Busted For Smoking, Part 1

(by flysmoker, 10 October 2011)

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Busted for smoking

Part one

Amanda Wilson sat nervously outside the head teacher's office. The pretty
fifteen year old had recently moved with her mother and younger sister to a
large new secondary school on the edge of the city. It all seemed very
different from her old school in a much smaller town. Her mother's new job in
a large hotel had made the move necessary. Strong and athletic, keen on
sports, she looked forward to testing her skills against other competitors in
the school. Thinking about this she was distracted by the sight of two other
girls walking along the corridor towards her. 

The two girls, although similar in age, presented a contrasting sight to
Amanda herself. Both walked in high stiletto heels and brazenly flaunted
extremely short, tight skirts. Ties lay loosely around the neck and buttons
were undone displaying considerable cleavage. Both girls slumped down beside
Amanda, coughing and breathing heavily from the effort of walking up the
stairs and along the corridor. The pungent, overpowering smell of tobacco was
all too noticeable on her new neighbours. Trying not to show any sign of
disapproval Amanda offered a quiet word of welcome. "Hi, I'm Amanda," she
said to the girl next to her. "I'm Nicole," her near neighbour said as her
friend remained sullenly quiet. 

Before any further conversation was possible the head teacher emerged form
his office. In a very loud voice he bellowed to Nicole and her friend to
stand and face him.

"Nicole Taylor and Lisa Brown, why are you back outside my office again? How
many times now have you been busted for smoking?" There was little the girls
could say in reply to this fairly regular lecture they received from the
head. Both were heavy smokers and too addicted to avoid smoking during the
school day. They were regularly caught behind the boiler house enjoying one
of several morning or lunchtime cigarettes. Nicole at least looked a little
apprehensive at the head's outburst, but Lisa, a smoker for much longer,
remained defiant and deaf to the loud and persistent barrage. Another phone
call home and evening detention awaited both girls.

Amanda looked on with some disgust. As an athlete she could not condone the
girls' habit. She did secretly admire the audacity of their outfits and she
sat primly looking at her black patent ballerina shoes. As the two girls
clattered off, the head, calmer now, turned to Amanda and enrolled her into
the school.

It is always difficult in a new school, particularly in a large one, to make
new friends. Amanda was an attractive girl with a shoulder length blond `bob'
hairstyle. She quickly attracted a few admiring glances from the boys in her
year. One of her first classes was history and on arriving at the class there
was only one unoccupied seat at the front of the room. As fate would have it,
Nicole Taylor sat in the adjacent seat. It was quickly clear that despite the
earlier incident outside the head's office Nicole was actually a keen scholar
and seemed determined to work hard in class. This surprised Amanda who
expected more of a bimbo given the image which Nicole had seemingly
portrayed. The only distraction from Nicole turned out to be her rather
persistent smoker's cough. Although athletic, Amanda was not the greatest
scholar and quickly relied on Nicole for a bit of help with the topic being
studied in class. Nicole did not seem to mind helping and much to her
surprise Amanda had found her first friend. Where might this lead?

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