Nadia at 14 - A Smoking Girls Story, Part 1

(by Nikita, 07 July 2005)

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Nadia at 14 - A Smoking Girls Story
by Nikita

Chapter 1 - Party Preparations

It's a beautiful day, Nadia thought to herself.  And now I'm finally14!  It's
my birthday!  Mom and dad are letting me have a real party here, an all day

It was to begin around 2 o'clock for snacks and swimming.  Later, there'd be
a cookout and dancing.

Nadia's sun blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back in
gently flowing waves.  She had the deepest blue eyes and pouty red lips, a
bit of a turned up nose, the All-American cutie.  She had her mother's good
looks.  She stood about 5' 2" tall, weighed about 98 pounds and had just
filled out her 33B cup.

Charlie and Rene, her parents, had decided to pull out all the stops for this
one.  Nadia was a special girl, always had done well in school and rarely
caused them any concern.  She'd even started getting along better with her
younger sister, Tina, in the past few months, growing into her role as big
sister and mentor.

Jeannie had agreed to come over early to help put up decorations.  Chrissy
and Missy, twins who lived next door, hurried over, too.

Jeannie was the elegant one, already 5' 4" tall with raven black hair that
matched her eyes.  She was thin though not skinny, her 32B fitting her
nicely.  Her lips were full, sensuous and she moved with such grace!

Missy and Chrissy, the twins, were not quite 14 yet.  Their hair was chestnut
brown, cascading over their shoulders.  At 5'1" they were devilishly cute.
Each had hazel eyes, captivatingly full lips, deepened in color by the
lipstick they'd chosen; and the elegant noses obviously inherited from their
mother, Melissa, and such cheekbones!  Their waists were slender, rather like
Nadia's but they were obviously early bloomers easily filling out their 32C
bras.  Their hips were filling nicely, showing the promise of early

Of course work couldn't begin right away.  It was a party after all.  So the
girls rushed up to Nadia's bedroom, Tina trailing behind.  They'd brought
overnight bags, the better to carry all of those items young teenage girls
need.  Stashed inside were makeup and swimsuits, a bit more daring than the
year before, along with party clothes to hang and their jewelry for the
evening.  They giggled over the swimsuits, with the occasional "WOW, are you
gonna REALLY wear that?"  "WOOO HOOO, Chrissy!  Bobby is gonna cream his
pants when he sees you in THAT!"  Tina was happy to be included in the group
even if she didn't really quite fit in yet. But she jabbered happily, joining
in on the running commentary over various outfits and what the boys would
think.  But it was time to get to work.

Laughter and giggling filled the living room and spilled out on to the deck
as the girls spread party tablecloths over the deck tables, put up
decorations, set out the chip bowls and iced down the drinks.  Charlie
supervised the putting up of the lanterns for the evening, reveling evidently
from all the flirting that was tossed his way.  "These girls are
vixens-in-training," Charlie grinned to Rene as she rolled her eyes.  "Yeah,
and you can't get enough of it, can you?" she said as she playfully swatted
him on his butt.  Charlie laughed, raised one eyebrow, and gave Rene a little
kiss on the cheek.  "They're CUTE, honey, but you're my girl!"  "Cigarette,
hon? Charlie asked, offering Rene her pack of VSMs.  "Yes, thanks, dear.  I
could use one."  She smiled as she raised the cigarette to her lips and
looked at Charlie expectantly.  Charlie pulled out his silver Zippo and in
one smooth motion gave Rene a light as she touched his hand appreciatively.
"Thanks, honey.  You're as sweet as the first time we met, "she said, eyes
twinkling.  He lit a Marlboro Red for himself as they retreated to the family
room, leaving the girls a little space to themselves.

Things were well in place by noon, so fresh soft drinks were passed around to
the appreciative girls.  Charlie and Rene gave them all big thank-yous,
making a big show of how well they thought the girls had done.  With that,
they retreated to the den.

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