Fear Of Flying, Part 7

(by kalithanatos, 28 December 2009)

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Fear of Flying
by kalithanatos

The rest of the day went by with no further events of note. Both David and
Janet were on a high; David because he believed Janet was smoking, and Janet
because she thought she had gotten away without being caught smoking. Maria
had left a note on the fridge stating she had gone round to Stacy's to study
up on her forthcoming English exam and would be staying over, so the married
couple had the house to themselves that evening. David suggested they open a
bottle of wine, which Janet agreed to. David, of course, had an ulterior
motive - perhaps if he got Janet drunk enough, she would confess she had been

A few hours and a DVD later, they opened a second bottle of wine. Janet was
by now quite tipsy, but she was still no closer to telling David her secret.
David was by now actually starting to doubt his earlier reasoning, believing
that a relaxed, slightly drunken atmosphere had given Janet the perfect
opportunity to `come out', as it were. Janet, for her part, was absolutely
desperate for a cigarette, but still did not want to admit it to her lover
for fear it would damage their relationship. Towards the end of the week, she
was starting to realize she would have to tell him some day, but the further
away that day was, the better.

Unwittingly, it was Janet who started the ball rolling in what would become a
night of revelations.

"Okay, okay, okay," she began, refilling her glass, "in order, who are your
top five sexiest women at the moment?"

"You mean, if I had to laminate it, and it would be set in stone, and I
couldn't change it?" David asked.

"Yep," Janet replied.

"Well, of course, you would be at the top!" David responded, winking.

"Liar," Janet laughed, throwing a pillow that missed David by a good three
feet. "Come on, tell me!"

"Okay. Well, as you know, Ivanka Trump is my number one."

"I knew that," Janet said, "you never shut up about her when we're watching
"The Apprentice!"

David continued, "Then, I guess it would have to be Jessica's Alba and Biel,
followed by the divine Catherine Deneuve, of course..."

"Of course,"

"...and finally Helena Bonham Carter, especially in Fight Club."

"What do you mean, `especially in Fight Club'?" Janet asked, curious.

Sensing an opportunity to finally talk about his fetish, David said, "Well,
she was just so damn sexy in that film, you know, the way she dressed, the
way she talked, the way she...smoked." There, it was finally out there. Now,
would Janet take the bait?

"The way she smoked? Do you like that sort of thing?" Janet asked innocently.

"To be honest, I love it," David replied. "I think a women smoking is the
sexiest thing in the world, especially if she is all dressed up with lipstick
and a pretty dress. In fact, my ultimate number one fantasy would be to see
YOU smoke, Janet, but I don't suppose that's ever going to happen."

Janet was momentarily taken aback by this confession. She thought she knew
everything about David and his fantasies, but to hear this revelation was
stunning. She pondered her next move. The whole night, her body had been
crying out for a cigarette, and the alcohol only added to that feeling. Now
she not only had a chance to satisfy her cravings, but to please her husband.
It was an opportunity she was only too glad to take...

"David, would you excuse me a moment? I need to go upstairs for a second,"
she said mysteriously.

"No problem," David said, a stir beginning in his underwear. Was he about to
see Janet smoke?

Janet left the room, and was gone for about ten minutes. The whole time
David's mind was racing with possibilities. What was Janet DOING up there?

Finally, he heard movement on the staircase. Janet was finally coming
downstairs, and she was a sight to behold. She had changed into thigh length
leather boots, black tights, his favourite little black dress and a pair of
long gloves. She had tied her hair back into a bob, applied some bright red
lipstick and was wearing what he called her `secretary' glasses, which always
turned him on. And in her hand she held an unlit, all white cigarette. 

David felt an immediate swelling in his pants as Janet reached the bottom of
the stairs and walked over to him. She sexily handed him her lighter and put
the cigarette in her mouth. Without saying a word, she leaned forward as if
to accept a light, never breaking eye contact with him.

David realised what the gesture meant and flicked the lighter into action. He
held the flame towards the cigarette and watched in amazement as Janet's
cheeks hollowed and she breathed in the smoke. She took a fairly large drag,
inhaled, then tilted her head back and performed a perfect cone-shaped exhale
towards the ceiling. She then took the lighter from David and put it on the
table, put the cigarette back in her mouth, and pushed David back onto the
chair. The cigarette dangling from her red lips, she then knelt down and
started to unbuckle David's belt, all the while inhaling into her mouth and
exhaling through her nose. David had never seen such beauty! Janet then
pulled David's trousers and undergarments down past his ankles, put one hand
on his cock whilst removing the cigarette from her mouth with the other, and
blew a mouthful of smoke towards his penis. David nearly came right there and
then, but Janet wasn't finished. She inhaled again and this time, with her
mouth full of smoke, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She
then proceeded to give David the most divine blowjob of his life, stopping
only to take a drag of her cigarette every so often. As the cigarette neared
its end, so did David, coming hard inside Janet's eager mouth as she
swallowed every drop.

A few moments later, Janet broke the silence. "I want to come too. Do you
think you can go again?" Usually, David had to wait a while between orgasms,
but tonight he did not feel this was the case.

"No problem," he replied as he started to remove Janet's dress. Within
seconds he was hard again as he started licking and sucking Janet's tits.
Janet felt a need for sex but also a need for nicotine, and she quickly lit
her second cigarette in front of her husband. This only turned David on more,
and he flipped Janet over so that he could enter her from behind. They fucked
like this until Janet had finished her cigarette, then she turned over and he
re-entered her, their bodies grinding together as one until they both
climaxed hard at the same time, Janet screaming David's name as he thrust his
final few strokes.

Afterwards, they lay in sweaty silence, holding each other closely and
breathing hard.

"That...was...amazing," David offered, still out of breath.

"It...sure...was," Janet said, equally of out breath.

It was a few minutes before they had finally regained their composure. Janet
broke the silence by saying, "Someone at work told me the best times to smoke
were after food and after sex. Would you mind if I tested that out?"

"No, of course not! Be my guest!"

Janet reached for her cigarettes and lighter and lit a fresh cigarette. She
returned to the embrace and let David see her smoke close up. David was in
rapture. He had been right - Janet was smoking, and looking like she was
enjoying it too! He had never been happier than he was at that moment, and
was curious about how Janet had started. She relayed the full story to him,
all the while taking the opportunity to smoke and drink, starting with Beth
at the airport and concluding with the shopping trip that afternoon. David
admitted he had guessed something was afoot, and was wondering how long it
would take Janet to `fess up.

"So, what now? Are you going to continue smoking?" he asked, fearful Janet
might say no.

"I think so. Would you mind? I really enjoy it and it makes me feel so good."

"Listen baby, I've wanted nothing more than to see you smoke from the day we
met. I don't mind at all, and if you want to continue, then I'll support you
every step of the way. And if we continue doing this," indicating their
nakedness, "then it's all an added bonus."

"Oh thank you! I love you so much right now!" Janet gushed.

"I love you too, baby!" David responded, feeling himself getting hard again
as Janet lit yet another cigarette. "Want to go again?" he asked, and they

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