Nicole Taylor, Part 1

(by flysmoker, 10 January 2011)

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Nicole Taylor
by flysmoker

Part 1

Nicole Taylor took her seat quietly at the front of the class. The 14 year
old was a sensible girl and was good at all subjects in school. The English
class was one of her favourites and she was keen to do well. Her only close
friend in school, Stephanie, was not in this class therefore Nicole sat alone
at the front of the class. No likelihood of distractions, she thought! 

Rachel Williams and Lisa Jackson arrived a few minutes later. They clattered
loudly in their high heeled stilettos to the back of the class where they
began immediately to chat noisily. The teacher then arrived, calling the
class to attention. He introduced a poetry topic then instructed the class to
work on a written task. Nicole immediately set about this assignment. Rachel
and Lisa were slower to settle and continued to chat throughout the lesson.
The teacher had warned them several times before losing patience. Eventually
he instructed Lisa to move to the front of the class beside Nicole. She moved
forward and slumped into a seat, clearly unhappy at the move away from her
friend. Nicole was inwardly frustrated as she feared unwanted distraction and
found the strong smell of cigarette smoke coming from Lisa rather unpleasant.
The contrast between Nicole, with her fresh face, neat blonde bob hairstyle,
neatly tailored uniform, blouse buttoned up to the neck, tie straightened,
skirt below the knees, and sensible black ballerina shoes and Lisa; caked in
makeup, long red flowing hair, blouse unbuttoned to her bra, tie hanging
loose, very short skirt and 5-inch pumps was indeed very stark!

The rest of the class actually passed quite peacefully as Lisa sulked quietly
at the front of the room. Following the bell for lunch she waited for her
friend and the two of them clattered noisily to the exit. Nicole went off to
meet her friend Stephanie. The two of them walked to the nearby village for
lunch. In front of them they spotted Lisa and Rachel puffing furiously on
their cigarettes. Stephanie commented disapprovingly but Nicole merely
noticed the large crowd of pupils, especially boys, who crowded around the
popular pair on their way to lunch.

Over the next few weeks. Lisa remained beside Nicole in the English class.
Surprisingly, she was the not the major distraction which Nicole had feared.
Occasionally she would ask Nicole for a little help with her work but
otherwise kept fairly quiet. She always moved quickly at the end of class to
join Rachel and move outside for a sly cigarette. They were joined by a
number of other pupils behind the boiler house. The two girls had smoked for
over a year and were now confirmed in their addiction. Several times the
school had contacted their frustrated parents but by now the girls were
beyond control on this issue. They enjoyed smoking at least half a pack a day
and had no intention of quitting.

As the school year moved towards summer, events were to take a surprising
turn. Stephanie, a keen gymnast, had starting going out with a boy at her
club and was spending an increasing amount of time with him in school. Nicole
began to feel more and more `left out' as the pair liked to spend time as a
couple. In the month of June, Lisa's friend Rachel left on holiday for three
weeks and Lisa, though still popular enough, lacked a close friend in the
school. Back in class Nicole and Lisa were asked to work more closely
together on a project interpreting a novel. They got on well and enjoyed the
period of work. After the bell Nicole expected Lisa to move away quickly as
she had always usually done. On this occasion though she hesitated and seemed
unsure of her immediate next move. Nicole then realised that Lisa's friend
was away and she lacked her usual companion. Nicole also knew that both
Stephanie and her boyfriend were away competing in a competition that day.
She then surprised herself by asking Lisa if she could join her for lunch.
Lisa, lacking a better offer at that moment, agreed to her doing so.

Not long into their walk to the village, Lisa `sparked up' her usual
cigarette. Anxiously she drew often and heavily before discarding the butt
and lighting up again almost immediately. Nicole asked her if she was worried
about the health risks but Lisa simply replied that she did not like sports
and enjoyed smoking as it `relaxed her' and helped her concentrate in school.
Nicole had also noticed that the combination of the high heels and the
cigarettes seemed to attract many approving glances from the boys that
wandered past!

The two girls enjoyed their lunch at a favourite bakery then started back
toward school. Inevitably Lisa smoked another cigarette on the way. The girls
chatted happily enough and Nicole gradually realised that despite the image
which Lisa was portrayed and labelled as a `tart' by jealous pupils in the
school (possibly including Nicole herself in the past), she was beginning to
enjoy her company and wouldn't mind spending time with her in the future.
Overnight Nicole thought a great deal about her own `goody two shoes' image.
Although still focussed on doing well in school, perhaps this was the time to
be a little daring!!

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