but instead was anxious and wide-awake. Continuous mugs
of coffee helped slightly, but more than anything it was anticipation of her
plans for the next three days that she had off.

Finally, she let a sigh of relief as her replacement walked through the door.
Jennifer spent the next ten minutes with her going over cases and charts of
the patients who were still in the ER. With five minutes left on her shift,
she said good-bye to her co-workers and clocked out. She walked towards the ER
entrance and the automatic doors slid open for her. 

She paused briefly and placed a cigarette in her lips and then turned, cupping
the tip so the breeze wouldn't blow out her lighter. The distant wail of a
siren caught her attention. She drew hard twice and turned to the nursing
station and waved and called out "Ta Ta, have fun!" with smoke flowing from
her mouth. The other nurses laughed and waved her away, wishing her a good

Jennifer walked to her car so fast it seemed she was jogging. She placed the
cigarette in her lips and drew, allowing it to dangle while she unlocked the
trunk. She tossed her bag into the trunk along side the small suitcase and
carry on bag which already lay there. She closed the trunk as she drew again
and then removed the cigarette, casually tapping the growing ash to the
ground. She quickly unlocked the driver side door of her car and slid in. The
car turned over and roared to life, and Jennifer backed it out quickly. As the
ambulance pulled in front of the ER entrance, her Toyota Celica raced out the
other side.

Karrie's store was busy for an early Tuesday evening. N'sync had just released
a new album and this seemed to be bringing the masses of teenage girls into
the store. She hated selling that kind of music but knew that it sold, and
sold well. More than selling it, she hated listening to it. But in order to
sell more CD's, she had played it through the sound system all day.

A month prior, she had a visit from the local police department. They told her
that some of the items she sold in her store were questionable in nature and
that she had two choices; she could either voluntarily remove the items from
her store, or fight a court order that the District Attorney was drafting to
close her store permanently. Being a little hazy on the laws, Karrie agreed to
remove the 'paraphernalia' from her inventory the next day.

Karrie now checked her own watch. It was 6:15 p.m. She continued to go over
some business details with a newly hired Assistant Manager. The woman was in
graduate school working towards her MBA. Karrie knew that she needed someone
with a little more business knowledge to help her store grow and prosper,
rather than just 'get by'. She ran an ad in the university newspaper that said
the store was looking for 'A business student who was willing to work for
close to nothing, but gain valuable work experience'. She was flooded with
applications and spent three days going through them. She interviewed only one
candidate, Jessica, and offered her the job on the spot.

A bell chimed as Jennifer walked through the door, her carry on bag slung over
her shoulder. She propped her sunglasses up top of her head and approached the
counter, smiling. "Hey ladies!" she said bubbly.

"Hey Jenn!" Karrie replied. 

"Hi Jennifer, how's it going?" Jessica asked rhetorically.

"I'm gonna head upstairs and get changed, how soon are you going to be ready?"
Jennifer asked Karrie.

"I'll be up in about 5 minutes. What time do we leave?" she asked.

"Flight leaves at 7:30. We need to get a move on..." Jennifer replied walking
around the counter. She slapped Karrie on the butt as she passed by, then
headed into the back room. She jogged up the short flight of stairs which led
to Karrie's studio apartment above the store and entered the unlocked

Karrie's apartment was an old style studio. The first time Jennifer was
invited over, she fell in love with it. It was wide open with pipes and
heating ducts traveling in all directions on the 12 foot high ceiling. Large
windows surrounded the exterior and provided natural light throughout. The
walls were brick and a staggered pattern of red and gray. The floors were
hardwood except for the throw rugs which some of the furniture sat on. Two
dividing walls had been built to provide for a bit of privacy; one separating
the bedroom area from the kitchen, and another that enclosed the bathroom and
changing area.

Jennifer sat her bag on the floor next to Karrie's bed and unpacked the
clothes she was going to wear on the flight. She stripped off her scrubs and
kicked them into a corner. She pulled a black T-shirt over her head and then
removed the elastic band from her ponytail. She placed her makeup bag on a
dresser that stood under a large mirror. Jennifer shook her hair loose with
her fingers and then lit a cigarette. She drew deeply, ever appreciating the
sensations that soon followed. As she exhaled, she began to apply makeup to
her plain face, bringing it to life.

Karrie finalized things with Jessica and then trotted up the stairs. She
entered and quickly lit a cigarette. From across the room, she could see her
suitcase lying on her bed. "Just me," she called out. From behind a dividing
wall, she saw Jennifer's arm wave, acknowledging her presence. 

"Over here, babe." a voice called out. A cloud of smoke rose above the wall
towards the ceiling.

Karrie drew again and walked towards her bed, and began unbuttoning her shirt.
She continued to talk as she stripped. "God, I can't wait to get out of here.
I need this trip so bad." She paused and drew on her cigarette, then set it in
an ashtray that lay on her nightstand.

She exhaled and tossed the shirt to the ground near Jennifer's scrubs. "How
was work?" she said approaching Jennifer from behind. Karrie wrapped her arms
around Jennifer and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Jennifer paused putting on her mascara and turned to Karrie. They leaned in
towards each other and shared a soft, passionate kiss. Karrie slipped a hand
down Jennifer's panties and gently caressed her ass. Jennifer opened her mouth
and welcomed Karrie's moist tongue. They pulled each other closer and their
breasts gently squished against each other. Jennifer finally broke the kiss
and stared at Karrie smiling.

"We'll never get out of here if you don't quit it." she warned with a laugh.
"You're lucky I haven't put on my lipstick yet."

With that she spun back around and returned to applying her mascara. "Work was
uneventful, thank god." She paused and picked up her cigarette. "Store seems
busy..." she said and then drew on her cigarette.

"N'Sync," Karrie said shaking her head as she pulled off her jeans.

Jennifer rolled her eyes and nodded as she exhaled towards the mirror.
Satisfied with her mascara she began applying her eye shadow. Karrie joined
her friend at the mirror and began transforming herself from 'Earthy Store
Owner' to 'Sultry Vixen'.

Ten minutes later, both ladies were zipping up their bags and heading towards
the door. Karrie looked at her watch and it was 6:35. She set her bags down
and opened a cabinet in the kitchen. Jennifer set her bags down too and joined

"We have just enough time for a few," Karrie said as she began filling the
bong with some fresh bud. She placed her lips inside the cylinder and lit the
bowl and began drawing hard. The hazy water bubbled and began filling with the
smoke. Karrie removed the bowl and was rewarded with a lung full of the sweet
smoke. She replaced the bowl and slid the bong towards Jennifer.

"You're sure we can get some down there?" Jennifer asked before she leaned
over the bong and began sucking.

Holding her breath, Karrie nodded and then finally released the smoke, making
a 'swoosh' sound. "Yeah, should be pretty easy to find. It's fucking Vegas
after all..."

End Part 1

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